10 Reasons to Sell Your Own Digital Products

Being an internet marketer isn’t just about promoting other people’s products. Sure, there’s money to be made doing that, but there’s even more money to be made selling your own products.

Of course, selling physical products has a lot of issues, such as production, storage, shipping, staffing and more.

The overheads and risks for physical products can be quite high, so why bother with all that when you can go digital!

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider this option, but if you’re not sure here are my top 10 reasons to sell your own digital products.

1. Startup Costs & Overhead Are Minimal

Seriously, the cost of setting up a digital business, can be incredibly low, pretty much all you need is a computer, an internet connection and some time.

Most digital products that you will sell you can either create yourself or use ready made products like PLR content. Creating the products yourself is definitely the way to get started, and the cost is simply time and effort.

Even selling the products can be free by using marketplaces, free websites and e-commerce sites.

The cost of setting up your own e-commerce site can also be really cheap: some basic hosting and a domain, WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads and you’re good to go!

Of course you will likely run into some costs as the business grows, but it’s easy to get started for under $10 a month – try that with a brick and mortar shop!

2. The Risks Are Few

Alongside a limited if any investment cost, the risks associated with selling digital products are quite few. At worst you would need to refund some people and cover the cost of your website. There’s no actual inventory to be concerned about or shipping costs to incur. In fact the only major issue you need to worry about is the law, especially regarding taxes.

3. Full Control

The absolute best thing about selling digital products online is that you have full control! You can decide what to sell and where, and you get to shape the products to be the best they can be.

It’s also the scariest aspect, but that comes with the territory!

4. Make Once, Sell a Thousand (Or More!)

If you had told people 60 years ago that you could make a product once and sell it a thousand or even a million times, they’d cart you off as a scam artist.

Nowadays though, all you need to do is create a product once and you can sell it as is numerous times.

You may need to do some tweaks and changes, depending on the product, software for example needs regular updates, and even e-books need to be tweaked occasionally to cater for changing information, but these will likely be smaller things that don’t impact too much on your time.

5. Passive Income

Earn money while you sleep! The great thing about digital sales is that they are automated, so you don’t need to actually be there to process the sales.

Passive income is a bit of a skewed term though, because you have to remember that even though the sales happen passively, you still need to actively promote and market your goods, even if you are using a third party marketplace.

6. Excellent Mark-up

Have you ever heard that most meals in a restaurant have anywhere between a 200% and 1000% mark-up?

Digital sales are the same. The cost to produce the content is usually very low, so the actual sales price has a very high profit margin. This is why you see so many internet marketing products with large affiliate commissions; they can afford to do it while physical product sales simply don’t have the room for it.

7. Helps You to Become A Brand

You may have heard it in the past where experts in the internet marketing field suggest that you become your brand. Well selling digital products allows you to do that.

You may have heard of the very successful WordPress plugin “WordPress SEO”. It’s made by a guy call Joost de Valk, more commonly known by his online pseudonym Yoast. He is so well known that the WordPress SEO plugin was eventually renamed Yoast SEO and everything he does has his pseudonym in it.

This is the power of branding yourself, and you can use your products to make your name in your niche.

8. Opportunities for Partnerships & Joint Ventures

OK, so having a digital product doesn’t automatically mean that you’re in a better position to find partnerships, but it makes it a damn sight easier.

You can easily add your product as a download bonus for others with little work, and no infrastructure needed (because they will just add it into their own e-commerce system).

9. A Powerful Affiliate Program

Mentioned briefly above, because you have a higher profit margin, you can afford to provide better affiliate commissions. This is turn leads to more people willing to promote your product (people are inherently greedy) and thus increase the number of sales you get.

Sure you get less per sale, but increase the overall number of sales and widen your market at the same time. It’s a winning situation.

10. Leverage Other Platforms

Even though setting up your own e-commerce site really isn’t that hard or expensive, sometimes you want to take advantage of existing traffic.

Digital products allow you to easily add the product to multiple online marketplaces, such as:

  • Amazon.com for ebooks
  • Themeforest for website templates
  • Google Play and Apple App Store for apps
  • Creative Market for design elements
  • and many more

These marketplaces have pros and cons. The biggest pro being you get a lot of free targeted traffic that should be interested in the type of product you’re selling.

The major con is that they will take a chunk of your sale amount, and it’s usually quite hefty – 35 -50% or more is not unheard of.

What Sort of Digital Products Can You Sell?

The other great thing about selling digital products is that there is a wide variety of things you can produce and sell:

  • Ebooks
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Music and sounds
  • Software
  • Design elements
  • Memberships
  • Online events
  • Online tools

The Bottom Line

However you look at it, selling digital products is relatively easy, and has the potential to be very profitable.

If you are just promoting other people’s work, you really should consider starting to promote your own as well, as it is an excellent alternative revenue stream.

Even if you suck at producing content, you can always hire a freelancer to do it for you and release it under your own name (make sure you agree that with the freelancer though!).

Have you ever released your own products? How did it go? Let me know in the comments.

Make Money By Teaching Your Passion

The internet has many uses, but perhaps the most important thing you can do with the internet is watch cat videos, watch videos of people getting hurt, learn something!

That’s right; the internet is a huge resource for anyone wanting to learn practically anything.

How then, can you turn this to your advantage and make money off of the internet? In a word, teach!

You might be thinking, “but I don’t know anything” or “I can’t teach” or even “I don’t have the qualifications”.

Well, you’re wrong on all counts.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
― William Arthur Ward

Knowing Things

Everyone knows something or is good at something even if you don’t realise it.

You don’t need to teach things like physics or history (unless you’re good at them of course!) as there are many other skills and subjects that not everyone knows.

Here are some examples of things you can teach that fall way outside your school curriculum.


Everyone has a friend who is messy and cluttered, and sometimes it’s not down to laziness. In our modern age some life skills are simply not passed down from parent.

Beer Brewing

With craft beer having a resurgence, if you know how to make your own beer, people would love to learn from you.

Cooking & Baking

If an 8 year old can make $127,00 a month just from YouTube, imagine what you could do with YouTube and a course!

Life Skills

As with cleaning, life skills need to be imparted and often they aren’t. You can teach people a wide variety of tricks and tips that make life easier and better.

Knitting & Crochet

From scarves to jumpers, knitting is not as easy to learn so teaching people is the way to go.

Applying Makeup

There is a huge market for tips, tricks and techniques for applying makeup, from every day wear and party makeup to film standard makeup.

Being Thrifty

It’s amazing how much money people waste! If you are a penny pincher and know a great deal from a bad one, you can teach people how to save money.


Yup, fishing. If you know your fly from your worm (I don’t obviously) then people will be willing to learn from you.

Making cloths and costumes

If you have made your own clothes or costumes before, then you have a wide market to target. You could focus on actual everyday wear, or party clothes or costumes for LARP or Cosplay.

Maintaining cars/equipment

If like me you are not engineering minded and want to fix something like a broken tail light without incurring the cost of a mechanic, the only way to do it is to learn from the internet. You could teach this!

The above list is far, far from complete, but it should give you an idea that there are a million and one topics you can teach about.

Your own life skills and experience will obviously push you in a certain direction with these, but as you can see, people want to know things that they can’t find in any academic book, and you can easily profit from teaching people things like this.

