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Are Home Typing Jobs a Scam?

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The Bad / Home typing and data entry jobs are being masqueraded as ways to make millions online by filling in forms. Real home typing jobs are almost impossible to find and usually don't pay more than minimum wage.

My Recommendation / Stop looking for something that doesn't exist. Easy work is outsourced to overseas companies who will work for pennies on the dollar. You just can't compete and you certainly won't get rich by doing it. We recommend you learn how to build a real, sustainable business online with our top recommendation. Review

We just couldn’t do it, y’all. Even though we promised here to review home typing jobs, the top search results are so blatantly misleading that we couldn’t bring ourselves to sign up. Not only are we certain that home typing jobs sites are are lying, but we also don’t want to give personal information and credit card numbers to dishonest people.

So we can’t claim to have tried what we’re about to trash. It’s just our collective opinion. Take that for what it’s worth. However, we are writing from lots of experience with sites that are long on hype and short on delivery. is like all the others we’ve seen before. This post is an analysis of the red flags that are all over the site, not an insider’s review of the program.

Can You Make Money with
No. Well, a very few will. In fact, if you choose to pursue the program that you bought, you’ll end up spending money, not earning it. That’s because you won’t be doing “typing jobs” at all. You’ll be doing affiliate marketing.

There are tons of sites offering to sell you the secrets of getting rich by typing at home. The link above includes a list of the top search results for “home typiing jobs,” each of them pretty much the same. Why settle on It’s very simple: because of the gorgeous babe at the top of the page. Oh, be still, my heart! If I’m going to spend a lot of time looking at a site to dissect it, I might as well look at her instead of the cheesy stock photos and ugly snapshots at

What You Mean by “Typist Jobs”
When you go to Google looking for “home typing jobs,” here’s what you imagine: You think you’ll get hooked up with some company that needs you to type up paper documents to digitize them. Or maybe a law firm that needs you to transcribe audio files. You think you’ll do, you know, typing. You also believe that, in return for your work, you’ll get a paycheck. That’s what “job” means, after all.

Sites like know this is what you’re looking for, and they use that knowledge to take your money. They know you’ll ask yourself, “Is this legitimate? Is it really possible?” They also know most people won’t think to ask, “Will I really be doing typing work? Will I get paid by the hour or based on my volume?”

What They Mean by “Typist Jobs”
You see, they let you think that their definition of “typist jobs” is the same as yours. That assumption is what gets people to take out their credit cards. But when you complain that they lied to you, they’ll say you misunderstood. To them, “typist jobs” means: “Creating affiliate ads and then sending them all over the Net.” To them, “getting paid” means: “Commissions you get if someone clicks on your ad and then buys what it offers.”

If that’s what you want to do, go for it. Lots of people make money online with affiliate ads, and if you’re going to get into it, you might as well start by buying from the page with the beautiful woman.

But if that’s not what you had in mind when you searched for typing jobs, run fast, run far. is chock full of red flags that shout, YOU ARE BEING MISLED. Here are some of them:

  • It claims you can make “$200, $500,or even $1,000 – EVERY single day, working
    just 15-30 minutes a day!

    It should go without saying, but it doesn’t: life doesn’t work that way, folks. You’re not going to get rich with no effort. Unless you’re Paris Hilton or a smoking-hot 22-year-old female friend of Eliot Spitzer, that’s true all the time.
  • The words, “…doing data entry.”
    In our experience, this phrase is a dead giveaway. It’s a virtual guarantee that you won’t be doing “data entry” in the way you think of it. I once worked at the IRS. Now THAT’s data entry. Those people type so fast it makes you dizzy. And they made about $9 an hour. (See list of approved data entry jobs here.)
  • The words, “…99% of them are total scams!.”
    But this one isn’t. Really! We promise! They pretend to be your friend by acknowledging what you already suspect: that you’re being scammed. This is a “good-cop” strategy meant to tear down your defenses.
  • The “proof” of earnings.
    Every site that tries to sell you a money-making program includes a picture like the one on the page as if that proves anything. But was less careful than most sites. They left the word “Clickbank” on the graph, which shows that we are in fact dealing with affiliate marketing, not typing. Those may very well be real earnings, but they’re not from filling out forms. They probably come from selling the “home typing” program to desperate people.
  • Real typing jobs have speed requirements.
    If you’ve ever applied for a real typing or data entry job, you know that the employer wants to see proof of how fast you can type. If you’re slower than 70 words a minute, you won’t even get a second look from a potential employer. That’s the nature of real typing jobs. Sites like this one and many others insist that you don’t need any special skills. That’s like a company setting out to hire a computer programmer and saying, “No programming skills necessary.”

