Etsy vs. eBay: Which Platform is Best for Sellers?

If you’re trying to be an online seller and is on a mission to decide between Etsy vs. eBay as a marketplace to focus your efforts on, you’re on the right path.

Many sellers skip this step, jumping head first into an environment they’re not really familiar with.

The problem occurs when they find out later in the game that the marketplace they chose isn’t really compatible with the niche of their items for sale or the type of audience active in that platform.

If you want to reap the most benefits in terms of sales and market reach, which marketplace do you choose?

Read on for a comprehensive comparison of Etsy vs. eBay from a seller’s perspective…

Etsy vs. eBay Target Market

Etsy and eBay are very different marketplaces.

If you already have an idea of what you’re going to sell, choosing between Etsy vs. eBay is easy.

Etsy is home to many creative people who sell their handmade items on the platform.

The website encourages made-to-order and customization of items, but do not allow second-hand items.

As such, the buyers you see at Etsy are expecting to find unique items, supplies for arts and crafts, or vintage items (that are over 20 years or older).

On the other hand, eBay is a monster when it comes to online selling.

You can list any kind of item there, as long as it isn’t illegal. Sellers who are planning to sell a wide range of items can do so without question.

Etsy vs. eBay Seller’s Fees

I understand why listing cost is a concern for you.

Fees will affect your business, even if it involves only cents per listing. These fees add up real quick, especially if you’re selling in bulk.

Etsy follows a simple seller’s fee:

  • No joining/membership fee (start a store right away FREE)
  • Pay Etsy $0.20 for every listing you post. It can stay online up to 4 months or once you sell the item. You’d have to pay another $0.20 if you’re going to re-list the item.
  • Pay Etsy 3.5% of the item’s price if someone buys the item.

eBay has a bit more fees than Etsy. The fees also vary if you’re just an individual selling items on eBay, or if you decide to open an eBay store.

  • Membership fee for personal-use eBay is free, while an eBay store has a flat-fee depending on the type of plan you choose.
  • eBay gets $0.20 for every item listed. It is valid for 30 days.
  • Final value fees (transaction fee per listing) also vary with each category, but it ranges from 8% to 15% of the sale price.
  • eBay also gets a cut on the amount you charge customers for shipping.

eBay stores do have some benefits over personal-use eBay, such as free listings monthly and zero transaction fees, among others.

If possible, don’t stick to only fees when choosing the marketplace to build on.

Check out the pros and cons of Etsy, as well as the pros and cons of eBay to get a deeper understanding of how each platform could be the right or wrong one for your business.

Pros and Cons of Etsy

Etsy is home to over 40 million active members.

It is definitely a lot smaller than eBay in terms of membership size, but this is one of the things that make Etsy special.

Niche audience

The best thing about Etsy is that the people who visit this website are divided into two groups

  • those who explores the listings in hope of finding something special, and
  • those who know exactly what they need (supplies for jewelry making, or sewing patterns, etc.)

The buyers at Etsy are not looking for mass-produced stuff. They know that the marketplace features thousands of artsy, creative people from glass-blowing artists, painters, pottery masters, and so on.

User-friendly set-up

If this is the first time you’ve joined an online marketplace, Etsy won’t make you feel like a total beginner.

Instead, you can quickly set-up your listing, payment options, shipping details, and other store elements without CSS or coding knowledge.

A community of helpful folk

Etsy has a reliable customer support.

Plus, the site also has an active forum, where many sellers and buyers alike hang out.

Selling on Etsy Cons

The main reason why people get turned off by Etsy is that it still adds two kinds of fees on every listing (listing charge and finale sale fee).

Unfortunately, there’s no going around these fees.

Branding and standing out on Etsy can be hard when you’re starting out. This is because the listings look exactly the same – there are no customization options available.

The only way to get a bit of an edge over your competition is to take gorgeous product photos and produce eye-catchy graphic design.

Pros and Cons of eBay

eBay is the largest online buy-and-sell marketplace in the world.

It is home to 25 million sellers and an outstanding 75 million buyers.

List Products Effortlessly

eBay has been around since 1995.

Imagine how many times the company has improved the method of listing products.

Even if you’re new to eBay, you can list products as quickly and easy as possible.

eBay guides you every step of the way, so there’s no way you can get lost navigating the listing manager.

Global Reach

The best thing about eBay is that it is available both locally and globally.

You can choose to sell your items only locally, or take advantage of selling products that may not be available in other countries.

As long as you follow the rules of eBay, the world can be your oyster (while sitting in the comforts of your own home).

How cool is that?

Selling on eBay Cons

eBay has a lot of attractive features, but there are 3 major things that may turn your off from selling on this platform:

1. Complicated and Expensive Fees

Fees on eBay vary from one listing to the next. The amount depends largely on the type and value of product you’re selling.

The finale sale fee can eat up most of your earnings, especially if the eBay’s cut goes higher than the average 10 to 15 percent. This is especially true for high-priced items.

2. Sold Items aren’t Paid Instantly

Buyers may have bought an item from you, but it doesn’t mean the money is transferred to you immediately.

Unfortunately, eBay has no control over how fast or slow buyers pay for the items they buy on the website.

Buyers may even fail to pay for the product you thought was already sold.

From the seller’s perspective,  this can be annoying, time-consuming, and even financially-destroying.

3. Unfair Buyer Protection Policies

eBay favors the buyers over sellers all the time.

This means that if you and your buyer get into a dispute (about the item, shipping, etc.), there’s a bigger chance that eBay decides in favor of buyers, even if you’re in the right.

Unfortunately, even if eBay receives complaints about this from sellers around the world, unfair dispute results still happens.

Who Wins between Etsy vs. eBay?

Interestingly, Etsy and eBay are such opposites that I bet you’d be able to decide, even before you finish reading this comprehensive comparison.

I recommend you go with eBay if you’re planning to sell mass-produced, low-priced items that you can buy cheap and sell high.

If you’re going to sell one-of-a-kind handmade products or vintage items, Etsy is definitely the marketplace for you.

You can also sell items on both marketplaces, if you wish. But it means fees will multiple as well.

Do know that both platforms have copycats that will steal your idea, product images, and even product description word-per-word. Once a product begins selling like hotcakes, get ready for other sellers replicating your listings.

Not interested in either eBay or Etsy? Check 4 of the best ecommerce platforms you can try out.

Don’t rule out becoming an Amazon seller either.

Amazon is a household name for a reason.

A Better Alternative to eBay or Etsy

Whichever route you took between Etsy vs. eBay, it’s important to note that these third-party owned marketplaces will remain just that – owned by other companies.

As such, you don’t really have a say if eBay or Etsy decides to close shop, increase fees, or change rules that will affect your business.

I say start with eBay or Etsy, and if you’re ready to go solo, create your own website (with a store) and sell products without having to pay fees and while pocketing 100% of the profits.

You can even create exciting promos, which in turn, build customer loyalty and brand recognition.

How to Make Money on Instagram: 10 Ways to Strike it Rich

Would you like to know how to make money on Instagram in 2024?

Instagram is an awesome place for looking at gorgeous pictures and shopping, but earning some kind of income through the app is my favorite reason to use it.

When Instagram launched in 2010, it was a simple photo-sharing app.

Without the noise and fluff on Facebook, Instagram was a respite, only featuring visual content.

Eventually, it expanded into a video-sharing app as well, with users initially being allowed to upload a 15-second video, which increased to 60-second videos. Then came Instagram Stories for shorter-form videos, followed by expiring content and IGTV for longer videos.

By 2020, Instagram saw over a billion active users monthly, with 500 million users daily logging in and actively engaging on the platform.

Instagram usage

Obviously, the demand is there, and marketers, brands, and companies willing to ride the wave will be there too.

Yes, even if TikTok seemed to be growing by the day.

So how do people as young as 13-year-olds make money on Instagram?

Let me explain the tried-and-tested income-generating methods for you, and give you real-life examples and success stories for each one.

How to Make Money on Instagram: 10 Ideas to Try in 2024

Before we dive in, I just want to refute a point that you might have encountered when reading about making money on Instagram.

Don’t believe anyone who says you can make money on Instagram WITHOUT followers.

You’d need customers to buy what you’re selling—whether you’re selling an idea, information, or an actual product.

The first 5 methods below can be used by Instagram users who are just starting out, while the last 5 money-making methods are best for influencer-level users.

1. Affiliate Marketing

In traditional affiliate marketing, you’d need to set up a website and promote products on multiple platforms in hopes of getting a commission.

Affiliate marketing commissions are possible whenever one or more people click on the link you posted and buy at the third-party website. You then get a cut of the sale.

