11 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies in 2020

Since we all do it so much, wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to watch movies?

Look no further, because now we’re going to run through a few ways to earn extra cash by watching movies, trailers, and videos.

From enjoying Netflix on your couch to getting paid to visit movie theaters, the methods below will help you bring in some extra cash doing what you love.

So what’s the catch?

None, really.

The biggest downside is probably that these are good for side gigs; they won’t become a full-time job.

10 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies

So without further ado, here are the best ways you can get paid to watch movies.

Side note: My personal favorite is #7.

1. Review and Discuss Movies on Keeping It Reelz

Keeping It Reelz is a new focus group community built entirely around the entertainment and movie industry.

You’ll be tasked to provide your feedback and reviews for the latest movies and shows.

You can also get sneak peeks at upcoming feature films.

Best of all, you’ll get rewarded for your feedback, making this one a must join.

2. Watch your own movies and get paid by Nielsen

Get paid to watch movies with Nielsen

I’ve saved the best and simplest for first.

Nielsen wants to know what you watch and when, and they’ll pay you $50 per year to do so.

All you need to do is download and install their app.

That’s it.

You get paid $50 and will be entered to win even more cash and prizes every month that the app is installed on your phone.

It’s the easiest way to get started.

3. Earn $25 to $30 by doing In-Theater Checks

This is basically the best way you can get paid to watch movies in the theater.

The job is simple:

Go to your local theater, collect various data, watch a movie, and get paid.

It’s a great part-time gig that is also enjoyable, and a dream come true for any movie buff out there.

You’ll even get your movie tickets and concessions reimbursed.

If this sounds too good to be true, let me tell you why this job even exists:

Theaters and movie studios are constantly trying to collect data about moviegoers and later analyze this data to improve movies as well as the viewer experience.

At any given workday, you can have any of these different tasks:

  1. Watch and record all the trailers that appeared on the screen and for how long.
  2. Report the number of people attending a particular movie at a particular show time (for box office information).
  3. Count all patrons who watched a particular movie for all showtimes throughout the day.
  4. Watch and record what advertisements are being shown before the movie.
  5. Watch a sneak preview and collect audience reactions and demographics.
  6. Write reports about the quality of sound and visuals, the prices of the tickets, and the cleanliness of the place.
  7. Be a mystery shopper; evaluate the entire movie-going experience. You’ll be asked to report on everything; from the quality of customer service, concessions, and overall upkeep of the theater, to the placement of movie posters, standees, and other promotional or marketing materials.

Get started by becoming a Certified Field Associate today.

Do theater checks to get paid to watch movies

4. Watch Movies and Videos Online

Swagbucks is another rewards-based website that pays you for several different activities. You can get paid to watch movie previews, celebrity videos, and more.

Instead, Swagbucks gives you points that you can then redeem for either gift cards or straight-up cash. The “movies” aren’t really going to be Blockbuster movies, but if you’re getting paid – who even cares, right?

What I usually like to do is I have Netflix playing on my laptop and Swagbucks playing on my phone, so I practically get paid to watch Netflix.

Pro tip: You can also do this at work: open up the videos on a new tab, mute the sound of that tab, and get to work!

5. Get Paid to Review Movies

You can be the next Roger Ebert and get paid to watch movies and write reviews.

You can start by writing a blog with movie reviews and monetize it, or you can apply for a job online writing reviews. There are plenty of media outlets looking for such writers.

Online magazines are also great options to write for. Make sure you write a few reviews after research, show your unique voice in those reviews, and always attach them as samples.

6. Join a Focus Group

Yes, being a movie/TV watcher can be a job. It’s very easy money and it’s an entertaining job, to say the least.

Start by looking through our full list of ways to get paid to test products. They usually run panels to track which shows you’re watching.

There’s also another type of job where you get hired to keep your eyes open on videos that can be added on certain TV shows.

7. Sign up for Inbox Dollars

You’ve probably heard of Inbox Dollars before and how you can make money by taking surveys. But did you have any idea that you can get paid to watch movie previews?

But wait, it gets better!

When you sign up, they give you a $5 signup bonus (one of the best ways to get quick money as well!)

The web-based rewards company makes video-watching enjoyable by adding an entire video component.

There you can watch celebrity videos, watch entire playlists, news and it tells you how long a playlist is going to be ahead of time.

You could get paid to watch movie trailers and earn up to $200/per month.

You could also use QuickRewards for the same idea – you get paid to watch movie trailers and videos, as well as play games. And there’s the $5 signup bonus as well.

8. Categorize shows for Netflix

Get paid to watch movies with Netflix

If you want to get paid to watch Netflix, you can do so by signing up as a “movie tagger.” Most of us have a Netflix account (or know someone who does), so making money as a Netflix tagger is a great way to spend even more time on Netflix and get paid for it!

