Day Job Killer Review — Forget the hype. Don’t expect to become the next Internet millionaire.

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Read the Day Job Killer preview here. Warning: If you think that reading this ebook, or any ebook for that matter, will make you rich, then you are sadly mistaken. Realistically, will anyone be earning a million dollars per year after twelve months of reading the Day Job Killer and applying it’s techniques? No. It […] Keep Reading →

Google Pack Review — Useful Free Software

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At IveTriedThat, we love nothing more than to review something that won’t actually cause us to lose money. That’s why, when Google released the Google Pack, we were jumping with joy to hear that we got a whole mess of free software to review. Seriously. I had a hard time convincing Joe to keep his […] Keep Reading →

The Week in Review

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It’s been a busy first week at, what with ironing out the wrinkles and tackling our first reviews. We’re not rich yet, so none of the things we’ve tried are magic pills to instant wealth. (There should be one, don’t you think? I get dozens of spam Viagra and Cialis invitations a week, so […] Keep Reading → $1,000 per week taking surveys?

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Want to get regular scambusting updates? Sign up for e-mail or RSS updates. Did you get an unexpected check from “” Cashing it could land you in debt and in jail! Read this post. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of outfits promising to show you how to make lots of money just taking online […] Keep Reading →

Day Job Killer Preview — From $0 to $1,000,000

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I’ve recently stumbled upon a popular ebook that promises to get rid of day jobs, forever. The first question I asked was, “What about people that work night shifts?” Apparently, they’re out of luck and this book doesn’t apply to them. The book, Day Job Killer, comes with an incredibly long presell page chocked full […] Keep Reading →

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