To make money on Instagram via affiliate marketing, you only need your Instagram account and accounts on various platforms like Amazon, Clickbank, Skimlinks, Shopstyle, Shopify, and others.

Probably one of the most popular affiliate marketing tools for Instagram comes from LTK (formerly rewardStyle), a members-only affiliate network with only a 10% acceptance rate.

What makes rewardStyle amazing is the invention of its app.

You can download it on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

With, followers of your Instagram account can just “like” your post and they’ll be e-mailed details of your outfit, products included in the shot your posted, and so on.

liketoknowit screenshot

This is how works:

  • You post a photo on Instagram.
  • The photo featured a close-up of your makeup-perfect face with a pair of gorgeous earrings.
  • A follower likes your post.
  • If that follower also has installed on their phones when they liked your post, they’ll receive an email with links directing them to where they can buy the earrings and all the makeup products you used.
  • If this follower buys from when they clicked the link, you get paid a commission from the sale.

Imagine how much money you can earn from Instagram if you have thousands of people stalking the things you wear, use, or feature via

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is similar to affiliate marketing, in that you don’t have to manufacture or buy stocks of products to sell them and make a profit from selling them.

Here is what happens with dropshipping:

  • Choose a product that you know people will buy.
  • Make a deal with a dropship supplier, such as AliExpress, that sells that product.
  • You promote a product on Instagram and direct it to your store.

Note that if you use Instagram Business, you can integrate it with Shopify seamlessly.

  • When an Instagram follower buys that product on your store, the dropship supplier will handle processing, shipping, and post-sale customer service on your behalf.
  • You earn either a pre-discussed flat fee or a percentage of the sale as commission.

To learn more, read this case study on Seven Kingdoms Mart and how they promoted their dropshipping business on Instagram.

3. Sell Photos

Instagram is full of fantastic photos from both beginner and professional photographers.

If you have an eye for photography or exceptional graphic design skill, you can sell your photos on Instagram.

It’s up to you if you want to sell usage rights, print them as posters, or just sell digital copies of your drawings, paintings, animations, and so on.

Forbes featured photographer Daniel Arnold’s story in 2014.

At that time, Arnold had about 22k followers and decided to put all his Instagram photos for sale on the eve of his 34th birthday. He priced a 4×6 print of any of his Instagram images for $150, even if he hasn’t really sold any of his images professionally.

Arnold Daniel Sale

24 hours after announcing the sale, he has sold $15k worth of prints and extended the sale.

Learn all about hashtags. Mastering hashtags is the secret to reaching the right audience for your products.

4. Create Masks and Filters for Instagram Stories.

Back when Instagram Stories were introduced, skeptics thought it was a mere Snapchat knockoff and wouldn’t last.

Today, over 500 million users watch or create Instagram Stories every day.

Because there’s a time limit on these stories, users who see them are highly engaged.

Businesses see this as an opportunity to engage their target audience through Instagram masks and filters.

They usually hire graphic artists to do this for them, but many brands also work with Instagram influencers who specialize in Instagram masks and filters.

You can start with Facebook’s Spark AR Studio to create masks and filters.

You can do this as a side gig, or even turn it into a full-time job.

5. Set up an Instagram Shop – Enable IG Shopping Features

Social media platforms are no longer just exclusive for “socialization.”

Social selling has been growing in the last two years.

If you have products to sell, this is great news for you since Instagram gives you native features to just turn on the ability to sell stuff directly from the platform.

Meaning, even if you have a separate website (and ecommerce store), you don’t have to make your Instagram followers go “out” of the platform in order to buy.

Plus, even those who are not your followers can find your products because of Instagram’s smart shopping tags. These tags can reach over 130 million people on the platform.

You do have to work on setting up your Instagram shop at first. From there, you have an option to post products on Stories or posts, buy ad spots (and include shopping tags), or conduct live shopping.

6. Sponsorship: Earn Money Promoting other Brand’s Products

This is the most common way to get paid for your Instagram posts.

Companies can make a deal to sponsor a few posts on your Instagram feed to market their product to your followers. In most cases, companies give an Instagram influencer control over how the sponsored post looks, feels and sounds like.

Sponsorship can be pitched by the Instagram influencer, or submitted by companies.

You can actively search for brands with the help of tools like TapInfluence or Ifluenz.

The important thing is you disclose to your followers that a post is sponsored and follow FTC guidelines.

Shelcy Joseph began her personal fashion/lifestyle blogging with her sister on Instagram and YouTube around August 2014. By 2017, she was earning between $75 and $100 per sponsored post. Imagine how much she’s been taking home by now.

7. Become a Brand Ambassador

Ambassadorship is a bit more long-term than sponsorship.

Depending on the company you talk to, this deal can go as long as several months to over a year.

The following three websites are all looking for influencers/ambassadors to help shape their future products:

I highly recommend signing up will all three to increase your chances of actually making money as an influencer.

As a brand ambassador, the company sees you as someone who is in line with their values, products, and future.

Coca-Cola’s #ThisOnesFor Instagram Campaign is a great example of this. The cola giant enlisted the help of 14 Instagram influencers to create over 20 posts in a span of several months.

Earnings as a brand ambassador can be per-post or per-campaign. It can be a mix of photos, videos, and other types of media too.

Join an Instagram influencer community like Shoutcart, Tribe Group (Australia-based), and Popular Pays (among others) to find brands willing to hire you as ambassador.

Read my full guide on how to become a brand ambassador for step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

8. Promote Your Own Products or Services

You can mix the brick-and-mortar retail business with the modern magic of Instagram by selling your own products and promoting them online.

If you have thousands upon thousands of followers who just can’t get enough of what you’re selling, then you can get paid for Instagram posts through product sales.

There are a ton of “slime famous” Instagrammers out there, but you can’t look away from the creations of Nicolette Waltzer, whose Glitter Slimes Instagram account gained 2 million followers.

The New York-based, DIY slime creator began sharing mesmerizing slime videos in 2016. She then eventually began selling her creations, leading to about $500 sales from slime each week.

Waltzer now sells her slime on her own online store and sells out every time she uploads new slime variants.

9. Teach Others Instagram Marketing

Many people make money on Instagram not by selling products, but by providing useful information. Long-term experience as an influencer is a must.

Your Instagram feed can be your résumé as proof of your marketing prowess and communication skills.

As a travel blogger like Veera Papinoja, a huge chunk of her Instagram income comes from consulting for companies and other organizations. She makes around €500 to €2,000 every month to maintain Instagram accounts of other companies.

Veera also does training and lectures about successful Instagram marketing on the side. She takes home somewhere between €500 and €10,000 a month from these side gigs.

10. Earn from Instagram Badges and Subscriptions

There are two ways you can earn money directly from Instagram without selling anything.

  • Instagram Live Badges – “Badges” are like tips that your followers send your way if they love the content you share during a livestream. Badges are icons people buy in increments of 99c, $1.99 and $4.99, then give away to whoever they like on Instagram (this could be you!).
  • Paid subscriptions – If you offer valuable content on Instagram and have a solid following, you can definitely monetize your account by offering paid subscriptions. This is like a VIP section where members who pay can see your extra content. The subscription program is open to US creators only though. Plus, you should have over 10k subscribers. A good alternative to this is using third-party subscription tools like Patreon or Substack.

How to Become an Instagram Influencer

Out of all the social media platforms today, Instagram has the highest engagement rate.

Companies know this and have included Instagram into their marketing efforts.

And why shouldn’t they?

If you have at least 2,000 to 15,000 followers, fall under a trusted niche, create eye-catching content, and have a loyal audience who trusts your judgment, here are the steps to take to become a full-time Instagram influencer:

So, how do you cash in on the opportunity to make money (and more) as an Instagram influencer?

1. Grow (the quality of) your Instagram following.

Companies have gotten pickier about the caliber of Instagram influencers they’re willing to work with.

It’s not unheard of for current brand requirements to include a minimum of 100K followers and/or 1K likes per post.

Before you get discouraged, consider that many brands are also looking for a certain type of audience, regardless of the actual number of followers.

For example, if you have only 1,000 followers, but they are top-level hospital health professionals, then a company like Johnson & Johnson might be very interested in talking with you.

In light of this information, you should consider cultivating your audience to reflect a specific interest, such as beauty, travel, health, etc.

Post photos that cater to just one or two subject areas and follow influencers who do likewise.

If you repost, like, or comment on their photos, those influencers are likely going to do the same for you.

Their followers may then notice you, and then you’ll get more followers that are interested and engaged in your content.

2. Create example campaigns.

Just as you would do an unpaid internship at a company you were hoping to get hired for, you could create example campaigns on Instagram to showcase your social media talents.

