BIG List of 55 Brands Looking for Influencers in 2024

On the hunt for brands looking for influencers?

I get it.

Many people dream of becoming influencers these days and for good reason.

Influencer money is real.

On top of the freebies and high-paying deals that brand ambassadors receive, they also have fame beyond their wildest dreams and a “job” that never feels like they’re actually working.

Of course, before you get to the top of the chain, there’s a lot of work involved.

From building up a sizable following, to learning everything you can about social media and online marketing, becoming an influencer is a business through and through.

If you or anyone you know is trying to get serious with influence marketing, make sure to bookmark this post.

I’ve compiled a list of influencer platforms you can use to extend your reach and an up-to-date list of brands currently looking for their ambassadors.

If you’re just getting started, my guide on how to become a brand influencer is an absolute must-read.

55+ Brands Looking for Influencers

If you’re not at the level required to join an influencer marketing agency and your profile at the influencer marketplace isn’t moving, you have another option.

You might want to try to do-it-yourself and try your chances with the following brands that are currently looking for ambassadors.

Clothing & Apparel Brands

1) Breezy Swimwear

Like affiliates, ambassadors earn 15% commission for any referrals to the store that end up as sale.

Brand ambassadors are given their own code to share to their followers. They also get discounts and freebies as part of the deal.

2) Timberland

If you’re a fan of this trusted brand of work boots and work wear for men and women, Timberland is welcoming ambassadors with a strong social media presence to promote the company.

Ambassadors receive free Timberland products pre-launch, receive special discounts, get tickets to Timberland events, and even get a chance to design new products.

3) Dia&Co

Dia & Co is looking for plus-sized Dia brand ambassador who live and breathe fashion.

Get to earn real cash, freebies and access to new products.

4) Dollschino

This London-based clothing store is always looking for two kinds of help: junior influencers with less than 10k followers and brand ambassadors with over 10k followers.

If you’d like to work with Dollschino, learn more about these programs here.

5) Enjoy Leggings

Get free leggings and first dibs on new products as a brand ambassador for Enjoy Leggings.

Contact them at with links to your social media profiles, and tell them why you want to work with the company.


This company is looking for outdoorsy ambassadors willing to showcase their passion for bikes, skis, snowboards, canoes and overall travelers to help promote their brand.

7) Izzy & Liv

Celebrate black culture with likeminded ambassadors and get a free #Brownsugarbox free.

Izzy and Liv is looking for adult and kid ambassadors.

8) Leela and Lavender

This multi-brand store is always looking for ambassadors to expand the reach of the company.

Fill-out the form to learn about the perks you get when you’re chosen as Leela & Lavender ambassador.

9) Sand Cloud

This is both a cause (they help preserve marine life) and a complete line-up of clothes, accessories and other sustainable products.

10) Sunny Co Clothing

Calling all beach-lovers with an active Instagram following!

This company gives away a pair of sunglasses or swimsuit to their brand ambassadors.

11) The Copper Closet

Different levels of perks and required posts are available for the Copper Closet’s brand ambassadors.

12) The Jacket Maker

Makers of luxurious jackets for men and women, this company is looking for ambassadors to promote the brand.

In return, ambassadors get to earn 20% commissions for referred sales, 50% off on purchased items, and lifetime discount for you and your friends.

13) Trendy & Tipsy

Vintage style wear seeking ambassadors to talk about their brand.

Perks include getting featured, discounts, and commissions on referrals.

14) Amazing Lace

Another clothing company seeking influencers.

Amazing Lace asks if you have any upcoming trips planned to bring their clothes along.

15) Lululemon

As a Lululemon ambassador, you’ll test drive their latest gear, get development tools and experiences, and connect with like-minded people.

Unlike other brands looking for influencers, Lululemon deals with would-be ambassadors face-to-face. So if you’re interested in collaborating, you have to visit store to start the conversation about becoming an ambassador.

16) Calamity Jane

Interested in becoming a Calamity Jane’s Brand Ambassador?

The company is always looking for women willing to help bring awareness to the Calamity Jane’s brand on social media and in their day-to-day lives.

If chosen, Calamity Jane’s Ambassadors receive a congratulatory box of goodies, FREE monthly t-shirts, exclusive coupon codes to share with friends and family and much more.

17) TOMS

As an affiliate, you can help widen our reach, ultimately generating more funding for grassroots good. Plus, you’ll earn revenue on every shipped sale, which makes for a pretty great partnership.

Interested? Apply below. If accepted, we’ll give you everything you need to start earning commissions, like promotional materials you can add to your website.

18) Equine Stay Dry

If you’re in love with horse riding and have been committed to fighting for animal welfare, partner up with Equine Stay Dry.

The company produces high-quality coats that ensures equestrians stays dry and comfortable while riding.