No such thing as can’t

Being a teacher on the internet isn’t like being a classroom teacher, and anyone can do it. All you need is a solid understanding of what you are going to teach and the willingness to get on camera to do it (depending on the niche you might get away with just your voice).

Qualifications are (mostly) meaningless

Unless you’re planning on teaching something like law or medicine, qualifications are really not needed.

I mean, who has a qualification in knitting? You might have 15 years’ experience with fixing cars but no qualifications: that’s fine!

As long as your teachings show that you have the experience and knowledge no one is going to care whether or not you have a slip of paper.

Teaching Methods

As with any form of making money online there are a few ways to actually teach, such as in written form, audio and video.

Honestly though if you’re going to focus on teaching as a method of making money then you will need to mainly use video.

By all means back this up with written articles where necessary, but for most topics and most students a visual way of learning is better: they see and then do.

The most straightforward way of earning from learning is to use a service like YouTube and offer out interesting and useful short videos, and link back to your website where people can gain access to your full course on whatever it is you are teaching.

For example, if you are a costumer you could post videos on creating small pieces or how to correctly hide a seam or a review/study on a material type. In your actual course you could walk people through creating a full costume from scratch and add in even more tips and tricks.

WordPress Makes it Easy

Actually selling courses might sound like a difficult procedure, but if you’re a WordPress user then there are numerous plugins you could be using to make it simple to sell your teachings:

Course Specific plugins

Obviously a plugin that is purely for selling courses is usually the best option. There are several options, but Sensei by Woothemes is very popular. Other than that there is the excellent WPCourseware, and the free CoursePress.

E-commerce plugins

This type of plugin isn’t the best for selling courses but you can do it. I recommend either Woocommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. Both offer free core plugins.

Membership plugins

Membership plugins are probably better for selling courses than e-commerce plugins, but their setup up can be more complicated especially if you want to sell more than one course separately. S2Member and Members by Justin Tadlock are both solid membership plugins for WordPress.

Training Marketplaces

Depending on your niche, you don’t even need your own website or marketing (though both are still recommended). Instead you could leverage the power of existing sites that sell course.

There are dozens of places you can sell your training:

This is not an exhaustive list so be sure to do your research.

As with anything, make sure you read through the site’s terms and payment options.

Make sure that your niche is a good fit for their audience, you can do this by seeing if anything in your niche or similar is already listed or not.

The Bottom Line

We all have skills and knowledge that we can leverage to make a buck online, and selling your skills in a training course is a very profitable way to do it.

Remember that in order to sell a course you need to give away enough value to prove that you and your course are worthy!

A Beginners Guide to Outsourcing

When you talk to different entrepreneurs and successful online marketers and ask them for advice, there seems to be one piece they all agree on: get help!

Not mental help (though that may help some days), but rather help with what you are doing. In other words outsource your work!

What is outsourcing?

What exactly is outsourcing? Well, it’s the act of hiring someone, a freelancer, to do a particular job.

It’s quite different from hiring an employee, as generally contracts are on a single “project” basis, whether that project is to write a single 1,000 word article or work 20 hours a week indefinitely doing admin.

With the growth of the internet, the online jobs market has boomed, and there are numerous websites that you can frequent to find freelancers. Some of these are very general in nature, and some cater to more specific needs and niches.

Why should you outsource?

Barring heeding the advice of successful entrepreneurs, there are numerous reasons why you should consider outsourcing:

To free up time

This is the big one when it comes to reasons to consider outsourcing.

By getting others to handle more of the menial and repetitive work, you free up your valuable time.

This time can be spent on more important things, such as aspects of the business you love, growing the business, spending time with family and friends, experiencing life, trying new projects, and much more.

Remember, you can earn more money, but you can’t earn more time!

To get help with work

This is similar to freeing up your time, but in that sometimes you will have simply too much on your plate to get everything done, and it will just pile up.

Hiring one or more freelancers to deal with different aspects of your work can help bring this workload under control.

When you need particular skill-sets

Let’s face it, we do not and cannot know everything. In fact, being a jack-of-all-trades is often detrimental, as it makes you believe you can cope with everything and instead you end up being pulled in multiple directions at once.

As well as that, sometimes others just know more about something than you do. If my car breaks down, I for one would go to a mechanic, because the extent of my car knowledge doesn’t extend beyond my gas tank.

If I need a suit, I’ll head to a tailor. Why then not do this with aspects of a business?

If your site looks crappy, hire a designer. If you need certain site functionality, hire a developer. If you struggle to write more than 200 words a day, hire a writer.

Very little red tape

Another great reason to hire a freelancer, is the lack of red tape: you say you want X thing done, agree a price and timescale, they do it, you pay them. Job done!

There’s no lengthy contracts, no unions, no healthcare, no taxes to deal with – the freelancer has to deal with any of that which is applicable to them, all you ned to do is pay them when the job has been done to satisfaction.

Is outsourcing right for you?

Only you can answer that, but generally if you are lacking a particular skill set, or are struggling with work load, and you have the cash to spare, then outsourcing is a must.

The cons of outsourcing

While outsourcing is a great way to get things done, there are a few issues with it that need to be noted and thought about, both before jumping in and even while you are hiring people.


Cost is definitely a problem for most people beginning to outsource work. How do you find the right skills, the right quality for the right price?

Generally, people want to pay peanuts for outsourcers, and with international workforces available and happy to work, paying peanuts isn’t hard.

Paying very little for the work is often a backwards way to handle things though. Poorly paid workers will often produce poor quality work, and you often end up having to pay to get it redone by someone with more skill.

You can still find quality workers for less than the norm, but it’s like finding a diamond in the rough: you have to work for it.


As mentioned above, quality can be an issue, and really it doesn’t always matter whether you are paying below or above the average for the job. Sometimes people advertise they can do something, but simply under perform.

To help counter this, really review the potential freelancer. Check out their previous work and clients, look for testimonials as well.

Most decent websites for finding freelancers will also allow you to ask questions and request samples; make use of these features as they will help you quickly filter out the unsuitable.

Of course sometimes you simply need to take a risk. The best advice here is to give them a small job to assess their work, and “fire” them if it’s not suitable.

Don’t be afraid to fire a freelancer, the worst thing that you can do is hang on to dead weight, it will merely cost you in sanity and pocket.

Initial time cost

To begin with you might feel that you are spending more time looking for the right freelancer than you are doing your own work!

This is always how it goes, but fear not because once you have hired a few freelancers, you will quickly realize just from profiles and their portfolio which ones are more likely to fit with your needs.

It won’t be exact, there will still be ones you need to fire, but that’s how it goes. Persevere to begin with and reap the rewards later down the line.

Where to find freelancers

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of places on the internet where people sell their skills and expertise and it can often be daunting to even start looking.

I’ve outlined below a few of the key sites that should get you off to a good start.

There are two broad types of freelancer sites (I’m not talking individual here, but more marketplace type sites): general and niche.

General freelancer sites

These sites cover pretty much every type of job that can be done online. Think of them as malls of the freelancing world.


If you need something doing, and you need it to be cheap, then Fiverr is a good place to start. IT offers a variety of work types from graphic design to videos, article writing to programming.