Netflix pretty much pays people to “tag” their movies with one or more keywords, taking into consideration which keywords viewers will use when looking for such movies.

The best part?

You can easily earn up to $300 per week to watch the shows/movies and tag them.

The only downside?

These jobs rarely open up. You’ll need to constantly keep an eye on the Netflix job board.

9. Try SuccessBux

SuccessBux has already paid over $21,000 in rewards in the past 5 years. You can get paid to watch movies, watch ad videos and listen to the radio.

The best thing about Success Bux and the thing that differentiates it from InboxDollars and Swagbucks is the fact that you can request for payout once you’ve earned $1.00.

10. …Or try iRazoo

iRazoo is yet another rewards site that allows you to do simple tasks, including downloading apps, playing games, and, you guessed it, watching videos.

Though you’re not likely to be given a feature-length movie to watch, you may be given movie trailers, short films, advertisements, movie reviews, and more.

You’ll earn points for each task, and when you reach 3,000 points, you can start ordering from their Rewards Store.

11. Work as a closed captioner.

I’m sure you’ve debated with yourself or your movie companion whether or not to turn on subtitles while watching Netflix.

The subtitles didn’t appear there by magic; people actually typed those subtitles.

If you think you have what it takes, consider applying for a job as a closed captioner.

Not all of those will be movies, but at least some of them will be.

Can you still get paid to watch movies in 2020?

Absolutely. As long as movies are still being put out by the studios, you can find ways to get paid to watch them.

If you’re already spending plenty of your time watching movies and trailers, you might as well get paid for that time!

Other ways to get paid for doing mundane tasks

Wouldn’t it be great if you can just go about your everyday tasks and get paid for them?

Worry not; we now live in a time when you can make money watching TV, listening to music, eating, taking a walk, texting, or simply hanging out.

How do you plan to earn from watching movies or videos? Share it with us in the comments!

25 Best Paid Online Research Studies You Can Join

Pay range for research studies

How can one participate in paid online research studies and get paid for your brain, your health, and your opinions?

Well, you’re in the right place.

Today, let’s look at 25 different opportunities to get paid as a participant for research studies.

Types of Paid Online Research Studies

A medical study involves a group of people within an age group, gender, race, ethnic group, or individuals with the same specific health issues.

Participating in these studies often involve answering a combination of interviews, tests, surveys, or experimentation to be able to answer questions on how to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure health disorders and diseases.

Aside from paid medical studies, market research makes use of paid online research to find out what customers want or need from various products and companies.

The cool thing about paid online research studies available today is that even if you are not a part of the target audience, you can still participate in the study in another capacity.

Online research studies can be either quantitative or qualitative.

Quantitative studies are the ones with static, pre-planned answers. A questionnaire with multiple-choice answers is a good example of this study. It is made as such so that the researcher can easily analyze the results.

Qualitative studies are a bit more complex since it involves open-ended answers.

However, this type of study ends up with better data. Focus groups and interviews are both methods used in qualitative studies.

How Much Can You Earn from Paid Research Studies?

Imagine earning up to $1,000 just for sharing your opinion, review of a product, or thoughts about a particular experience without even stepping out of the house.

You don’t even have to spend a cent to participate in these research studies. Most of the time, you’d only have to be at least 18 years old and currently live in the US.

Even when you’re below 18 years old, researchers sometimes allow you to participate as long as you had a waiver from your parent or legal guardian.

The amount you earn from joining research studies depend on the following:

Method of research – Did you join a focus group? Answered a lengthy interview? Filled up a survey?
Length of study – Some interviews only take an hour and earn you $150. Some focus groups could take several sessions and end only after several weeks.
Type of payment – Not all companies pay cash. Some use PayPal, while others prefer checks, gift cards, prepaid cards, and so on.

Quick surveys can be as little as $10 and high as $100.

Focus group sessions range between $50 and $500/session.

Interviews can earn you somewhere from $50 to $400 for an hour’s worth of your time.

Simply put, the amount you’ll be paid will vary from study to study.

Join These to Start Making Money Today

Before digging into the list below, I suggest you sign up for the 3 best focus group/market research companies.

Anyone can participate and you will be invited to take part in research studies, focus groups, and product testing opportunities.

These companies pay in cash and offer cash signup bonuses to get you started.

On to the list!

25 Ways to Get Paid for Research Studies Online

The following universities have year-long research studies in a wide range of topics.

1. Northwestern University Department of Psychology

Northwestern Research Studies

Earn from $10 to $40 an hour if you participate in learning sessions and focus groups to aid in brain development, problem-solving, and Study on Learning.