Equine Stay Dry’s brand ambassadors doesn’t necessarily have to be professional equestrians or social media influencers. You can just be someone who loves horses and still apply into the program.

19) YesStyle

Unlike other brands looking for influencers, is based in Hong Kong. It has been around since 2006 and claims to be the largest global retailer of Korean beauty products and fashion.

What’s different with YesStyle is that their influencer program also has monetary perks or commissions. You can cash out for as little as $20.

Sports and Active Wear Brands Looking for Influencers

20) Kona Surf Co.

As an ambassador for this surf company, you get to receive free swag and be included in insider contests and giveaways.

21) Born Tough

Makers of cool-looking duffle bags, gym bags, gym accessories, and workout clothes, this company is always looking for brand ambassadors who can promote the company and get paid for 15% commissions in return.

E-mail the company at to inquire.

22) Outdoor Products

Outdoor Products is always looking for ambassadors to promote their outdoor lifestyle products.

Aside from loving the life outdoors, you must also be passionate about promoting Outdoor Products on your social media accounts and in your local communities.

23) Nativ Surf Designs

If you love to surf the South San Diego area (around Mission Beach, La Jolla, Ocean Beach, or the surrounding areas), try to collaborate with Nativ Surf Designs – a company that specializes in surfboard design.

You won’t be paid as a brand ambassador for this surfboard company. But you will Get ONE FREE custom model made just for you.

24) Epic Tide SoCal

The company’s Ambassador program is essentially an affiliate and sponsorship program.

To accepted into the program has potential for a full sponsorship of products and for those or are competing in Pro or Pro Am competitions, cash bonuses the more followers and exposure they get.

Your social media channel should have at least 1,000+ followers and you’re planning to attend a surf event soon.

25) Lucky Bug Lures

If you love fishing, post regularly on social media about your fishing adventures, and is knowledgeable about everything fishing-related, you can apply to become a Lucky Bug Brand Ambassador.

The form is quite extensive, so be patient in filling it up.

26) Marie Originals

Marie Originals is looking for natural health enthusiasts with a passion for plant-powered products.

The company sells First Aid, ear care, skin care, foot care and respiratory relief products.

As a brand ambassador for Marie Originals, you get to receive free products, attend trade shows, get exclusive discounts, and earn commissions on sales.

27) Blender Bottle

BlenderBottle is a company specializing in hydration bottles and shakers for the health conscious market.

If you apply and get into the BlenderBottle brand ambassador program, you essentially become an affiliate and earn commissions for every referral sale.

28) Posh Pickler

If you’re active in the Pickleball community and passionate about affordable and innovative Pickleball gear, apply as a Posh Pickler ambassador.

Fill out their form and tell Posh Pickler why you want to be part of the Posh Pack™. Make sure to include links to your Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Once you’re approved, just create content and share your unique code with friends, family, and followers to earn some extra cash, discounts, and free products.

29) Muscle Tech

It doesn’t matter if you just discovered MuscleTech supplements or have been a long time client.

If you’re serious about building muscle and strength, apply to join Team MuscleTech.

Their brand ambassadors potentially earn income and enjoy other perks.

30) Discount Dance Supply

Become a Discount Dance brand ambassador if you’re passionate about all kinds of dance.

To be involved with a company that produces high-quality shoes, tights, bodywear, costumes and other dance accessories, you should be open to becoming a social media ambassador or college ambassador.

31) Yoga Tech

You’ll need to contact the company to let them know you’re interested in becoming a brand ambassador.

If they see your online presence perfect for their brand, you can become a Yoga Tech ambassador and receive complimentary outfit packages.

You also get commissions from sale referrals, and discounts to Yoga Tech products.

Jewelry and Accessories Brands

32) Blue Planet Eyewear

Aside from  getting free and discounted eyewear, you can also earn commissions from promoting the brand any way possible.

33) LÍLLÉbaby

If you have a sizable following on Instagram or other social media and you’re a family with a baby, this brand is a perfect match for you.

34) Mulu Jewelry

Those who have significant followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube could be chosen as Mulu’s ambassador and earn in-store credit to purchase jewelry from the store.

35) Twelve Little

If you’re a lover of gorgeous bags (backpacks, bottle bags, diaper bags, lunch bags, etc.), becoming a brand ambassador for Twelve Little makes sense.

As a brand ambassador for Twelve Little, you’ll get discounts of up to 50% for you and your followers.

36) BLNQ Eyewear

Los Angeles-based eyewear company is looking for brand ambassadors to collaborate with.

As a BLNQ brand ambassador, you’ll enjoy free product, artist / creator editorial features, cash commissions and exclusive giveaways.

Skin Care, Cosmetics, and Health Care Brands Looking for Influencers

37) CLN & DRTY

Makers of aromatherapy, oils and other organic skincare products.

38) HD Beauty Skincare Boutique

Ambassadors earn commissions, receive discounts and get to try out new products.

