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Rebate Processor Jobs Are Scams!

[See our analysis of Angela Penbrook’s rebate processing offer here.]

Steve is in the shower washing the scam off, so I get to write the full review of Like absolute suckers, we had to spend $39 of our hard-earned dollars, signed up and prepared to make tons of money. However—surprise, surprise—it’s not what the sales page led us to believe. Here’s the short review: to say that these are “jobs” is a bald-faced lie. It’s affiliate marketing. The sales page says you’ll make $15 per rebate processed. What it doesn’t tell you is that the $15 is what’s left of your sales commission after you send a rebate—from your own money—to your buyer.

Here’s the long review:
Why you’re here
What the site leads you to believe
The truth
Other rebate processor “jobs” sites
But Joe, don’t some people make money with affiliate marketing?
Together we can put misleading Web sites out of business

Why you’re here
You’re probably here because you’ve searched for ways to earn money online. The Google gods sent you to sites saying they would help you get a job processing rebates at home. You thought, “Hmmm…that sounds pretty good. I can do that.” But you decided to look around a little to see if the site is legit. You searched some more and that brought you to us.

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You came to the right place. Unlike other sites that say “we’ve tried them all and THESE are the legitimate ones,” we are not an affiliate of We try stuff out and give you the straight truth.

What the site leads you to believe targets people who are searching for online jobs or other ways to earn money from the Internet. It counts on you being a little bit desperate and it appeals to your emotions by telling you that your money problems can be over and you can have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

It claims that you can make a lot of money by processing rebates at home, and it leads you to believe that this processing is “a job.” Well, it kind of depends on the meaning of the word “job.” If it means “work in which you throw up advertisements all over the Web in hopes that someone will buy from your ad,” then yeah, I guess it’s a job. But knows that you don’t think of a job that way, so it’s lying by intent. Note to Hey! Yeah, you, “Cindy Dalton!” Here’s what “job” means: An agreement with an employer in which you exchange your time and skill for an agreed-upon amount of money. Of course, they already know that. They’re counting on you thinking that. The sales page is expressly written to lead you to believe this.

The site leads you to believe that you’ll get a job processing rebates. You think, like I did, that such a job would involve companies telling you which customer have made a qualifying purchase, and then paying you to do the necessary typing and stuff. This is not the case. The “company” making the sale is you through your Clickbank ads. The “forms” you’ll fill out to “process” the rebates are the fields necessary to send your money to the buyer from your PayPal account. also claims:

  • “Make money simply by filling out online forms”
  • Enter the data into the forms that we provide you, click submit, sit back and collect the money
  • You’ll earn $15 per rebate processed
  • You can make this much money:
    2 a day @ $15 each=$210 per week or $840 month or $10,080 a year.
    6 a day @ $15 each=$630 per week or $2520 month or $30,240 a year.
    15 a day @ $15 each=$1575 per week or $6300 month or $75,600 a year.
  • Opportunities like this do not come by every day.

The truth
All of these claims have kernels of truth to them, but they are intentionally misleading.

  • “Make money simply by filling out online forms.” This is a lie. You won’t make money by filling out the forms like you would if it were a real job. You make money IF someone clicks on the ad you created by filling out the form AND THEN buys the product!
  • Enter the data into the forms that we provide you, click submit, sit back and collect the money. Again, it’s far from that simple. The forms are not “provided” for you by this site. They are part of the process of creating a Clickbank ad. And you can’t just create the ad (i.e., “click submit”) and expect to make money. You have to somehow get that ad in front of LOTS of people so that someone will click and buy. There’s no “sitting back” involved.
  • You’ll earn $15 per rebate processed. Yeah, and my grandma’s a super model. Here’s how they came up with that number. IF you sell a $37 product from Clickbank and IF the commission is $23.50, and IF you offered a rebate in your ad for $8.50, the difference of $15 is yours to keep! Woo-hoo! What about the bajillion products in Clickbank that are not $37, and for which the commission is not $23.50? doesn’t say.
  • You can make this much money:
    2 a day @ $15 each=$210 per week or $840 month or $10,080 a year.
    6 a day @ $15 each=$630 per week or $2520 month or $30,240 a year.
    15 a day @ $15 each=$1575 per week or $6300 month or $75,600 a year.
    This is utter nonsense. As you know by now, you won’t make $15 for each form you fill out, so all of these numbers are purely theoretical. They are only possible IF you put your ads in front of enough people AND enough people click on your ads AND enough of those who click make a purchase AND you’ve chosen Clickbank products with a commission of $15 or more.
  • Opportunities like this do not come by every day. Yes they do. Hundreds of them, day after day after day.

