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Ah it’s nearly that time of year again, a time of peace on Earth, goodwill to all mankind, family love (or arguments) and of course selling as much as possible to rake in a profit!

Brick and mortar business in the retail sector tend to do the majority of their years business in the run up to Christmas (or your favorite December time celebration), and it makes sense that online marketers are also ramping up their game.

As such, today I will be talking about a Christmas themed product from a lady named Erica Stone.

What is Christmas Cash Out?

The product is in e-book format and consists of different tactics and keywords to help boost you sales and therefore commissions this Yuletide.

It has been around since August, but just like my own Christmas shopping habits, I’m late to the game!

At 38 pages it’s not the longest e-book out there. It does comes with some bonus spreadsheets, one for your research and one consisting over just over 700 holiday related keywords, my favorite being “best places to get ugly Christmas sweaters.”

The keywords are a huge part of this product and come with search volume (based on August) as well as the highest ranking of the big name stores.

The sheer volume will help keep competition fairly low and could spark ideas of your own. It’s easy to guess that I was fairly impressed by the list.

The purpose of this system, is to create small sites either on a service like Blogger or (if you must, Squidoo), or your own site and push for those sales.

Due to that, the content of the e-book really isn’t anything new, in fact it’s fairly standard content that could be found anywhere for free.

The E-book

While the information isn’t new, the author has laid things out very clearly and in simple terms. The book is certainly aimed at people new to online marketing.

If applied to other niches at a different time of year it could certainly be a good primer, as barring the cost of the product, there are no other costs involved except time.

However the fact that it is aimed for a period of the year where everyone and his donkey is screaming for buyers’ attention, make this a little more of an uphill battle for most marketers, especially if you are not a marketer body and soul.

The author though, is trying to show you how varied and wide this market really is, and that there is potentially a piece of (mince) pie for everyone.

Erica is also really open about the data and how it is obtained and that it may not be 100% accurate (4 months after it was written it is likely things have changed).

I also really like how Erica differs from your hard core marketers. For instance, she happily pointed out a link was an affiliate link and even gave a non-affiliate alternative.

Some may find that a little odd (I perhaps would have given a disclaimer but not the separate link) but still, it is ethical marketing and I like it.

The guide is very much step by step, with a clear writing style and enough screenshots to make sure you are on the right track.

If you have any experience setting up a site and doing affiliate marketing, then the whole guide may become a little boring for you, so much so that it is hard not to skip read through it and potentially miss important or interesting information.

Proof of Purchase

Most of the products I look at have limited and often unsubstantiated “proof” attached to them. Not so here, the first example site she lists is one of hers and even now it is ranking number one for the keyword in question. That is very heartening.

The Bottom Line

This product is not designed to be used all year long, though some of the teachings could certainly be applied to other sites you own or niches you are involved in.

Overall it is a good product but the fact that it is simply telling an old story in a different way means that, to me at least, it may not be a worthwhile purchase, especially if you have some pre-existing knowledge.

It’s a solid, basic product and certainly not a scam, but it isn’t designed to build a full term, long term business from.

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