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At least two or three times a day, I receive requests for more information on ways you can make money online. True information of this sort is hard to come by as this niche is riddled with scams. I’ve compiled a few lists of ways to make money online, but this is going to be the biggest, most comprehensive list I’ve created yet. I’ll continually update and add to this directory as I come across more legitimate opportunities of making money online.

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  1. Inbox Dollars - Get paid to check your email. $5 bonus just for signing up!
  2. Survey Junkie - The #1 survey site that doesn't suck. Short surveys, high payouts, simply the best.
  3. Nielsen - Download their app and get paid $50!

If you have any opportunities you think I should add to the list, please send me an email!

Now tracking 115 legitimate positions.

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Blogging Positions
Blogging is by far the best and easiest way to make money online. If you’re looking to make extra money using the internet, blogging is the answer. Look here first.
View 9 available blogging positions.

Customer Service Jobs
As a customer service representative from home, you may find yourself answering support calls, doing market research, or even some (gasp) telemarketing. You should expect to find yourself on the phone nearly the entire time while you are working. Great communication skills are a must.
View 17 available customer service positions.

Data Entry/Transcription Work
Data entry positions are incredibly rare. Even if you do happen to land a data entry job, the pay will be so little it will be worthless. Combine that with the incalculable number of data entry scams out there, and you have quite possibly the worst thing to ever happen to working at home. Still interested? You can’t say I didn’t warn you.
View 14 available data entry and transcription positions.

Freelance Writing
Freelance writing allows you to write articles or reviews on pretty much anything and get paid for it. You may not think of yourself as much of a writer, but like everything in life, practice makes perfect. Try freelance writing and you’ll be surprised with the results.
View 20 available freelance writing positions.

“Get Paid To…” Opportunities
This category is for all those “Get Paid To…” ways of making money. Use one or use them all. Either way, I’ve tested them, I’ve tried them, and I’m currently using them to supplement my income.
View 8 “Get Paid To…” ways to make money.

Miscellaneous Opportunities
These job sites didn’t really fit into any other category and there weren’t enough of them to be categorized into their own posts. So, sift through them and see if there’s anything that might interest you.
View 8 miscellaneous ways to make money online.

Paid Surveys
Paid surveys are a great way of giving your opinion and getting paid. A lot of survey companies have taken to the Internet in the past few years and are now willing to pay you to complete surveys online.
View 15 available paid survey positions.

Sell Stock Photography
Get paid to take pictures. Is it really that easy? Of course not, but the following list of sites will help you get started with selling your photography and turn your hobby into an extra bit of side cash.
View 8 available ways to sell stock photography online.

Start a Website
One of the best ways to make money online is through running your own website. Overhead costs are low, profits can quickly start to roll in, and the entire process is a lot of fun. Interested? Well, you should be.
Click here for more information.

77 thoughts on “Free Directory of Ways to Make Money from Home”

  1. Does anyone know about or have experience with Merchant Credit Card Services? The deal is you get $500 for each card terminal that signs a contract with this service, plus you get a percentage of that terminals $ transactions. Cut to the chase, it’s $250 to signup & $20/month for a website. They claim to have been in business 44 years and are one of the largest companies in the US.
    I know, “sounds too good to be true” and it may be. Any feedback is appreciated. (By the way Great Resource site Steve!!!)

    • Jay,
      In the old days, say 6-7 years ago and back for dozens of decades, signing up for merchant services CC processing was the only way to take CC for your business. Nit involved credit checks, sometimes background checks, the purchase or rental of a POS terminal…it was expensive, difficult frustrating, and worse…
      BUT, since then, there is SQUARE, QB Online and MANY other very low cost, instant set up, easy to use, portable options. Did I mention the lower cost?

      Basically, merchant processors are dying. With online payments getting so easy, so fast and so affordable, the traditional machine processing thru terminal service just can’t compete…

      Whatever these guys say about their cred I’d probably TOTALY true! But IMHO, IT JUST DOESNT MATTER.

      most people either have what they need already, or will be using a modern option. I sincerely feel selling merchant services, especially if you have to invest first, will prove a loser for you. I would recommend running from that and finding something else to try… Follow the links on this site to what Steve recommends and you will be much better off.

  2. Very informative, thanks a lot Steve!, I’m currently on your email guide that has already helped me loads. SwagBucks unfortunately doesn’t work for Sri Lanka. And theres one more you could add to your Paid Surveys list; I went thorugh this while trying one of the stated surveys which wasn’t available for my country so it redirected me to PaidViewpoint. Thanks again.

  3. Be really careful about scam busting sites….I like this one but I’ve found most no scam sites are filled with scams. My motto now is trust no one and do major research on every site you are considering!

  4. Beware of Ken out source and….both are major scam companies. Also be aware that Plimus the third party vendor is showing themselves as not very trustworthy as they seem to represent these kinds of companies….run don’t walk away from all 3 of these.

  5. if u are good at subjects like science, english, maths , statistics you can join online tutoring jobs, u can try, these are genuine sites they pay you , u can also do assignments . u can try other online tutoring job sites ,there are lot of online tutoring job sites. u need to have completed ur garduation.