The price is often the only reason people use Fiverr, as the cost starts at $5 bucks per “gig”. They do allow their sellers to offer increased pricing for additional or more complex work, which can work out very well for everyone concerned.

Personally I have never had much success with Fiverr, often finding the quality matching the price, but your mileage may vary.


This is the combination site for Elance and Odesk, and I often call it the Amazon of freelancers, because it covers such a wide variety of work types and has such a large number of freelancers.

You can also find a wide variety of skill levels here, but even in the broad bands they segment people into the skill range varies.

It differs from Fiverr in that you generally post a job and people will apply and bid on the job. This means you can find people who are interested in what you are trying to get done, once you cut through the chaff that is.


Freelancer.com is very similar to Upwork, being a large marketplace where you post a job and have people apply for it. In fact Freelancer, was certainly the biggest one before Elance & Odesk merged into Upwork, so now it’s debatable. Either way, there are a lot of freelancers there hungry for work.


This is another large marketplace, but has a smaller focus, mainly supplying freelancers in the IT, development, design and writing areas.

Specific freelancer sites

While the general freelancers sites are good, if you need a specific thing doing, you may want to look at a marketplace that caters solely to that niche. Here are some examples, though it’s far from an exhaustive list.


There are many writing services out there, but let’s focus on article writing. The 3 most popular that I’m aware of are:

Each has its own pros and cons, but they cater purely to those wanting to find writers.


If you are looking for someone to help with your WordPress site, whether it’s a small job or a custom plugin build, the following sites can help:

Graphic Design

When you need some beautiful designs it’s a good idea to check out the freelance networks that focus on graphic design.

  • 99designs is a design contest website, where a brief is given and a price, and multiple designers submit work and you choose the one you want from the selection.
  • DesignCrowd is similar to 99designs, with Design Crowd, you post a brief for free and users submit a design for you.
  • Behance is a network for creatives to showcase their work, but also has a jobs section. It costs a lot to post a job here.
  • Dribbble is very similar to Behance and started out as a site to showcase design work, but now allows job posting. Dribbble is a great resource for finding skilled designers, but does cost a lot to post a job, unlike a lot of other sites.

Other sites

There are plenty more sites out there, catering to a wide and narrow niche alike. Google is your friend here, but make sure to do your due diligence with both the site and potential hires.

How to hire a freelancer

Each freelancing site has different ways to go about hiring, but in general you would follow this procedure:

Write a brief

A brief is a description of the job you want to get done. It should be relatively short but cover the details as much as possible.

For example “I want an article written” won’t yield many responses, but “I would like a 1,000 – 1,500 article for an online marketing website. Topic to be provided to the successful applicant” would make a better brief.

You can and should provide requirements for the job. To keep with the writing example you could say:

  • I require a native or fluent English speaker
  • Articles must be unique, not spun, and must pass Copyspace plagiarism checker
  • Article must be a minimum of 1,000 words max. 2,000 words

The more details you can provide the better, but of course the exact details such as the article title, can be excluded until you have a successful applicant.

If the system allows questions set some, otherwise set some in the job posting itself.

Questions can be used to gauge the skill and appropriateness of the applicant so make sure to set some that would directly help with this.

Alternatively, or in conjunction with, ask for samples of previous work.


For me, one of the hardest things to do is set a price, and one of the best things to do is set a price and learn from it. Most applicants will bid on your pricing anyway and you can encourage that in the job brief.

You will get pricing wrong, but after a while you will learn how to set and accept a fair price.

I would recommend searching the very site you are posting on for similar jobs to see what price range they posted at, as it will give you a ballpark figure to work with.

Most networks like Upwork also allow you to modify the price (with agreement from both parties) after the fact, as well as give bonuses etc.

Set a price, whether hourly or a fixed price, depending on the job and post the job brief.

Choosing an applicant

Once posted, you will then start to receive applications. Personally I recommend leaving the job open at least 24 hours before you even look at the applicants as it will give people time to see the job posting and apply for it.

Once you start looking at applicants, quickly go down the list and discard any that obviously won’t be suitable for the job, for example:

  • Anyone without the appropriate skills
  • Anyone with poor spelling or grammar in their application
  • Anyone that failed to answer or incorrectly answered any questions you set.

Once that is done you can start fine combing through the other applicants. If need be contact them for more information.

Depending on the task your are hiring for, it may be worth hiring multiple freelancers and giving them all the same or similar small job. The one/s that succeed with it should be hired, the others fired.


I really can’t stress this enough: communicate with your freelancers!

Normally they only have the brief to go on, so make sure you provide as much information as they need to get the job done, and make sure they know to come ask a question if they are unsure; it’s better to reply a couple of times to questions than have a poor job done and have to hire someone else.

I hired a freelancer, now what?

Well, hopefully all went well and you got your work done satisfactorily and for a fair rate for both parties.

If so, then make sure you rate them on the site you hired them from as this will help them get work later on.

Just remember to be fair and honest.

Then, hire them again! The whole point of outsourcing is to make sure that whatever you consider menial or difficult tasks are handled by someone else.

If your experience didn’t quite go as planned, don’t worry, it happens. Pick yourself up, and go find someone else. You may have to go through a few freelancers before you find ones you like that can do the job.

The Bottom Line

Outsourcing your work by hiring a freelancer is really the only way to go if you want to grow your business and free up some of your time, without taking on an employee.

Yes it has some risks associated with it, but no more than most things that you do when running your own business.

Take your time, ask them questions before hand, give them a test (cheap) project to do first and never be afraid to fire them.

Can Instant Traffic Mastery Really Turn You Into a Master?

Last week I was talking about a product for generating traffic that turned out to be less than ideal for generating traffic.

This week’s product is also about how to get more visitors to your site, and I’m hoping it stays on topic and is at least vaguely useful. The product in question is called Instant Traffic Mastery by  Jonathan Teng & Venkata Ramana.

The Pitch

The sales page heavily focuses on both scarcity and how much of a bargain this product allegedly is. I understand why saying the product has a larger value and is being discounted helps improve sales, but why do marketers insist on using ridiculous figures? Apparently this product is worth over $997 dollars but he is only going to charge me $9.95? Who falls for this rubbish?

The scarcity tactic of saying it is only available for 7 days is combined with a potential price rise to squeeze you into a panic purchase.

As well as that are the usual heavy handed highlighting and bolded text, and proof of sales that may or may not be related to the effectiveness of the product (usually it’s a not).

Purchasing Instant Traffic Mastery

As mentioned, the product is only $9.95 but this is the edge of a sales funnel with plenty of upsells being sent your way once you head down the rabbit hole.

Instant Traffic Mastery Sales Funnel

The first upsell is on a dime sale (it increases in price after every sale) and was $18 bucks when I saw it. The upsell is for a “done for you” traffic pack, which is basically a ready-made sales funnel.

The second upsell has a longer sales page, probably because it costs $67 dollars and is for a package of PLR content (articles, graphics, etc). PLR is something I always suggest avoiding if possible. While the graphics might be useful the content supplied will all need to be re-written anyway.

Next up is a “lite” version of the above PLR package at a mere $37.