Further Proof of Affiliate Marketing
We sometimes take a lot of heat for reviewing a program that we haven’t actually tried. However, when it comes to websites like these, we know what we’re dealing with because we’ve already seen it all. To emphasize my point, take for example a screen shot of a “sample” entry form for your “home typing” job. (It’s found at the bottom of the FAQ page) The site leads you to believe that all you have to do is fill in this form and get paid. What they fail to tell you is that after you fill in the form, you’ll have to spend quite a few dollars in order to get an advertisement up and running through Google Adwords. Ad Group

Google Adwords

Notice the similarities? The screen shots aren’t matching exactly because the sample form used by is a few years old. You could say that it’s pretty convenient that they “forgot” to add in the Google Adwords logo, but I say it’s a deceptive ploy to scam you out of money.

The Bottom Line
You likely won’t make any money as a home typist or a home data entry clerk. It’s not you. You’re more than qualified. It’s that the work is often outsourced or you have tens of thousands of qualified people fighting over 1 spot that likely doesn’t pay over minimum wage.

51 thoughts on “Are Home Typing Jobs a Scam?”

  1. It’s stupid to try for those data entry jobs. They impose impossible accuracy targets. The calculation of the errors is completely insane. So, my suggestion is not fall as a prey for them. They simply make money from your initial investment and you will never be able to make any money out of it.

  2. The website “www (dot) typing – home – jobs (dot) com” is a scam. I don’t put the whole link in as all one word because I don’t want to link build or promote their website. it has hyphens in between each word as above. This is their well advertised, seo’d sales site.

    I was out of work one day and checked all the details of the job advertised on the sales site above, by emailing and being patient enough to wait days for a full response, rather than risk the fee of £25.99. Satisfied with “Susan’s” response, a rep from ‘typing-home-jobs’ I paid the fee on Jan 15th 2016.

    After being given login details to their “training” site “www e-commercehome (dot) com/” I soon saw that it was everything she told me it wasn’t. It was affiliate marketing mainly and contrary to what her site says, you also have to apply for the jobs yourselves, all of which can be found on the first page of Google for the search term ‘typing jobs from home’. All she did was put a long list of URL’s for each tab of her site, and charge you for her copy and pasting escapades.

    When I asked for a refund, she declined, threatening legal action if I requested a chargeback from my bank. So what did I do? Paying with a visa debit card at TSB, I told her that if she did not refund me by her own free will, I would issue her a chargeback claim and her payment processor, Stripe Inc, would charge her an additional £15. So I told her she had until the bank opened on the following Monday GMT, that if my money was not refunded, I would issue the chargeback, she would be fined extra, and I wrote again write in to boast of my victory as VISA protects me up to £100 for services/goods not received.

    I got the refund today.

    Lesson learned.

  3. I am looking for Computer typist job on online / offline data entry from home with genuine company. If any good company rely on my interest can conduct a test to prove my skills. Then other matters may be followed.

  4. I am in a lot of debt. I am in desperate need of money. I need to know about Is it what it really says it is? If i need to start it then?
    If there is anyone who has registered with site, share your experience. How much do you to work per day? How much can you earn and what sort of work do you have to do? Please tell me i m in great difficulty. Give me advise if this good one. Or it is a fraud.

  5. I am getting mixed messages from this whole scene. What were the other options? Also, inbound calling is nit a bad idea. The lady before stated she doesn’t like to bother people. Inbound is where they call you. I did telemarketing for a couple of years. Point me in the right direction for that. I’ll bite. What’s with ratracerebellion anyway? What do they do? I’ve searched for 2 months almost. I know there’s potential, but where? Please help if you can. Thanks. Tlctoo :0)

  6. If you guys are truely looking for legit work at home jobs then check out
    There are a lot of jobs posted on there.

  7. BTW, have anyone heard of Process Rebates? Can you tell me about it, they claim to pay $13/rebate entry from affiliated companies, start up cost is $197. Is it real or scam?

  8. I am looking for something to do on spare time. I just opened a cafe, of course in this economy it’s not doing as good as it should, so I do have free time when we don’t have customers. I’m looking for any type of data entry jobs that is legit of course. I don’t mind paying for their start up fees, but i don’t want those click-to-pay type of deals. I’ve done networking before where I paid start up fees and license fees and had great returns, so I don’t believe that anything you have to pay first to make money are scams. I mean, I paid money to start my cafe, my cafe is not a scam.

