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At least two or three times a day, I receive requests for more information on ways you can make money online. True information of this sort is hard to come by as this niche is riddled with scams. I’ve compiled a few lists of ways to make money online, but this is going to be the biggest, most comprehensive list I’ve created yet. I’ll continually update and add to this directory as I come across more legitimate opportunities of making money online.

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  2. Survey Junkie - The #1 survey site that doesn't suck. Short surveys, high payouts, simply the best.
  3. Nielsen - Download their app and get paid $50!

If you have any opportunities you think I should add to the list, please send me an email!

Now tracking 115 legitimate positions.

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Blogging Positions
Blogging is by far the best and easiest way to make money online. If you’re looking to make extra money using the internet, blogging is the answer. Look here first.
View 9 available blogging positions.

Customer Service Jobs
As a customer service representative from home, you may find yourself answering support calls, doing market research, or even some (gasp) telemarketing. You should expect to find yourself on the phone nearly the entire time while you are working. Great communication skills are a must.
View 17 available customer service positions.

Data Entry/Transcription Work
Data entry positions are incredibly rare. Even if you do happen to land a data entry job, the pay will be so little it will be worthless. Combine that with the incalculable number of data entry scams out there, and you have quite possibly the worst thing to ever happen to working at home. Still interested? You can’t say I didn’t warn you.
View 14 available data entry and transcription positions.

Freelance Writing
Freelance writing allows you to write articles or reviews on pretty much anything and get paid for it. You may not think of yourself as much of a writer, but like everything in life, practice makes perfect. Try freelance writing and you’ll be surprised with the results.
View 20 available freelance writing positions.

“Get Paid To…” Opportunities
This category is for all those “Get Paid To…” ways of making money. Use one or use them all. Either way, I’ve tested them, I’ve tried them, and I’m currently using them to supplement my income.
View 8 “Get Paid To…” ways to make money.

Miscellaneous Opportunities
These job sites didn’t really fit into any other category and there weren’t enough of them to be categorized into their own posts. So, sift through them and see if there’s anything that might interest you.
View 8 miscellaneous ways to make money online.

Paid Surveys
Paid surveys are a great way of giving your opinion and getting paid. A lot of survey companies have taken to the Internet in the past few years and are now willing to pay you to complete surveys online.
View 15 available paid survey positions.

Sell Stock Photography
Get paid to take pictures. Is it really that easy? Of course not, but the following list of sites will help you get started with selling your photography and turn your hobby into an extra bit of side cash.
View 8 available ways to sell stock photography online.

Start a Website
One of the best ways to make money online is through running your own website. Overhead costs are low, profits can quickly start to roll in, and the entire process is a lot of fun. Interested? Well, you should be.
Click here for more information.

77 thoughts on “Free Directory of Ways to Make Money from Home”

  1. have an inspirational store online… does anyone have any advice/tips for effective advertising online for free or a small fee?


  2. I am so glad I found this site..I almost spent 157.00 on that processing rebates scam..I think its just bad that people feel the need to scam others..Thank You

  3. im glad i landed here by accident.
    its has got some great info so far, i have told several of my friends about you.
    keep up the good work!

  4. thanks a lot you saved me some money i almost spent money on the process affilate rebates system glad i came here i am an affilate with clickbank and a few others maybe that is not the way to make money there are to many scams out there at least i only spent 57 dollars instead of 150 dollars thank you

  5. There are a lot of questions being asked but I don’t see thme being answered. Would appreciate some answers especailly above adsense, etc.

  6. Hey guys,

    I want to briefly talk about a company called GLOBAL DOMAIN INTERNATIONAL. It seems like a fun and great way to make money. Now honestly, I was very sceptical at first but I have recently seen a video on that shows a .ws user showcasing his pay transactions by the week.

    Now trust me when i tell you that the amounts were pretty high on given weeks. Over $1000.00 some weeks and only $24.00 another.

    The business model is REALLY simple and you get a 7 days free trial. And from there-on it’s only $10/month to maintain a website that you named (but didn’t have to create or design)

    There maybe some marketing and advertising to do on your end but the website itself and business model sells itself. Plus, there’s a video on the website which will give you all the information about how this works and how you would benefit.

    Seems like the new .COM is .WS (stands for WebSite)

    Come check it out and seriously, what do you have to lose??

    Have a nice day everyone!



  7. I can definitely relate to the “Start a Website” point. Procrastinating when it comes to on an online presence is pretty much akin to shooting yourself in the foot. Excellent article.

  8. I loved your profit lance articles. I wanted to know if you’ve heard of the ipc For a one time investment you’ll get a website that is 98% automated, set up so you won’t fail. I joined and love it.