The last upsell is something I haven’t seen in a while, and that is access to a membership site. The cost is OK in comparison to other membership sites, ($17 per month) but the problem with this is that it doesn’t teach you anything it instead provides PLR content twice a month… I wouldn’t touch this with a barge pole personally.

The Product

After navigating the swirling mess of sales funnel I finally arrived at the product membership page and I was slightly surprised.

Looking at the content list of the product it seems like they have packed a lot of information in here, with 50 separate items ranging from setting up a blog, through social media, building relationships, video marketing and more.

Quantity does not necessarily mean quality though.

Each item in the content list is a video, and each one is roughly 5 minutes long on average.

The videos all seem to be PLR themselves (I can’t be 100% sure but it’s my gut feeling and fits well with all the upsells) as they are labelled “50 targeted traffic methods for online business” rather than Instant Traffic Mastery.

Instant Traffic Mastery Video Example

PLR aside, the training is quite reasonable though it is obviously brief in its content.

The training covers a wide variety of traffic generation methods, some of them quite old school such as using forums, but the narrator is to the point about how effective/speedy they are; he isn’t trying to spin anything.

The traffic methods may not be suitable for pure internet marketers, as some methods such as press releases and getting into the local press just won’t work when your site promotes vacuum cleaners on Amazon.

As mentioned the content is quite brief. If we take the Pinterest and Others video, it’s 2 and a half minutes long and basically tells you that Pinterest uses images and videos and that you can add links, and that Instagram and Vine are options too.

On that note, the videos are at least a year or two old as they suggest Vine is really new and you can become an early adopter in your niche.

The Bottom Line

Instant Traffic Mastery is not a scam as such, but it’s not something I would generally recommend.

The content you get is quite wide and possibly informative, but it is brief.

If you are an experienced marketer you probably won’t get much out of this, though if you are new to online marketing, then there is probably something you can pick up from this.

Really though the information is quite basic: you are paying for an overview and for it to be collected in one spot rather than spending time trawling Google for information.

Can Instant Cash Generator Energize Your Bank Account?

The first thing that struck me about The Instant Cash Generator was a lie.

It said that the price will jump to $47 in 0 seconds, yet I still purchased it for under $10 bucks.

While some people may think that I lucked out with it, to me it screams liar, and that is never a good first impression!

This product states that it will teach you how to make money online in less than one hour, with no skills needed, so let’s see if the lies continue or if it is in fact worthy of your time and money.

the instant cash generator lies

Well that was a fail…

The Pitch

The mistrust aside, the sales pitch is classic internet marketing: lots of bold statements in bright text with highlights, unprovable proof of earnings and some testimonials which may actually be partly real or might just be his buddies.

Purchasing The Instant Cash Generator

As mentioned above, what should have been a  $47 product was still purchasable at $9.95. The affiliate page states that this is on a 100% commission (so a loss leader) and that there are two upsells.

I never saw an upsell though.

the instant cash generator funnel

What upsells?

The Product

The members’ area is a one page affair with a link to download the product. Be wary if you are on a mobile device or a limited data plan as the download is half a gigabyte (565mb)!

I liked the fact that I get to download the videos instead of being tied to going back to a site again and again, but it is an unexpectedly hefty download.

The product also seems to be a re-launch, so it might be an older method than you would think (the zipped files kindly told me this!).

the instant cash generator relaunch

Inside the zip file you get the following:

  • Bonuses: 4 e-books and a Swiftly task. According to the sales page I shouldn’t have got these either.
  • A resource list: a one page Word document with basic websites like Fiverr.com
  • 9 videos: comprising of the training

The training videos are all quite short and bite sized, ranging between 1 and 5 minutes long.

The basic premise of the product is to sell services; the author calls this Service Brokering.

The idea is that you contact likely leads such as businesses and sell them a service such as logo design. You sell then turn around to another service such as Fiverr.com and get them to make the logo for a much cheaper price than you sell it for.

the instant cash generator service brokering

Video 1

This is a polished, short video that introduces the concept of brokering.

Video 2

The second video showcases websites where you can outsource people to make the final product that you are selling (logo, website, SEO service, writing, etc).

In fact this video only covers finding outsourcers on Craiglist

Video 3

This section covers finding people to do work for you on Elance.

Video 4

This section covers finding people to do work for you on 99designs.

Video 5

This section covers finding people to do work for you on Fiverr.

Video 6

Video 6 covers how to find buyers or customers via Craigslist. While this in itself seems simplistic, the narrator does let you know about a nice little website that will search Craigslist for you, as Craigslist’s own search system is infuriating.

Video 7

Another simplistic video, this time on how to find buyers on Reddit. I have to say using Reddit is a nice touch I wouldn’t have though to f that, but otherwise the video was basic.

Video 8

The penultimate video also made my eyebrows rise. It covers finding potential buyers on Skype, which is another place I would never have looked for customers.

Video 9

Here you will earn how to make a website! Well, no. You will earn how to buy hosting and a domain. Then you will get told to go buy a Themeforest theme. Overall this was a really poor training video, and will leave many newbies floundering with a domain and hosting but no idea how to even set up a basic website.

The videos are most definitely lifted from previous trainings, for example video 9 in this series is referred to as video 4 by the narrator.

That aside, the videos are quite high quality, both audio and visual. The narrator however is doing the training on the fly it seems, so often stumbles over topics and has to redo things.

Because of that the actual training quality is diminished.

The Bottom Line

Is The Instant Cash Generator a scam? No, but it isn’t great either. While the quality of the videos is high, the quality of the training is poor.

He could have combined several videos and reduced their content (limited as it is) dramatically and added in more information about how to create a website, or how best to word an email to a potential client.

The idea of the product is certainly nothing new, but I did like his choice of sites to find potential customers.

My main concern with this type of marketing is quality. If you sell a $200 dollar logo but you pay $25 bucks for it, it will be crap. As the middleman you will take the flak for that.

It will take time, and money, to find reliable and quality outsourcers so it is likely that a bunch of the first sales you make will be at cost or even a loss.

After finding some decent people, then yes this could work. Just expect to have to invest in other training or purchases (website design, copy writing and email writing, testing outsourcers, etc), especially if you are new to online marketing.

8 Outdated SEO Techniques You Should Avoid

The world wide web is an ever changing beast, in constant flux as new things get added and old things get changed.

SEO is no different and internet marketing has to keep up with constant developments coming out of the search engines.

A SERP boosting tactic that worked last week, might well get your site penalised this week.

I’ve compiled a list of the top SEO tactics that you should simply avoid using now!

1. Spammy Guest Blogging

Guest blogging might not be dead, but it has certainly taken a battering. Matt Cutts wrote back in January 2014

So stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy.

Three months later, one of the larger guest blogging sites, MyGuestBlog.com, was Google slapped. You can now only find it by Googling for myguestblog.com. For every keyword that matters, it’s as if it doesn’t exist.

Publishers using this site also had their rankings drop by simply being associated with guest blogging.

It is obvious then that associating yourself with sites like these will most probably cause you more heartache than it is worth.

All that being said, doing direct guest blogging with a reputable site is still a valid way to gain backlinks and exposure.

2. Over-optimized Anchor Text

Google’s Penguin algorithm has been around for a while now, since 2012, and has had a few updates to it. The core focus of this algorithm change was to target spammy backlinks and penalise the users of them.