Consider generating a series of photos around something that interests you, such as healthy eating.

Then, follow businesses that are also focused on this topic.

You can learn which businesses are into healthy eating by doing a hashtag search using Instagram’s search bar. Instagram will then provide you with content that uses that hashtag.

As you post your photos, use the hashtags that your targeted businesses and audiences are using.

3. Complete your profile.

Businesses and companies can’t contact you if they don’t know who you are.

Be sure to complete your Instagram profile and add your name, a phone number, a web address, Facebook page URL, etc.

You may wish to add some information about your geographic location too, especially if you are generating content about travel.

Use your Instagram profile as a mini-résumé and list your experience in the topic of your interest.

Maybe you’ve been in the food business for a few years and that’s why you started a healthy eating-themed Instagram account. Or maybe you’ve been running marathons and are trying to incorporate better eating habits into your active lifestyle.

4. Reach out to marketing agencies.

To increase your chances of being selected as an influencer, you should sign up with as many social media marketing agencies as you can find.

A good selection of these agencies focus on Instagram; two examples include Instabrand and Hashmeta.



Why should you partner up with marketing agencies?

Because some companies, especially big companies, will not bother to manually research, contact, and negotiate with individual influencers.

They either don’t have the time or would rather expedite the process using third-party mediators who can choose appropriate influencers.

Having said that…

5. Reach out to individual companies and businesses.

Smaller companies and businesses typically do not have the budget to work with agencies.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t have the budget to work with individuals, however, and this is one of the best chances you have at seeing how to make money on Instagram.

Consider reaching out to smaller operations with a proposal package that includes a set number of Instagram promoted posts, blog posts, and comments on fellow influencer sites.

You might easily score a work contract for several hundred dollars compared with three times that amount for a standard agency’s deal—as noted by this business owner’s comment on Ecommerce University:

Ecommerce University

6. Keep track of your followers.

As you grow your audience and followers, keep tabs on who these followers represent.

Companies will first follow you to learn about how popular you are and how relevant your content is to their goals.

Only after learning these facts will those businesses reach out to you.

So, if you know ahead of time who they are, you can channel your energies on specific products, trends, etc. that they are also focused on.

Making Money on Instagram still Possible in 2024?

Anyone can join, become an influencer, and make money on Instagram.

You don’t even have to follow the footsteps of the Kardashians when it comes to the number of your followers, or look like a Victoria’s Secret model to get paid for Instagram posts.

Brands and marketers prefer to work with micro-influencers (those with less than 10k followers) instead of macro-influencers (celebrities/famous people with over 10k followers) because followers of micro-influencers trust their recommendations more.

Even regular people like me and you can take Instagram for a spin and try your luck earning life-changing cash with the platform.

Did you know Instagram isn’t the only social media platform you can use to earn insane amounts of money?

If you’d rather try out other platforms instead, here are my guides for others:

Get Paid to Sleep: 7 Legit Opportunities to Consider

Imagine getting paid to sleep. Isn’t this the dream? (Hah! Couldn’t resist.)

Believe it or not, there truly are ways to make money while sleeping.

Opportunities may be rare, but they’re out there.


Read on to learn all you need to know to make money in your sleep.

1. Get Paid to Sleep by Participating in Sleep Studies

What are sleep studies?

Getting involved in paid sleep studies is the best way to make money in your sleep.

Well, why are researchers conducting sleep studies in the first place?

Well, the majority of these sleep studies help develop and discover treatment options for sleep-related problems.

Mattress companies, health app developers, wearable fitness tracker manufacturers, and the like have studied and tracked people’s sleep habits in the past.

Hospitals even have entire departments dedicated to figuring out how to tackle sleep problems.

What’s cool is that these studies are currently being conducted in places all over the country.

And you might get hired even if you don’t have sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD), or other sleep-related problems.

To get paid to join sleep studies, you first need to check if there are available trials locally (we list the sites further down this section).

Sleep studies look for volunteers within a specific age range, weight, or sometimes gender.
In some cases, you should also have sleep apnea or other specific medical requirements to participate in the study.

Carefully read the criteria of each sleep study listed and make sure you’re eligible. Don’t even consider making up a sleep disorder or faking sleep difficulties just to get paid to sleep.

Learn what you’re signing up for before you fill out and send an application. Read up on the duration of in-hospital stays, payment terms, and other details.

Where to find sleep studies

Many sleep studies fall under paid clinical studies.

Here are a few websites and resources where you can search for sleep studies to participate in. is a Web-based resource where patients, health care professionals, lab researchers, and the general public can access information on clinical studies on a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

Use the search filters to find actively recruiting and about-to-recruit studies (as opposed to already completed studies) with the keyword “sleep.”

CenterWatch is one of the largest online databases of clinical trials, where patients and caregivers can get information on the latest clinical trials.

You can filter the search for the “sleep” keyword and specify your location to see a list of trials in your area.

Aside from this search function, you can also register to be a volunteer so you can be notified through email of any sleep-related trial coming up.

The Mayo Clinic is known as one of the best medical centers in the world, integrating health care, education, and research.

Their Sleep Medicine division currently handles 14 open studies in various clinics in the country.

This branch of Harvard Medical School regularly recruits both completely healthy people and those suffering from sleep disorders to come to their research facility for testing.

Most studies pay you to sleep onsite overnight with pay ranging from $100 to $350 per night spent in their research labs.

Developed by Mass General Brigham Research, Rally is an online platform to connect the right subjects to the right paid sleep clinical research trials.

Like Harvard, the hospitals often hosting the studies on Rally are based in Boston.

If you’re based in Canada, this site is for you.

MedSleep clinics provide consultation and treatment for sleep disorders, as well as conduct research and clinical trials.

Currently, they’re managing clinical trials involving insomnia, weight loss, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

What to Expect Once You Land a Spot in a Paid Sleep Study

If you’re accepted to the study, you don’t just begin sleeping at the facility. You still have to complete several tests and interviews, including:

  • A physical exam — this involves the typical cup-peeing and blood-sampling tests
  • A psychological exam — a test or interview so doctors can determine if you can handle the stress involved in the study
  • Other sleep-related exams — to confirm your sleep problems (if any) and determine their severity

While there isn’t any actual sleeping just yet, you’d be pleased to know that you will still be paid for your time just by completing the final assessment phase.

Plus, the physical examination and lab procedures are normally free, so if anything, you get an idea of where your physical health is at.

After passing the exams, you’ll be given several assignments to complete.

This may include wearing a fitness device to track your activity, listing down food intake throughout the duration of your trial, keeping a sleep log, or other types of documentation that the study requires.

In most cases, you’ll be assigned a contact person who will tell you everything you need to know and remind you about these requirements. They will see you through the study and work with you so you don’t get kicked out of the trials.

What Happens During the Sleep Study

Once you start the actual study, you can’t expect the same quality of sleep you get at home in your own bed, with your own sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Here are a few reasons why you might have some trouble sleeping:

Medical devices

Be prepared for a couple of needles throughout the trial.

You will definitely get paid to sleep, but be aware that most participants are required to wear an IV, electrodes, and other medical devices in some parts of the study.

Bedpans may also be needed, since some phases of the study may require you to maintain a constant position.

Challenging sleep requirements

Aside from the IV and other medical devices you must wear, you might also be required to maintain a specific position while sleeping.

This can be challenging since we’re all used to our own sleeping positions, and being forced to change it up can lead to sleepless nights.

Don’t worry though, because you’ll be given all the details of the study before you begin.

So if staying in the same spot for several hours is something you just can’t do, you’d have the chance to back out before the sleep trial begins.


Can’t stand a few hours without your phone? How about not knowing the actual time?

As a participant in sleep studies, you’ll be cut off from the outside world.

This means no internet, no phone, no laptops, not even a clock.

In most cases, you won’t even have windows to know if it’s daytime or nighttime.

During the study, the doctors will only tell you what you need to know. They’re in charge of telling you if it’s night or day throughout the study’s observation period.

Depending on the details you’ve signed up for, sleep studies held in a facility may be as short as a couple of days to as long as a month. Most long-term studies are done half at the facility and half at the volunteer’s own homes.

6 Other Careers Where You Get Paid to Sleep

If you’re not a fan of being isolated or poked by needles, you can try to look for a job that pays you to sleep.

Some of these jobs may allow you to sleep overnight, while others may allow you to take a nap during your shift.

Here are a few to get you started.

2. Bed or Mattress Tester

Money for Sleeping

This has got to be one of the most fun product testing jobs out there.

Professional mattress testers, or bed testers, test mattresses and sometimes bedding during the development of these products.

