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10 Types of Work From Home Overnight Jobs

A couple of days ago I mentioned several ways you can get paid to sleep, but then I thought – what about the night owls amongst us? I can think of a lot of reasons why work from home overnight jobs have become popular amongst people from nearly all walks of life. These types of jobs offer a lot of flexibility.

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Here’s why:

Say you’re a stay at home parent during the day but still want to generate an income for your family – working a couple of hours at night when the kids are asleep could be perfect for that.

Or, maybe you’re a bit of an insomniac who’s up all hours of the night anyway and you might as well spend that time making some extra money.

Whatever your situation, there are plenty of overnight work from home jobs out there that could be a fit for your skills and schedule.

Most of these will require at least a laptop and a steady internet connection, of course. I did some research and picked 10 types of overnight jobs that I think covers a wide range of skills and interests. But I tried to mostly stick to the ones that are easy to get into and don’t require a ton of experience in any particular field.

Take a look.

Types of Work From Home Overnight Jobs

1. Online English Teachers

In many non-speaking countries, English teachers are still heavily sought after and if you decide to go down this path then you can earn a sizable income from teaching classes for an hour or two every day.

You’ll likely have to plan lessons ahead of time as well and maybe mark homework or tests, which is extra time that some companies don’t pay for – so watch out for that.

Also, keep your time-zone in mind when picking a company or class.

In terms of qualifications, most companies require a TESOL/TEFL certificate and that you’re a native English speaker.

Here are 17 companies currently hiring online English teachers.

2. Hotline Operators

Operators have all sorts of responsibilities depending on the type of hotline you’re working for.

But whether it’s a suicide hotline or crisis intervention hotline, you’ll need to have patience, good telephone etiquette, and be able to help a distraught person in a calm manner.

Most hotline operators will have to go through training and also learn their specific company/field’s best practices.

If you don’t think you are emotionally ready to provide this type of service then you could look into other types of hotline operator jobs like in sales fraud.

3. Customer Service Agents

Some call centers need to be operational 24/7 and so customer service agents can work at night too, believe it or not.

International companies don’t always have call centers in every country they do business in, opening up an opportunity for you to join the “night shift” at a call center.

A lot of these companies, like Aira have home office technical requirements and standards that you would need to meet. You will likely also have to go through training and learn the company’s policies.

My full list of customer service jobs can be found here.

4. Social Media Page Moderators

Moderators are up at all hours of the night, answering questions and deleting inappropriate comments that break a page’s rules. And yes, this is very much a legitimate job now – it’s work that someone needs to do after all.

Don’t expect to become the moderator of a meme page or tattoo subreddit, though. If you want to get paid then you’ll get hired by a company that wants someone to moderate their social pages (which could include their own subreddit) at night when no one is in the office.

Sometimes, social media companies hire moderators as well. Facebook, for instance, planned to hire 3000 new moderators between 2017/2018. I have no idea if they ever actually did hire that many, though.

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5. Video Game Testers

These people probably have one of the most fun jobs out there, but I guess playing games are still less fun when it’s work.

Studios and publishers periodically hire testers for the games they’re working on to get feedback on game mechanics, bugs, and so on. You will likely get a long list of things to look out for and will have to log any bugs you encounter and deliver a final breakdown of what you thought of the game.

Keep in mind that this is a very competitive space, and while you don’t need experience as a game tester to get in, it will certainly count in your favor.

Check out these 9 ways to get paid to play video games.

6. Online Tutors

Tutors can teach others a specific skill via online videos.

You don’t have to start your own tutoring business if you don’t want to either. There are places like Udemy and Skillshare that allow for a massive variety in the types of tutoring options available to you, from helping kids with math or college admissions to teaching an instrument or helping people learn how to do their taxes.

There are more traditional video call tutoring setups available as well through companies like Chegg.

See all the companies that offer online tutoring jobs here.

7. Transcriptionists

Transcriptionists are usually free to work at whatever time of the day they want so long as they deliver the transcriptions by the set deadline.

There are a few websites that specifically cater to this type of job, including GMR Transcription and Quicktate. Some companies have more requirements than others – GMR, in particular, is friendly to newbies although you’ll get paid less than someone with experience.

These 19 companies are currently looking to fill positions for online transcription jobs.

8. Virtual Assistants

VA’s who have clients in distant countries are pretty much assured of night-time working hours depending on the difference in time-zones.

The number of hours you’re required to work per day will depend on your client’s needs, but generally, this type of jobs is more geared towards someone who wants to work 4+ hours a night and so it might not be the best option if you’re just looking for some extra income after a full day job.

See all open virtual assistant jobs here.

9. Data Entry

This is another entirely viable work from home overnight job for night owls. This job doesn’t require that you work with people or between certain hours.

Data entry encompasses different forms of data (the type and volume depends on the company) that you will have to enter into a database or some sort of documentation platform.

This is one of the easiest types of part-time and full-time flexible jobs to get into as well, because it just requires that you have a computer and are able to type.

I found 17 companies that are currently looking to fill data entry positions.

10. Freelancing

Freelancers usually have some of the most flexible working hours depending on what they do and the clients they have.

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Some of the jobs I’ve mentioned here fall under the “freelancing” banner, but I also wanted to mention freelancing in its entirety because most of the time you can choose your own working hours.

You also have jobs in pretty much every industry available to you, save the ones that are customer-facing or require physical work.

How To Find A Credible Overnight Job

While some places will offer work from home jobs that require you put in night-time hours (such as the call center option), most won’t specify any working hours and would be happy to let you work at night so long as you fulfill your responsibilities.

Your best bet for finding flexible jobs that you can do from home at night will be freelancing sites like Flexjobs and Upwork. But don’t overlook the many companies out there that don’t advertise on these sites. It will take a bit of digging but they’re not too hard to find.

Just always make sure to verify whether the company is legitimate by going through their website, looking at reviews, and typing their name + scam into a search engine.

I’ve also tested a number of companies that claim to offer legitimate work from home jobs but end up being scams myself. So feel free to search the name on IveTriedThat to see if anything comes up. Ripoff Report is another good place you can check, especially if the company has any sort of “sign-on fee”.

Sometimes legitimate companies do have fees that you need to pay upfront, but more often than not those are scams. Our rule is to never pay for access to a job or for the training required to do a job – if they’re not willing to provide that at no charge then they’re not worth your time.

The Bottom Line

Work from home overnight jobs offer legitimate opportunities to make side-cash from working for an hour or two at night. Of course, if you’re looking for full-time night shift work then most of the options I’ve listed here are just as solid in that respect too.

You might also have noticed that I didn’t mention any writing jobs here, and that’s because there’s such a big variety in terms of the types of writing jobs you could apply for. Not to mention a constant demand. If you want to turn your writing skills into cash then take a look at this list of work from home copywriting jobs.

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  1. I started with data entry work. I worked for 1 year and then I moved to SEO section. I believe if anyone doesn’t have the patience and eagerness to learn new things, he or she cannot improve in freelancing. Nothing comes with a rose bed.


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