  9. I have signed up for a program called the Thirty Day Challenge. It is a program that helps you learn about making money online. It is free but some of the tools they want you to download are trial versions that you eventually have to pay for. Has anyone heard of this venture?


  10. I have been looking for a pay at home job for a while, but as you stated about 90% of these are scams. Very sad because many of these people really need this type of work for one reason or another. For myself it is because of a disability that keeps me from maintaining steady work. I stumbled upon this web site when doing a search on Google Money Tree. Not good, not good at all! I can’t say that I was surprised though.

    But anyway I really wanted to thank you for this directory. It is great! Of course I haven’t had time to look at everything and likely will not, but what I found to be really great is that no site I clicked on even asked for a dime. News programs continue to warn about work at home scams – that is why I try to do my homework. To me the greatest statement made in these segments was “You don’t pay to work, you get paid to work”. Keeping that in mind for those who may still be hesitant I see it this way: What do you really have to lose by trying something that is free. As far as I could see most, if not all. gave the option of “quitting” at any time” (like most jobs outside of the home). I would just caution everyone to take that little extra time to read the Member/User Agreements and such. We all like to just click that “I agree button”. Just for example one of the sites says that if your account become inactive that you will be charged $1.00 a month, but I must say, did offer a way to get this money returned to you. Again many thanks to all of you!

  11. My husband got a letter in the mail (not e-mail) yesterday inviting him to join The Love Of Giving (TLOG). They want you to pay $30.00 up front to get a packet of materials, you then have to come up with names, ( from mailing list companies)send thoses people an invite to join this TLOG Those people then send their invite request to the tlog people. but you must send $50.00 every month to the tlog people $10.00 to each person on your list ( there are only 4) plus a $10.00 prossessing.

    But the more people you get to sign up for this program the more money you get back, in $10.00 incremints per person. the money however always go’s thru their clearing house. You do not use your name only a # they give you, if you so choose.

    has anyone delt with these people? If so it would be great to hear from you so I can show my husband. I have looked for them on line but have not found anything in connection with this group.

  12. Ok I just received an email from APPS Portal a company that sells cell phones as a third party. Of course they claim you can make a good income but they want 39.00 up front. Sounds risky and I wondered if anyone has heard of this company? They ha a short video clip that shows the income that can be made by going into someone named Dave’s account.


  13. Just so you all know. Stay away from the John Beck Property thing. My husband ordered it thinking that it would be easy and cost little money. but then after we got it we were told that we had to have a membership to his property vault which by the way was $39.95 a month, then you had to go to a 3 day boot camp which was $2300.00 all of this on top of the $50.00 you spend to have him send you 8 dics which really tell you nothing.
    i got them in the mail yesterday (Larry- husband ordered it) and right away canceled it. they were nice about it. but the also wanted me to pay for a return recipt “just in case it gets lost in the mail.” So we will be getting our $50.00 back.

  14. Lynn listen to Joe! just enter Rebate Processing on any search engine/IVETRIEDTHAT process rebates and you will see numerous complaints on this misleading scam that doesn’t give back the money back guarantee either. STAY AWAY BEWARE you won’t be sorry.

  15. So far the Panda Research site seems to be filled with promotions where you pay for items to review. With all the information out there regarding sites that ask for money I am a little skeptical. There is a site that AOL is promoting called Working Solutions. I applied and took the first test and have not heard anything as of yet. Has anyone had any experience with this company?

  16. Hey have any of you done the rebates thing. where you prossess rebates for people. And if so is it at all worth it. can you actually make money from this. Or is this yet agian a scam?
    I am looking into it. have not actually signed up for anything as of yet. The only one I went to so far is asking for $157.00. I am not expecting something for nothing. i realize being a stay at home mom for the past 19 years im a little out of the loop. But sence when do you have to pay to get a job?

    I guess like all of you I need help. ok so maybe I need a little more help.

    • Lynn, I would stay away from rebate processing. It’s definitely not a “job,” if that’s what they’re still calling them. And you’re not processing rebates for big companies. The “rebate” turns out to be part of your commission that you send back to the buyer, IF you make a sale. Read our posts about rebate processing by clicking here. Don’t miss the “Previous Stories” heading for more information.

