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Is Amazing Selling Machine 13 Worth The $4,997 Price Tag?

Amazing Selling Machine Review At A Glance

The Good / Matt Clark continues to put out a high-quality product year after year. His consistency and dedication to ASM are apparent. He is so confident that ASM is effective that he is providing a 6-month guarantee that if you follow the system and don’t make any money, he will reimburse you for anything spent out of pocket. However…

The Bad / With such a high price tag, it’s hard to justify the cost. Especially when there are cheaper alternatives out there.

My Recommendation / If you have the money and want consistent, high-quality training and support to launch an FBA business, Amazing Selling Machine is a must-buy.

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My Full Amazing Selling Machine Review

Would you pay almost $5,000 for Amazing Selling Machine, a training program that claims to generate $100,000 per month in profit? Do you believe that this is the answer to your dream of achieving a life of total freedom?

Would you also believe that ASM members who joined between 2013 and 2016, completed the program, and launched a new brand business had a median annual revenue of $60,750.00?

In a nutshell, I’d say that the latest offering of ASM, called ASM Evolution or ASM 13 is a program that can easily be followed as it is designed to be undertaken by beginners and offers mentorship by experienced trainers, as well as a community of fellow learners.

However, you’d have to shell out a bit of cash to enroll in this program, and that’s aside from the capital you’ll spend on your inventory and software to build your own brand.

Today, let’s look at the Amazing Selling Machine, how it can help you, how much it costs, whether it’s worth it, and if there’s a suitable alternative.

What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine Logo

The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is, in the words of its co-founder Matt Clark, “…a training program and live event teaching entrepreneurs how to build real, fast-growth businesses selling physical products by leveraging the power of Amazon.”

They claim to be the most popular Amazon FBA training course, designed to teach those who are new to selling everything they need to know to build a successful Amazon business from scratch.

Here’s a general description of what you’ll get:

  • The NEW 8-Module Online Web Class
  • The ASM Mentor Program
  • The Amazing Alliance Private Community
  • The Private Resource Vault

Aside from these core elements, you’ll also get access to a BRAND NEW software tool for product selection, automation tools for your email, keyword research, and advertising, and monthly group coaching calls.

You’ll also get priority access to their live networking events and workshops, including SellerCon.

A purchase of ASM Evolution also includes free upgrades to every new version of the core ASM system whenever they become available. Whenever there are new techniques and concepts that work, ASM gets updated with new lessons to make sure its members have access to the most updated information available.

You also get all this risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 6-month Success Agreement (more details on these below).

Details of the Amazing Selling Machine

Let me give you some more information on what you’ll get when you sign up for this training program.

1. The 8-Module Online Web Class

The creators have completely rebuilt this class for the new economy in light of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

The entire web class is made up of 120 video tutorials, with each module containing between 11 and 18 lessons.

You can learn all this at your own pace, but it needs to be in the correct order because each lesson builds upon the previous ones.

Through this web class, you’ll learn all the latest marketing and operations strategies that successful, 7-figure Amazon sellers use to select products to sell, drive sales, and encourage repeat business.

2. The ASM Mentor Program

The ASM Mentor Program is essentially a group of elite Amazon sellers who are ready to help you build your very own business and answer any questions you might have for them.

So instead of being on your own, trying to hunt around the internet for answers to your Amazon-related questions, you can ask these mentors with a combined 54 years of selling experience and a collective $24M worth of products on Amazon to give you prompt, accurate, and updated answers.

All you’d have to do is post a question in the community, and you’re guaranteed a prompt response no matter the time of day, as ASM Mentors come from different countries and timezones.

You get to save time and effort in looking for the answers in the wilderness of all the user forums, trying to decide which advice to take. When the advice comes from an ASM Mentor, you know it’s been tested and applied to a successful Amazon store.

3. Platinum Lifetime Access to the Private ASM Community

Aside from ASM Mentors, you can get support from thousands of ASM members from 138 countries with your Platinum Access to the exclusive ASM community.

Building a business can get a bit isolating, especially if it’s an online business.

It’s a comfort to know that someone somewhere has had or is having the same struggles as you are. Whatever challenges you’re going through, there’s almost a 99% chance that someone else has posed the question or has solved it.

4. The Private Resource Vault

This is a collection of tools, resources, and contacts that the founders and mentors themselves use to build and grow their own Amazon businesses.

Included here are a variety of templates, such as for supplier contracts, sample and product evaluations, and other useful, proven templates to save you time and help you increase your earnings.

You also get access to contact details of professional services that even the founders of ASM use for their businesses, such as delivery services and photographers. On top of that, you even get discounts on powerful Amazon tools to help your business grow.

The best part is that they keep adding to the vault as new resources become available.

You can’t get these resources anywhere else.

BONUS: The Automation Tool Suite

This is one of the best bonuses of the Amazing Selling Machine.

The Automation Tool Suite includes 3 sets of tools to help you launch your products, maintain consistent traffic to your site, track your sales and inventory, and do product and keyword research effectively.

You get free access to these tools for varying times, from 90 days to 12 months.

What Can One Expect to Learn From Amazing Selling Machine 13?

Essentially, ASM teaches its members how to successfully drop-ship items via Amazon.

That’s it.

This revenue model is not exactly new; in fact, I mentioned online drop-shipping as a semi-viable work-at-home opportunity a few years ago.

Why only semi-viable? One of the biggest issues with drop-shipping is keeping product costs down. Products that are bought cheaply can generate a hefty profit for the seller once they are marked up.

But where is the average Joe or Jane supposed to locate really cheap and fairly decent products? There are only so many hours in the day where one can go to garage sales or store liquidations.

The answer is China. ASM teaches its sellers to contact product manufacturers in China, obtain and test product samples, and, if satisfied, order bulk quantities of those products. Such bulk orders can cost hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, so it pays to know a niche product market well.

The next step is much easier: sellers sign up with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This way, Amazon stores the inventory for those sellers, as well as takes care of marketing, selling, and shipping the items. Thus, Amazon does all the hard work.

What’s new in Amazing Selling Machine 13?

2020 has brought about some changes that have disrupted nearly every industry; however, more people are shopping online these days than ever before. Furthermore, there are millions of new customers who are first-time online buyers.

Amazon is where they head to first, and thus, ASM Evolution has been updated to help you leverage the power of Amazon.

Aside from a redesign and upgrade of their online web training program, they also beefed up their Automated Tool Suite.

Another bonus in ASM 13 is the expert listing evaluation. You can actually get your first listing evaluated by one of the ASM mentors handpicked by the founders themselves. Your listing will be tweaked and optimized for maximum conversions and rankings.

Why is it expensive, though?

The program, co-developed by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, costs $4,997 to upfront buyers and 6 payments of $997 to installment buyers.

They say the entire program is worth around $13,985, so paying $4,997 looks like a bargain.

Of course, in pricing a training program, the value isn’t only determined by the time spent working on it or the knowledge of the ones who developed it. The price is also dictated by the value of the training program to individual members and how far they grew their business because of the training program.

Clues about why ASM costs as much as a used car are in several of Matt Clark’s interviews with online magazines such as Under30CEO, where the very title of the article is ‘The No-Brainer Secret to Success: High Margins.’

Meanwhile, in IdeaMensch, Matt lays out his strategy in detail, noting that, while he started out as an affiliate marketer selling other entrepreneurs’ products and getting a 40%–50% profit margin, it didn’t compare to him selling his own product and making a 400%–500% profit margin (!).

So yeah, profit margins, pure and simple.

Follow the affiliate commissions…

If ASM was simply another online drop-shipping class, it would probably cost no more than two or three hundred bucks. However, as Matt Clark noted above, a business is more worthwhile if it generates high profit margins.

How are high profit margins generated? By convincing customers that the product has very high value and is in limited supply. Thus, the ASM training doesn’t just include the 8-week course but additional value-added items such as the lifetime forum membership and software tool suite.

Likewise, if you go to the ASM website throughout the year, you’ll notice that the course is sometimes unavailable. This is because the training is offered for a limited time only, after which the enrollment link expires. However, at some given point in time, say the following month, that link will reactivate and another limited-time offer will be posted.