Once you’ve paid your money (which is nonrefundable), you learn the full story. Here’s how it all goes down:

  1. You sign up at Clickbank, an online clearing house of thousands of products
  2. You choose products you want to sell
  3. You create ads for those products
  4. You plaster those ads all over the ‘Net (this step could cost you money)
  5. You somehow get people to see your ads. (the site doesn’t tell you this, nor how to do it)
  6. You somehow get them to click on your ads, not the dozens hundreds thousands of other ads from your competitors (the site doesn’t tell you how to do this)
  7. You only earn a commission IF someone buys the product you’re selling after clicking on the ad you created. Read that again!
  8. You send part of your commission back to the buyer

Wait…where’s the rebate? Where’s the processing? You see the last step? That’s the rebate. The “processing” is when you look at the email addresses of your buyers and manually send them money through PayPal. Not quite the “job” you were expecting, is it?

When you pay your $37, you get instant access to the member’s area of Virtual Training Solutions. The first page you’ll see in the “members area” is a list of other money making scamsopportunities. The generous folks at Virtual Training Solutions (which is the “members area” of give you access to all of these for no additional charge! The links below are to I’ve Tried That reviews on each topic:

If you click on the links in the members area, you’ll be taken down an endless road of the site’s affiliate links: things they are trying to sell you so they can earn the commission.

Continue to the Rebate Processing section and you’ll get full instructions on the steps I numbered for you above. The steps they outline are true, and the instructions are reasonable, but by now, a buyer will have realized that this is not a job like they were promised. There’s no way in hell you’re going to sign up for this bullshit “opportunity” and start pulling in money right away.

Other rebate processor “jobs” sites
Seen one, seen ’em all. Folks, they’re all the same. I don’t care what the url is or what the sales page says. If they promise you big money processing rebates, they’re selling you the same stinky cheese. EZrebateprocessing uses identical images to show you how the program works, so I know the program is the sam. But it charges $197!! If you must throw your money away, I suggest flushing $37 rather than $197. Or better yet, send it to me via PayPal at joe[at]ivetriedthat[dot]com. I’ll at least say, “Thank you” and will still be here in the morning!

Be wary of the following individuals and sites:
Angela Pembrook (or Penbrook) at (BBB Report: F) (Also see our write-up of Penbrook here.)
Cindy Dalton and Rebate Processor Jobs at (BBB Report: F.)
Virtual Training Solutions at (BBB Report: None.)
Angel Stevens and Process At Home at (BBB Report: F.)
EZ Rebate Processing at

But Joe, don’t people make money with affiliate marketing?
Of course they do. A lot of people make some money. Some people make a lot and you can too. If you’re interested in learning how to make money through affiliate marketing, you need the proper guidance. That’s why we highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate to every beginner who is looking to learn how to make money from home. Read our review on the Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

Together we can put misleading Web sites out of business
Scams like this one thrive on ignorance and emotional appeal. You can help put these guys out of business by spreading the word about this post and the dirty tricks of scammers that want to kick you when you’re down.

234 thoughts on “Rebate Processor Jobs Are Scams!”