Mattress testers have to sleep on a prototype mattress and then fill out feedback forms or create a report on the comfort level of the mattress.

Aside from mattresses, other things you might be hired to test include blankets, pillows, comforters, and other sleep products.

The first website you should look at to find mattress tester jobs is FlexJobs, where they’ve carefully vetted the companies that list open positions.

If you aren’t successful in finding a job from FlexJobs, you can compile a list of mattress companies yourself through an internet search and initiate contact with them.

3. Hotel Mystery Shopper

Not only will you get paid to sleep with this job, but you’ll also get paid to sleep in style.

Now that the travel and tourism industries are picking back up, there is again a demand for hotel mystery shoppers.

As a hotel mystery shopper, you’ll be expected to act like regular clients throughout the entire process; booking the stay, checking in, staying the room, enjoying the amenities, and checking out.

But you’ll be working all throughout this process: evaluating the booking, check-in, and check-out processes, providing feedback on the staff and their service, observing the quality of the facilities and food, and other aspects of the hotel stay that employers will require.

Depending on the mystery shopper company, you’d either be provided a budget to work with or you’d be required to front the cost and then be reimbursed.

4. Overnight Pet Sitter

Traveling with pets can be stressful and may not always be feasible. Thus, pet owners are in the market for pet sitters who can provide services beyond the usual pet daycare.

They need people who can take care of their pets while they’re out of town.

Here’s where overnight pet sitters come in.

You can either work as a two-in-one house sitter and pet sitter to stay in their house and take care of both the house and their pet.

However, another option is that you can host pets in your own home overnight. This is sought after by pet owners who will be out for only a night, or for those who will be out for a few days but for whom house sitting won’t work.

When you host pets in your home, you get paid to sleep in your own home, in your own bed.

Start your gig search with pet sitting companies like Rover.

5. Overnight Caregiver

Some families may need babysitters for overnight shifts, while other families may need overnight carers for elderly, sick, or injured family members.

Overnight caregivers are generally allowed to sleep while their wards or patients sleep, as long as they are quickly alert to administer care during the night, such as giving night feedings to infants, dispensing time-sensitive medications to sick patients, or changing bandages of injured patients.

Other duties that may be expected from overnight caregivers include preparing snacks or simple meals, light housekeeping (e.g., tidying away toys, emptying trash, making beds, etc.), and providing companionship or activities.

Start your search for these jobs on websites like, which lists down all the local opportunities in your area.

6. Become a Sleep Professional

Studying sleep development is a wide field.

If you’re planning to switch careers or deciding on one, you can become a sleep professional. Here are some career options:

  • Sleep coaching and consulting – Get certified as a sleep coach and help others improve their quality of sleep. You can provide consulting and coaching either face-to-face or remotely.
  • Sleep app programmer, QA, engineer, etc. – Work in the sleep technology development industry, if you’re skilled in app development, quality assurance, engineering, and other relevant skills.

7. Make Sleep-themed Content

Sometimes, you don’t even need to go outside your home to get paid to sleep.

The internet gives anyone opportunities to turn your precious slumber into cold, hard cash. You can do this by:

  • Creating a YouTube channel –  Unbox sleep assistance gadgets, discuss sleep techniques, and talk about other sleep-related topics. You can monetize your YouTube channel with ads.
  • Starting a sleep-themed blog – Review sleep assistance products, educate people about sleep technologies, coach on sleeping, and talk about various sleep-related issues. You can monetize your blog with ads, sponsorships and affiliate marketing.
  • Building a community on social media – You can monetize communities with memberships (for premium content), affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.

What makes these options great is that you can focus on just one, or do all 3 at the same time, which in turn, triples your sources of income.

Creating sleep-themed content online is also considered passive income, so as long as you’re consistently pushing out helpful content, you’re bound to make money from your work.

How Much Can You Earn From Sleeping?

Now that you have an idea of what jobs pay you to sleep, let’s take a look at how much you can potentially make from these jobs or gigs.

Sleep studies normally pay you per day or per task during the assessment phase, which includes the exams, interviews, and other assessment activities during the application period.

During the actual study in a sleep clinic, the average pay is around $4k to $6k for a 5-day to a week-long study. A 30-day study can go for $10k or more.

For rare cases when you can sleep at home, the average pay is around $150 to $200.

As for the other jobs and gigs on the list, the pay varies widely depending on the company hiring, how long you need to do the job for, and how many other factors.

Get Paid to Sleep Today!

It doesn’t have to be a pipe dream anymore; you can now really get paid to sleep.

Go through the opportunities on your list, find the ones that fit your personality and lifestyle (and maybe sleep disorder) and dream your way toward that cash!

Did you know you can also get paid to cuddle and get paid to do nothing?

20 Free Things You Can Get on Your Birthday Without Signing Up

Yesterday, I published a giant list of free stuff you can get on your birthday. There were over 200 ideas in there.

Almost all of them required you to opt-in or at the very least give up your email address.

I’ve narrowed down the list a bit to find a bunch of free stuff on your birthday without signing up for anything.

Companies that offer these birthday freebies without the need to sign up are relying on good karma.

In theory, people who have good experiences with a particular brand tend to remember its name and in turn, either intentionally or unintentionally choose these brands when shopping, dining, or just going out.

Birthday Freebies: FREE Admission to Attractions

If you’re asking yourself: “What can I get for free on my birthday?” Your best bet it to filter your search by location.

Many museums, zoos, parks and other local attractions open their doors to birthday celebrants free of charge. You do have to double-check and call the place you wish to go to first, just to be sure.

For example, a birthday gets you free admission to the Denver Zoo and a whole bunch of other birthday gifts as well.

Denver zoo logo

In most cases, you only have to prove that it’s your birthday (an I.D. will do, if your birthday is printed on it).

You may also have to prove that you’re a local… so if you can bring anything proof of billing, postal ID, or any other document that shows you live nearby, then bring it with you.

All-You-Can-Use Birthday Coupons

Many businesses need your e-mail addresses, personal info, or membership for future marketing.

They use birthday freebies into luring people to sign-up.

And it works.

The upside to this is that you’ll never run out of birthday coupons.

Even if you don’t want to sign-up to claim a birthday gift or freebie, there’s a good chance that you’ve already signed up to a couple of them in the past.

If your birthday is coming up, check all your e-mails for birthday coupons by doing a search for “birthday” and print out those you like best. Check your spam folder. You might see treasures there, too!

Most companies send birthday coupons weeks or a month before your actual birthday, so you can begin hunting for good birthday freebies ahead of your birthday.

20 Birthday Freebies (Without Signing up for Anything)

The following establishments give you free birthday gifts just for visiting their store on your birthday (or sometimes, even within your birth month).

The most common requirement is that you have to flash your ID before you can claim your free food, drinks, dessert, or even a lively birthday song from the crew.

1. Bob Evans

Freebie: Free meals for kids

How to Claim: Dine in exactly on your kid’s birthday.

They also offer free kid’s meals after 4PM every Tuesday with the purchase of an adult meal.

2. Cheesecake Factory

Free Cheesecake Factory

Freebie: Get a free Birthday Mini Hot Fudge Sundae. It’s disappointing not to have a cheesecake freebie when you visit The Cheesecake Factory, but a free sundae is still free food.

If you’re ordering a cake or any other dessert, The Cheesecake Factory can decorate it with a “Happy Birthday” greeting, confetti and candle free of charge.

How to Claim: If you’re dining in at The Cheesecake Factory, just tell your server that it’s your birthday and let them handle the rest.

Find a location near you.

3. Chompies

Freebie: Claim your “Eggciting Breakfast” free. This breakfast meal includes home fries, two eggs, and a choice of English muffin, bagel or toast.

How to Claim: This is only available around Arizona. Make sure to bring your ID whichever branch you go to.

4. Dutch Bros. Coffee

Freebie: Get your free coffee, if you’re near a branch that participates in this promotion.

Note that since every Dutch Bros. Coffee is locally owned, it is the discretion of the franchise owner if he/she wants to follow company promotions.

How to Claim: Show your ID at any participating branch. Find a location near you.

5 Cracker Barrel

Freebie: You can get a free dessert and a lively birthday song from the crew.

How to Claim: If you’re planning to celebrate your birthday at Cracker Barrel, tell your server that it’s your birthday. The birthday freebie is valid with purchase of a meal.

Check if there are Cracker Barrel locations near you.

6. Denny’s

Free Denny's Grand Slam

Freebie: Free “Original Grand Slam” breakfast, which includes two bacon strips, two eggs, two sausage links and a short stack of pancakes.

How to Claim: There’s no sign up required for this one, but you need to present a valid ID at any Denny’s on your birthday.

Find a location near you.