Does ASM 13 offer refunds?

Short answer: Yes, they do.

The amount of money involved is a risk, and the creators of ASM know that.

To eliminate that risk, they offer an unconditional 100% 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you decide that ASM Evolution isn’t the right fit for you, simply let them know within the first 30 days and they’ll give you back your entire investment in the program.

This is enough time for you to go through half the web class, talk to Mentors, check out the community, and go through the private resource vault before deciding.

Not only do you get a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee with your ASM 13 purchase, but Matt and Jason have also developed an even more enticing offer.

They’re calling it the Success Agreement.

If you buy the program, launch a new product within the first 4 months, follow all the marketing steps you were taught within the first 5 months, and you don’t make money by the 6-month mark from the date you joined ASM 13, they will reimburse 100% of the cost of the program, PLUS they will reimburse you up to $7,500 in unsold inventory.

I have never seen a guarantee quite like this one. Matt and Jason seem to want you to try their system totally risk-free. I don’t say this often, but it really does appear that you have nothing to lose by giving ASM a shot. If it doesn’t work out after 6 months, you’re only out the time invested.

Is Amazing Selling Machine Worth The Price?

Supposedly, even someone with little to no prior business experience can use the ASM course to build a six- or even seven-figure business from the ground up.

But upon searching online, I actually found a few ASM-like courses that not only explain the concept of drop-shipping via Amazon or eBay but are also segmented into various industries so you need not buy shiny yet extraneous materials that you’ll probably never use.

Case in point: Jessica Larrew of Amazon Boot Camp.

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income interviewed Jessica and her husband/business partner Cliff and the couple appear to apply all the principles outlined in ASM, except that they don’t source their product from China or other offshore countries (to be clear, they get their deals at places like Walgreens).

Jessica posts training materials online that are very affordably priced. Furthermore, the training materials are segmented by industry; for example, if you want to try health and beauty product drop-shipping, Jessica offers an ebook on the subject for only $27. Alternatively, you can also buy the entire Amazon Boot Camp for $299.

But let’s say you’re hoping to buy bigger lots of wholesale items and really want to see what’s available through offshore countries. Skip McGrath offers an in-depth 350-page printed training manual called The Complete Amazon Marketing System for $127. He also throws in a bunch of free bonuses like a 30-minute coaching call and lifetime membership to his wholesale sourcing website.

A Phenomenal Lower Cost Alternative To ASM…

Over the past years, Marketplace SuperHeroes has become an outstanding alternative to the Amazing Selling Machine program.

At $997, it’s a much lesser investment, and you get an absolutely fantastic program with an incredibly strong support community.


This program was created by Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey, two Irish Amazon Sellers who built their business to multiple 7-figure revenues selling their own private label products.

Despite the fact the creators are Irish, the program is taught for US and international sellers so regardless of where you live, this program absolutely will help you succeed on Amazon on a global scale.

And this is one of the biggest reasons why I believe this program is truly excellent. Not only do they teach you how to sell on Amazon but they also teach you how to take the same products that you find and sell them across multiple Amazon marketplaces.

The Unique Advantage With MPSH

This is huge because outside of the US market, the sheer size of the opportunity to grow on Amazon is unimaginable. These markets are not as well developed as those in the US but they still offer all of Amazon’s incredible services, such as FBA.

Also, because you’re leveraging Amazon, you don’t have to worry about multilingual customer support as Amazon takes care of that for you!

Robert (the main mentor in the program) has been selling on marketplaces for almost 20 years and has sold between $10M to $20M in cumulative sales. As you’ll see when you join the community, Robert knows this business like no one else I know.

Stephen is also a very experienced seller and marketer. He is very much the marketing side of the business but is an expert in his own right as well.

Together they make a really experienced team of mentors. In fact, since the program began they’ve added over 6 additional mentors to the support team. This helps the company provide better support than anywhere else that I’ve seen.

At $997, I can honestly say that no other program even comes close to this value for money.

If you plan to create success on Amazon and you want to go the global route, selling lower competition products and building a ‘mini-empire,’ then you really need to register for this course NOW!

Has anyone tried Amazing Selling Machine?

The general consensus is that ASM is expensive, but if you have the money and want to get consistent, high-quality training and support to launch an FBA business, Amazing Selling Machine is hard to pass up.

However, the alternatives I listed do provide much of the value at a fraction of the cost. ASM 13’s 6-month money-back guarantee does help alleviate some of the hesitation associated with the high costs of the program.

Have you purchased or are considering purchasing ASM? Is there a specific ASM feature that you particularly like? Have you gotten your money’s worth with ASM as opposed to another drop-shipping training program? Please leave your tips, questions, or advice in the comments below!

102 thoughts on “Is Amazing Selling Machine 13 Worth The $4,997 Price Tag?”

  1. It seems everyone in the world can sell on Amazon. All these courses want is to enroll as many people as they can and flood the FBA. It is not just USA seller any seller including the supplier from Alibaba can sell. Amazon has 16 items to show on one page and too much competition from everyone and his dog from the world chasing for it. That is ASM is done after ASM6 they have milked enough fools including myself :(

    • Hey Adam,

      So you actually launched some product? I was worried about exactly what you just said. Saturation. It seems like it would be very hard to get your product to the front page let alone near the top. Do you feel you could have made something happen with more effort or do you feel it was just impossible?


  2. I spent a year researching selling on Amazon training before I finally decided to buy the Amazon Boot Camp. After rejecting the obvious scam artists, I watched a video on YouTube by Eleanor Prior. She made a good case for not going the private label route, which I was leaning towards, and recommended Jessica Larrew’s Amazon Boot Camp, which taught retail arbitrage instead. I also read a positive review of Amazon Boot Camp on a different website (this one you’re reading now). Jessica was charging $297 for her course, and the scammers wanted $5,000. After watching a sample video of Jessica’s course, I decided I liked her approach. She warned you about what things not to do – something the other guys never did. That made me trust her.

    After paying for the course, I wrote her and told her that I was glad that I found her course, and that I might have a few questions along the way as I was going through the modules. She seemed OK with this, and I settled down to studying. She answered two of my e-mails. When I asked her about the 30-page Amazon FBA agreement Amazon makes you sign to become an FBA seller, her answer was, “We don’t do any hand-holding.”

    I wondered what constituted a legitimate question, and what constituted “hand-holding.” I surmised that in her view, any question that she couldn’t be bothered answering was hand-holding. When she offered to refer me to people who could help me with this, I said yes, please send me some referrals. She never followed through with the referrals. After that, she stopped answering my e-mails. I felt like she was treating me as one of her Amazon customers; sale made, no further contacted needed. This is not how a teacher treats a student, and it was my first rude awakening about Jessica.

    I then went to her Selling Family page on Facebook to get my answers. I got a lot of helpful responses from other students. One day, a friend of mine forwarded me a link to an article by Cynthia Stine titled, “Is Arbitrage Dead?” In the article, Cynthia had posted inside information about what major changes Amazon was planning to make regarding arbitrage sellers, which of course, had the potential to affect Jessica’s students.

    At the time I felt this article would be good information for the Selling Family members to have, perhaps even open a dialogue, and so I posted a link to the article on the Selling Family, thinking it might be helpful. Jessica went ballistic, removing the link within seconds after I posted it, and told me in no uncertain terms that I would be banned from the group if I tried to pull a stunt like that again. This was my second rude awakening.

    As it turned out, Cynthia’s information was good, and Amazon did implement some sweeping changes that affected retail arbitrage sellers. Cynthia told me that if she revealed her sources, the people who worked for Amazon feeding her this information, would be fired, and so could not reveal her sources on where she got this information. Too bad Jessica didn’t want to hear about this. It might have helped some of her students, but it seemed she was more concerned with protecting her empire than allowing an open discussion of the issue.

    At this point, I stayed away from the Selling Family. It was no longer a place where I felt comfortable. After she threatened to ban me, she had made it very clear that I was not welcome there anymore.

    As far as the course itself goes, I thought it was good, and had a lot of useful information. The main flaw of the course is her premise that you are supposed to scour the various clearance tables of drug and discount stores, find something for one third the price of what it is selling on Amazon, and send those items into Amazon FBA for a tidy profit.