  1. I’m thrilled I came across this site because I was looking at this Process Affiliate Rebates site created by a Diana DeAngelo and I thought it looked sketchy, especially since it required a $157 to sign up. Yet, I was still considering signing up. I’m a college student and am just looking for a quick way to make money, preferably online, that would fit into my busy class schedule. Are there any known job opportunities to work from home online that are safe and legit?

  2. a couple of days ago i purchase diana deangrlo,I messed up the web site and really dont know how to get back to her, so I called the support line and they answer and told her what has happen she got off the phone a few times and said it would come back on in 24 to 48 hours well 24 has went by and i am getting worried, bec we did not have it to give, but i seen some one written about thanks for telling about her please tell me Is there anything out there that is real???????

  3. I have read all the comments and if some one could get back to me at I would like to know how to make money online not to get rich but to make alest a descent income at home and if there is one i would be willing to put alot of time and efort into it. Ive tried all kind of at home “Deals” and have spent a lot of money trying my tought is that if a real work at home “Deal” wher to work then why make the person pay for the “buls%@t”…….”deal” and then inter say’ if it wher to make you money then I would pay them “whoever” the money after I made some money on the program, just to show me that it “whever it may be” really does work… i dont know maybe iam taking to myself here in short…….Iam looking for REAL WORK AT HOME JOBS so if there is somebody who can show me the way………………

  4. I am glad to have come upon this website by accident, it is imformative. I have had some medical issues for years and did not know how to get back to being myself but with support from my sisters, I feel it is time to get out of this rut. I was about to do the rebate processing because I was denied disability and I still have bills. I was going to use the little money that I get each month to start to generate mone income. I see this site and I will use it to help me improve my chances on doing something that will satisfy me and help me take of my family and myself. I will be buying the e-book instead to help me get started on the right path.

    Thank you for having this site.

  5. I’m really looking to do data entry from home. I can type 40 words a minute and would love to have some extra cash around. Please let me know if there is anything out there that I can do. Thanks Jennie

  6. I wish I had seen this site two years ago. The rebate processor thing was my first time spending money on a scam, but not the last. Thank yall so much for creating this site!

  7. Joe, I sedned it again, and I saw I just replied the other time so I was not yours, it was Steves email, but now I got it right I hope.


  8. Hi all! I need to ask Steve and Joe. Is there any real GOOD work from home jobs out there that you can tell me about? And the links that are on the site are those any good? I would really Love to have a job from home, BUT I do not want to pay for anything, I want to get payed myself for working of course!

    Is this possible??


    • Hi Pennie,
      Yes, there are real work from home jobs, but they’re not easy to find. And you won’t ever have to pay for them. If you’re being asked to pay for something, it’s not a job. What kind of work skills do you have? That might help us point you in the right direction.

  9. Joe…Thanks to you and Steve for saving me a lot of disappointment, aggravation, and $39. I was this close to signing up for the scam! The whole clickbank thing…I got suckered into that about a year ago…creating pages and getting paid when someone clicks on one of the product links on my page. Been a year since I tried it and stopped but still I haven’t seen a penny yet on the couple pages I created!

    Any info on virtual administrative assistant programs?

  10. Thanks a million to you all (incl the creator of this site- God bless you)for saving my hard earned $39/- and the heartaches later, because I was about to buy (on the Cindy Dalton site about Rebates Processing)and then, better sense prevailed to check and verify. I sympathize with all the victims who lost their much needed money. The scamsters unethically thrive through vulnerable people’s money and who are really in need of some extra income. What a pity! Exactly like some other wise reader on this forum thought ‘If they can pay $15 for a 15 minutes job why dont they hire someone at a much cheaper price and save their own money’. Also remember, never pay money to get a job!

  11. So here I am jobless and broke…That means I have no money to invest to try to earn money. What, if anything, can I do to earn money. I have some college, but no degree.and I have a lot of time on my hands because I HAVE NO JOB!