7. Dunkin’ Donuts

Freebie: Get a free drink of your choice (except for bottled drinks)

How to Claim: The Dunkin Donuts website states that in order to claim your free birthday beverage, you should be a DD Rewards card holder. However, many Dunkin Donuts branches give out free birthday drinks just with an ID.

To be sure, you can find and call your local Dunkin Donuts.

8. Firehouse Subs

Freebie: Get a free medium sub on your birthday.

How to Claim: The Firehouse Subs website states that you’ll have to sign up to the Rewards club, but many fans of this company report that they were able to claim their birthday freebies just by showing their IDs.

Check out a Firehouse Sub location near you.

9. Joe’s Farm Grill or  Joe’s Real BBQ

Freebie: Get a free adult-sized meal on your birthday. (The meal’s worth $10)

How to Claim: You have to be a local or visiting Arizona, since both restaurants only have local branches. You’d also need to present you ID to prove it’s your birthday.

10. Iguana Mia

Freebie: Get a regular entree of your choice (up to an $18 value) and free fried ice cream. You can even get a free picture with their huge sombrero to commemorate your celebration there, as long as you provide a camera for the picture-taking.

How to Claim: You must visit Iguana Mia on  your actual birth date and present an ID or birth certificate.

11. The Capital Grille

Free chocolate espresso cake

Freebie: Get a chocolate espresso cake on the house.

How to Claim: If you’re dining at the Capital Grille on your birthday, you can claim your dessert as long as you bring your ID exactly on your birthday. The birthday freebie comes with meal purchase, so prepare to eat here as well.

Find a Capital Grille branch near you.

12. Jack in the Box

Freebie: Choose from a New York cheesecake, chocolate overload cake, or 5-piece mini churros snack. Sometimes, the freebie depends on your local branch.

How to Claim: There’s no sign-up required, but you have to visit the Jack in the Box website and print out the birthday coupon. Once you’re in a Jack in the Box location, show your ID as proof and claim your birthday freebies.

13. The Dead Poet (New York)

Freebie: Get a free beer on the house

How to Claim: If you’re looking for a bar to spend your birthday at, check out this New York-based bar. If you’re lucky and you share your birthday with one of the dead poets listed here, claim your free beer while listening to good music.

14. Outback Steakhouse

Freebie: Birthday freebies vary from blooming onion to dessert. This would depend on your local Outback.

How to Claim: The home of juicy steaks doesn’t advertise birthday promos often, but they do provide birthday freebies to celebrants who dine in store. Be sure to prepare your ID to verify your birthday.

15. California Pizza Kitchen

Freebie: Get a free dessert when you dine in on your birthday. You’ll have more birthday freebies if you sign-up for rewards, or you enlist your kid/s for the CPK Kids Club.

How to Claim: Just visit any CPK near you, show proof of identity (with birth date of course), and enjoy your treat.

16. TGI Friday’s

Free Friday's Chocolate Obsession

Freebie: Get a free ice cream (when you dine in). The crew will even sing a “Happy Birthday” rap or song for you.

How to Claim: Normally, TGI Friday’s only give birthday celebrants birthday freebies when they’re a member of the Rewards club. But if you dine in at a local branch and tell your server that it’s your birthday, you’ll be given your treat, no questions asked.

17. O’Charley’s

Freebie: Free slice of pie.

How to Claim: If you’re dining at O’Charley’s and your birthday falls on a Wednesday, you can claim this freebie even without signing up.

18. Changing Hands Bookstore (Arizona)

Freebie: Get a $10 or 25% off from your purchase anytime during your birthday month. Kids receive birthday gifts if they visit as well.

How to Claim: Adults need a driver’s license or other forms of ID to claim their birthday freebies, or to claim their kid’s freebie.

19. Harkins Theatres

Freebie: If you’re going to see a movie at Harkins Theatres on your birthday, you can get free popcorn.

How to Claim: You don’t have to sign up with any clubs or newsletters, but you do  have to show proof with a driver’s license or birth certificate. Visit the box office when purchasing your ticket. It’s valid across multiple Harkins Theatres locations.

20. Benefit Cosmetics

Freebie: Free brow arch

How to Claim: Visit your local Benefit Browbar Beauty Lounge and claim a free brow arch anytime during your birthday week. There’s no sign-up required for this free service.

Tips for More Birthday Freebies

Most birthday freebies require you to become a loyalty member of some sort in order to claim a reward.

Your best bet at getting free stuff on your birthday without signing up for anything will be in the form of a comped appetizer or dessert.

When making a reservation at a restaurant, make sure you specify that you have chosen their establishment to celebrate your birthday, just be prepared for the staff to sing “Happy Birthday” while you sit there awkwardly salivating at the free cake.

I have also received free desserts when noting that we are coming in to celebrate our anniversary. Don’t limit yourself to just birthdays!

Happy Birthday!

I hope this list of birthday freebies bring a hint of joy to someone’s birthday. After all, everyone loves free stuff.

If you’re fine with filling up a form to register, I have a bigger 200+ list of birthday freebiesb you should definitely check out.

How to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday: 200+ Things to Claim

Did you know that you can get a ton of free stuff on your birthday?

Yup, that’s right! Companies will reward you just for being born.

Okay, most of these are meal ideas and odds are, you aren’t going to visit 100 some different restaurants.

But with all these possibilities, there’s a good chance your favorite spot is in this list below.

All you have to do is join a company’s e-mail newsletter or its membership club. Most of these birthday freebies require no fees (they’re absolutely free), but you do have to fill-in some personal info like birthday, e-mail address, phone number, and so on.

Don’t let your birthday blues get you down. Spend as little cash as possible on your big day.

Check out this huge list of free birthday meals, pampering birthday freebies, and other experiences made free by companies that want to make you feel special on your birthday.

Free Stuff on Your Birthday: The Breakdown

This list is rather massive, so here are so links to help you jump around:

1. Free Birthday Meals
2. Free Birthday Sweets, Treats and Drinks
3. Free Birthday Drinks
4. Birthday Discounts
5. For the Kids & Pets
6. Beauty and Birthday Makeup Freebies
7. Free Movies & Games

Free Birthday Meals

free birthday meal

1. Abuelo’s

Freebie: Offers vary

How to Claim: Join the Rewards club

2. Au Bon Pain

Freebie: Free birthday lunch

How to Claim: Join Au Bon Pain’s eClub

 3. Aveda

Freebie: A birthday gift worth $23

How to Claim: Join Aveda’s Pure Privilege for $10

4. Backyard Burger

Freebie: Free burger and special discount

How to Claim: Become an e-club member

5. BD’s Mongolian Grill

Freebie: Free entrée

How to Claim: Be a part of Club Mongo

6. Benihana’s

Freebie: $30 birthday certificate

How to Claim: Register for the Chef’s Table

7. Bennigan’s

Freebie: Free entrée or dessert

How to Claim: Sign up for the eClub

8. Bonefish Grill

Freebie: Get a special birthday gift

How to Claim: Become a Bone Fish Grill Insider

9. Buca di Beppo

Freebie: $20 birthday gift

How to Claim: join the Eclub

10. Buffalo Wild Wings

Free birthday wings

Freebie: FREE snack-sized order of wings

How to Claim: Join Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Rewards and claim 7 days before or 7 days after your birthday

11. Burger King

Freebie: free birthday meal

How to Claim: Parents of kids (under 13) should sign them up for BK Crown Club

12. Black Angus Steakhouse

Freebie: Free birthday meal on the house

How to Claim: Become a Prime Club member

13. Bob Evans

Freebie: Free meals for kids

How to Claim: Dine in exactly on the birthday

14. California Pizza Kitchen

Freebie: free CPK kid’s meal if you celebrate there

How to Claim: Book a  birthday party with CPKids

15. Captain D’s

Freebie: Receive a special birthday treat

How to Claim: Join D’s Club

16. Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Freebie: Get a free appetizer

How to Claim: Join Carrabba’s Amici Club

17. Cattlemen

Freebie: Free birthday treat on your birthday

How to Claim: join the Cattlemens E-Club

18. Champps

Freebie: Special birthday gifts (either dessert or cheeseburger)

How to Claim: Join the MVP League

19. Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse

Freebie: Receive a birthday surprise when you visit

How to Claim: Obtain a Handshake Club Card

20. Cheeburger Cheeburger

Freebie: Get birthday freebies via e-mail

How to Claim: Become a member of the Fan Mail club

21. Cheeseburger in Paradise

Freebie: Get a birthday surprise

How to Claim: sign up for the Board Member Club

22. Chili’s

Freebie: Get free chips and guacamole, plus special birthday coupons

How to Claim: Join My Chili’s Rewards Club

23. Chevy’s Fresh Mex

Freebie: Get a birthday freebie

How to Claim: Join the e-Club

24. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-a Birthday Freebies

Freebie: get a special birthday offer

How to Claim: Register as an Email Insider. Make sure the branch you go to honors this promo since birthday freebies are the discretion of the franchise owner.