    I tried to do this many times, in many stores, and found the ugly truth was that in almost every case, the discount price the store was offering was the same or higher than what Amazon was selling it for. Take out the FBA fees, and you’re not only not making a profit, but running your business at a loss. The idea that you can buy something at a clearance table and turn around and sell it for three times the price on Amazon is pure fantasy. This is not something Jessica address in her course.

    The second problem I have with her course is her insistence on becoming a pro seller long before your sales as an individual seller supports this. As a pro seller, she recommends you subscribe to expensive services such as Inventory Lab, a $49 a month fee, on top of your $39.99 pro merchant fee. Isn’t this a little like putting the cart before the horse? Buy the Cadillac after you can afford it, not before. She didn’t seem to have any concept of teaching you how to build your business to point where these expenses are justified. She advises you to invest in these premium services long before you can afford them. That’s nice if you have a trust fund, but for the rest of us just starting out, wholly impractical.

    In the Tools of the Trade module, she recommends you buy a $350 Uline tape dispenser. Really? She also recommends a Scotch low-noise tape dispenser for $25, so as not to wake the baby at night while they’re packing up their FBA shipments. When Cliff demonstrated it on the video, it was so loud that I almost fell off my chair from the sheer volume of noise it made. I think it even woke the neighbors. So of course, I had to ignore these ridiculous suggestions.

    Jessica has prepared a course with some very good information. I have benefited from taking her course, learning things that I didn’t know before. But her treatment of her students, her resistance to feedback and questions, and her refusal to open discussions on issues that may affect arbitrage sellers borders on despotism. I guess she is just too busy being fabulous, selling on Amazon, to bother about her student’s concerns. Buy the course, learn what you can, but be aware that you are on your own, once the sale’s been made.

    And good luck finding items you can buy at one third the cost, and then turn around and sell for three times the price on Amazon.

    • Hello Jim, and thank you for this in-depth review of Jessica Larrew’s Amazon program. I first became aware of Jessica and her husband from Pat Flynn’s interview of her. Even after listening to these interviews and reading some of the posted online material, I still had doubts that retail arbitrage via Amazon could really work. As you noted, it’s difficult finding items that are clearance-priced to almost nothing. Also, Amazon takes a huge 30% cut of profits. And if you’re posting name brand stuff, you don’t always have the manufacturer’s permission to resell. So, you could go on a huge shopping spree at some store only to later discover that you can’t sell your goods.
      I myself have used eBay for my retail arbitrage efforts, though with eBay/Paypal now taking 10% of the profits, it’s getting harder there too. So, unless I’m getting the item at a severe discount, I don’t bother much with selling on eBay.
      Jim, did you buy a given section of Jessica’s training? Or did you buy the general/intro course (Amazon Bootcamp)? Thank you again for posting such an in-depth review of her program.

    • Halina,

      I bought the full Amazon Boot Camp program for $297. I felt that some of the issues you mention could have been handled by Jessica if she cared enough to respond to me, but as I said in my review, she blew me off privately when I tried to e-mail her questions, and then publicly when I tried to post Cynthia Stine’s article to the Selling Family. Not a nice person, in my opinion.

      Jessica doesn’t strike me as a people person, which you kind of have to be if you’re going to put yourself out there as teacher. Let’s hope Jessica decides to grow up one day, and treat people better. She really can’t be bothered listening to her students – too busy selling, I guess.

      Even Cynthia Stiles, who wrote the “Is Arbitrage Dead?” article, was friends with her at one time, and had even supported Jessica by promoting her pre-Boot Camp books on her website, expressed her shock to me in an e-mail, by her actions when she banned my posting of Cynthia’s article from her Selling Family group and took it out on me. That’s not what I would call professional behavior. I would call that embarrassing yourself, or shooting yourself in the foot

      I still think there’s a lot of good information in her course, and I’m not sorry I took it. I just wanted people to be aware of what they might be in for, should they decide to take her course. If they’re expecting a teacher who will respond to you, and who welcomes constructive feedback, they’re in for a shock, as Jessica simply isn’t capable of listening to her students who pay for her training.

      By my definition, that is not what a teacher is. She sells you a bunch of videos, and her attitude is if you don’t like it, you can lump it. After I e-mailed her my very first question, instead of taking the time to answer me, her response was to offer to refund my money for the course. She just doesn’t get it (sigh).

      That’s not someone who is going to ever improve her product, and that’s really a shame because I thought she had something very good to offer. I had no idea she was this way before I paid for the course.

      Oh well, live and learn. I sincerely hope Jessica can, but I doubt it. It’s very clear at this point that she can’t be bothered. I hope one day she sees this and decides to change, or she’s going to alienate a whole lot of people, if she hasn’t done so already. But I’m optimistic she will see the light one day and grow up.

  3. i was a student, it’s a scam. the info you get you can get for a lot cheaper or for free. plus the market is flooded with items you want to sell or already selling. for example if you want to sell a flashlight there are 10 differnt sellers on amazon already selling the same flashlight but just a different branding. you can smack your brand on companies products. then you force to lower your price to compete. i can only say it create your own unique product,patent it and get it mass produced and sell it online. hopefully i can use this experience and come up with something positive in the future. you win some and you lose some,thats the life of an entrepreneur.

  4. I joined the ASM6. I paid $5.000. I cannot be more ashamed for my stupidity. Fortunately I was not silly enough to take action and wasting more money. The worst thing is that the course is taught by very experienced people but without teaching skills. They have a great experience on marketing too. As an example the guy who teaches PPC (who knows a lot about the topic) goes so fast that you have to play hundreds of times the video to understand minimally. But I have to say if you have great knowledge of the subject probably you understand easily.
    The videos are so old that when you go to the platforms, they have already changed. As I really want to learn the process I have decided to go to China and make my own experience. I will be attending the Canton Fair in April 2016.
    Now I ‘m listening to a podcast that is fabulous, free and from people with passion for teaching and for passing honest knowledge to others.
    I hope this will help you to make decisions.


  5. I stopped reading the posts about 20 reviews in, and it all says the same thing. Before I go into the issue, I will tell you I have never used ASM, I am trying to vet them to determine if I should invest my money etc… With that said, let me explain that I have generated over 2.1 million in revenue with 17% Net profit margin in 1 year selling on Amazon. I had a very diverse catalog over 59k items all using a dropship model. The best part was, I just wanted to make enough money to buy a new car for the family. So the answer is, you can be lucky, but in the end, you can never substitute luck for Hard Freaking Work. During that 12 month span, I was up at 5am, worked until 2am Monday through Friday I had 3 offices nation wide, NY, Miami, and Los Angeles, and in my second year I lost everything. My sales were still up but my margins started to faulter, I moved away from the drop shipping model and went into FBA. My failure was not understanding how crooked Amazon is, one word of advise for the new and inexperienced, always label your products no matter what!!!! Amazon stole nearly 500k in product from me because I used their labeling system, not to mention they took back the money the customers payed and refunded them even if they received a higher cost unit for significantly less money. See, my lesson learned, I got sloppy, I was lazy, and wanted to find a niche that could provide money now! After my business closed in 2014 I took time off to reevaluate my short comings as a business owner, made my weaknesses a strength and I am ready to go all in again. The difference is, I know what to avoid, and I know that research is the most important factor before entering into a business venture. My biggest shock on here was people actually stating they had to buy inventory? Ummm really, I do not mean to be an ASS seriously, but either someone completely mislead you or you didn’t do your due diligence. I will tell you I never read an amazon book, why, I believe that by the time the information goes to print its relatively free public information so why waste the money.

    One thing I would recommend to those who have lost quite a bit, dont give up, you may want to give up on ASM, but dont give up on yourself. My biggest advice I can give each of you is to find a product that you can literally sell maybe 50-100 units of that range between 7-40 bucks to buy per unit and start growing that product line and become great at marketing SEO, item placement, etc…Keep your cost low during research and marketing and ramp up when your business ramps up. My final piece of advice and another pitfall I learned from my own failure, never spend money you need to live off of, it leads to suicidal thoughts, high stress levels, and ultimately damaged self esteem. I am sorry to hear some of these stories, all I can say is that cut down your costs, the only thing that was ever truly lost is your time. Everything else, can take care of itself, money will always come and go, but you can never go back in time, or fast forward to tomorrow so use your time as like you would use your air as it is just as precious.