  12. thanks for your information if i didn’t read you information i was one of the victem about those sites
    your information was very good and i decieded never trust to those sites

  13. Hello all,
    I can’t believe I spent the money for the Angel Stevens process rebates scam. However, I don’t see my story here- they are calling me often and want my husband involved, said they are looking for special candidates to groom for a testimonial on their website, and since they have to be honest they needed to make sure I was successful. Then they moved on to say I was being considered for a place on their “success team”. When they started asking about my financial situation, how is my retirement plan, how much credit do I have available to me, do I believe in spending money to make money, I knew it was crap. I would never part with information like that. Tonight they are calling me to see if I am who they are looking for and I was given tips on what to say to be “chosen”. Has this happened to anyone else? I may take the call for research purposes and report back. Please respond if you had a similar experience. This was really weird.

  14. I was just doing exactly what you say at the beginning, bored and looked at angels site. I was put on alert when after all the glory glory there was a disclaimer about NOT guarantying an income. That’s when I found your site and read on. $197.00 saved. Also looked at the $39.00 one before coming to your site so really you saved me $236.00! Thank You for the good work. Bob

  15. Thank you so much for the insight! I kept getting these e-mails and had considered them (the one for $197, also). Yes, I went through and read ‘most’ of the ad and came across this:

    “Here’s a recent screenshot of one of my earning statements (minus processing fees and a small percentage that is held in case I made mistakes)”,

    I decided to research them and came up with your site and others that have done the leg work for us.
    Thank you, again….

  16. Just a note. There are some (very, very VERY few) legitimate “online jobs” out there. I work for a company that mainly does (opt-in, I assure you) newsletters for businesses. Our employees are scattered all over the US (and two in India who do flash and website work for clients who also want websites) and we work online. (Sorry, we aren’t hiring at the moment – but next time we want to, I may come back here. I think my boss would have much better luck here than with Craigslist – where you can’t find a good job amid all the scams.)

    We use one IM and email for communication between ourselves, and phone with clients. And we are required to be ‘at the office’ at certain times (depending on our schedules and timeszones). However, I lucked into that job, and I know/have heard of VERY few others like it. Not project work. Weekly paycheck (w-2).

    Almost every other legit online job I’ve run across has been project work (which isn’t bad, either – I’ve done that too.) But projects end too soon. And then you have to find another.

    I wish more employers would do telecommute work. With gas prices the way they are now, it would help a lot.

  17. I just got off the phone with my future coach/boss- NOT ( as I was busy reading the posts to this site). Thanks for the helpful info and keep up the good work!

  18. Thank you so very much for the information that you provided. I was saved the embarassment of losing 175.00 on well I know you guys know which program from an “Angel” I am talking about. I did read all the posts and am wondering a few things still:
    1. Are there any legitimate jobs online that you don’t have to shell out any money for?
    2. Anyway I can get a free copy of your book?? Didn’t think so but thought I would ask anyways…LOL
    3 Thanks again for the information you have provided.

  19. Where can I find information on whether is a fraud or a scam since the company is now suing the blogger from for reporting a flaw in the business math calculations and has made him take down his article?

    Any information as to someone’s experience with is also greatly appreciated.

  20. Hi Jennifer. No worries about the book! Keep an eye (or two) on the job listings under “Work at home jobs” at the top of the page. If you have some decent computer skills, your chances are good of seeing jobs there you can apply for.

  21. Hi Joe,
    Just found your site…thanks for the reviews. I am so broke I squeak and don’t have money to waste on scams…I need work! I have two kids to support (9 years old and 9 months old) and I think these scams are pathetic! To take advantage of people like me who are down and out and desparate must take some big cahones! Thanks again, Joe. Sorry I can’t afford your book but thanks for saving me some trouble with those scams that make you believe you can get out of trouble!
    Keep pluggin’

  22. Thank you Joe for saving me in joining this project. When i saw steven Angels web site and while i was going through it, it started hypnotysing me. I was about to spend 175 again i thought i will google it and I got and opportunity to go through your website. I fell form the nightmare. I really appriciate for it , I don’t have any words for your respect.