This means that highly targeted, keyword stuffed backlinks got slammed.

Google isn’t looking for anchor text to be over optimized, they are looking for natural text. This is because natural text suggests that the site is linking to the content because it is useful and interesting, rather than just a marketing ploy to push a site up the SERP’s.

3. Links: Quantity over Quality

For a long time if your webpage had over 100 links on it, it was considered spammy and would be penalized. This has been the case since at least 2009 when Matt Cutts went public with it on his blog.

Times have changed, for the better in this case. Google no longer has the arbitrary 100 links per page limit.

Instead you can have as many as you like, so long as it is “reasonable”. If Google find that your site is spammy because of the number of links (think hundreds to thousands of links, with little or poor quality content), then they will still take action against you.

Along with that the Page Rank each link gives is reduced by a division of the number of links on the page.

The take away from this is if you are using links to boost SEO then stop it. It won’t help. If you just a have a lot of links alongside quality content, then you have nothing to worry about.

4. Stuffing Keywords in Content, Title, and Meta Tags

This is a really old school way of gaming the search engines and many people still think it’s a viable way of gaining search results. Only problem is, this is one of the biggest offenders that can get your site sandboxed.

The theory is that by adding lots and lots of relevant (and probably irrelevant) keywords to the content and the various meta tags, the search engines would understand that your site was to do with that topic and those keywords.

Years ago it MAY have worked in your favor. These days it doesn’t work at all. In fact, it will get your site penalized for blatantly trying to over optimize your site.

Some SEO advice suggests that there is a specific percentage for keywords in an article – this is called keyword density.

Unfortunately, there is no real hard and fast rule for this, so my best advice is to include the keywords when it is natural to include them and leave it at that.

5. Invisible Text

Using invisible text is virtually the same as keyword stuffing, but instead of the keywords being visible they are normally at the bottom of the page or in the footer and colored to match the background of the page. This is so that the user doesn’t see the spam but search engines do.

As the search engines can see it, they are treating it as content. The problem with this technique is that it will still be considered as keyword stuffing, even if the user experience is improved.

6. Backlink Reliance

This is a situation where the site generally has little or poor quality content and maybe it is SEO optimized, maybe it isn’t. Then the site owner sends backlinks to the site in the thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands.

Now, backlinks are important, there is no doubt about it, but just sending backlinks is a poor way to do SEO.

If a manual reviewer was to look at your site which has 20,000 backlinks but 3 pages of fluff, your site will get penalised. Why? Because it will be obvious that those backlinks have been managed or bought as few people will naturally link to a crap website.

By all means include backlinks in your SEO strategy, just don’t make them the focus of the strategy, and include onsite SEO, quality content, and social media and so on.

7. Article Directories & Article Syndication

There was a time when you could upload an article to an article directory, include some backlinks and get a ton of quality link juice from the site. The articles would, hopefully, be linked to from other sites. Even better they could be downloaded, backlinks included, and added to other peoples sites.

Since Google has been harshly targeting duplicate content, this tactic is simply not worth it. Matt Cutts briefly discusses the issue here and in a roundabout way suggests not using article directories.

On top of that, the directories themselves have taken a hit in previous Google algorithm changes, making backlinks from them less effective.

8. Duplicate Content

Google has stated that in general duplicate content should not be a cause for concern. That is unless it is spammy content and/or is being used to intentionally try to manipulate the sites search results position.

That being said, it is still a good idea to limit the amount of duplicate content, especially if it is internal content.

Having the same content in several places on your own site is likely to incur the wrath of Google.

Depending on the type of content, there are ways to avoid being penalized. You can use the noindex meta tags to help tell the search engine not to look at that page. Or if you have changed your sites pages, you can use a 301 redirect rather than have the duplicate content showing.

The Bottom Line

Internet marketers often try to come up with ways to game search engines, or to find loop holes. For a while these might even work, but search engines like Google are constantly on the look out for techniques like these. As more people in the marketing circles get wind of a technique that works and use it themselves, Google finds out too (they do read the same blogs as us you know!).

The best way you can help your SEO is to follow the guidelines set out by the search engines, and to try not to unnaturally modify your search rankings. If you don’t it will come back to bite you on the ass.

EPS Prosperity Hotline – Hotline to Prosperity or Ruin?

Quick Summary

Rating: 0 out of 10 for legitimacy. 10 out of 10 for junk mail.

Pros: None. Absolutely none. Unless you count losing money as a pro. Then there’s that one. But for us normal folk, there are no pros here.

Cons: This isn’t a way to build a business. Hell, we’re not even sure it’s legal or how the company is still operating. You’re basically paying for an exact replica of the site to get people to buy the exact replica of a site from you and so on and so forth.

Our Recommendation: This isn’t a way to build a business online. Instead, learn how to create a REAL internet marketing business that can build you a sustainable stream of income in the long run. Click here to check out our top recommendation on how to do this. It’s free to get started.

Full Review

Sometimes I look at a website to review and I think to myself “My review should be one word long: Avoid!”.

That was my exact thought when I came across EPS Prosperity Hotline.com. This site screams scam.

First off, they are promising you $25 per email that you process, which sounds really good, I mean who wouldn’t want to earn $25 bucks for replying to an email?

Their earnings statements are interesting to say the least as although they state it isn’t a get rich quick scheme, they do an awful lot of pushing that you can make thousands per day.

It works the way that you are provided with 3 pre written adverts, though I am sure you can write your own if you prefer, and advised to post them to Craigslist.

Anyone who responds to this ad will need to be sent promotional information and if they join you get the $25.

The fee is a one-time $25 with an optional $10 to get a “website just like this one”.

Are there any flaws to this system?

There are plenty of flaws. To begin with let’s take a look at the actual product you are promoting, drum roll please; you are promoting the same site you just signed up to!

That’s right; there are no products, no services, nothing. Your main aim is to get people to do the same thing that you are doing.

This is just a modern day version of the envelope stuffing scams that were running rampant years ago. You are making money by promoting the idea of making money.

The only ways in which this differs from a standard pyramid scheme is that there is an extremely short “downline” (just you) and that the site owners are not part of the downline.

I am tempted to coin a new phrase and call this a “ziggurat scheme”.

You may be wondering how the parent company is making money off of this as the $25 dollars goes to you not them.

The only thing I can ascertain is that they make money from the “website” which in fact is just their website with an affiliate link.

It’s actually quite a clever way of making money off of people. Get people to sign up – in fact you cannot even sign up directly, you have to go through a person’s link to do so – and then get them to do the work in spreading the word about the system.

All they need to do is set up the site to automate the affiliate link and let’s say most people buy the “website” offer at $10 bucks, that’s easy cash.

And then there is the Craiglist flaw. OK, so you don’t need to use Craiglist and there are other possibilities listed for you, but that’s the main one they push.

Unfortunately, but really not a surprise,  Craiglist has already started blocking the 3 default adverts you are supplied with, meaning you will need to use other ways and methods  to spread the word or different adverts.

If you have little to no marketing acumen you may struggle to get a return due to this.

It would be no surprise to me if other classified advert places and the like are banning anything to do with this site.

There are other issues I have with this scheme: there is no refund policy at all and their sales page lists fake badges to Honest Jobs Online (who are they? I can’t trace them) and security sites.