  17. I signed up for a sit called I have read several reviews that is not legit. Has anayone heard anything about this?


  18. My greatest thanks too to you guys. Your web site i must say i the best thing i have discovered online in a long time. i have been browsing the internet forever trying to find something that works. and when i stumbled upon while searching for a review about PPD all my questions were ansered and much more. i have yet to attempt any because i am still absorbed in the reviews on your site, but im confident that after arming myself with your priceless info i will soon enough be bring in a healthy income just by using my comp. thank you so much, i prolly would have given up if not for you.

    thnks again, and please for all our sake keep up the good work! and also i almost forgot i would love to contribute to all your hard work and show my appreciation, pls let me know if there is any way to donate to your web site. thnks

    • Wow, Bill! Thanks. Nobody has ever asked us for a way to contribute before. That’s really amazingly generous of you. The best thing you can do to help is help spread the word. Tell everyone you can about I’ve Tried That. Thanks again.

  19. I began looking at “rebate processing” when I lost my job last year and had already ruled it out as scams. Thank you for offering a resource to research online/work at home jobs.Another very good resource for listing scams & not recommended as well as legit possibilities is “WorkatHomeTruth”. They have saved me money several times by researching their site or emailing questions before I dive in! Between these two websites I feel better about looking for online income. I would be interested in reading comments on work that actually pays instead of costs. MOST work at home people are not afraid of work but spend more time weeding out scams. Feel free to email me with legit work. We can all use the money these days.
    Thanks for “”

  20. I too have a question about just who to believe when it comes to home business. I have not invested a dime but I would be very wealthy if I was paid for all the research I’ve done over the last several months. I work full time, thank goodness, but would really like to find something legitimate that could grow into something full time. I am not looking for a get-rich-quick outlet just something with integrity. I am going to check out your recommendations and will get back to you.


  21. I like your site and I trust your reports of what is and isn’t a scam, but…selling ebooks? Really? At least yours is cheap and the ad for it is pretty straightforward, but the page for In Your PJs looks more or less exactly like every other ebook scam out there.

    • I agree, Kyra. We had to swallow hard when we decided we liked the book and would promote it. In fact, it wasn’t easy getting to “like” when everything on the PJs page screams STAY AWAY! The reason pages like these all look the same is that they’re all trying to capitalize on proven sales techniques. Ours tries, too, we just do it badly.

  22. Anyone try working for I applied to be one of their Guides, but then thought better of it. A lot of time online for a few cents; seemed difficult to acquire a significant income for the amount of time expended. Any feedback?

  23. Great site for honest reviews. In reply to everyone asking, yes, you can actually make money from home. HOWEVER, the only legitimate work I’ve been able to obtain came from my skills as a transcriptionist. There are plenty of companies out there who hire transcriptionists to work from home. The only problem I’ve encountered in building my transcription business is finding qualified transcriptionists to work for me. I’ve read ads for cheap ebooks promising that anyone can do this. Trust me, that is absolutely not the case. Besides being an accurate and fast typist, you must have excellent English grammar and punctuation skills, as well as a good ear. Most general transcription work falls under the “verbatim” category, which means you must type every, uh, um, er, etc. exactly as it is spoken.

    Medical transcriptionist is another way to go, but involves even further training in medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, etc.

    I do both types of transcription and am offered more work than I can handle. However, I’ve been doing this type of work for 30 years and still earn way less than I did at my corporate job. Personal circumstances make it impossible to work a full-time job outside the home, so my transcription skills have been a blessing for me.

    I’ve lost so much money on all of the MLM’s, affiliate marketing, gifting, and every other scam out there that I don’t even want to add it up (it’s in the thousands). I’m sure some people do quite well — mostly, those who don’t mind ripping people off for a living.

    I’m in the process of putting together a training manual for transcriptionists. It won’t be a bunch of garbage, but real tools for building your skills so you can obtain “real” employment online.

    I guess my whole point is, look to what skills you already have or would enjoy learning, and you really might be able to work from home. You won’t get rich. There are of course, tax advantages to be realized, as well as the savings that come from not commuting, clothes, lunches out, etc.

    If anyone is interested in my training course, once I finish it, just contact me through my website. It’s not posted there yet because I’m still putting the finishing touches on it. However, just contact me through the site and I’ll let you know when it’s ready. If you can pass my course, I’ll hire you!!! You would not believe the poor quality of work that I’ve received from people claiming to have years of experience. It really isn’t that difficult, but does require focus and concentration in addition to the skills already mentioned. I’ve given up posting ads on Craig’s List or going to the transcription forums for help. I really think anyone with a keyboard believes they have the necessary skills to provide transcription services. Again — sooo not true.

    Good luck!

    Janet Shaughnessy

  24. I’m wondering too, do Google Adsense and Adwork work, enabling one to make some money from home by working online? I see the Ads all the time, but am skeptical at best, but I really desire to find some plan that WORKS & is HONEST! Any suggestions.