  23. This site is a god-send! You saved me money, time, and fustration by giving the scoop on the process rebate scam (Angel Stevens was the name this time)at processathome(dot)com

    “Find JOBS online” not “ONLINE jobs” *smacks head* now I get it!!! :-) thanks for this site–definately on my fav list– can you please email me a little more about the info you are offering if possible? Sorry for being cynical, but I’m sure you understand…

  24. Thanks so much for the info. I went to “The Process At Home System” via I thought I was doing adequate research but wow they even have review sites. It makes me sad that all of this cr@p is out there. I almost spent $197.00 on this lie. I’m considering buy your book because I do have experience building websites, but have no luck finding those ads on line. But like most people posting and probably reading, money is tight, thus the need to find outside income. Keep up the good work, I will check from time to time for any updates. Thanks

  25. Do you have any research on the Automatic Income System by Kevin Thompson. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me on this one

  26. Thank you for letting me know the real deal on Angel Stevens. I received an email about making money processing rebates on line. I am actually looking to do something at home in addition to my full time job and this seemed like a good idea. Thank you for saving me 197 that i really don’t have in the first place. God Bless

  27. Wow!!Thanks for this web site, I read the Angel Steve website, actually I was looking for a second job in “carrer builder dot com”, I am just married and I am mexican, new on the country I cant get me legal because I have not the 3000 dollards need to paid for my papers, my husband is working hard and I have the fortune on work part time with some friends and cant get another job because my “turist” situation,so, it seems pretty good offer to can work from home get money to applied for my papers and get a better job ( I have a enginner degree) I was driving all way from office to home thinking on it,thinking that probably it was a GOD signal, that I could do that, that I could get the money probably 1 or 2 months, I was even thinking that GOD put me that ad on front on my eyes, and i was willing to get my credit card ( which is full because still paying for a wedd reception). but I always been so exceptical on this make money fast and with out effort legally, so I found this web site.. Now I REALLY think this is what GOD put on my eyes, before make a decision I will be regreting for months. THANKS GUYS….

  28. Andre, I’m glad we were able to help you out. I tried to send you a free copy of our book because your comment was so awesome, but it bounced back to me undeliverable. Do you have another address?

  29. OMG!!! Soooo glad I literally stumbled across your website! Yes, just like everyone else here I almost fell into that pipe dream of earning, not just extra cash but a lot of cash working online with these rebate scams! The old saying “if it’s to good to be true” statement fits these scams better than my glove to my hand! I swear, falling onto your site feels like I hit the lottery!!! Lucky, lucky me, because I never heard of you guys! I and I’m sure everyone here along with many more to come can’t thank you enough!!! You are in my favorites for sure, and I will be getting an e-book from you soon also! Please, please keep up the wonderful work you are doing!! You guys are saviors!!

  30. Hey guys,

    You’re great…really you have saved us all from spending (flushing) our hard earned cash down the tubes. I had received one of these e-mails and thought it sounded too good to be true so I did some investigating. Your site and others clearly identify the scam here. It is always a good idea to check things out before giving in to “desperation”.

    You provide a great service to the internet community.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!!!

  31. WOW! About a year ago I was placed on maternity leave for 4mos due to complications from my pregnancy. To make a long story short, 4mos of low & close to no income really had me down and out. I was destitute, desperate, and searching for a part-time gig that wouldn’t require my off day -as I am currently employed-. I am so relieved that people like you take the time to research and deliver results in reference to SCAMS like these. Here we are the working poor, just trying to make a quick buck for food, rent, utilities etc, and these JERKS know how we feel, they know that we’re blood thirsty to rid ourselves of financial hardship and burden. Thanks to you (and that little disclaimer on angela’s website) I just saved myself 197.0!And her legal goons had the nerve to publish a clause about how “if you don’t have money to loose, then this might not be the sight for you. Of course we don’t have the money to throw away, it’s a double standard if we really think about it: How is it that througout her entire little stupid presentation she’s making mention and reference to people who didn’t have money for X-MAS, and people who need a little extra income, but then when it comes down to the disclaimer it’s like “oh if you don’t have the money to waste don’t do it.” What a load of crock! If we all had money to waste, why in the hell would we be looking for a way to make money? Why not just play the lotto or go to a casino, or gamble with dice? WHHHHUUUUSAAAH! Now that I’m done venting, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to what WOULD be a nice little extra income for a single mother working and going to school. Thanks again.