    All in all, I’m searching for real data entry jobs where I can get pay real money. I don’t need $1000/day like most of those websites claims (most seem so unreal anyway), but I do need something to supplement my income. Can anyone help?

    BTW, Joe, thanks for all the info, I had submitted my app. to the first 2 companies you recommended, hopefully it turns out ok.

  9. Hey, Mike are you doing Google Adwords or are you posting free ads? Can you tell us how long it took you to start earning and atleast the minimum amount. I am in a similar sitaution like you.. Please helP!

  10. oh, really what i am thinking in mind, the same thing you have written in this. I am a profnl. typist. In this field i’ve above 25 years experienced. for the past above five years i am doing in ms word and excel. i’ve seen many attracting and hopeless adv. in the net. but nobody could say what you have said like the employee’s real skill according to their. hence it is very welcome and hopeful many people like me.
    with regards and blessings.

    t kumaresan

  11. Also reed the disclamer at the bottom of the site. It usually says something like “There is no guarantee that you will earn ANY MONEY! using our techniques and ideas related in the training material”

  12. Scam! Any site where there is a fee to get started is a big sign. Also if they gurantee to pay you so much money for posting ads or data why even have a fee at all? No to mention it requires no education, skill level, nor does it have any age verification or anything on it. No call number ethier!

    Why do all typist jobs say their start up fee is only for a limited of time and will go up next month? Umm to try and trcik people into think they’re getting a deal so they’ll join now. The price won’t go up next month, it will say the same all year. Scam!

  13. Hi, what do you guys think of
    I’ve been thinking of registering to it since it sound like a good deal, but like I don’t want to give my information out if its only a scam.

  14. I want to joint typist .net – to date they are the “only” people who responds to questions on e-mail (all questions). If you are bad mouthing these Companies – do you then have an alternative fo us who really want a legitamate work from home oppertunity???

  15. I am interested at doing something from home that may have a low start up cost and doesn’t include affilate marketing. The angela stevens or whatever her name is sounds really good but i have read your adds and am leaning toward not doing that anymore it 197 that i dont have to loose. I really need something to stay at home and do are there and legit jobs that I can do at home?

  16. Hi Guys,

    Haven’t chatted with you for awhile, but did pass on some information to a friend of mine who I still think is being scammed, she simply would not listen. Everytime I see her she tells me that the person who is helping her needs more money. Very frustrating.

    She wanted her own web site so she could sell computers and supplies, I told her that there are sites out there that are legitimate but they won’t charge you an arm and a leg. She has paid upwards of 5000 dollars so far. Very scared for her.

    Anyway, thank you for helping me keep from making a mistake, several as a matter of fact.

    I did find a real publisher and am doing editing for her, however, the jobs are few and far between. Are there any places that are legitimate for proofreading or editing. I don’t mind typing either. Seems I have a penchant for it.

    Thanks guys.

  17. Willis, sorry about the confusion. The book has had literally a dozen prices during its lifetime. Neither of those prices is now accurate. Click the “Store” tab at the top of this page to get the real story and price.

  18. Steve or Joe:
    You are doing a great service, with your website. Thanks. On April 9th 2008 page( Are Home Typing Jobs A Scam?) part way down page you offer your e-book for $5.95. Farther on down the page, you offer it again for $9.95. Which is the right price? Thanks, for your time, and a great job.

  19. Call me picky but thats something I dont want to do. I hate the fact that I bug people. I hate when telemarketers call me. I was really hoping to find something easy to do like type but after reading alot on your page there seems to be not alot of options on that. I am a stay at home mom and want to try to keep like that for about another year or so till my little one gets bigger. And I also only have a cell phone and not a home phone soooo I dont think that would work out anyway.

  20. What kind of skills do you have, Aileen? Are you willing to do inbound customer service calls? Let us know and we might be able to point you in the right direction.

  21. With all these scams and fake people commenting on this page I dont know who to believe anymore. I have been searching online for two days now to make sure I get the correct answer to who’s scamming who, if I am going to make the right choice as to choosing a job online or not. We are tight on money and right now my only option looks like I should just go get out and find a job on my own… its ridiculous and it gives me a headache. I would like to find a job online so that I can stay as a stay at home mom but who knows now…

  22. Ok…everything these days is a scam…I am in a lot of debt…and i pay everything on time…but if i dont pay it off soon i will be in big trouble…is there any kind of work at home job that is real and will actually pay me?? PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE help.

  23. Hi Loretta. Are you the woman at the top of If so, I’m available. If not, I’m married to someone as beautiful as her.