The Bottom Line

Everything about this site screams scam! Somebody I know put me on to this site and as soon as I saw it I told them to avoid it like the plague!

That being said, I wouldn’t be giving an honest review if I didn’t tell you that you can probably make money from this.

You may be wondering why I am calling it a scam and yet saying it is profitable? Well, for me it comes down to what you are selling and the ethics behind it.

You are selling thin air and promises. If there isn’t anything tangible, be it physical, digital or a service, then it is a scam.

I also find it highly unethical for the same reasons; you are recruiting people in order to make money from their recruitment, and putting them into a situation where they in turn need to recruit people to make money.

I can’t tell you what to do, but my advice is to steer clear of this one.

Passive Incomes Are Never Passive. Taking a Look Inside CB Passive Income.

When you first start off in the world of internet marketing, you are likely to be unsure of what niche to get involved in and what products to promote. More often than not, more experienced marketers will either push you towards, or at least recommend ClickBank.

ClickBank is a product marketplace, mainly dealing in digital products like software and eBooks, where you can choose from a large number of products to promote.

As these are digital products the overheads are generally quite small, which means that they makers of these products can offer up a much larger slice of the pie when it comes to the affiliate commissions, on average around 20-50% of the sale price.

Though recently ClickBank has improved, it has had a history of allowing poor products on its list, though that mantle seems to have been taken over now by the likes of ClickSure.

The product I am reviewing today makes use of ClickBank. It is called CB Passive Income and it is a lead generation system that offers a way for you to generate cash from ClickBank products.

Another Push Button System?

The system is specifically targeted at internet marketing newbies and that worries me, because I do not believe that this system will actually teach you anything. Let’s take a sample of his sales pitch:

Imagine if…

  •  You didn’t need to write or produce any content
  •  You didn’t need to create any membership program
  •  You didn’t need to create any products to sell
  •  You didn’t need to come up with your own free offer
  •  You didn’t need to write any sales letters
  •  You didn’t need to pay for hosting or an auto-responder
  •  You didn’t need to send emails at all
  •  You didn’t need to provide any customer service or follow up
  •  You didn’t need to research for what products or affiliate programs to promote
  •  You didn’t even need to learn internet marketing!

Heck, with this program, you don’t need to do anything except for one simple task!

This is selling a pipe-dream. It is basically saying you can earn money for doing virtually nothing, and that just isn’t true.

The premise of the system is a simple and well known marketing ploy: create an email harvesting website that offers something for free in return for an email address; send that person emails with information and product promotions; earn commissions.

That is a tried and tested way of earning money online, I have no doubt about that. My concerns for this system come from the fact that the newbie will not be taught or learn about the ins and outs of how a mailing list works and they won’t have to face the learning and growing experience of trying and failing. Patric Chan, the creator of CB Passive Income will do it all for you.

This will lead to one major downfall: your income is in someone else’s hands!

  • You have no control over what the website looks like, what it sells, or what the emails contain.
  • You will also have no exact statistics on what emails did well, how many products sold etc etc.
  • You will also be at the mercy of Mr. Chan. What if he decides that today is the day, unplugs his computer and goes to live in Peru?

Push button systems sound glorious, and speak to our inner laziness (they do to mine all the time!), but in reality you don’t learn from them and you certainly won’t make a sustainable business from them.

A Simple Task

Of course if you did decide to purchase the product, there is “one simple task” you need to do, which is to promote the link to the website to get people to hand over their email address in the first place.

Lead generation, as this is technically called, is no easy task, especially for a beginner. In fact, I would say it is probably the largest stumbling block for any online entrepreneur.

Therefore, while it is great that the only thing you need to do in this system is generate traffic, it is often the hardest thing to do, especially when there is little reward for the user. Would you just give away your email address easily?

Perhaps I’m cynical nowadays, but I tend to want to trust the website first before doing so, which means I need content and lots of it, to prove to me this person knows what they are talking about.


Due to the fact that most newbies will be lost at sea when it comes to finding traffic (after they have tapped out the family and friends resources), it is of course obvious that Patric has added some convenient upsells to his product. As you can see below this isn’t the “free” system that he insinuates in his sales letter


This is actually a clever way of getting you through his proverbial door, as most newbies will need that training to even start generating cash so will more likely sign up to his membership system which has a monthly fee of $47 bucks.

The Pro Version

You can pay Patric some more money and get access to the leads generated by the system. In other words, you can start to take control away from Patric and into your own hands.

The Membership Area

The training is provided by videos, and there are a lot of those to be fair. Content wise they are not too bad.

It didn’t rock my world, especially with the monthly price tag attached to it, but it is a reasonable selection of training resources suitable for newbie all in one place.

The Flip Side

I am by nature a little bit wary and conservative about the next big thing from the Gurus. I have been burnt too many times not to be.

That being said, I can see some usefulness in this product from a newbie standpoint. Internet marketing is a multi-skill endeavor; you need to learn various different things to different levels in order to succeed, such as copywriting, website creation, etc.

CB Passive Income does take most of that away from you, allowing you to focus on simply learning how to generate traffic. If used as a starting point it may actually be beneficial for some people. Others who like to be in the thick of it and have full control probably won’t like it though.

The Bottom Line: Is CB Passive Income a Scam?

It’s definitely different than most other money generation systems out there. I have my concerns about having that control taken from you, and how much you will learn about internet marketing in general. All of those “no experience required!” claims do not do the program any favors. I wouldn’t label it a scam, but I wouldn’t sing its praises from the roof tops either.

Will TwoDollarClick.com Really Pay You $2 Per Click? Not a Chance.

If I said to you that I will pay you $2 bucks to click a link, would you do it?

What if I said that you can keep clicking links and I will keep paying you $2 every time?

That’s sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it? Well, TwoDollarClick.com promises you pretty much that, easy money for anyone.

Joining the site is free, and relatively easy to do so. After logging in you are faced with a variety of menus and so the first thing to do is click some links!

Clicking a link will open up a new window where you need to mindlessly stare at the advert for 30 seconds, and then click a number.

My first roadblock came with clicking the number, it said I had clicked the wrong one, but I have no clue which I needed to click. It refreshed, another 30 seconds of my life gone, and I clicked another number. This time an error, accusing me of viewing more than one advert at a time (well there goes that plan!).

Really not off to a good start here.

Next time around it gave me the number I needed to click and I was able to successfully complete it, phew! Heading back to my account page I could see that $2 bucks is now in my account, awesome.

Feeling a little greedy and wondering what I could buy for those two dollars I decided to cash them out.

Oh, wait. I need $1000 in the account before I can cash out! That’s like, 500 clicks! Ok, no pressure.

How it works

Two Dollar Click generates money from advertisers by guaranteeing views and clicks. Then it pays you to click the advertiser’s links. This works well for Two Dollar Clicks as they get money from the advertisers (I believe it is $5+ per click) and only pay out $2 per click. I’m not sure the advertisers get a good deal on this though, as there is less than targeted traffic, but that’s another story.

The Anti Cheating System

The site boasts it has an anti cheating system, but I found nowhere that explained the dos’s and don’ts which is a little worrying, as I can imagine a situation where you have $998 in your account and you make a mistake and wham! they invalidate your account.