25. Chuck E. Cheese’s

Freebie: Receive free tokens to help celebrate your child’s birthday

How to Claim: Join the Chuck E-Club

26. Denny’s

Freebie: Get a free Grand Slam on your birthday

How to Claim: Bring your ID to the nearest location

27. Don Pablo’s

Freebie: Get a $10 gift card on your birthday

How to Claim: Become a member of the Habaneros Club

28. Duke’s Seafood and Chowder

Freebie: Get a birthday entree

How to Claim: join the Duke’s VIP Club

29. El Torito

Freebie: Free entrée on your birthday

How to Claim: join El Torito’s Bull Ring email club

30. Elephant Bar

Freebie: Get a birthday surprise

How to Claim: Become a Rewards Club member

31. Famous Dave’s

Freebie: Free birthday meal (either a burger or sandwich)

How to Claim: While this varies between locations, you can get your birthday treat after joining the Famous Nation club. Make sure to get your birthday treat a week before or after your birthday.

32. Fazoli’s

Freebie: Receive a birthday surprise

How to Claim: Become a member of the eFamily

33. First Watch

Freebie: Get a healthy birthday treat

How to Claim: Sign up as a member of the Sun eClub

34. Firehouse Subs

Freebie: Claim a FREE medium celebratory sub on your birthday

How to Claim: Sign up for Firehouse Rewards before your birthday. You can get the treat 6 days before or after your birthday.

35. Fire Mountain

Freebie: Get a free entrée

How to Claim: Register at the Fire Mountain site days before your actual birthday.

36. Furr’s Fresh Buffet

Freebie: free lunch or dinner on birthday

How to Claim: Become an e-club member

37. Godfather’s Pizza

Freebie: Get a free mini pizza if you dine here on your birthday

How to Claim: Make sure you’re a member of the eClub

38. Good Times Burgers

Freebie: Receive a free deluxe burger or a special birthday treat

How to Claim: You have to be a Good Times e-club member first

39. Genghis Grill

Freebie: Receive a Free Birthday Bowl, appetizer or dessert (depending on how often you’ve visited Genghis Grill in the last 12 months.

How to Claim: Join Khan’s Rewards

40. Green Mill

Freebie: FREE small one-topping Deep Dish Pizza for your birthday

How to Claim: Join the Green Mills Rewards Club

41. Habit Burger Grill

Freebie: Get a special birthday treat

How to Claim: Join the Charclub online.

42. Hard Rock

Freebie: Get annual birthday offers at the Hard Rock café and rock shops

How to Claim: Join Hard Rock Rewards

43. Havana Central

Freebie: Free birthday meal

How to Claim: Sign-up for Havana Central’s VIP List

44. Hot’s Hut

Freebie: Get treated with a birthday gift

How to Claim: Become a Preferred Guest weeks or months before your birthday

45. Houlihan’s

Freebie: Get a birthday entrée free of charge

How to Claim: Adults (21 years old and older) must sign-up for the email club before claiming the bday treat.

46. HuHot

Freebie: Free birthday treat and appetizer

How to Claim: You have to join the loyalty program and sign-up for HuHot Rewards

47. Iguana Mia

Freebie: Free birthday meal and fried ice cream (plus a picture with a grande sombrero)

How to Claim: Dine on your actual birth date (preferably around 2 to  6pm) and provide proof with an ID or birth certificate

48. IHOP

Freebie: Get a free stack of Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruit Pancakes on your birthday

How to Claim: You must join the Pancake Revolution

49. Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks

Freebie: You’ll be given a surprise birthday treat

How to Claim: Sign up for Tiki Link (must be 13 or older)

50. Ivar’s

Freebie: You’re entitled for the Birthday BOGO (buy one, get one) free entrée, so the treat is definitely your choice.

How to Claim: Ivar’s will send you a birthday postcard weeks before your birthday. You have to bring it with you to Ivar’s, along with an ID and your Carte Clam Club card.

51. Jack in the Box

Freebie: If you can choose just 5 out of all the free stuff on your birthday, add this one to your list for a free chocolate overload cake, New York cheesecake or 5-piece mini churros.

How to Claim: You don’t need to sign up, but you do have to print their coupon and prove it’s your birthday with an ID.

52. Jersey Mike’s Subs

Freebie: Get a free drink and sub on your birthday

How to Claim: Join the email club

53. Joe’s Crab Shack

Freebie: Get an appetizer (up to $11) with a choice of clams, shrimp, mussels, fish or lobster

How to Claim: Join Joe’s Catch, print out the birthday coupon they’ll send you and use it alongside a paid adult meal.

54. Johnny Rockets

Freebie: Claim your free birthday burger

How to Claim: You need to sign-up for the Rocket e-Club first.

55. Jreck Subs

Freebie: 6-inch sub freebie

How to Claim: You’d have to sign up for their newsletter

56. Kona Grill

Freebie: The birthday surprise varies each year

How to Claim: Join the Konavore Rewards program by downloading the app or signing up

57. Lander’s Select Club

Freebie: $25 birthday reward will be added to your Rewards card at the start of your birthday month.

How to Claim: It’s the mother of free stuff on your birthday since it home to over 70 other brands of diners and restaurants. You have to get the Rewards Card to claim your birthday treat and other rewards.

58. Lonestar Steakhouse

Freebie: Get a free appetizer

How to Claim: Become an e-club member for a special birthday gift.

59. Longhorn Steakhouse

Freebie: Birthday treat varies by season

How to Claim: You must create a My Longhorn account first.

60. Maggie Moo’s

Freebie: Either get a pizza or ice cream as your birthday surprise

How to Claim: Join the Slab Happy fan club

61. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Freebie: Free admission

How to Claim: Join the “Birthday fellowship” and reserve one full-priced adult any day throughout your birthday month to claim your free pass.

62. Mimi’s Cafe

Freebie: Get $10 discount for every $20 purchase (or more) on your birthday

How to Claim: Become a member of Mimi’s e-club

63. Moe’s Southwest Grill

Freebie: Claim a free birthday burrito

How to Claim: Join Moe’s eWorld first

64. Noodles & Company

Freebie: Solve your noodle craving with a birthday bowl from Noodles & Company

How to Claim: Download the app or sign-up for Noodles Rewards.

65. Not Your Average Joe’s Kitchen & Bar

Freebie: Birthday surprise

How to Claim: You have to be a Joe’s Insider to get freebies and coupons.

66. On the Border

Freebie: Free bowl of the house signature Queso

How to Claim: Sign up for Club Cantina

67. Papa Murphy’s

Freebie: Claim a free cookie dough

How to Claim: Become a member of the e-club

68. Pepe’s Mexican Restaurants

Freebie: Adult birthday dinner

How to Claim: Join the club for the birthday coupon

69. Red Lobster

Freebie: Varies from branch to branch

How to Claim: 7 days before your actual birthday, you have to sign up for the newsletter and receive Fresh Catch News, or download the app to join Red Lobster Rewards

70. Red Robin

Freebie: Choose 1 from 24 gourmet burgers in the menu

How to Claim: You can claim this birthday burger once during your birthmonth, as long as you’re a member of Red Robin Royalty Program

71. Rita’s Italian Ice

Freebie: Birthday treat

How to Claim: 13 year-olds and up must join the club to get free stuff on your birthday. If your birthday falls during winter months (when Rita’s closes shop), you’d still receive a surprise on your inbox.

72. Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Freebie: Surprise birthday treat

How to Claim: You have to sign up for the newsletter, where you’ll be receiving details of your birthday freebie.

73. Ruby Tuesday

Freebie: Free birthday burger or Garden Bar entree

How to Claim: Redeem this freebie up to 5 days before and 9 days after your birthday, as long as you’re a member of Ruby Tuesday’s So Connected. 

74. Sbarro

Freebie: If you’re a pizza lover, you’d love this free stuff on your birthday brought to you by Sbarro. Get a pizza of your choice.

How to Claim: Make sure to join the Sbarro Slice Society first.

