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Steady App Review: How to Find Side Gigs from your Phone

This Steady App review explores the world of on-demand work and freelancing either online or in real life and how this new tool can benefit you, even if you’ve just joined the gig economy.

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Steady App may be a newcomer, but it can be a game changer.

How so?

What is Steady App?

Steady app is the creation of Adam Roseman and his partners Michael Loeb, and Eric Aroesty.

The idea came out of the experience of Roseman’s own 71-year-old dad, who was living off his small retirement fund that led him to move to Georgia due to lower cost of living.

Roseman had to step in and help him find flexible jobs that would fit his skill set, location, and passion.

Adam Roseman then partnered up with Loeb and Aroesty, pitched it as a startup at the Fintech71 ten-week accelerator program in September 2017, and won the Startup Pitch competition at Money 20/20.

By April 2018, the Steady App was launched and has attracted not only almost $10 million in investment, but also the attention of NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal who is now the company’s “advocate.”

You can download the app through the official Steady site and look around from there.

What Types of Gigs Can You Find on Steady App?

There are two kinds of jobs you’ll find here: the work-from-home ones, and real life ones (the jobs you have to go in person to perform the tasks).

Majority of the gigs listed here are seasonal, part-time or can even be a one-time thing, but what makes Steady app interesting is that it aggregates all the gigs from other companies into one app.

This means Steady doesn’t really hire you for these jobs, but just serves as a platform to help people looking for legitimate side hustle opportunities.

Here are some samples of gigs you might find on the Steady app:

  • Work-from-home: online teaching, tutoring, virtual assistance, customer service, transcribing, graphic design, research, and so on.
  • Part-time or full-time: Care giving, pet services, tech support, store clerk, freelance writing,
  • On-demand gigs: Shopping and delivering groceries for other people, event hairstylist

You can also filter jobs based on your location, availability, and interests.

How to Use Steady App

Whether you use the website, Android app or Apple app, finding gigs on Steady follow mostly the same procedures:

  • Create your account
  • Enter your zip code to see jobs near you.
  • Choose from the four options: “work from home,” “anytime work,” “part-time & full-time work,” and “recently added work.”
  • Check out the opportunities available. Click one job and you’ll see the following information:
    • Job activity – type of activity (such as retail or customer support)
    • Job details – lists tasks, and other details about the job
    • Pay insights – Amount you’ll be earning
    • What you need to apply – Application requirements, such as age, educational attainment, experience, and so on
    • Opportunity insights – States who are ideal for the job
  • Click “apply” and you’ll be directed to a third-party company, confirm that you’re applying for the job and click “continue” to get started.

If, for example, you pick a “caregiver” job from, the Steady app (or site) will bring you to the site.

From here, you can choose to end your relationship with Steady, leaving all your communication, job details and income between you and (or other companies you land into).

3 Reasons to Stay with Steady App

Steady App

You might be thinking why on you’d still include Steady app into your side hustle world after landing a gig.

Even Steady isn’t forcing you to stay with them. However, here are 3 reasons you might want to keep all your gigs under Steady:

1. Track Earnings

This is the biggest reason to keep using Steady even after getting the job.

You can keep track of all your earnings from various companies since you began side hustling.

You do have to enter your bank account first.

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Steady will then give you a super-helpful dashboard that will help you monitor your income streams (if you’re doing two or more jobs at a time) and total earnings each month.

2. Benefits and Boosters

The Steady app gives you other opportunities to earn or save money through the app. For example:

  • Get $50 from Steady after making your first DoorDash delivery
  • Get tax deductions from working with two or more Steady partners
  • Save up to $800 on insurance with Gabi
  • Obtain refunds from bank fees
  • and so much more.

What’s more is that all these savings and deals can be seen straight from the app.

You don’t have to fish promos from other sources anymore, thus saving you time that you can use to earn more cash.

3. Community-friendly Features

When Steady app launched, the company emphasized on the power of community and how this app could be the go-to place of people in need of odd jobs.

Check at the bottom navigation bar and you’ll find a resource center with tons of information about building your income, winning in your newfound careers and other finance-related tips from publishers like Dave Ramsey, Financial Panther, HerMoney, and more.

Aside from the features it has now, such as the activity feed that lets you see when new gigs are added in real time, Steady plans on bringing other community-oriented features to the app.

So, what’s the Catch?

Yes, the Steady app is 100% free.

So how does Steady make money? What’s the catch?

Here’s the good news to users worldwide: there’s no catch.

Steady makes money by referring workers like you and me to companies like, Postmates, and so on.

Steady receives commissions from all the talent directed to these companies, which isn’t a bad thing, since Steady helps people in the process.

The only disadvantage to this lead-generation/affiliate model is that other companies they partner with, such as, may not be 100% suitable to Steady’s categories and can be confusing to applicants.

How Much Money Can You Make with Steady?

The amount you can make with Steady depends largely on the time you commit to do these jobs and the number of opportunities you pursue.

Jobs on Steady range from $10 an hour up to $25/hour, while some jobs let you set your own salary rate.

With this amount in mind, a part-time worker making an average $15/hour at 20 hours a week can earn up to $300/week or $1200/month.

A full-time worker with the same hourly rate can make $600/week or $2400/month for a 40-hour weekly workload.

If this is going to be your main income, I recommend you skip microtask jobs like surveys, get-paid-to and so on. Instead, stick with part-time and full-time jobs you can do online or near your location.

Wrapping up this Steady App Review…

The Steady app can be very useful for several specific groups of people, such as:

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  • College students and newly graduates – Getting relevant experience from your career of choice can be hard because of the low pay, but supplementing it with income you get from opportunities referred by Steady app could solve your dilemma.
  • Stay-at-home parents – Taking care of kids is hard, but if you need to earn extra money but cannot get a traditional office job, let Steady app help you find legitimate work from home gigs.
  • Retirees or those switching careers – It can be hard to transition from a career you’ve had for years or decades, but Steady app can guide you in choosing which side hustle would fit your skill set. It’s up to you if you want to turn these gigs into a full-time career, or say goodbye to them once you’ve found a better opportunity.

Of course, Steady app can help anyone who needs extra cash. You can be setting up a business and need income while you build it from scratch. You can be someone who is trying hard to make ends meet. It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re willing to do the job assigned, there’s no limit to your earning potential.

Steady App Pros and Cons

The app is user-friendly, easy to join, quick to find work, and has a well thought out design with good search and filtering features.

It’s also 100% free and have hundreds of opportunities for you to start with – and they’re all in one app.

No more wasting time searching through several sites for legit gigs. Steady has already checked and vouched for most of the jobs here.

The extras (deals, savings, income tracker) are enticing enough to continue using the app, but what I like most about the Steady app is how the job details include income potential. This is something not available in many online job marketplaces and I appreciate that it’s listed for every gig.

My main concern about this app is that I have to apply to every gig separately, externally onto another site or app. You need to fill up another form, create a new profile, and perform other steps to reach the application form.

It can be daunting if you’re sending applications to multiple companies at a time.

To wrap up this Steady app review, I believe the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of using Steady, so if you’re new to the gig economy and is feeling a little lost, this app could be your life changer.

As always, browse our complete list of work at home jobs to find one that’s best for you.

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