    • Hey thanks for the advice,

      if you’re still in the business I could use some advice as guidance setting up and launching.

      thank you

  6. The worst internet business experience I have ever known. I paid the full whack for ASM 4 and invested over 12,000 altogether in my product, website, fees, shipping, design, and so much more. I am down to the last few items of my Amazon inventory, when I sell these I am licking my wounds and cutting my loses. It has been a terrible experience for me, one whyich left me stressed and suicidal when I had realised the mistake I made. I took my complaints to one of the founders, he shares my e mail with the mentors and others in his staff who dissed me and said some terrible things about me. They make you feel like it is your fault if the course does not work. The saying of “No one left behind” is a lie. My product cost $12.50 landed as FBA, it sold around 7 units per week or one a day on average and the FBA fees were $7.49 per sale and now the fees are going up for Amazon and ASM. I am selling at $19,99 to clear my last few units, no margin for me at all, just a percentage of my investment coming back to my bank account in dribs and drabs and a whole load of paperwork for my accountant to show it as a loss. DONT GO WITH AMAZING OR ASM. It is not AMAZING at all.

  7. Wow. Great conversation. I have been sourcing, importing, manufacturing and private labeling for the big chain stores for over 35 years. We have been approached by many entrepreneurs over the years to share the secrets of the big guys. And so we do… Many of our clients are ASM graduates and many still trying to source and make it big on Amazon. It was so frustrating to see so many of you all working so hard and not seeing the results you want. So I decided to join ASM and learn more about what this program was about so I can help amazon sellers better. As well I was selling on amazon and up to learning some more. I do not teach my clients about selling on Amazon but the “Before Amazon” strategies. Really it is what happens before amazon that will determine if you make money.If don’t have that perfect product to sell then you won’t be making any money. So we really make sure our students learn all they can about sourcing and importing properly and hassle-free. Especially when it comes to shipping, customs/duties when importing oversea. SO I joined ASM and yes the course is full of everything you need to know about amazon and at a hefty price. For what you pay the videos are poorly done and dry. I personally thought there would be more wow. However the events are wow with little information. Don’t get me wrong the course does have a lot of content. The main issue is that so much more goes on in Amazon and it is not addressed in the course. So many people end up spending more money. Other courses like the proven amazon course and Skip McGrath’s course are great courses and worth the investment for those selling on Amazon but yet still the issue of “Before Amazon” is still not covered.

    • That is so true Neil! The product research phase is the most important step.
      I like that you said you do help the former ASM students that come to you.
      Do you have a course or training program for product research?

    • Thank you for the insight Neil. Experience like yours is greatly appreciated. You mention “your clients.” How can I join your clients list so that I may better understand the “before Amazon” best practices and methodologies you recommend? I am searching high and low for a source to fill this gap.

    • Hi Neil, thanks for your input. I bought into ASM but hit major stumbling block not long after I got so excited the 4am webinars and the fact i just could not get around being outside USA and being compliant for Amazon although they kept taking my $79 a month for awhile. I would like to learn about being a client. cheers and thanks again, Nick

  8. Would not recommend. Some good but a lot of hype and it seems most people aren’t making decent money with it. Probably can get the same info in the course elsewhere much cheaper.

    They come across as really nice and maybe they are but their customer service is THE WORST I have ever experienced in my life. Just horrible.

    To me, what a company really thinks of their customers isn’t what they say, it’s what they do and based on multiple encounters with their customer service they don’t think much of us. Bad service comes from the top.

  9. I purchased ASM3 two years ago and couldn’t be happier. I am presently at $4,000 gross per DAY and with 8 new products will be at $6,000/day by early next year. Was it magic? No. It was hard steady work but it is work that now gives me financial freedom I only dreamed of two years ago.

    Matt and Jason are the real deal and I appreciate them a lot. They have changed my life! No, this course doesn’t hold your hand at every turn but is all you need. Of course you have to buy your own products and make your own product decisions but what business doesn’t have to do that?

    The live event they put on twice per year is exceptional and you get to go to the first one as part of your initial payment. The tools people keep mentioning that you “have” to purchase are nice but not necessary. We don’t use any of them but we do use many tools that we have to pay for from other sources.

    Yes, it is true that Matt and Jason give a generous commission if you sign someone up. Those who watched me dive in two years ago are now signing up under me and with that they know I personally help them with product selection and help get them unstuck when they get stuck. The biggest hurdles I have seen are fear – fear of failing. Failing is just a test result that lets you know what not to do next time!

    Our first product did quite well (10k/month and has now settled at 18k month) so we thought this is a no brainer it is so simple, but our next two products only netted us $1,000/month and then we hit another home run and several more now that we have learned how to pick products and bring them to market.

    Working with China is trying at times but we persevered and now have very nice contacts there and are able to bring new products to market quickly.

    We started two years ago with $5000 to spend on our first product and have grown to where we are now by putting 100% of our profits for the last two years back into the business (I was working full time) but starting this January we will be able to start taking substantial draws while still putting 50% back into the company.

    The biggest thing we have done different from others I think is to take our intended product and then find a way to make it better. I see a lot of ASM folks that all just do the same thing which is what they do teach you to do for your first product but they also say to differentiate yourself and your brand asap.

    Yes, ASM is not cheap but it is the real deal and for someone with the entrepreneurial spirit and drive for excellence it is a life changer. I have a marketing background and I do think that has helped me but if you know that is your weak spot you can get help. It has been a slow steady climb with lots of learning and lots of questions but I would do it all over again in a heart beat. This program may not be for you but it is the real deal and the training is awesome and the live events are worth a ton. No, they don’t just hype themselves at the live events. They bring in top notch speakers like Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Bramsen, Keving Harrington and many others. In the live events they don’t just focus on Amazon, they work to expand your thinking. I have had a real problem getting my mind past the million dollar per year goal. It seemed so far away when I started this business but now I see how I will far exceed this amount next year.

    I did talk to several people at the live event who seemed to be stuck on product selection. They are afraid of picking the wrong product. My worst product still nets me $1,000/mo. Profit margins vary but should be between 40-60% Just starting out I would accept a 35% margin item knowing that once I can ship 40 foot containers the savings on shipping will increase the margins by another 10%. Also, start with a light product so you can air freight. Bottom line? ASM does work and has changed my life and has worked for me.

  10. Hi,
    Hype inside and out. They are milking you until you are ashamed to tell anyone you lost all that money. There are maybe 5% who are really successful and then there is the sales pyramid they have in place. The worst part is they promise you ‘free forever’ and then start charging for the annual use of tools.
    Before ASM they’ve been seeking the Amazon Money Machine about 10 years ago! Same concept, less well executed and at a
    much much lower price. They focus on margins and create a movement of believers around their approach. The people who make it serve as the advocates, but again you expect a small proportion of people to get lucky.

    • My roommate signed up for ASM back in April and he’s pulling his hair out trying everything, watching and re-watching those videos all day and night and doing the steps. He keeps telling me it will work and that he’ll be making money soon.

      When he found out that HALF of his $5000 payment went to his referral, he was super pissed – $2500 goes to the ASM member who refers you and $2500 goes to ASM.

      When he sourced his first product, there were 6 competitors, 2 of them taking in most of the sales. Now, 4 months later: 13 competitors all with very similar listings, most of the new people appear to be ASM people (very easy to tell by looking at the listing). He gets 1 sale per week if he’s lucky. He paid around $3000 for the first product+shipping. I think he’s actually losing money due to advertising and marketing but he won’t admit it.

      What’s really sad is that he’s actually considering going for a second product. It’s like an addictive drug because successful mentors in the online community/forum keep encouraging the larger group of failures to never give up. I wonder if the mentors are paid. Does anyone know?