39) Orglamix

This company gives away free products, discounts, and first dibs to their new oils, skincare, makeup products.

40) PMD Beauty

Influencers both men and women are welcome to send a form to collaborate, as long as you have something to offer.

Make sure to indicate your social media platforms so the company could verify your clout.

41) The Better Skin Co.

The cosmetics and skincare company is accepting influencers who have at least 5,000 followers with 200 likes on each of the most recent 10 photos.

42) Plant Cell Technology

If you are passionate about plant tissue culture, you can join the Plant Cell Technology Ambassador program.

As an Instagram or TikTok ambassador, you get a Plant Cell Technology Starter Kit and up to 10% commission on sales earned through your referrals.

43) Lash Galore 

If you’re a lash technician with a sizable social media following, Lash Galore is looking to collaborate with you.

Brand ambassadors get VIP discounts, gifts, training opportunities, and first dibs on testing new products.

Food and Drink Brands

44) Celsius

This company is looking for ambassadors who already love the Celsius health drinks.

To apply, fill out the form and share you YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok links.

Tech Brands Looking for Influencers


This site is home to famous phone accessory brands like Invisible Shield and Mophie.

If you’re a fan of this brand and have an active social media life, pick from either Zagg or Mophie and apply to become their brand ambassador.

46) Leef 

If you’re passionate about technology, Leef products, and
documenting these interests through photography, you can apply to become a Leef ambassador.

Just send your name, social media, and answer to the question: “How do you live a #GoDoMore?” to the company e-mail (

Make sure to indicate if you’re applying as a YouTube or Instagram Ambassador.

Non-Profit Brands

47) Ally

As an ambassador for, you can use your social media platforms and influence to help prevent human trafficking and provide aftercare for survivors.

Ready to make a difference with your social media platforms? Fill out our Ambassador application form to get started.

48) The Great North

Help this company with their environmental efforts by promoting the brand on Instagram.

Every time someone buys swimwear, a shirt, or other lifestyle apparel, 10% goes into planting trees, removing garbage from oceans, and contributing to sustainable environment.

Everything Else

49) National Hardware

For the do-it-yourself crowd who loves working on woodworking and home improvement projects, partner with National Hardware to get free products, opportunities of being featured, and getting first dibs to soon-to-launch products.

National Hardware ambassadors can be paid (or unpaid) – it’s totally up to you. As such, mention your rates when filling out the form.

50) RGNT Motorcycles

Sign up for the ambassador program, share personal info, and if you’re accepted, share links and news about RGNT motorcycles to your friends, family, social media audience, and others.

Ambassadors get paid via commission from referral you make. Payments are sent directly to your bank of choice or PayPal.

51) Not Sorry

Join the Not Sorry Crew and be unapologetic about who you are and what you believe.

The company is looking for everyday folks, just like you, with a strong presence on social media. They partner with a new brand ambassador each month.

52) The Honest Company

Co-founded by actress Jessica Alba, this company has been producing plenty of good-quality, non-toxic household products.

Pay here is legit – ambassadors earn $15/hour instead of commissions.

53) Junobie

This company produces eco-friendly household products designed for the breastfeeding mom.

If you have a sizable following on social media and want to share your love of the brand while getting some perks, fill out the form here.

54) RimBlades USA

RimBlades USA has provided consumers with a patented wheel protection accessory that’s easy to install and looks great.

If you’re a fan, this could be your chance to get free products and earn commissions through this ambassador program.

55) Singer

Are you passionate about sewing and love the SINGER brand? The company is continuously looking for people to share the joy of sewing.

11 Influencer Platforms to Help You Find Sponsorship & Deals

If you’re trying to be proactive and wanted to go where businesses find influencers, I have important news for you:

  • The platforms aimed at businesses in search of influencers to team up with are unfortunately, only for businesses.

For example, Traackr, was designed specifically to discover and manage influencers, as well as track the progress of campaigns.

  • Most of the time, there is no way to sign-up as an influencer on these sites or apps.

It’s because the business-geared platforms use robots and algorithms to find potential brand ambassadors based on various factors, such as number and age of followers, niche, location, level of activity, and so on.

If you do find a platform that allows influencers to join and make a profile, expect these platforms to be more biased to businesses (or lack features beneficial to your influencer life). This is because the businesses are the ones paying for access to this data.

Check some of them out here:

1. IZEA (Formerly Tap Influence)

Create an account. Complete your profile. Then when a marketer is interested in collaborating with you, you’ll receive an invitation to bid on an opportunity.

The invitation isn’t a guarantee you’ll be chosen.

  • PROS: Marketers can see your profile and if your business matches the brand’s needs, your name will be included in the “options”
  • CONS: You are not given a chance to message marketers directly. If you are chosen, communication and payments go through the IZEA platform.