The Hidden MLM?

Though I couldn’t get much information on this, one of my pet hates seemed to raise its ugly head, in the form of a potential Multi Level Marketing scheme. In short, you can get referrals (other people) to join using your special link and you get a cut of each click. There is no clarification as to whether or not this is deducted from the persons clicks or if they still receive the $2 dollars.

The site also allows you to purchase referrals (weird) and to upgrade your membership to receive better paid adverts and increased commissions from your referrals. The upgrade also costs a fair sum at $19.95 or $39.95 per month, and unlike the payouts which take 60 days to arrive after requesting it, these fees are taken out of your bank account on time, every time each month.

Is TwoDollarClick.com a Scam?

The most concerning thing about Two Dollar Click is what I have heard on the grapevine. As the payouts only occur at the $1000 mark, it seems there is a tendency to reduce or even stop access to new adverts when an account is getting close to the 1000 threshold.

Their “payment proof” isn’t very heartening either as it’s just a list of usernames (real or fake, who knows) with some data. It simply doesn’t look genuine.

Not only that, but there are numerous complaints about those who reached the threshold still not being paid out.

The Bottom Line

Two Dollar Click looks pretty good until you start getting close to the payout threshold, and at that point the realization comes that this is in fact a scam!

The very lack of detailed information, the fact that it is know that adverts dry up and the subtle MLM system in place makes me advise you that this is most likely a scam and to avoid at all costs!

Sites like these are never going to pay out. No advertiser is going to pay $5 per click for untargeted traffic. It’s just an absolute awful business strategy. The people behind this site (any many other similar sites) are only interested in using you for quick ad revenue. You will never see a dime from them.

If it’s too good to be true…

How Does Two Dollar Click Compare?

I’ve Tried That has been reviewing ways to make money from home since 2007. In that time, there’s one program that stands above the rest. It’s free to get started, has no ridiculous hidden charges, and will help you build a sustainable income from home.

Let’s see how Two Dollar Click compares…

Easy Cash Code Does Not Equal Money²

Easy Cash Code is another one of those systems that promise you the earth with their slick video and marketing, but in essence it is yet another cash maker for the owners and a waste of money for the buyers.

Undeniable Garbage at EasyCashCode.com

The promotional video starts with plenty of genuine looking testimonials, all spouting their love for the system and how they rake in thousands per day.

Antonio, the promoter of on the video, states he will provide undeniable proof that the system works. No proof is supplied of course; just the usual generic earnings reports that could be from anyone, anywhere, that could be selling something completely different. Just as likely it will be the system maker’s profits from the last rip off product they sold.

However, the testimonials are fake; it clearly says so at the bottom that they are actors. That just proves to me to be wary of this product.

I love that the video says it will be removed soon, a generic emotional fear tactic to heighten your anxiety. It’s been up at least 6 months and won’t ever get pulled down unless there are enough complaints about it.

This is perhaps a sideways way of looking at things, but I always think to myself, if they can afford an expensive mansion and an expensive super-fast car, why can’t they afford decent video production that will stop the wind blowing into the microphone? My answer is that it is probably because the house and car are rented. Fake it till you make it guys!

From Broke to Millionaire in Days

The blatant lies and half-truths keep coming with this system sales pitch.  The fake French lady who Antonio helped out of the gutter, who went from “broke to millionaire in days” is just appalling in how blatant a lie it is.

The “evidence” that the guy pushes in your face, “cannot be faked” according to him, but it looks very easily faked to me.

What’s the Cost?

The Easy Cash Code system, no matter the repeated usage of the word free, costs $49 bucks.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about how can find out a lot about a system and whether it is likely to be one that could be genuine and worthwhile or one that is there to try and suck money out of you.

At the bottom of a page if there is a link that says affiliate, click it and have a read.

Affiliate systems are great, you can genuinely make money from them, I do. However, when you get push button money making systems like this, the affiliate scheme often shows the truth behind them.

This is from Easy Cash Code’s affiliate page.

How Easy Cash Code will take your money

What do you make of that? Does it make sense? Just in case let me explain. This system is designed to squeeze as much money out of you as possible, between $396.00 and $686.00 in fact. Once you have made that initial purchase it will try to upsell more products to you which as you can see are a lot more expensive than the initial product.

Often products like these are not event necessary, pretty much like the initial product…

The makers of these systems, offer a high affiliate commission, 60% here, because to them its free money, so it doesn’t matter that they give 60% away, so long as they get visitors who equal potential buyers.

It is that information alone which make me very wary of the Easy Cash Code system.

What’s Included?

Well apart from the big upsells, the actual system is a few guides on how to set up a WordPress website and install the plugin software that you get from Easy Cash Code.

The plugin isn’t too bad but it doesn’t deserve the hype of the sales pitch, it is just a plugin to create squeeze pages, which are sales letters on the internet designed to do a sole act (get someone’s email address, credit card details, etc). The thing is with squeeze pages is that you really need to know how to word them and what to actually do with them. A squeeze page alone will not rake in money, there has to be something behind it, whether it be a product or to build a list to promote products to.

The training isn’t so much training as 3 pdf files from other systems, which have been around for some time. Yes you could learn some stuff from them, but there will be upsells and recommendations to buy other products.

The 6 week coaching is 6 webinars, now recorded which go through the basics and upsell some more.

The Bottom Line: Is Easy Cash Code a Scam?

Is Easy Cash Code a scam? No, I cannot say it is a scam, it does offer something in return for your money. There have even been reports that money has been made with the system, though nowhere near the hyped up figures in the sales video, at most a few hundred a week.

I would advise you to be careful with this though, ideally avoid it if you can as it is certainly a borderline scam.

As a product it seems to be put together haphazardly, with poor quality and very basic information that can be found pretty much anywhere online for free.

If you do decide to put your cash on the line, make sure you don’t end up following the “funnel” or in other words being suckered into buying the additional products.

How Does Easy Cash Code Compare?

I’ve Tried That has been reviewing products since 2007. In that time, there’s one program that stands above the rest. It’s free to get started, has no ridiculous hidden charges, and will help you build a sustainable income from home.

Click here to see our top recommendation.

Vemma: A Healthy Scam?

We all want to be healthy, to eat right, to exercise plenty and to feel good in our own skin. Sometimes though, it is hard work to stay fit and healthy, and having supplements can help us out.

Enter Vemma. They sell a vitamin & mineral supplement drink.

I bet you are thinking, “OK Dean, why are you talking about health drinks?” The reason is because Vemma is also an MLM company, and while I will state right now that it is not a scam or illegal, please read on to find out why you should think carefully about signing up or even avoid this one at all costs.

Vemma the MLM

Just a refresher for those that don’t know, MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing but is also known as Network Marketing.

The basic premise is that you sell the products and recruit other people underneath you to also sell the products of which you get a small commission.

The general rule of thumb with MLM systems though is it’s only the people at the top (the owners) that make any money or any real money.