    • Hey Dave, that is me in a nutshell. I was in ASM 4, and the way it was presented to me was that it was simple and easy and to hang in there and it will make a profit and I would have a business I could grow and sell later if I wanted. I bought 500 units of a product in China, I borrowed money to get them paid for and shipped all the way to the USA. Then I had further fees, too long winded to go into. My product cost was 13 dollars to get to FBA, then they take $7.49 from each sale, my product is currently on sale at 19.99, im clearing out the last to try to get some of my moneyback, I was stressed, I broke down and was even almost suicidal after the ordeal I went through with this organisation. I was in offices at 3am miles from home to watch videos, finally I spoke directly to one of the founders, he shared my feedback on my negative experience of amazing or amazing selling machine with other affiliates and mentors, I was dissed by them and one lady member even said she was ashamed to be from the same country as me. Ireland. Listen, there are better ways to make a living, and before anyone says my product was priced too low, there are tons of competitors on amazon with equal or better products cheaper. M.H.O. Please keep your money. I DONT USE TOOLS, OR ADVICE, I am so very very very sorry I believed the sales videos. I was kicked to the kerb when I informed them that this isn’t the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    • You figured it out! Smartest one in here. It is nothing but a MLM pyramid scam. They sell an idea, not a course with proof they themselves have sold. It’s 2017 almost 2018 and their content is not only outdated, it doesn’t apply to everyone or every state. Amazon is saturated with drop shippers. You will be broke within the first order not recouping any profit to reinvest in another product. It’s total BS! I tried ASM I speak from experience. These others saying anything but are either paid reviews or trying to recruit new members for a commission. I trusted these people. They are no different than Robert K from rich dad poor dad! “Pick a niche and market and sell,” they all say. Can anyone guess what niche ASM and Rich Dad Poor Dad chose? They say “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” for a reason…. because they are ripping people off left and right. Yes, I took both “courses” these two produce. Both scams in the area of anyone’s success but their own. IF YOU DONT LISTEN TO THE TRUTH HERE- YOU TOO WILL FALL VICTIM. They are all not selling a real effective system. They are marketing an idea. KEYWORD- MARKETING. MLM- They build you up to make you take the fall down through their miserable sales funnel! NONE of this works unless you as a new affiliate recruit new members to pay through the nose for the same pump and dump marketing scam! Truth is it’s so old now no one at in their down line make jack! The founders, co founders, and the speakers get the profits and the first 0.01% get a nice commission and the rest never recoup their investment instead go further into debt!!! These type of salesmen used to go door to door to scam people into buying in, now they do it online. Learn the difference. They are “black-hat” marketing con artists. There is such a thing. GOOGLE IT ALL AND check the bbb. They get bad claims against their business? They change the name! They are now “doing business as…” The business of selling online for this “formula” in particular is played out!!! Why do you think they started selling the how to’s? Think about it!!! I wish I had not been a sucker!! They truly don’t care about you or your financial freedom. NONE OF THEM! I’m not bitter I’m honest. There’s a difference. If you want a great business you’ll have to come up with it because the ONLY strategy is the one YOU create. I wish everyone the best.

  11. I am part of the asm4 group and currently have 4 products on Amazon. I average about 5% profit on $20,000 monthly sales. Some months I actually lose money. It is impossible to make any substantial profit with the insane levels of competition! I spend more than 6 hours a day on adjusting ad bids, press releases, facebook/google ads etc. I do not think I can continue this any longer. I will probably sell all my stock and quit this thing. I do not recommend ASM mainly because of its unreasonable price tag. Find another Amazon course/book – it is all the same.

  12. I have been listening webinars in the current drive (ending 15th October 2015 by Matt and Jason. The guys are pure greedy; the price is now $5000 approx as a single payment or $6000 if spread over 4 payments – just the interest of the 3 months is a criminal 20%. There is so much hype that one gets confused on what to believe and what not to. There is a workshop you are encouraged to attend in Las Vegas – i.e. in 3 weeks time. Not at all impressed by what I have heard so far

  13. Thanks a lot. You have saved me thousands of dollars. I have time for research product – but no money to waste. The product may cut your time short to success but only if you are willing to put hard and smart work strategy. Good Luck to all.

  14. I signed up for ASM 5. Still waiting to be successful.

    I paid $5000 for the course and another $6000 for inventory and shipping. I also pay $40 a month to amazon seller central. Other charges include website, hosting, email, etc. All this is absolutely necessary to be remotely successful. So I have spent more than $11,000 to date, $0 profit so far.

    ASM is in part a subscription based service. The ASM tools are $97/month after the first year. Yes that’s right! Each year after the first year you will have to pay at least $1164/year more to continue using the tools. This monthly rate may increase soon. They tell you that you don’t have to use their tools but a significant portion of the training videos require the use of their tools.

    There is NOTHING unique or special about the content of ASM. The creators of ASM will repeatedly admit that you can go out and learn everything on your own. I have been able to find practically all content of ASM on Youtube and other sites.

    You can use the material they provide during their next sales pushe (ASM6) as an outline and starting point to basically discover all the details on your own.

    It really is that simple.

    ASM simply puts all the content in one easy accessible place with a community to help answer your questions. The problem with the community is that it is generally only used by the newer ASM5 members. ASM1-4 members are in a secret facebook group that has been phased out and their collective experience and knowledge is therefore lost to ASM5+. Almost no ASM1-4 members contribute to the community.

    • Dear Michelle,
      allow me to say that since the very beginning of your post you started out on the wrong foot:
      “Still waiting to be successful”
      Success is not something that you’ll achieve by simply disbursing a helluva-lot of money and sit on your butt “waiting” for it to arrive.. You need to pursue it. Sweat for it. WORK HARD for it. Otherwise you’ll just be another “thinker” and “waiter” until you get bored of waiting and there you’ll go again start throwing money in some other direction hoping for the next Get-Rich-Quick Hack to finally get you there, to be successful.
      Perhaps I’m wrong and you just used an unfortunate expression, but I can feel from your words that you’re not doing any sort of self-analysis on what you might have done wrong so far on your path to success with Amazon..
      Frankly I find it even hard to BELIEVE that you have done ZERO profit with your business, unless you haven’t learned and followed the VERY FIRST LESSON on e-commerce: choosing the RIGHT product.
      Me myself I started out very humbly, with no expensive nor cheap training whatsoever, I bought #100 pieces of my selected product for an “hefty” 200 bucks circa up-front investment, spent another $200 for shipping the products and here I am after 3 weeks looking at my first $215 payday from my seller account. Nothing but the beginning. I’m absolutely not showing off, actually VERY FAR from it, being that $215 a very small amount, but if I’m saying this is because I think in some way was a no-brainer to get to that point once I started to use and implement everything I learned in my still-ongoing learning process. In your Amazon business or in life, is ALWAYS better, WAY better looking at our own mistakes and correct the path instead of blaming someone else for not fulfilling promises of riches.. No matter how much you spent.

    • Michelle, thank You for your post. That is really useful information you have shared and it has answered some of my own questions which have not been answered by Matt or Jason in their hype-filled webinars. I was tempted to buy but I have held back because the response I have had from the owners or their support has been utterly useless.

    • Anthony, you are treading on dangerous ground in your condemning Michelle’s personal experience. Just because you think you are doing good so far, that in no way says that is also the experience of 99% of ASM members. I suspect that by far the vast majority will be having experiences similar to that of Michelle. My question to you is whether you could have had the same information you have paid a hefty price form Amazon’s website, YouTube videos and other much much cheaper courses or even a book (and there are many on the topic) costing a few dollars?

    • I’m sorry… but when the dude Jason has to post a 1 hour and 15 minute video to defend them against all the bad posts… ya know something is very wrong. The front-end price of $5K is ridiculous and then the ongoing monthly fees. What they fail to mention is the back-end investment of sourcing, buying the inventory and shipping. Then the Amazon fees for storing inventory and all those hidden costs. I have an employee in Shanghai that sources for me directly. I know what I am getting before it arrives on US soil. This international commerce thing is not easy… and that’s assuming there are no issues with Customs, or bad product or you pay for goods and they never arrive. I have been importing for over a decade… this is a complicated process until you gain experience and knowledge. And the trial and error can be an expensive lesson. The Jason guy sounds desperate and defensive… but about every 3 mins reminds you to click the link below… too funny. If international business acumen were people… this Jason guy would be a deserted island. Shop around… trust me.

