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5 Ways You Can Get Paid to Quit Smoking in 2019

If you’ve been a smoker for a long time and have tried every method of smoking cessation to no avail, maybe you’d be more motivated if you join ‘get paid to quit smoking’ campaigns. We all know that you can get paid to sleep, get paid to lose weight, get paid to walk, get paid […]

Aug 06, 2019
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40 Small Business Grants to Check Out in 2019

Small business grants allow entrepreneurs to get additional money to be put back into the business without getting a loan. Anyone who owns a business knows it isn’t all peachy. Setting it up is one thing, but expanding your business often requires additional investment, more employees, extra money for advertising, and other unplanned expenses. If […]

Aug 01, 2019
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10 Ways to Obtain Free Government Money in 2019

Ever wondered how you can get free government money? Technically speaking, you can’t. Because the government doesn’t give away free money. What it does offer to people are government grants and federal benefit programs to help individuals and families lower their expenses and eventually become self-sufficient. Such government assistance is funded every tax season, so […]

Jul 31, 2019
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How to Become a Local Tour Guide & 5 Companies Currently Hiring

The local tour guide job isn’t for everyone. Tour guides are not the same as travel agents, whose jobs are to arrange travel plans and communicate with clients from the comforts of their own homes. Local tour guides come face-to-face with tourists. They know all head-turning destinations to the cringe-worthy spots around town (and still […]

Jul 18, 2019