  32. Joephashford

    if this is ashford of process at
    This is one very unhappy customer, besides boiling
    mad, i sent you e-mail 3 days ago you did not replly.
    now i paid your so called boss 197.00
    14 e-mails later iam still waiting for refund
    your customer service gave me a new e-mail address
    who is the !!!!! are these people
    if i don’t get a refund
    The district attorney office, having a visit from me
    the last time i phone i gave them tell 6/4/08 for refund

    p hughes-snyder

  33. It appears that Angel Stevens is now Angel Marie Santos. She is starting up a new scam where you start a web business and have free access to her many technical people who will assist you.

    I was having a conversation with one of her reps and the rep slipped and said my boss “Angel Stevens” will talk with you after I’m done. Later, at the end of the conversation, she then said Angel Marie Santos.


  34. I have a fairly recent rebate processor opportunity email that came from Angela.A.Williams. The company name is called Process at Home. The ad is exactly the same as I have seen under the other names that were mentioned earlier. Thanks for giving us the truth about these offers.

  35. Thank you dearly for all the great testimonies about Angel Stevens and all of the scammers like herself! Fortunately I did not get taken by her or anyone like herself! I do not buy or deal with the internet at all! I am too affraid of what may happen! Although I do want to work at home!

    I have had offers from Ebay, Movie extras and the such, I am proficient on the computer! Have always been an entrepreneur who is not affraid to take calculated risks! I am very pleased and happy to hear others stories, so I can better inform myself with what goes on in the world of the internet!

    As I said I do have extensive exposures with the computer! I have a great deal of background to share with any legitimate and upfront jobs available online! It is true, that noone should have to pay to make a decent income! I submized that the so called millions of dollars that Angel kept on bragging about, came from all of these fees that they charged! The amount of factuality and truth were nill or none at all! It so sad, that you cannot make a decent and honest income and have a decent living without someone or something trying to take it away from you! This site is very informative and very honest and very forth right!

    If we honorably and Selflessly take serious pride within ourselves first and then for those who we love dearly, our spirits are clean, pure, genuine and sincere! Only then will we achieve greatest victory within life’s long and turbulent journey.’

    Thank you dearly to Joe and Steven! Please keep me in mind of any good jobs online that you would recommend for me to do! I am a hard and dependable and focused person. Thank you dearly again! A colleague once said to me, are there any more decent, honorable and sincere people places and things anymore?

  36. Thank you for this website obviously if I am awake at this time of the morning and looking at adds to work at home: I can’t afford to lose $197.

  37. Hi All
    glad i did some ground work awsome site got me thinking!You know its pretty sad to hear the lepers of the rebate prossessing underworld are doing so well i trust the bbb thats why they are their,like your selves to put heat on the scammers and the scums of the internet underworld.Remember the old addage BEWARE OF GREEKS BEARING GIFTS!!That Big ol Wooden Horse packs alot of manure,carefull were you step.Im a poor man and worked all my life if anyone thinks its a free ride wake up and smell the coffee.Do your homework and dont be so eager to throw your hard earned Dollors away cuz sure as hell some scum bag will try to relieve you of it!Hard work and Honesty will always prevale in Hard Times.God Bless!May Your Higher Power be with you all in your search for Honest Work.

  38. Sending you folks a big “MAHALO”(thanks)! Almost took the bait and my $197 would have been another case of catch and release.Just wondering if any of you heard of this home base business so is this a scam as well!!


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