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Beware of Jordan Daniels’ My AE Success and Other Online Coaching Scams

What do My AE Success, Online Success Plan, Ultimate Online Success Plan, and MOS (Millionaire Operating System) Success Plan all have in common?

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These are all products promoted by someone who goes by the name of Jordan Daniels.  These products also offer the same setup:

  • You are promised a millionaire website- you just pay for the domain name and hosting.
  • You are guaranteed to make at least $500 in just 4-6 weeks.
  • You get coached by an expert in the field, who will conduct regular calls with you.
  • You get free additional products such as “The Wealth Factor, Mindset for Millions.”
  • There are a limited number (i.e., 50) of spots available.

So, how do these success plans really work? And just what is their angle?

It’s all about “online coaching.”

When you go to a site like My AE Success, you are told that, for just $97, you’ll gain access to actual millionaires who made their money online using My AE Success. These millionaires will coach you on how to also become an online millionaire.

The truth of the matter is that, your $97 purchase of My AE Success, or Online Success Plan, Ultimate Online Success Plan, or the MOS Success Plan, is just a way for Jordan to get your personal details and phone number. Once this information is captured, you’re caught inside his system’s long-term sales funnel.

You’ll know you’re in a sales funnel when you get your first call from your “success coach.” This coach will ask you a few questions about your personal and financial situation to gauge how much money you can spend. Once you’ve answered those questions, your coach will try to convince you to purchase expensive educational and training programs.

As for the actual millionaire coaching, it’s going to be lackluster. You’ll most likely talk to a person who not only isn’t an Internet millionaire, but who will be reading to you from a script. If any money-making techniques are recommended to you, they will be outdated, spammy or just plain illegal.

You get a millionaire website.

The My AE Success, Online Success Plan, Ultimate Online Success Plan, and MOS Success Plan all promise a ‘millionaire website’ that will generate money for you on auto-pilot. All you have to do is pay a small one-time fee for the server that hosts this website. In the case of My AE Success, that fee is also just $97.

The real deal behind these millionaire websites is that Jordan is either an affiliate of a website host, or he owns his own server. So, you’re paying money to support the website host and/or server. As for your ‘millionaire website,” it’s going to be a poorly executed sales page that contains a few affiliate links…and not much more.

You’ll gain access to traffic sources.

Your coach will recommend that you spend money to promote your website by buying traffic, ad packs, etc. Naturally, all those traffic exchanges, ad pack sites, etc., will be Jordan’s own affiliate products. These traffic sources will cost you money so that you can drive traffic to your “guaranteed to make money” website.

Once you get your paid traffic sources to come to your website, your leads will be delivered to Jordan and his coaching team. That coaching will consist of educational and training product upsells. In fact, this is noted in the below descriptor derived from the MOS Success Plan:

The MillionaireOS

You get guaranteed money (and a Mercedez Benz!)

My AE Success Plan makes some outrageous claims about how you are guaranteed to make $500 in just 30 days following the set-up of your millionaire website. In fact, if you don’t make $500, you’ll get $500 from AE. If you do make $500 in your first 30 days, you’ll qualify for a free Mercedes Benz car.

Mercedez Benz

The truth is far less glamorous and can be gleaned from the site’s earnings disclaimer:

Purchase Agreement

So, if you don’t make the additional product purchases (purchases that might cost several thousand dollars), you won’t see that ‘guaranteed’ $500. As for the free car, it might as well be imaginary: Nothing is mentioned about it either on the site or disclaimer area.

You pay only once and get your money refunded.

My AE Success states that you have a 30-day money-back guarantee on its products. However, there are numerous online complaints about this system regarding how it has charged its buyers repeatedly, and how it has not processed refunds as promised. Here are just a few such complaints:



It’s a unique product.

My AE Success claims that it’s a brand new and never before seen or launched program. However, AE has existed under different program names in the past, including MOS Success Plan and Online Success Plan. As of November 2016, this program is now being touted as Ultimate Online Success Plan- complete with the same bogus promises of $500 and a Mercedes Benz.

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Why so many iterations of the same BS?

As these past programs were tried out, angry consumers posted multiple complaints about them. So, Jordan merely shut down those sites and re-launched the same product but under a different name.

Apparently, Jordan’s motto must be, “When you can’t escape bad press, rename yourself.”

We don’t recommend Jordan’s coaching products.

If you’re looking for an online business that will help you attain financial independence, My AE Success (and its many other iterations) from Jordan Daniels isn’t it. Also, the other online systems that Jordan has promoted, and which are now defunct, are also not going to make you money. Save yourself the hassle and heartache.

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  1. Thank you for telling me the truth. I️ want to make money online but don’t have money to give them. If it’s so good then take that money out of my First commission!

  2. I am interested in this if I don’t have to put any money down! I’m sick of being scammed! I’m a single mom of a twelve-year-old son with Down Syndrome making very poor paycheck every 2 weeks and working my butt off. I also take care of my two elderly parents. If you can honestly help I would greatly appreciate it. God bless you!


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