  15. Hi,

    I live in holland.Can I start selling in,do ppl like me from other countries benefit from ASM?


  16. Hey Steve! I haven’t personally taken ASM because it just doesn’t fit into my business model at the moment, and I have actually done some china sourcing on my own over the years of selling on Amazon.

    I’ve actually had quite a few students join the Amazon Boot Camp after they join ASM because they aren’t ready or able to go “all in” with creating a brand. But, they know that the Amazon platform is a great place to be. Others need more of a hand holding experience which is what we offer in our course.

    On the other hand, there are a few I know personally who have done really well with ASM, because they are willing to put in all the hard work and money it takes.

    The most important thing is to know which business you want to build and how much time/money are you willing to invest in it. The model we teach is buying clearance in store or online and selling it for retail. Working a few days a week you can make a couple extra thousands of dollars a month if you have about $1,000 to invest in inventory. The China model most people work 8+ hours a day doing research, marketing, brand building, etc. Then spend $1,000’s at a time on products. If they get some products to stick the potential is much larger than a few thousand a month.

    I choose a lifestyle of freedom right now, so I choose not to spend hours building a product brand. I’ll stick with selling stuff people are already familiar with and “just” make six figures a year, not a month :)

    • I would really like to know how to start doing this….i tried to do this by coping and paste from Amazon to eBay but that didn’t work out to good…well it didn’t work at all….I’m willing to put in the 7-8 hours a day for the six figures but how do i do that…where can i go so you can teach me and hold my hand through this…plz I’m a single mom with two girls and I’m barely making it right now so something in m life has to change….

    • hi Jessica, was thinking about doing the biz due to all the hype on FB and email about them. Did not know of the hefty $5k price tag! Seems it went up since this review was done. They have to pay their marketers for pushing it to others and wanted more of a profit I suppose. Does seem like an exorbitant amount of money for this.
      I’m interested in knowing more about your program. How can we find out more info on your program, categories, and prices? You said you give newbies a lot more hand holding, how is that done? TIA for your reply.

    • I agree with the freedom of lifestyle versus not much free time. you mentioned making a couple or so thousand a month but also said six figures a year which would be more like 8-9 thousand a month.. can you clarify. thanks

  17. Gang,
    Are you kidding me? I actually laughed out loud… Besides the price of the course you have to have to buy your own inventory and do your own marketing!


    If you want to own a business you have expenses other than the education on how to do it…that seems really weird! (smart Ars that I am)

    Seriously! This is a business model. As stated in the review above – a real business model. Something you actually have to invest time, money, creativity and passion for.

    It is not a course on how to drop ship however. Quite the opposite. It is anti-drop ship. It is a course on marketing, specifically through the Amazon platform.

    And no, it does not spoon feed you with the exact product you should build your business around nor do the most serious business owners share exactly what their products are.

    You are taught exactly how to find a product that can and will be successful if you follow the training.

    The only reason you can fail is if you don’t follow the training. Even someone on a small budget can be successful – it will take longer but it can and does work every single day.

    It is certainly not the only course available – or the only business model.

    When you find one the resonates with you, Do your due diligence and if there are real people who have been successful with the program – without any extraordinary advantage – then you can also be successful.

    But please just look inside and find out what it is in you that might be holding you back. I’m not talking about the circumstance you think are the cause of your lack of success.

    Those are not the real reasons for your financial situation.
    When you take responsibility for your life, your finances and your success your entire world will change.

    All the stuff that you think is “happening to you” right now will suddenly “stop happening” when you are the one who is responsible.

    If you are whining about what’s wrong with a course or the price of a training instead of looking for something that WILL work for you – you are playing the victim.

    Turn and face the other way…it’s where your power is.

  18. I enrolled in ASM 5 , I suggest dnt get enroll in it…it just hype they have created
    1;high fee
    2; you have to pay for inventory as well
    3; you are left in dark for selecting niche of products
    4;additional tools you have to buy other then ASM.
    5; it’s better you try some pocket friendly one…like proven selling course…. It’s best for beginners n middle level… Exactly the info we need why to waste extra bucks….

    • Are you going to this workshop of theirs in early November? It sounds like BS and seems to be self-congratulation exercise by Matt and Jason’s cronies

  19. Dear All,
    is there any one who has tried ASM5, I have tried a lot till the end to buy this but due to my Credit Card amount limitation constraint I couldn’t make it.
    I guess it is overpriced very much.
    Is there any one who can give 1st hand real review for ASM5 ?

    Are they going to launch ASM again like ASM6 etc. ?

    Since am a beginner and does not have through knowledge on Online marketing etc. but since its objective is that it allures to leave 9-5 job and I always wanted to do the same work from home and a proud work. It attracted me and am doing research.

    Pls reply Guys!

  20. I did try ASM4. The course is very detailed with lots of info. What I liked most about ASM was the clear instructions, the video tutorials, the marketing tools and the community. What I didn’t like was that I was left in the dark when it came to product selection. Nobody ever mentioned what niche they were in, nobody ever discussed their product selection. I left the course and got my money back. The main reason I left was the additional cost required to run the business. Otherwise the course in great if you have an extra couple of thousands (besides the course fee)

    • Thanks for posting I was curious about the things you mentioned. Mostly any additional cost. I figure the niches are mentioned to reduce competition. I,ve found folks tha choose niches for various reasons though depending upon their passion, what’s hot, cost etc
      Thanks again for your insight.

    • I just started with ASM.. and the complaints I mainly see here, your included, are “product selection”… this is where you do the research… to me, this is the only part that is time consuming… but I found my three.. and no, I would not say which ones they were either. Seems pretty obvious to me why? Don’t ya think..

    • Ann Seig teaches an arbitrage course. There are book with step by step instructions to follow and Brian Cummings teaches a course on bookselling and suggests several book niches. Amazon also has video tutorials for FBA selling. Only cost 39.95 to get started. I Sell books. If I can figure it out…so can anyone. I am not a techie.

  21. Just keep in mind though, once you pay the fee, you also have to invest into the product, pay for ads to promote your product, and any additional costs.

  22. I have a friend who has tried the ASM and seems to have been quite successful with it. He’s actually the one who got me interested in selling on Amazon. I’m just not ready to drop thousands of dollars on a course though so I think I’ll look at some of these cheaper options first.

  23. Does anyone personally know someone that has purchased and tried the ASM model and it actually worked? With so many people scamming these days who can you honestly trust!

    • A few friends of mine are doing it and are doing very well. Wish I had $5k laying around, or I’d get started.

  24. I purchased Skip McGrath’s product and it looks like a wealth of information for the price. Thanks for saving me from purchasing ASM!

  25. sales tax is not going to shut down amazon. in the u.s., a retailer only has to charge sales tax if they have a physical presence in the state. So that is why Walmart, target, best buy, etc charge sales tax. So unless laws change, like a national sales tax (not looking likely) amazon will not charge tax on most purchases. Even if they did have to, people will still buy from them as they are quick, reliable, and have great selection.

    • Andrew, Jim’s Proven Amazon Course sounds like a great alternative to ASM. I have just viewed a short 5 minute video of his and he sounds like a great, down-to-earth kinda guy. From what I have seen there is no hype and an active community to support you, that is something so different from what I can tell about ASM so far

  26. You assumed that the hefty price tag of the course mean’t they would hold your hand and do all the work for you? Business is hard and there are no shortcuts. Perseverance is the only cure for failure. I wish you success and hope you don’t give up, but you need to want it more than anything you’ve ever wanted in your life.

  27. Well, I had someone approach me with the ASM deal and unfortunately there was less than 24hrs to research before deciding and at the time I couldn’t find many reviews. The 90 min marketing video that sells you on the program makes it seems like such s great deal and almost no risk because you can get your money back. It was an exciting video and hating my current job made me believe I could be making a butt load of money and be my own boss in a short amount of time! So yes, I fell for it and bought the program and paid $3997 (I did the installments so it costs more than way).