    CD. Brown

  25. So I keep coming back to this site. For some reason I dont know I just trust it. At least I trust it more then all the others that are like it.
    Either way, I was wondering if Google adsense or adword really works? If it does how well, and is it worth the money. Also is there any free advertising that you know of due to the fact that I am quite poor, and don’t really have the money to invest in a chance.

  26. I was scammed by Canadian Homeworker Review.I sent out 46 letters out and I have received 20 back since I sent them out Dec.2,08 .They were marked No such address…yes I rechecked the addresses.I also sent a $50 money order to Cuddly Cows To put together cows….My letter came back no such business.I just miss honesty in business.I wanted to get a job online because my disability restricts me a lot…The bummer is,I sent out so many applications that my son and I were sure I had a job. Without it I can not live with my son, I had to move out of town for health reasons. I hope you will warn others about them.

  27. Hi, I would like to order your ebook called, “The Complete Guide to Telecommuting” but its in PDF form and I can olny read stuff in html form. I couldn’t even download tax forms because they were all in PDF form. What can I do to read PDF format? Can I download some kind of program or what? Thanks for you help.


  28. I’m looking for information to become a 3rd party tracer for Hud refunds. Hud is not helpful, as they will not provide any information to 3rd parties. I have been e-mailing American Faster Refund Services, with no respond. Does anyone know anything about them. Are they for real, do they deliver on purchases. Is there any site to get the Hud form for the homeowner’s refund. Thanks

  29. THANKS for creating this VERY helpful blog that apparently is saving a great deal of people wasting their money on one or more of those plentiful online scams. I bought your book out of respect for the time you have invested into this aid and am looking forward to reading it!

  30. Good, good stuff! I am delighted that I came upon your site. Thanks a ton for your info and insight. I will return a few times. All the best to you!

  31. josmariz ivetriedthat refers good companies because they’ve tried the ones they recommend or buy their e-book of companies, Ripoff Report is another good place to check out scams/frauds, you have to watch the BBB because not all scam/fraud companies are on their site only ones reported plus if the company is donating money to the BBB (WHICH IS HOW THEY STAY IN BUSINESS)they might side with the company and not have a unsatisfactory report or just enter the company/owner name in websearch and anything related to that name will come up as well as the phone number too. Other than that 90% of Home Buisness offers are scam/fraud/misleading like they say if it’s to good to be true it is some kind of scam/misleading offer. Good Luck

  32. I came accross this site looking for a legit work from home opportunity, and I’ve read the information posted regarding ‘scams’ which is very helful.
    But may I ask do I know that the sites you recommend are honest places to work ? Is there a place to check this Companies, such as Better Business Bureau or a similar organization ?
    I have taken all the precautions not to get scammed and still I lost money…threfore, at this point, I don’t know who else to believe.

  33. BEWARE of this company called Image Incentives Tempe,AZ(aka Smart Advertising Solutions) cold calling people claiming that we signed up for something with their company for a home business , but they actually bought peoples info from a broker list that Cutting Edge Media Inc. is selling to telemarketers.(480)588-0703 is one of the numbers used mostly to cold call people at home, work amd cell phones to get rich at home with their program. Smart Advertising Solutions has a postcard fraud with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office which they paid $250,000.00 to clear up and are now changing their name to Image Incentives Tempe,AZ but is using SAS’ address. The message they leave states we signed up for something with their company somewhere and that’s why their calling you but actually bought your info from a broker list that Cutting Edge Media Inc. got suspiciously, claims to be on AZBBB as Image Incentives but nobody can find any such business when searching for them like AZ Attorney Generals Office and City Hall of Tempe,AZ business tax & license dept. , stating they are a New business,new owners and new employees which if you look at the owner on AZBBB for Smart Advertising Solutions it’s the same guy , look on Ripoff Report and find responses from a Senior Account Mgr. called Drummer who has conflicting response answers about Image Incentives/SAS and still works for them when response stated it has new employees too plus also now claims after a posting about them buying peoples info from a list it’s not our fault we buy peoples info from a broker list that we never signed up for but your company is claiming we did(plus most of us on the list are on the DNC list), check the number 480-588-0703 and 800-878-0936(that is left on aswering messages and on Ripoff Report response by their senior acct. mgr) in a websearch and it should go to their company info but instead goes to websites full of people complaining about this number/company cold calling them about a get rich from home program that we signed up for and never did any such thing. Another work at home scam/misleading company that states we are making false claims about them but anybody can check out this information with any of these places and you will see who is making false claims about who. Remember BEWARE of calls from Image Incentives aka Smart Advertising Solutions Tempe,AZ.


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