  24. Ok, I do like you Joe.I am a fairly new reader but I have to admit, You are a Good Guy and do give good advice.
    So tell us Joe, are you single??
    Married? Divorced?
    What’s the scoop if you don’t mind?
    Aside from business of course… HaHa…

  25. Hey Tiger,
    Calling me out? You’re quite the hero, aren’t you? We’ve talked so often about what we’re promoting that our regular readers have bought our ebook just to shut us up! We’ve been very unsubtle about promoting ourselves. You’re like the guy who walks into a costume party and says, “All right, what’s really going on here? Million to one you’re not really Superman, dude.” :)

  26. Joe,the owner of this website has some kind of agenda.So what is it Joe? No one just makes a forum to put down other companies because he’s bored.I’m calling you out on this Joe.
    What is it that are you promoting?
    Just get to the point and be honest.
    Well lets see if Joe prints this first.
    A million says i’m right about this one.

  27. the companies that you choose do pay you for advertising for them and even some of them pay you for just putting an ad out for them. If you are so interested in this why don’t you try it for yourself and find out more details on your own……..

  28. The first paragraph clearly states that we didn’t try it. You’re posting affiliate ads and/or Google ads, I see. Do the companies pay you for every ad you post?

  29. With I post ads for the companies that is provided to me and the companies that i choose to work for pay me for my efforts and such. But since you have tried this as you say, you should know all about what i do to get paid. RIGHT…. I am doing just fine with this comapny, quite frankly really gettin tired of everyone saying this is a scam, if this keeps up i will not have a job it will be shut down and I really can not afford this, because this is my income beside disability, every little bit helps no a days with the economy the way it is.

  30. i am a disabled man of 35 and a father of 2. I stay at home with my kids and have looked so many times for different work at home jobs, and was having no luck, til i found It at first I thought was a scam, it seemed to good to be true for as little as you pay. I seen many sites out there that was charging you hundreds, just to work for them. I read every little detail on the site and final joined with and had bad luck for a couple weeks. I started emailing the support team and anyone i could get to answer. Finally got an answer and they helped me to succeed in making money. Now i have been with the company for a little over a year and I am making enough money to pay my bills and still have enough to have fun and take my family out once in a while.

  31. Hey guys. Why don’t you stick to google adsense. Well you have to make your own site though and nurture it. hehe anyways im earning there.

  32. You might be right, beej. But I left Carol’s comment and link in the hopes that she’s really the babe shown at the top of! I mean, there’s a chance, right? And if I leave up the link, maybe we can meet someday.

  33. I mean… come on! She put the link to right into her comment URL (hover mouse over her name).

    Duh. Spotting a scammer a mile away is easy.

  34. I think “Carol” is a phony baloney trying to give a postive spin on the negatively-reviewed site (as an affiliate, duh), to boost signups.

    Either that, or she understands very little English :P


  35. Thank you so much for the post
    I live in Canada and found a similar ad in a Chinese free newspaper in the supermarket.It has the same claims in Chinese:make over $2000 monthly filling out forms,basic knowledge of English,speed of typing not important,make $69 refering clients.I called the 212 number which should be New York.It was a recording.It seems I need to buy some sort of program.(My Mandarin Chinese is not that good)I was told to call another number beginning with 954 (which should be in Florida) for details.I went online and found your web-site.You are informative and humorous,a rare combination.I am not going to call the 954 number now.You have exposed a scam and should be considered a hero!

  36. Well you said “You won’t be doing typing jobs–you’ll have bought instructions on how to do affiliate marketing”.
    This did not sound negative to me?
    I already joined so its too late now.
    Anyways,so far so good!

  37. Carol, we must not be communicating clearly. Our review advises everyone to stay away from You won’t be doing typing jobs–you’ll have bought instructions on how to do affiliate marketing. We believe you’ll end up spending money, not making it.

    I suspect you’re talking about good reviews and comments on sites that are promoting home typing jobs.

  38. Hi there,
    Yes I read the reviews and good comments.Just wanted to make sure it was not a scam!
    Thank you for the good advice.
    I am going to sign up now!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  39. Carol, Did you read the review? If you’re expecting to do actual typing at home, I suggest staying away. However, if you are signing up to learn something about affiliate marketing, this is as good a choice as any other paid site. Best of luck.

  40. I found an ad in the newspaper looking for at home typists. They say that it takes about 3 hours per day to make an average of $400/week. I was wondering if anyone had heard of them?

  41. I am looking for Computer typist job on online If any good company rely on my interest can conduct a test to prove my skills.


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