  6. Ready for my scoobie snack.

    I got two of the articles so far and did check out the homejobplacement always thinking this might be the one legitimate outfit but nay…..they wanted a fee so was enough for me’

    At first I thought maybe it’s someone giving me a tip since I am a K & I know a few J’s or have at least met or corresponded with a few J’s on the net but nay again. I get a lot of nays. And of course it’s easy to k”s.

    You are a really good writer Steve and I love your sight but have been incredibly busy looking for ways to make money on the net and other things,


  7. i am 19years old and lost ny parents at 17. i was forced to take care of my autistic brother who is much younger than i. i live in a very small town and c cnt find a job anywhere i really need aN ONLINE JOB THAT WORKS AND DOESNT WANT A HUGE INVESTMENT SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.

    HUD makes cumulative listings of refunds and shares for FHA Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund mortgages that remain unpaid for a minimum of two years available to the public each month through the Department of Commerce�s National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Some entrepreneurs have developed commercial ventures using the listing provided by HUD through NTIS.

    HUD Refund site is:
    NTIS site is:

    You should be able to obtain the database from NTIS, once you have a name, go to the HUD website and enter the claimants name, from there, you will have a case number, directions, and be provided a link for the claim form download!


  9. with cash gifting -there definitely-is no “product” we are-consenting adults- who fully understand that -cash gifting is commercialism stripped to the bone-were definitely making money -thats unabashedly my intent–“business pushing products-or mlm-are naturally envious-and threatened.-don,t pay sdignificant attention to the busy-bodies- and see for yourself-following your inner intuitive guide and common -unintimidated sense–thank you..earl

  10. guys…don’t believe everything you see on the boob-tube or the internet(most of the time)… you want resources? go to your local business library…

    bottom line: you will find more resources if you left your house once in a while!

    and don’t keep thinking about “making a fortune” you must think like “how can i make my business a success”

    chasing money is okay and some might catch a few dollars…. but a man who has the money chasing him never has to worry about running…

  11. is wining in the cash flow bussiness or instant profit scams or are they the real thing we see on tv??

  12. Does anyone know about or have experience with Merchant Credit Card Services? The deal is you get $500 for each card terminal that signs a contract with this service, plus you get a percentage of that terminals $ transactions. Cut to the chase, it’s $250 to signup & $20/month for a website. They claim to have been in business 44 years and are one of the largest companies in the US.
    I know, “sounds too good to be true” and it may be. Any feedback is appreciated. (By the way Great Resource site Steve!!!)

  13. hiya tia,

    first things first… thanks for finding us… you will know that I personally ventured into several promising online home-based business… see the thing with google is that it’s easy recognizable, therefore easier to trust… guess what, there not…

    see, google did not trade mark every single name that has the word “google” in it… for example.. google treasure chest… sound familier? there scammers too…

    and to make my point even more clear, check out those terms and conditions on the bottom of the page… after 7 days, your acct will be billed 84.27…

    ALWAYS READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS or what they call “fine print” (they should call it find print because how small it is!)

    I hope this helps and good luck on your search =)

  14. Could someone please check out Easy Google Profits and My Internet Payday? The website link posted above provides details and several comments from users stating that tons of money can be made by following a simple program. Both are offered for free, but someone I still don’t trust it.

    Anyone have answers for this one?

  15. I was trying to find out about google adsense make money at home. I just completed their online application and paid $1.97 fo the kits before I found your site. Is this a scam?

  16. great to hear that you found us Lynn… hope I played a role in your home business search… remember: 99% of home-based businesses online ARE SCAMS!!!

    Take Care and God Bless!

  17. I just found your great site this afternoon, after almost signing up for something at 4:00 a.m. this morning, that certainly would have turned out to be a scam. I know, I should know better by now. I have already been taken by Google for $120, taken from my M/C account at $30 per pop, and have never received anything from Google, despite talking to their “customer service reps” on at least three occasions. I am disputing the charges to my credit card co., but am still over my limit and unable to use the card for anything else. I am signing up for your e-mail service and will always check with you before I even think about another online “make money at home” site.

    I have unsubscribed from InboxDollars and a couple of others since carefully reading their “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” sections. The wording and terms they use in these sections were what first grabbed my attention, esp. when they mentioned supplying my info to “third party suppliers”, including my home phone #. I get enough time-wasting phone calls as it is, even though I signed up for whatever ‘do not call’ lists I could find; I certainly don’t need any more. Thank you so much for saving me time and money!!

  18. in response to the above blog, i am also starting a online business, but it DOES take some time to create and get to where you want it to be…i’m also a online advertising and marketing specialist…

    a few things about your website since i actually did visit it:
    – this website seem shoddy (no offense!) sol: i have a contact if interested but you do need to pay him
    – once your website is professional looking, you need to expand your item selections (seems like you only have 5 items that your selling in total)
    – if i were you, i would sell on ebay first, if successful, expand to your own store
    – as far as marketing search the following terms: SEO, googleadsense, affiliation marketing
    – these helpful suggestions are for free, but if the above doesn’t help, just respond again and I will be able to help (for a small fee of course)

    overall: just do your DUE Dilligence and have patience

    Good luck in your business venture and God Bless!


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