    Is it worth the money I paid? No. I have had to do so much of my own research that Im scratching my head wondering why I paid so much money when I’m doing so much work! While it has great ideas and a nice community to be a part of along the way, I feel its too high of a price tag. I have put so much time into it, while still working my current job, and have been stressed out because every time I think I am moving along, there are more rules to learn and follow because Amazon has a set of rules thats even longer than the ASM modules! It more than double the work and triple the stress! I feel it is wrong on their part for making you believe you can get inventory costing $100-200 to “Start”. China has been the best place for pricing but the shipping is approx twice the price of your product and they have minimum orders so you spend approx $3K for your first order! Heck Im starting to wonder what the US actually produces because it has been very difficult to find US suppliers!

    I regret purchasing the program because I keep finding more and more things I need to read and research when I thought I was purchasing a program that did all that for me. Also, they do not tell you which products are the best to invest in, they just show you how to search with certain criteria but you do all the research and then have to decide whats best on your own. Theres no tool that magically tells you what to private label. I started the program Oct 25, 2014 and because of running into so many blocks that they do not disclose, I am just now waiting on my order from China. My product costs approx $1075 for the minimum order and the freight will be another $1700-$2000! Thats with international express shipping where they handle the majority of the process with customs and the whole string of confusing events that occur with overseas shipping. I am irritated and wanting to give up but I don’t want to lose my investment either. I wish there were more reviews when I purchased it because I am still waiting for my business to launch! FBA has so many rules and links to read..its like another school you have to attend to learn all of it and if you do ANYTHING wrong according to their rules, they can refuse or trash your shipment, close your account and anything else they want if they felt like it. And then what? Their goes all of your money and time? Its like walking on pins and needles every day worrying that something won’t go right with your shipment! Anyway, just wanted to shed some personal light for those interested. Good luck!

    • Thank You janie, it really help you are saving people’s money and saving them from stress- i thank you for that

    • Thanks Janie for all your input. This boat has a lot of occupants, and almost as many holes. I was involved in a similar operation called Stores Online which cost me nearly $8k. After nearly a year, I gave up and lost it all. I certainly ddint want to repeat that fiasco. Thanks again.

  28. ASM seems like an overpriced hype product but the idea of drop shipping does works. In order to make 100K per month one must invest heavy money into the business as well. That’s what I learned.

  29. It’s a SCAM, pls be aware there are tons of affiliates selling for ASM the real cost of course in $500 but they charge 6-7 times more ASM sharing more than 1/2 with these affiliates ripping people off.

    In addition it does not only need $3500 training fee, you’ll need more $ for product, marketing, selling on Amazon etc. around $2-3K more then comes the hard part of starting on Amazon i.e. product giveaways for $500 – $1000 for reviews plus the PPC marketing to jump start your product at least $1500 per month for 3-4 months the list goes on it 3-4 months you will be spending $10K and if you lucky will take you 1-2 years to recover that then you think you can make money but by that time that product line has become competitive on Amazon you start again lastly ASM support sucks you keep on opening cases no one responds sometime their support will send you emails from India with same old answers frustrating ASM Facebook group is not helpful at all because no one there speaks the truth if someone says anything against ASM or is critical they delete their comments right away on the 100% guarantee it’s inly for 30 days in furst 20-30 days they don’t finish the training so you are hooked till end then it’s late even if you try to ask for refund in 30 days good luck open a case with indian support who will not respond because they are also on ASM payroll ….. DONT BUY IT NOT WORTH THE EFFORT!!

  30. I have found this program to be very helpful. However, you need to find supplier that work well with amazon sellers. I have found that is one of those sellers. Dryer balls are a big thing right now! And have been the past 5 year and growing steadily. They are professional, will package them any way you want, even put on the UPC codes and ship right to the center. I can’t say enough about a company that caters to amazon sellers. I can also tell you this! They are MUCH easier to deal with than exporters from China. This company is in the USA.

  31. How do you get passed the new(ish) UPC requirements? Amazon now requires each product be labeled with a unique UPC before reaching the Amazon warehouse. When I talked to them they basically said I had to apply the UPC’s myself then ship them (again) to Azon fulfillment center. Basically forcing me to ship twice and therefore killing margins. I asked some wholesalers if they would apply the UPC’s for me but no dice. Has anyone found a workaround for this?

  32. I have not done the system, but I sell to several folks that have done the system. They buy dryer balls from me and I can get them a very low cost…much cheaper than China! So you see, there are a few items that China can’t sell cheaper then some of us in the states.

    • As a new Amazon seller, I am looking for some good wholesale or private label items. How can I contact you for these dryer balls?

  33. I enrolled in ASM last month and requested a refund before the 30 day window closed on me. Here’s my take on it….which is obviously just one man’s opinion:

    Is it a scam? No.

    Does it work? Based on the preponderance of testimonies by some of the members, yes it does. There appear to be many people who not only are making a full-time income from ASM, they’re making a VERY NICE full-time income from the program. When you join ASM and get access to their website, there is a community forum section where you can post questions and share ideas with other members and mentors, and the first thing you’ll notice is that everyone has little badges which represent milestones attached to their user profile. Some are for doing something as simple as setting up your Seller Account on Amazon or for choosing your first product opportunity. Others are for achieving certain sales levels such as $1K/month, or $5K, $50K, $100K, etc, of which I saw many. Now this is based on just achieving that level of sales once (you have to send in a screenshot of your sales to earn the badge); it does not represent profit nor does it necessarily indicate that the seller is now sustaining that level.

    Do I have an idea what percentages of the members are successful (however that might be defined) versus those who are struggling to breakeven or still waiting to recoup their expenses? None whatsoever.

    So why did I drop out? A few reasons, which again are not meant to indicate that I think the program doesn’t work, but which were enough for me to question my investment and get out while I still could.
    First, I became aware of ASM shortly before the enrollment was going to close so I didn’t have time to do a lot of homework on it or its alternatives. And the 30 day guarantee gave me some assurance that I could at least spend the first 30 days determining if it’s legit and the right business model for me.

    The free introductory videos that are available online by Matt and Jeff do a pretty good job of outlining the business model in general, but I think they fall short (way short in fact) when it comes to covering additional investments that may be required and obstacles to overcome to get your product launched. I realize there’s only so much you can put into a sales pitch and the idea is to actually sell people on the program and not scare them off. However I do think things were overly simplified in the pitch when they spoke of investing maybe $100 – $200 in the initial inventory, and were completely silent about the additional several hundred dollars (if not $1K +) that might be required in shipping & handling if using an overseas supplier. Not to mention how difficult it can be to find a supplier willing to work with reasonable quantities and private labeling in the first place. Even in the actual training, they basically state that once you’re ready to sell the product on Amazon, you just set up the product on your Sellers page and Amazon will produce a UPS label which you can save as a PDF and send to your supplier, which for me would obviously only work if I happen to find a US supplier, which in and of itself is not easy to do. There was very little about the logistics required if ordering from overseas, which I could tell was a point of confusion for many, many ASMer’s such as myself who have never worked with a freight forwarder. But that is an integral piece of the puzzle and can contribute significantly to the costs and should be covered more in depth for the program to provide as much value as warranted by the $3500 price tag.

    The lack of transparency on the shipping costs left me wondering about other potential costs I would have to incur in following the program such as those associated with marketing/promoting the product, something that wouldn’t be covered until future modules by which time the 30-day window would be closed.

    Now I realize that in growing any business there are certain costs that you’ll have to incur to get things off the ground and I’m certainly willing to pay and bare the risk that I may never recoup my investment if I think the business plan is workable. But having peeked behind the ASM curtain, what occurred to me is that I already paid A LOT of money just to get into the program and so any amount I’ll have to spend above and beyond that even if it’s just something nominal as $500 is viewed in a different light and represents a much greater risk than it would on its own. And I would have felt much better if most of that $3500 was actually going towards the development of my product, creation of the inventory, and all of the other costs incurred to actually launch the first product rather than on the training system itself, when there are good alternatives out there for a fraction of the cost.

    Speaking of which, I also used this 30-day period to start looking for those alternatives and found a few which have a reputable track record and appear to provide some of the similar benefits in terms of an online mastermind group and mentors. I am looking into those as we speak.

