I’ll be wrapping up the previous posts on paid surveys with this very last post. Here is a rather extensive list of paid survey websites that we have found legitimate in terms of paying its users and issuing surveys on a regular basis.

In addition to this post, I’ve updated the list in the free work at home directory. You do know that we have an entire directory filled with a lot of different ways to make money online, right? No, well then click here to access the directory.

Recommended Survey Programs

There are currently 28 websites listed. You don’t need to join them all. However, as you join more sites, you’ll receive more survey invitations. More survey invitations roughly translates into more money for you.

The nifty blue check marks denotes a program we highly recommend you join.

As always, leave your opinions in the comments below.

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  • viallico

    Global Test Market have paid me 50$!

  • Srini


    Can you let me know the legitimacy of SurveysPaid.Com website for surveys.


  • Jayne

    I would like for you to check out a website for me another supposedly paid survey website that has been brought to my attention by email. If you could check this survey website out for me that would be great!

    The website is: Paid Surveys and More.com. Thanks.


  • Christina Crowe
    Christina Crowe

    So far, I’ve tried GlobalTestMarket, Opinion Outpost, Survey Head, Lightspeed Panel, and Greenfield Online. I’ve gotten paid from GlobalTestMarket and Greenfield Online, though I should reach my minimum payout amount for Lightspeed Panel and Survey Head soon.

    From my experience, doing surveys for cash can be time consuming, but it’s one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet. I’m going to try some of the other survey websites listed.

  • Faridah

    So Far, Pinecone Research has been the only one for me that has actually paid me for answering my surveys. In less than a week after taking a survey, they cut me a check and sent it in the mail. Very impressed! I will continue to look further in your list of paid surveys.

  • Pat C.
    Pat C.

    What about Palm Research? I’ve been a member for several months. They send me two survey “blocks” by e-mail EVERY DAY. Of course, I don’t qualify for every survey, but I usually get in 1-3. Each is worth $1, so I’m getting about $25-$30 a month. They require a PayPal account and deposit your earnings for each month about 45 days after the end of that month. Also, because the surveys come via e-mail, you don’t have to do this every day to still get your daily surveys as they are maintained in your in-box.

  • Steve


    I couldn’t find any information on how to join erewards.Do I have to be invited by an existing member?

  • Janell

    I really like erewards.com. You take surveys and get money for the surveys that you redeem for stuff. (like free magazines, emiles, Pizza Hut coupons, etc,) My favorite rewards are for 2 free previously viewed DVD’s from Blockbuster for $25 (in reward money) or $20 on your Border’s Reward Card for $20 (in rewards money).

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