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Next Up: Home Typing Jobs


Can you make money typing at home for cash? Well, yes and no. There are genuine jobs out there that need skilled typists to transcribe audio files, for example, or to retype old papers to bring them into the digital age.

There are also a bunch of suspicious sites out there that promise to show you how to make $1,000 a day typing from home if only you will buy my starter kit for $49.95! They are the Internet version of this old ad. The free book you “sent for” was actually a sales pitch to get you to buy the full course about how you, too, can be a typewriter repairman and make “big earnings!” But only if you’re a man, apparently. type-ad-small.jpg A skilled man. Non-skilled need not apply (though I bet they did, and I bet the scammers sold them the books anyway).

We’ve seen this all before. The top five Google search results for “home typing jobs” as of today are:

  • typeinternational.com
  • typistjobs.net
  • jobvertise.com (which just sends you to workathomecareers.com)
  • typingwealth.com
  • bestrealincome.com (which poses as a blog article that leads you to a data entry sales page)

They all smell the same, and it’s a familiar odor around here. We smelled it with “data entry jobs” and “rebate processor jobs.” It smells like sewage. Or dog farts. Pick your poison. It smells an awful lot like scam, to me. Why? The first giveaway is the site layout:

  • Flashy ads? Check.
  • Promises of “unlimited” or “guaranteed” income? Check.
  • Shiny, happy people holding hands? Pictures of cash? check, check.

We’re going to try one or more of them out (or at least take a really close look) and share the results with you, so don’t buy into any of them until you see our review!

Hey you! “Home typing” sites! I’ve Tried That is about to put a whole lot of hurt on you! Unless, of course, you’re on the up and up. Then you have nothing to fear.

[Update: See our complete analysis of home typing jobs here.]

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  1. Im a stay at home mom and inquired with this site about work to earn some extra income. I was contacted by one of their recruiters can’t think of his name right now….as he really peed me off. I was asked the usual questions, What interested you abut this job? what did you like about the ad? and so on. Finally it got to the part where I asked well does this cost anything? He answers yeah you have to buy the starter package with a major credit or debit card,and tried to get my card info out of me asking what kind is it and how does your name appear on it. Ok right there I said no thankyou can’t buy anything today was just curious as to what the job was, He then tells me ” WEll if you’re happy staying at home being poor” I quickly interupted him and told him im not poor i was just trying to make some extra income he then added “yes you are you’re poor if you werent you wouldnt be contacting these kinds of companies.”and hung up on me.
    I tried to call the company back and was not so surprised that the number wasn’t working. I wouldn’t work for this company if these are the kind of people that are involoved.

  2. Thanks, Jane, I hadn’t seen that. It’s very clever advertising, bordering on deceptive, in my opinion. A sales page masquerading as a news article. However, I give the owners props for this declaration right beneath the Los Angeles Tribune title:
    “This publication is an article advertisement for Easy Google Profit.”

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  5. Do you have a money back guarantee for your book?

  6. Fany AKA Da Fanster says:

    Hey, If you want to give me something to look at.. I’m there, but from my experience, I have found that most of them are affiliate marketing training.. I bought like two of these so called typing jobs… However on my research I found a company that hired me to type… This is actually text messaging and I dont know if you have heard of them already.. ChaCha.com… well.. I got my official I’m hired e-mail today. They pay 20 cents per text message answered. Basically what it is, you get a question on your computer from someone who texted it in.. and you do research on the internet and reply with the answer.. From reading the forums this looks to be legit, however the money is not the greatest because some people say they average 100 responses per day which equals to $20 for that day which equals to $100 for the week if you only work 5 days. $100 bucks a week.. humnn.. what can I spend that on and get some change?.LOL… Anyways I will be working tonight and see how it goes.

  7. @ Da Fanster: Does that mean you’re not volunteering to spy this one out? My early review finds that all of them are selling the usual affiliate marketing hype and calling it “typing.” We’ll see.

    Joyce, unfortunately I don’t know of such a job. The organizations that are involved in this do it themselves or contract out the work. So someone’s employed doing it. But I don’t know how to find them.

  8. Hi, I would sure love to find a job like you described in the
    above letter, digitizing old books to bring them into the computer age. Any suggestions as to where to look for this type of work? I know that it’s going on in many universities, google has a hand in it, and the Gutenburg project. Can’t find much about
    where to look for it on the internet, just the programs you need to do it. Anyone have any inside knowledge?

  9. noooooooo.. dont spend that moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. I can tell you what its about.. well at least one of them…DATAENTRYONLINE.COM I bought this one it was about becoming an affiliate and using Clickbank’s marketplace. It teaches you how to use Google adwords to place ads.. That’s the data entry.. Become an affiliate to the sites on click and place ads in Google which costs you money.. Google gives you $50 just for signing up, this is what they call their sign on bonus… They display as if they are the ones giving it to you, which in reality is google giving you the reward for signing up which you can use towards the cost of your ads. Im sure the google link they provide is their affiliate link so they can get credit for the new registration. Hope this helps and Ive Tried that doesnt spend money on more junk….


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