75. Sonic

Freebie: Get a free classic CreamSlush shake as your birthday treat

How to Claim: Become a member of the Sonic Cruisers 

76. Sonny’s BBQ

Freebie: Get a free Big Deal Meal to add to the free stuff on your birthday

How to Claim: Join the ‘Q Crew

77. Souper Salad

Freebie: Claim a free meal anytime during your birthday week

How to Claim: You have to register for Souper Perks

78. The Spaghetti Warehouse

Freebie: Get a free special birthday meal on your birthday

How to Claim: Become a Warehouse eClub member

79. Steak ‘n Shake

free hamburger

Freebie: FREE Double Steak Burger WITH Cheese n’ Fries

How to Claim: You can claim these free stuff on your birthday exactly or 45 days following your birth date. Just make sure to register for the Steak ‘n Shake eClub.

80. Spicy Pickle

Freebie: Get a coupon for a free entrée

How to Claim: Join the Pickle Club

81. Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes

Freebie: Free veggie buffet

How to Claim: Become a member of the Club Veg and enjoy this soulful meal on the house.

82. Subway

Freebie: If you’re listing down fast food as priority for the free stuff on your birthday, don’t forget Subway’s 20-point freebie that can get you two cookies (at 10 points each) or a bag of chips (15 points.) Or if you already have points being accumulated, then enjoy a subway with these free 20 points.

How to Claim: You should already be signed up to the Subway Rewards Program

83. Texas Roadhouse

Freebie: Free birthday gift

How to Claim: Join the email club

84. Tony Roma’s

Freebie: Get a free entrée on your birthday

How to Claim: Become a member of Tony Roma’s email and text club

85. Uno Pizzeria & Grill

Freebie: Another free entrée for your birthday

How to Claim: Join Uno Insider’s Club

86. Whataburger

Freebie: free Justaburger on your birthdays

How to Claim: Reserved only for Texans and those who visit the state, sign up here to get details about your birthday freebie

87. Wingstop

Freebie: Free order of seasoned fries

How to Claim: Sign up for The Club

88. Wienerschnitzel

Freebie: Claim a free birthday coupon each year

How to Claim: Join the Wiener Lovers’ Club

89. Zaxby’s

Freebie: Free Nibbler on your birthday

How to Claim: Sign up for the Zax Mail

90. Zio’s Italian Kitchen

Freebie: free Bruschetta appetizer and another birthday surprise

How to Claim: Become a member of Zio’s club

Free Birthday Sweets, Treats and Drinks

Free birthday dessert

If you want to add more free stuff on your birthday, but focus on sweets and treats, the following birthday freebies would definitely make any sweet tooth’s birthday complete.

91. A&W All American Food

Join the Mug Club to get a free root beer float

92. Applebees

Sign-up to the Applebees newsletter and get a free dessert on your birthday

93. Arby’s

Register with Arby’s for your free milkshake

94. Atlanta Bread

Become part of the Loyalty Program and get a free cookie

95. Auntie Anne’s

Sign-up for Pretzel Perks, or download the app to get your free birthday pretzel

96. BJ’s Brewhouse

Join BJ’s Premier Rewards and receive a free pizookie on your birthday. A pizookie is a mouth-watering ice-cream-topped deepdish cookie. Claim it 7 days  before or 7 days after your birthday.

97. Baker’s Square

Become an eclub member and enjoy a free birthday pie for you on your birthday!

98 Baskin Robbins

Join the Baskin Robbins Birthday Club to receive a voucher for a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday.

99. Big Boy

Sign up for its Big Boy Email Club and get a birthday freebie dessert.

100. Buffalo Wild Wings

Get a free birthday dessert when you join the Buffalo Circle.

101. Cinnabon

Subscribe to Club Cinnabon, and claim a cinnamon-filled goody for your birthday.

102. Carrows

Join the e-club for a free birthday dessert.

103. Cattlemen’s

New members are entitled to free desserts on their birthdays.

104. Cheesecake Factory

Get a Mini Hot Fudge Sundae on your birthday when you tell your server

105. Cold Stone Creamery

Get a BOGO (buy one, get one) coupon for your birthday once you join the My Cold Stone Club.

106. Cracker Barrel

Get a free dessert (and a lively birthday song too!) when you tell the crew it’s your birthday.

107. Culver’s

Become a member of the Culver’s eClub and get a free birthday treat

108. Dairy Queen

Score a buy-one-get-one Blizzard coupon on your birthday if you’re a member of the Blizzard Fan Club.

109. Del Taco

Enjoy a free premium shake when you print out the birthday coupon given out to Raving Fan e-club birthday celebrants.

110. Driscoll’s

Get a sweet birthday surprise from the suppliers of the finest berries. But you have to join the berry-loving community first.

111 Dunkin’ Donuts

Pass by your local Dunkin Donuts if you’re part of the DD Perks Rewards Program and receive a free beverage as birthday gift.

112. Einstein Bros. Bagels

As a member of Shmear Society, you can claim a free egg sandwich when you purchase something else on your birthday.

113. Friendly’s

Don’t forget to claim your free sundae on your birthday, if you’re a BFF Club member.

114. Fuddruckers

Join the Fuddruckers e-Club and receive your birthday treat offer via e-mail.

115. Great American Cookies

If you’re part of the Cookie Club, you’ll be given a fun, birthday surprise.

116. Gigi’s Cupcakes

If you’re a cupcake lover, be sure to join Gigi’s Rewards Program so you can have a cupcake freebie on your birthday.

117. Hard Rock Café

Get your annual birthday dessert freebie through your Hard Rock Rewards.

118. Jack In The Box

Unlock various coupons when you sign-up for the newsletter. Receive birthday treats too!

119. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Birthday

Get your melt-in-your-mouth Krispy Kreme donut freebie on your birthday if you’re a member of the eClub.

120. Lofthouse Cookies

As a member of the Lofthouse Cookies Club, you’ll have access to the birthday coupons that you can claim to receive a free package of cookies via mail.

121. Marble Slab Creamery

Download the Slab Happy App, or sign-up for the newsletter so you’ll be up-to-date once they send in your free birthday ice cream coupon.

122. The Melting Pot

Get crazy with free chocolate fondue on your birthday and you can bring a friend too! Just make sure to join the Club Fondue first. If you buy some of the special items on the menu, you might even get to bring home a box of chocolate-covered strawberries on the house.

123. Ninety-Nine Restaurants

You can claim your free birthday dessert once you join the e-club.

124. Nothing Bundt Cakes

How about some bundlet to add to all your free stuff on your birthday? Sign-up for the eclub and print out your coupon once your birthday month kicks in.

125. Olive Garden

eClub members are given a complimentary dessert on their birthdays every year.

126. On The Border

As a member of Club Cantina, you receive a coupon for Brownie Sundae or Dip Trio for your next celebration.

127. Panera

Join MyPanera club and be able to claim free pastry at their bakery starting 5 days before your birthday until 60 days after.

128. Perkins

Pie lovers unite! Sign-up for MyPerkins and get a voucher for your free slice of pie on your birthday.

129. P.F. Chang

For a free dessert during your birthday month, make sure to join P.F. Chang’s newsletter.

130. Pinkberry

Here’s more sweet, free stuff on your birthday to enjoy! Pinkberry  gives away a free frozen yogurt with the topping of your choice. Just make sure to get a Pinkcard, or download the Pinkberry app, so you can claim it on your exact birthday or 30 days after.

131. Sprinkles Cupcakes

Claim your free birthday cupcake each year, as long as you’ve signed up for Sprinkles Perks.

132. Ted’s Montana Grill

Enjoy your free complimentary dessert if you dine on your birthday. Don’t forget to print the voucher you receive from Ted’s email.

133. TGIFriday’s

Free Friday's Chocolate Obsession

Receive a lively birthday song and free dessert, if you’re part of the Friday’s Rewards program.

134. Tommy Bahamas Restaurant

Claim your free dessert here, too!

135. Village Inn

Get a free slice of pie or other birthday treats if you register for the Village Inn.

136. Waffle House

Join the Waffle House Regulars Club and receive a free waffle on your birthday.

137. Yogurt Mountain

Sign up for the YOMO Club to get a free yogurt on your birthday.

How about some drinks to go with all that yummy free stuff on your birthday?

Free birthday drinks

138. Dead Poet

If you share a birthday with any of the dead poets on this list, you get free beers and a chance to listen to good music too!

139. Orange Julius

If you pass by Orange Julius on your birthday, you can buy one and get one drink free as long as you’re a member of the club.

140. Planet Smoothie

Get a free smoothie on your birthday if you’re a member of the birthday club.

141. Scooter’s Coffee & Yogurt

Register at e-club anytime and check for coupons for your free birthday drink.

142. Starbucks

Starbucks birthday

Get a free birthday drink with your Starbucks Rewards.

143. Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Join Club Tropical and receive your special birthday treat each year.


Need to burn some of those calories you just ate? Check out these apps that could give you some cool side cash just by walking around.