    Did I do the right thing in leaving ASM? The die-hard ASMers will not think so and perhaps they are right. And I’m not saying I wouldn’t ever consider signing up for ASM again in the future, going into it with my eyes a little more open now. But before I do that, I want to make sure that I have first thoroughly reviewed the alternative programs that at the very least require a much more reasonable upfront investment.

    • Greg J:

      Now that you’ve had some time to look around for alternatives to ASM, have you, in fact, found them? And, if so, are you willing to share your results to us?

      Thank you.

  34. Dsd has a great program that you can start with the basics at only $20 for training videos and live and recorded webinars. Once you get through that, you can upgrade and build on your knowledge. You can do the monopoly program that teaches all about fba. And you can even build up to Genesis if you want to source from states or even China. I have been doing 1 year and it’s been incredible! I started with basic and continued to build on my knowledge and now do all of it. I am loving it.

  35. Looks good and might be well worth the $3500 (cash invested after tax), but it will be a long time before you’ll recover that initial investment.

    If you have a good clean 10% margin on products then you must sell for $70.000 worth of goods before you start making any profit:

    $70.000 worth of products with a 10% margin -50% tax = $3500(cash after tax)

    Lets say you are very very good at this and start selling a whopping $10.000/month worth of products right off the bat, then it will take you at least 7 months to just break even.

    Lets be honest. This is a bad bad investment for 99% of people signing up. They are never gonna make this much in sales per month. For them it might take years, if ever to recover that. But people are blinded by greed and desperation, so they jump in without making any rational calculations.

    It reminds me a bit of a 1990’s German pyramid scam where you had to pay a lot to “get in on the tricks” making 2 guys on the top and a few affiliates below them filthy rich, while the rest had to chase around to recover their own money. :-)

  36. Jenny –you mentioned that you were a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I have heard good things about WA. I own a home improvement company and one of my clients has 2 different business’s. One of them is a huge affiliate business that he learned from being a member of WA–and the other by what he learned from Jim Cockrum’s Private Label course.
    I’m starting the WA program and Jim Cockrum’s course simultaneously.The person who tipped me off to these two companies has built a hundred thousand + business within 2 yrs

  37. HI. I have been reading ASM’s FREE webinars, though Affilorama (nope, I’m not going to let my $4K slip out of my hand). So far, I am setting up my online store, and ordered a few items from Alibaba manufacturer, just to ‘test the water’. I think you can make it without having to pay a $4K to ASM, if you do your own research, watch only FREE webinars, and get into Steve’s giving us all the free trainings for how to set tup an online store. I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I can apply everything that I’ve learned from them, when it comes to SEO rankings, keywords, PPC, etc.

  38. Hi Eric
    I’m doing the same as you – ASM certainly looks tempting. I guess the big pricetag would certainly make one try hard to ensure the venture succeeded and all the others in the same boat would probably help things move along. But one of the things that put me off was the three-day junket in Vegas or wherever – it was a dealbreaker for me as I live in the UK.

    Anyway best of luck with your Amazon selling and I look forward to hearing of your great success! Simon

  39. Hi, I am also on the brink on buying ASM as I know of the huge potential of Amazon. If you type any product ideas on google, you will see a lot of amazon results being on the top few, probably the first one. Thus google is placing a lot of trust on Amazon. Also, ASM also provides a tool to search of products ideas (which is key factor). If I am to do it manually, I think it would be quite tedious. So I end up googling for information and I end up here. I also checked on WF for reviews and information. After much consideration, I think I will not take the plunge. I think I will purchase cheaper alternative and maybe try to get someone from freelancer sites to create a simple tool to search these hot sellers on Amazon. This decision saved me $3.5k instantly. LOL.. I will start to work on my progress on selling on Amazon, and report back when I see results. Cheers. Eric

    • Hey Eric,
      Just read your post. Anything yet? You sound like a smart guy so I’m interested to know if anything worked for you? Thanks!

  40. Thanks people for your feedback. I was sold by ASM’s concept and the idea of being guided hrough the process. I did some research becasue I wasn’t comfortable with the price – given that it did appear to be information that is out there a lot cheaper etc.

    Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course seems to offer all the same training, and also a supportive community. Has anyone been through Jim’s course and found it to be user-friendly for a complete newbie? :)


  41. I found this very informative review on ASM and I am very have to have read thru everything and also all the comments. Since I am living here in egypt and this is one of the countries sanctiones by the UN I am wondering if I could do it wheter with ASM or with one of the other courses mentined. Iahve a very nice and already successful online advertising business and teamed up with suppliers here in egypt for typical products like high quality belly dance stuff like isis wings, shisha and all that. So I am interested but careful at the same time because of the rstrictions here in this beautiful country. Thank you for all your tipps and comments.

  42. Hi Marta

    Just picking up on your point about selling physical products in the US. I live in the UK and am selling an info-graphic poster on with FBA. I have set that up as an individual, though I do have my own UK company. I didn’t find the set up process too complicated (no more so than dealing with and just had to fill in a form saying I was not resident in the US, nor liable for US taxes. I’m sure you can find guidance on Amazon or try googling. Anyway, good luck!

  43. Hey Marta good question I am in Greece and would like to know also how we get registered if we are not from America. I would like to know the issues with that before we spend 4 grand on a course and nobody seems to be able to help with that.

  44. Anthony and Halina,

    I have a question- which course would you recommend to those who live outside of the US? (I live in Spain). ASM is expensive but to be honest, I heard many good things about it. When it comes to courses, I think I really value my time. I don’t mind paying if it saves my research time. ASM also focuses on international students. I am not interested in affiliate marketing but more in creating my own physical products (health/wellness/fitnes) niche. I have noticed that many courses are created from the US perspective only. Now, I am already making money with Amazon ( I am a kindle author and I also have my paperback books with, I have the EIN number and all that stuff. I am registered with IRS as an individual. But I heard that when it comes to physical products, you must register a company in the US and ASM is the only (or one of the few) courses who guide you step by step. Correct me if I am wrong or post an update:) What I am really interested in, is not just some $5K a month passive income (I can easily make it with my books) but more like $50K a month. High goal setting. FRom what I have seen (if the reviews are not fake), many ASMstudents make $20-100 K a month passive income (or even more). Any thoughts on similar courses…? I would like to get in touch with Anthony (if he could share how much he makes, if the question is not too direct). thanks in advance!:)

  45. So, I did the exact same research, looking for all the Amazon FBA courses out there. The reason is because I stumbled upon a video by a guy talking about how he used FBA to build a pretty big business (no affiliate promotion in this vid). I was SOLD on the spot….now I just needed to figure out how to do it. I actually communicated with Jim Cockrum once, and an ASM affiliate. I looked at all the ones you mentioned and more. The problem was, none of them were singularly focused enough like ASM is. They all give tons of strategies that range from affiliate marketing to finding deals at local stores (like Walgreen’s). I don’t have time for that…and that isn’t very scalable. I thought long and HARD about it (I have never been in an affiliate program before and I have never bought ANYTHING except for my car for that much money). I decided on ASM because it had what I wanted. It was focused on how to brand your own product, how to build relationships with overseas (or domestic) factories, how to scale, and overall how to build a REAL business. I am not saying those other courses don’t have value, but the other advantage and truly the only real reason I signed up for ASM was that people who have done this before make themselves available to me. I can ask questions when I get lost and have people help me. So my hand is being held through the process of building a business where I will have my own branded product manufactured overseas and then shipped to Amazon to be sold. All I have to do (aside from pay for everything) is worry about marketing.

    • Hello Anthony, Thanks so much for taking the time to describe ASM and why it might beat the other FBA ‘how-to’ courses. So, it sounds like ASM teaches you how to make and brand your own product- which the other courses don’t? Also, I do know that some of the other FBA how-to courses offer forums where members can have their questions/issues addressed. Still, it sounds like maybe ASM offers more hands-on support. Thank you again, Anthony.

  46. I went through Wealthy Affiliates to try marketing with Amazon. And there’s one very, very important thing NONE of the courses tell you: Make sure you don’t live in Missouri! Seems my state has a law prohibiting Amazon from allowing me to set up an affiliate account. Shut down my business idea pretty quick. :/


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