You can sign up to Vemma and get a bunch of different products from them:

  • 4 bottles of Vemma® (32-oz bottles, 30-day supply for 2 people)
  • 1 V2 Fridge Brick (30 – 2-oz bottles)
  • 2 bottles of Vemma NEXT® (32-oz bottles)
  • 24 cans of Verve® Energy Drink (8.3-oz cans)
  • 12 cans of Verve Zero Sugar Energy Drink (8.3-oz cans)
  • 12 cans of Verve Bold Energy Drink (8.3-oz cans)
  • 1 bag of Bod•ē Shake Vanilla Ice Cream flavor (16 meals/bag)
  • 1 bag of Bod•ē Shake Chocolate Ice Cream flavor (16 meals/bag)
  • 1 Vemma Success Kit

On top of that you will get a Business Builder Pack, which consists of:

  • A FREE marketing website which utilizes social media to help you tell your story like never before.
  • A FREE mobile app with innovative text videos and cutting-edge tracking to manage your business activity.
  • A FREE success kit with the necessary tools every new Brand Partner should have to help you jump-start your business.
  • A variety of Vemma products to share with others.
  • A proven system of training tools and field leadership support.
  • Full eligibility for the Rewards & Recognition Program, including a brand-new BMW paid for by Vemma.
  • Freedom and flexibility to be in control of your business, your time and your success.
  • A supportive upline and a corporate Home Office team of industry-experienced professionals dedicated to your success.
  • A lucrative income from products you never have to ship or exchange money for. No merchant accounts, shipping, processing, customer service or other tedious tasks.

The Downside

I listed everything you get because all of this costs a fortune! To get started with Vemma, the basic package (outlined above) costs $499.95 or $999.95 for a bigger pack.

48 drinks, 32 portions of icecream and a marketing kit for $500 bucks? WOW!

Not only that but after purchase you are set up automatically to pay $126 a month for 2 32oz bottles.

Edit: You can actually get started with Vemma without buying anything, but it is so hard to find this information I bet virtually no one does.

This is a lot of money to pay for out of pocket on a product that is expensive to sell, with no guarantee of selling it. Most of Vemma’s competing products can be bought at a supermarket for half the price, and there is no solid evidence that Vemma’s products will actually improve fitness or health.

The site makes bold claims that you can make a full time wage with a part time job by selling Vemma. In order to do that, you would need an awful lot of marketing and face-to-face sales, and some competency with online marketing.

The company does provide basic websites for those members who are buying into their products but realistically speaking these sites are cookie cutter sites, and you would be better off with your own.

The reality of Vemma, just like with any other MLM system, is that in order to make a profit and to regain money spent on purchasing the product (as you will have to give at least some of it away as testers) you need to sell a LOT and you need to recruit a LOT.

The company doesn’t pay you for selling though they do give you reward points for hiring new sellers. You have to make the money back by selling an already over priced product.

I would love to know how much Vemma earns from the distributors buying the product compared to how much the distributors earn.

Something tells me Vemma gets the better end of the deal.

The Bottom Line

Regular readers will know that I am not fond of MLM schemes, whether there is a product to sell like with Vemma or MLM’s evil brother the Pyramid scheme.

However, as mentioned at the start, Vemma is not a scam. It is a large, international company that’s uses an MLM system to sell products. If nothing else, you do get something for your cash even if it is an overpriced health drink.

Generally speaking, 97-99% of people who sell products under an MLM system will not make any money; many of those will in fact lose money.

So unless you want the product for yourself with the possibility of offsetting the cost by selling some from time to time, or unless you are an amazing marketing who could sell snow to Eskimos then MLM programs like Vemma should be avoided.

Copying and Pasting Will Never Make Money for You

Quick Summary

Rating: 0 out of 10. 0 out of 10. 0 out of 10.

Pros: None. Nada. Nope. No pros.

Cons: It’s a modern day envelope stuffing scheme. “Pay money to learn how to build this exact website to get people to pay money to learn how to build this exact website!” etc. etc.

Our Recommendation: This isn’t a way to build a business online. Instead, learn how to create a REAL internet marketing business that can build you a sustainable stream of income in the long run. Click here to check out our top recommendation on how to do this. It’s free to get started and won’t have you stuffing envelopes.

Full Review

Some people dream of being able to make money at the press of a button, to be able to have cash pouring into their bank accounts whilst they sip margaritas on a foreign shore.

Let’s be clear, the first bit about making money easily isn’t true and never will be. There will always be hard work and effort required to earn money, whether that be in a brick and mortar business or working from home online.

The second part can be true, but only after you have done the hard work!

Copy Paste Cash at copypastecash.com sells the first part of this dream and they sell it very well. Their sales page is slick and pulls on all the right heart strings to get you thinking that actually, this system, this amazingly simple sounding system could be the one to change my life.

One time. Lifetime! It’s your time!

And it only costs a one off fee of $30 bucks.

How it works

The premise is simple, you copy some predefined adverts supplied to you by Copy Paste Cash and post them on classified advert websites such as Cragslist or Backpage and you earn a commission for each person that registers and pays.

Super easy!

Too easy!

The Problem with Easy

There are definitely some major flaws with this system.

First off, this system has been around a little while now which means that it has been used by thousands of people already. As you will be using the same adverts as the other members of this system, it quickly becomes problematic as you are all spamming, yes spamming the same adverts.

What this means is that the sites you are submitting the adverts too quickly realise what is happening as they are seeing hundreds of the same adverts posted every day.

As such, the adverts will be “ghosted” by the classified site. Ghosting is a way in which the classified companies deal with spam. Instead of blocking the advert and alerting the spammer that there is a problem, it pretends that the advert has gone through ok, but in reality it hasn’t.

Imagine if you will that you have spent hours copying and pasting these adverts, day in day out, and that all that hard work is wasted because they aren’t going anywhere as the adverts have been marked as spam.

That’s a lot of wasted time, and time is money.

Not only that but if you had used your own account to post these, then it is likely you are now marked as a spammer.

A further issue with Copy Paste Cash is that the click through rate and subsequent signups are terrible. I have seen evidence of a user with over 1 million total clicks, and a conversion of around 1600. This is a conversion rate of way less than 1%!

In some situations, I would have thought that perhaps the marketer in question was doing something wrong, that he had made an error somewhere. However, he is using the same adverts provided by the makers of the system. Really then, the only error is an error in judgement at purchasing the system in the first place.

Due to the nature of this system there is no residual income, there is no auto pilot, you have to manually add the adverts, and with that sort of conversion rate you are literally earning pennies per hour.

You can say good bye to the margaritas!

The Training

The system does provide basic training beyond copying and pasting, in internet marketing. The training only becomes available gradually as you earn points for doing actions like posting adverts. It forces you to do the work to get the information which was part of the product you bought.

The training isn’t in itself bad, it is just that the information is very much entry level with nothing to take you further and is already available on the internet freely, or with better support and guidance via other paid for services.

Recycling Rubbish

The worst thing about this system in my mind is that by using it you are perpetuating it, because you are not promoting products or services or even information, you are promoting the system itself.

Think about it, the system only promotes the system. Nothing good ever came of that. This is just a modern day envelope stuffing scheme.

The Bottom Line

Copy Paste Cash is a borderline scam, it offers very little in value and its whole system is flawed to the point of failure, requiring a massive amount of time and energy to be input for very few rewards.

Is this system worth $29.5? Absolutely not! Avoid this one unless you like wasting time and money and perpetuating spam.