Shopping Discounts

Free Birthday Discounts

Not in the mood for food on your birthday?

How about some retail therapy, instead? Aside from restaurant, bars, and other food places, you can also get a ton of free stuff on your birthday by going shopping online, or IRL.

Here are some of the ones you shouldn’t miss out:

144. Ace Hardware

Get $5 off from your total when you use your ACE Rewards to shop on your birthday.

145. Columbia Sportswear

Create an online account and get 20% off on  your birthday.

146. Designer Shoe Warehouse

Sign up as a Rewards Member and receive $5 birthday gift certificate, which you can use throughout your birthday month.

146. Hallmark

Become a Crown Rewards member and receive a free card  on your birthday.

147. Helzberg Diamonds

The registration part is a bit different, since you’ll have to request for a catalog and fill-in your details, but once you do, you’ll receive a birthday surprise.

148. Kmart

Join Kmart’s Birthday Club for a chance to win prizes and receive member-only perks.

149. Kohl’s

Receive your $5 Kohl’s cash birthday gift for Kohl Rewards members, and $10 off from your total if you use a Kohl’s Credit Card for purchase on your birthday month.

150. Landry’s

Join Landry’s Select Club (it does need a one-off $25 fee), but you’ll get priority seating, $25 birthday reward, and $25 off with every $250 you spend at Landry’s.

151. Old Navy

Sign up for Old Navy’s newsletter and receive a special birthday treat.

152. World Market

World Market Rewards Program members receive a $10 off coupon for their birthdays.

For the Kids and Pets

Free birthday gifts for pets

You’re not the only one who could get free stuff on your birthday. Even your kids and pets have coupons, discounts and treats specially offered to them on their birthdays.

153. Barnes and Noble

Sign your kids up for the B&N Kids’ Club, so your child can get a free cupcake on his/her birthday.

154. Dave & Buster’s

Become a Rewards member and receive a $5 free game play on your birthday.

155. Little Tikes

Members of the Birthday Bonus Program receive special promos, discounts and gifts starting 30 days before their actual birthdays.

156. Radio Flyer

Birthday Club members receive a $10 gift card every year on his/her birthday.

157. Toys R Us

If you sign them up for Geoffrey’s Birthday Club (only kids 10 years and under), your kid can receive a free card every year until  his/her 10th birthday, a $3 gift, and a free, in-store celebration (with a balloon, crown, and special announcement). Geoffrey even calls Birthday Club members at home for birthday greetings.

158. Petco

Got furbabies instead? You can also sign them up for Petco’s Birthday Club and receive big discounts on their birthdays.

Beauty and Birthday Makeup Freebies

Free birthday makeup

Your birthday is the time to stock up on all your beauty products and favorite  makeup since you can receive a ton of free stuff on your birthday. Some of them include:

159. Aveda

Sign-up for the Aveda Rewards program and receive a beauty freebie on your birthday.

160. bareMinerals

Join the Friends and Benefits Program for a free matte lipstick on  your birthday. You can claim it in-store, or have it shipped online.

161. Benefit Cosmetics

How about a free brow arch any day during your birthday week? Create an account with Benefit and be on your way. Not all branches offer this though, so better check before you go.

162. Bliss

Register for the Bliss newsletter and receive a birthday surprise.

163. Caudalie

All you need to do is fill-in your details to join myCAUDALIE and receive a surprise birthday gift, which usually includes a kit of beauty products.

164. Clarins

Become a member of the Clarins Family and receive a birthday surprise.

165. Cle De Peau

Receive a birthday gift if you have an active account with Cle De Peau.

166. CVS

Join the ExtraCare Beauty Club, and get $3 ExtraCare bucks on your birthday (it’s valid throughout your birthmonth, too!)

167. Dr. Dennis Gross

Join the VIPeel Loyalty Club and redeem one birthday gift per year.

168. Elemis

Sign up for e-mail updates to receive a surprise on your birthday.

169. Elf

Become a member of the Beauty Squad and get a free gift every birthday.

170. Estee Lauder

Get a birthday gift if you sign up sign up for the Loyalty Program.

171. Fresh

Sign up for the Fresh Family Rewards and receive a free birthday gift on top of other skincare goodies.

172. Gilchrist & Soames

You can get a beauty kit birthday treat from Gilchrist & Soames, just make sure you sign up for the newsletter first.

173. Jane Iredale

Love mineral cosmetics? Sign up for the Beauty Rewards to get your stash on your birthday.

174. Kiehl’s

Join Kiehl’s Rewards program for a free, skincare birthday gift

175. La Roche-Posay

As a La Roche-Posay Member, you receive professional derma skincare products for your birthday.

176. La Mer

At La Mer, you get complimentary skincare items with every order, but if you sign-up for email updates, you’ll also be entitled for a free birthday kit.

177. Lancome

There are tons of free stuff  being given away to Elite Rewards members, but the annual birthday gift is probably the one you should be excited about. Registration is free, so check it out.

178. L’Occitane

Receive a birthday gift if you keep up-to-date with everything L’Occitane-related.


Be one of the millions of makeup-obsessed members of M∙A∙C Select and get a birthday gift every year.

180. Nars

A favorite out of all the stuff you can get for free on your birthday, Nars sends out a birthday gift on the house if you’re registered to the NARS newsletter.

181. NYX

Join the NYX Birthday Crew and claim a free birthday surprise.

182. Ole Henriksen

Get  more skincare freebies  when you sign up for an account at Ole Henriksen.

183. Paula’s Choice

Get an account at Paula’s Choice Skincare and bring home a birthday gift every year.

184. Sabon NYC

Join the Royal Passport to receive a birthday gift.

185. Sephora

Out of the many free stuff on your birthday, Sephora”s giveaways are probably the most popular when it comes to  beauty finds.

186. Shiseido

Shop with exciting rewards, get awesome beauty birthday makeup when you create an account here.

187. Smashbox

Join the rewards program, which entitles you to free makeup during your birthday month annually.

188. SK-II

Sign up for the newsletter and receive a complimentary deluxe sample of their bestselling facial treatment, plus a surprise birthday gift.

189. Skinceuticals

Get access to advanced skincare products on your birthday. Make sure to join the newsletter and print out your voucher.

190. Space NK

Sign up for e-mail updates and get a free beauty kit on your birthday.

191. Sally Beauty

Sign-up for the eNewsletter and get an annual cash-amount birthday gift that you can use to purchase awesome Sally Beauty items.

192. Shu Uemura Art of Hair

Receive up to $17 worth of birthday gifts if you become a My Shu Style member.

193. Tarte

Get an exclusive birthday gift from Tarte Cosmetics once you join the Rewards program.

194. The Body Shop

Become a member of “Being a Love Your Body Club” and receive professional, customized skin care advice and $10 each year to spend on your favorite Body Shop products.

195. Too Faced

Create an account on Too Faced and receive a birthday gift annually.

196. Ulta

Join Ultamate Rewards to receive your free birthday set, which includes a lip mask and lip oil. You can claim this gift any day throughout your birthday month.

197. Urban Decay

Become one of the UD Beauty Junkies and claim your birthday surprise every year.

198. Vichy

Take advantage of complimentary samples, free shipping and a birthday surprise containing anti-aging skincare products if you join the Vichy USA newsletter.

199. Victoria’s Secret

Obtain an Angel Card and receive $10 discount on your birthday.

200. Winky Lux

Visit the Winky Lux website, enter your birthday details at the bottom of the page, fill-in some personal details, and be prepared to get a birthday surprise.

201. YSL

Get a free full-sized birthday gift when you sign up to be a YSL Member

Here are More Free Stuff on Your Birthday to Make Your Day Extra Memorable

Free birthday games

If you’re interested in bowling and other activities, take advantage of more free stuff on your birthday, including:

202. AMF Bowling

Claim a free game on your birthday if you join AMF’s Pinsiders Club.

203. Disney Movie

Get 100 free points for your birthday when you sign up for Disney Movie Rewards.

204. Olan Mills Portrait Studio

Want to preserve your memories of the day? You can sign up for the Birthday Club and your kids (ages 3 and below) can claim a free package on their birthdays.

205. Redbox

Receive a free birthday movie rental at your nearest Redbox kiosk. Just make sure to sign up for the Redbox Play Pass first.

Get as Much Free Stuff on Your Birthday as You Can

Whether today’s your birthday or you have one fast approaching, I do hope you have a great day!

Hopefully this list helps make it extra special.

Note that restaurants and other businesses end or change their promotions often, so consider this list of free stuff on your birthday as a guide. I’ll try to update this often, but if you see a birthday freebie changes, please let me know.

Have fun with these birthday freebies! Let me know which ones you claim!