2. YouTube Brand Connect (formerly

Before YouTube acquired the branded content marketplace, this site let creators find sponsorship, submit proposals to brands, and get paid all in one platform.

On July 2022, the self-service feature was discontinued.

As a replacement, the YouTube BrandConnect was made available as a self-service tool within YouTube Studio. This means it can only be used by YouTubers.

  • PROS: The full service program still helps creators by matching them with brands. Best for YouTubers.
  • CONS: You don’t have the freedom you enjoyed with self-service.


Heepsy is mostly for businesses and marketers looking for influencers.

On their side, brands can filter influencers based on past deals, audience demographics, and other useful filters.

As an influencer, you could also find and contact other influencers near you or within your niche if you’re feeling a bit lost and need advice with pricing deals, finding brands, or even setting up a collaboration.

  • PROS: The influencer-friendly feature is pretty useful. Try out the free trial before paying though.
  • CONS: Not enough features available for influencers. This is mostly a business-aimed platform.

4. Aspire IQ (formerly Revfluence)

Known formerly as Revfluence, Aspire IQ is a self-service solution for brands and marketers looking for influencers to work with.

The Aspire IQ okatfirn offers plenty of analytical data about influencers and provide brands with a platform to collaborate, manage and assist in tracking campaigns.

If you’re an influencer, you just need to join and Aspire IQ would match you with brands and handle payments for you as well.

  • PROS: Big companies like Quest Nutrition and Birchbox are some examples of the brands they work with. Sends payment through PayPal.
  • CONS: Influencers cannot send brands proposals


FOHR has a goldmine of resources for influencers starting out in this business.

Make sure to follow the blog and join their email list.

It’s free to join as influencers, and the company seems to be serious at helping both sides make the collaborations into a win-win scenario.

All influencers who sign-up to FOHR gets their own Instagram Follower Health Score, which is a pretty cool ‘scoring’ feature.

  • PROS: Awesome choice for fashion bloggers and influencers
  • CONS: Not for beginners with little to no clout on Instagram

6. Influential

Influential helps you connect with businesses across different social media platforms.

Although Influential is like other companies that use a software for matching influencers with brands, but this is quite exciting because it is powered by Watson, IBM’s artificial intelligence (AI) software.

  • PROS: AI software that knows your profile and followers down to the T
  • CONS: No way to join as influencers

7. Linqia

This influencer marketing platform is also AI-driven and focuses more on the brands.

Features include a social content lab, where brands can test and analyze various influencers for any particular campaign.

The requirements for influencers are pretty easy: at least 2 social accounts, over 2500 followers a month, and at least 1 post monthly.

  • PROS: Pays in about 10 days, unlike the standard 30-day
  • CONS: Canada and US-based influencers only.

8. Mavrck

The Mavrck platform is pretty unique.

In most cases, the software collects a list of influencers, weigh the level of clout each one has, verify the followers and information, then match these verified influencers with brands.

With Mavrck, a brand’s real customers are invited to become brand ambassadors.

  • PROS: Big-time brands like Universal Studios, New Balance, Proctor & Gamble, Gillette, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sears, and JetBlue.
  • CONS: Influencers have to trust the system and wish that they get picked to become ambassadors.

9. Tidal Labs

Tidal Labs is a full-service influence platform.

Through its AI, Tidal finds and groups influencers into certain categories.

Brands can create two kinds of campaigns: a public one that any influencer can apply to, and a private one that is only offered to certain influencers. 

  • PROS: Tidal Labs claim of giving beginners a fair shot as experienced influencers
  • CONS: More private campaigns than public campaigns available

10. SocialBook

SocialBook is dubbed as the world’s best real-time YouTube/Instagram influencer analytical, marketing and advertising machine learning engine.

The platform was designed to help both influencers and brands arrive at a win-win situation.

  • PROS: Good set of features for influencers: from the ability to check other influencers’ reports to getting brand offers from within the platform.
  • CONS: Free plan is good, but lacks the juicy features available with the paid plans ($14 to $34/month).

11. Webfluential 

Webfluential really means what its name suggest – this platform helps influencers of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even bloggers using the WordPress platform.

Webfluential provides beginner to experienced influencers with all the right tools to be able to deal with even the biggest companies like Coca-Cola, P& G, Nokia, KFC, Barclays, ABSOLUT, and more.

  • PROS: It is made with influencers in mind
  • CONS: Can’t find anything wrong with this platform.

Are there Legit Brands Looking for Influencers in 2024?

Of course there are!

For as long as influencers and ambassadors benefit the marketing programs of companies, brands will continue to partner with people who has the right following within their respective niches.

If you’re interested in starting with just one social media platform, these comprehensive guides could be useful to you:

If everything you just read about the business of becoming an influencer is new to you, but you feel that this career path is speaking to you, make sure to read this guide on how to become a brand ambassador.