Exercise and diet are two weight loss words that don’t inspire a lot of people. A study even discovered that fewer Americans are trying to lose weight, as the obesity rates increase to 66%. According to Colorado State University Extension, around 50 million Americans go on a diet every year, but only 5% actually manage to keep the weight off.

Because ‘new normals’ in weight has led to wider acceptance of obesity, efforts in shedding off unhealthy pounds seem to go on a downward spiral. But what if you could turn weight loss into a game, and get a chance to win a pot of gold at the finish line? Would you join to lose the pounds? Well, guess what? There are 9 ways you could earn cash on the side from losing weight – one program even pays over $3,000.

How to Make Money by Losing Weight

1. Healthy Wage

Launched in 2009, HealthyWage began in hosting weight loss challenges in the corporate world and government. Soon after, the program became available to everyone online.

HealthyWage follows a cool concept – you put in at least $20 per month and bet against yourself to lose weight. Once the challenge ends and you lost your goal weight, you earn over 200% of your invested bets. You can even play around with HealthyWage’s calculator to check how much you could win for 10 to 200 pounds of weight loss within a span of 6 to 18 months.

What’s awesome about HealthyWage? There are a lot of success stories. It’s been featured in many shows, including Good Morning America, The Washington Post, Woman’s Day, Today Show, and more.

2. DietBet

DietBet members also rely on financial incentives for motivation. Consider it a massive community of “biggest loser” contestants competing online. The coolest thing about DietBet is that members can create their own games and keep it private among family and friends, who can join in on the fun. DietBet will just do the tracking and data stuff for you.

On DietBet, members get to choose which game you wish to join (depending on the pot, length of challenge, number of participants, and more). Every participant then wages a bet, begin the competition, weigh in regularly, and complete the game. At the end of the game, DietBet keeps 10% to 25% of the pot raised, then whoever lost 4% of their body weight from initial weigh in to final weigh in gets to split the pot.

Note that if a pot reaches $25,000 and about 200 of all 250 participants lose 4% by the end of the game, everyone who wins only get to take home $90 to $110 each (depending on how much cut DietBet gets out of the pot).

Not much of a gym person? DietBet also has its own “step challenge” to encourage walking, so if you’re interested, head over to its sister site StepBet.

3. FatBet

FatBet isn’t the most visually-appealing websites around, but it serves its purpose well. Anyone can start a FatBet, set weight loss goals, set wager, fill in dates and ask people he/she knows to join the challenge. From there, everyone who participates can track their personal progress. Once the FatBet ends, participants who reach their goals win and those who don’t pay the wager.

The platform of FatBet is very unassuming. Every FatBet only shows progress charts of participants, details of the FatBet wager, and their very own community board – where bragging and smack talk among family and friends often occurs.

4. Stickk.com

Stickk isn’t just about losing weight – it encourages a healthy lifestyle to quit smoking, exercise regularly, maintain weight, race, or other custom commitments. Anyone can create their goals, set the stakes, assign a referee, and sign the contract. If you don’t meet the goal within the time period you set, the money you placed could go to a recipient of your choice. Some people even assign an enemy as their recipient as extra motivation to beat the challenge.

If you meet your goal, there are no other prizes, except for the fact that you won and you’ll keep your money. The smallest wager, or what Stickk calls “the price of failure,” you could set is at $5.

5. Pact

Like Stickk.com, Pact doesn’t just focus on weight loss, but meeting three different kinds of goals for a healthier lifestyle – eating more vegetable (daily photo uploads of your veggie-infused meals), exercising more (sync Fitbit and other various apps for proof), and logging your food (via My Fitness Pal).

You don’t earn a lot of money with Pact. The site claims you can receive 30 cents to $5 a week, depending on the amount of goals set. Users are motivated because of the stakes they might lose whenever they don’t reach their goals. User’s credit cards are connected to the app too, so there’s no escaping paying wages if you don’t meet your pact.

6. Achievement

Achievement works similarly to Pact. It’s an app-based program that lets you connect over 40 fitness trackers and apps, such as FitBit, Samsung Health, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal and more. Members are able to earn points from completing healthy activities you’re already doing. You can also participate in studies and surveys, which gets you extra points as well. It may not be a lot, but you can exchange 10,000 points for $10.

7. WellCoin

Dubbed as the world’s first health currency, WellCoin lets users collect coins by simple completing various health-related activities. Earn as many coins you can by sleeping 7+ hours a night, drinking a smoothie, or doing something fun. Once you’re ready to turn your coins into rewards, check WellCoin’s reward page to see what the company’s partners like Reebok, Whole Foods, Puma, etc. are offering.

8. SwagBucks

If you’re not yet on SwagBucks, you’re missing out on every reward you could’ve earned from searching the web, playing games online, watching videos, taking surveys, signing up to programs, shopping from big retailers like Walmart or Amazon, and more. If you’re trying to lose weight, you should check out SwagBucks fitness videos collection and earn rewards from following one of the workout videos available there.

9. Walgreens Rewards for Healthy Choices

If you shop at Walgreens, you’d love to know that the company offers points whenever you complete a healthy goal, weigh in, connect a gadget or app, monitor blood pressure, quit smoking, and more.

The Bottom Line

Except for HealthyWage that gives you a chance of earning over $1,000 or more, none of these programs can be turned into your only source of cash. But it’s great that you can be paid or rewarded simply by just adapting to healthier choices.

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