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12 Online Jobs from Home Without Investment You Can Start Today

Many times, especially if you’re still starting to work from home, finding online jobs from home without investment may seem impossible.

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You’re probably looking to start making money as soon as possible, not have to spend money to get a job.

And more often than not, you’ll find that a lot of online jobs require start-up costs, some sort of fee, inventory costs or even training programs you have to take.

So what happens when you don’t have the money to start an online job?

After all, you’ll probably need to make money first to later invest it in your career.

Don’t fret though – you don’t need to have money to make money. Especially online. There are plenty of online jobs that require any significant types of investment and very little previous experience as well.

The good news is:

I’ve compiled a whole list of online jobs that don’t require an investment that you can start today.

And with very little effort!

12 Online Jobs from Home Without Investment

1. Online Writing Jobs

Online writing jobs

I am going to start with the most obvious option on this list.

As long as you’ve got good writing skills, moderate research skills and the ability to abide by deadlines, then you’re set to start writing online.

This is one of the best online jobs from home without investment, as it requires no monetary or time investment from your side.

You’ll need a computer and a topic to write about and you’re good to go.

You will need to choose a niche to write in, have writing samples ready to show to clients and a rate per word.

2. Editing and/or Proofreading

You can also start offering your services as an editor and it would require no investment from you.

If you have an excellent command of grammar, a good eye for details, great spelling, and you know how to edit text to make it flow seamlessly – then proofreading/editing could be your next job.

What makes it the perfect online job without investment is the fact that you don’t need any creativity or research skills.

All you need is a good laptop and excellent English skills.

Here are 32 companies currently hiring.

3. Virtual Assistant

One of the best online jobs from home without investment is becoming a virtual assistant.

It is more of a part-time gig (turning it into a full-time gig is also definitely an option), and it requires someone who is task-oriented and is able to manage tasks remotely.

You can make anything from $20-$100 per hour as a Virtual Assistant doing anything from:

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  • Replying to e-mails.
  • Booking trips.
  • Designing flyers.
  • Compiling data.
  • Setting up meetings.
  • Creating to-do lists.

The list goes on and on and on… You get the point!

4. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager Jobs

Every brand right now is looking for someone to manage their social media.

No matter how big the company is and no matter the region – social media is rapidly growing in popularity.

And for good reason. Social media has consistently proven itself to be the ultimate medium for marketing. Cheap, effective and with a lot of room for creativity and growth. Who could ask for more?

To become a social media manager, you’ll need basic social media knowledge for entry-level jobs.

It could be as simple as being able to write fun captions and posting a picture.

More advanced positions require SEO knowledge, Ads incorporation and in-depth understanding of different services.

5. Online Moderator

If you’re looking for some part-time work from home without investment and you’ve got a knack for management – try your luck at online moderation.

You will be in charge of monitoring comments on public forums and blogs, regulating behavior, responding to people and making sure all rules are being followed.

And all of this takes zero investment from your side. Most of these jobs don’t even require previous experience and offer very flexible schedules.

6. Online Tutoring

If you love teaching or you’re particularly good at a subject/language, then you should definitely try out tutoring.

Online tutors can make up to $70 per hour depending on the subject and the students.

You can easily make up to $2000 just by teaching English (or your native language) to young students worldwide.

For example, VIPKID pays $14-22 for teaching English to Chinese students. That means you can make up to $2000 just by working 5 hours a day.

Sign me up!

7. Online Research

There are plenty of companies out there that will pay you to do research.

If you’re a college student, then I’m pretty sure you’ve got this skill hammered into your skillset already!

Becoming a researcher needs superb organizational skills from your side, fast Internet and a knack for collecting data.

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Here are 7 companies looking for online researchers.

8. Consulting

Online Consulting Work

Consulting is another way to make money that requires an investment of experience only.

If you’re a fitness fanatic, for example, you can set up an Instagram page in seconds and start offering your services as a consultant.

You’ll be able to grow your brand on all social media platforms and you get to decide your rates!

9. Start a Blog

If you already have a blog and you’ve put in the investment of hours and hours of building it, then you can start monetizing it with very little extra investment.

You can try:

  • Affiliate Marketing: Advertisers pay you a commission to promote their products on your blog. All you have to do is post a link to your website and you’re done!
  • Google Adsense: Get paid to have advertisements displayed on your page. This is where you can choose to get paid per impression or per click.
  • Sell Ad Space – Sell ad space to brands on your blog.
  • Sponsored posts – Have a company pay you to post a picture, blog or video.

10. Test Apps & Websites

If you’re the kind of person who has strong opinions regarding what works, what looks good, and what doesn’t work then testing apps could be your thing.

It’s not just testing apps & websites – the whole idea of “usability testing” is rapidly growing. You probably won’t make a career out of it, but you’ll definitely be able to make money out of it.

The reviews take anything between 10-20 minutes and you’ll get paid an average of $10 per review.

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to make money on this list.

To help you get started, here are 15 sites to check out.

11. Search Engine Evaluation

Search Engine Evaluator

10 years ago, no one would have ever thought that a job like that would exist today. This job is usually for people who are bilingual and your tasks will include:

  • Evaluating search results.
  • Giving feedback on whether they are relevant and accurate.
  • Make sure the results are spam-free.

These jobs pay up to $15 per hour.

12. Micro Jobs

There’s a reason this suggestion is last.

This is more part time work that can be incredibly draining and demanding. The worst part is the pay is likely not worth the amount of work you need to do.

All you will need are basic internet skill and a laptop. Some job examples include:

  • Sharing a page
  • Reviewing a product.
  • Writing an article.
  • Liking a post.
  • Sharing a tweet.
  • Doing a quick Google Search.

And much more.

I think micro jobs should be a list ditch resort honestly. These should be jobs you do if you are desperate for cash or don’t mind working hours for just a few bucks.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of jobs that don’t require any sort of upfront investment; you just need to know where to look.

If nothing on this list works for you, make sure you check out our full list of work from home jobs here. There are over 75 ideas listed with hundreds of companies currently looking for employees.

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