2. Harvard University Psychology Study Pool

Harvard Research Studies

Join Harvard’s Psychology Study Pool and earn from $10 to $25 an hour, paid via gift cards.

The online studies are available year-round for both Harvard students and guests.

3. Carnegie Mellon University

CMU Research Studies

If you’re 18+ years old, can read/speak English, and has never joined any research studies at the Center for Behavioral and Decision Research at Carnegie Mellon, you can sign-up for online studies about personal beliefs, attitudes, decision-making, human judgment, interpersonal perceptions, and group performance, among others

You’ll earn $8 an hour, paid in gift cards, for online studies that would take anywhere from 5 and 20 minutes.

4. Center for Decision Sciences Columbia Business School

CDS Research Study

For participating an online survey or study, you can earn $16 an hour, as long as you’re 18+ years old and have a PayPal or Amazon.com account to receive payments.

5. MIT Behavioral Research Lab

MIT Research Studies

There are in-person and paid online research studies available at MIT.

Eligibility requirements and payment amounts vary from study to study, but participants usually earn $11 to $20 per hour for online studies.

6. University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business

UMD Research Studies

As long as you’re eligible, you can get paid for research studies online here.

Make sure you create an account, sign up for the studies that you want to participate in, and get paid once you fulfill your role.

7. Purdue University

Purdue research studies

You can find a lot of paid online studies here.

Many of them can be accomplished at home (example: grape juice study or milk tolerance study), and pay somewhere between $10 and $500.

8. Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford research studies

You’ll be paid up to $25 an hour for online research studies, but you’d have to be eligible and complete a pre-screen form.

You also can’t participate in the same study more than once.

9. UCLA Anderson School of Management

UCLA Research Studies

The behavioral lab has some paid online studies, if you’re interested in topics like consumer behavior, organizational behavior, judgment, and other similar topics.

Most studies here pay from $10 to $15 an hour.

They also have in-lab and in-person studies.

10. Boston University Behavioral Lab

Boston university research studies

If you’re interested in human behavior and is willing to participate in online studies, try to join if you’re eligible.

These studies pay between $10 and $20 an hour.

11. University of Maryland Department of Psychology

UMD Psychology Research Studies

You need to create an account at the SONA System website to see available research studies and check for eligibility.

12. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nebraska Research Studies

This college holds a wide range of research studies revolving MRI research, human brain, behavior, and so on.

There are studies exclusively for seniors, and those that are for teens.

Pay can go as high as $80 per study.

13. American University Psychology Department

American university research studies

Topics vary widely, but they are related to psychology and human behavior.

You can earn up to $20 an hour for just filling out a form as a smoker’s first-hand experience during stressful situations.

14. Respondent.IO


This next one isn’t a university, but it’s a comprehensive resource if you plan to participate in numerous market research and other online studies.

Pay ranges from $25 to $200.

Eligibility requirements vary between studies.

Make sure to check details and never pay to join a focus group or study.

15. Brand Institute

Brand Institute

Want to be at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry?

Join consumer market research panel groups by signing up with Brand Institute.

16. Mindswarms


It’s sort of like an interview since you are required to answer ten questions with a video.

In exchange for your thoughts, you’ll be paid $50.

17. Engage

Engage Research

Earn somewhere between $50 and $250 by participating in healthcare or consumer market research studies.

18. Probe Market Research

Probe Market Research

The company pays people for online, phone or group interviews about their clients’ products, services, ads, or other campaigns.

Payment goes as high as $400.

19. Plaza Research

Plaza research

For focus groups with a ton of locations across the U.S., check this website out.

It pays out $50 to $200 to group participants.

20. Userinterviews.com

User Interviews Research

Get paid for your feedback on real projects.

Create an account by filling up a form and wait for project invitations if you’re eligible.

There are online and in-phone interviews available.

21. Yale School of Management

Yale Paid Online Research Studies

If you live anywhere near Yale campus, be sure to sign up for their newsletter as they frequently put out requests for both in person and paid online research studies.

You will be paid, in cash, at the completion of your study.

They also have a Facebook group that announces when new studies are available to participate in.

22. Georgetown University Department of Psychology

Georgetown Research Studies

Georgetown’s Department of Psychology is regularly looking for both students and non-students alike to participate in studies.

Average pay will run you about $10 per hour, so it can be some nice change to pick up in your spare time.

Their research includes personality, memory, and impulse control tests to name a few.

23. UCLA Semel Institute

UCLA offers both in-person and online research studies to check out.

They have a massive list of open opportunities for you to click through. The highest paying ones often need you to come into their offices for scans and interviews, but there are a lot of remote positions available too.

24. PingPong

Web designers and developers working on websites and applications, they value the input of real-life users and are willing to pay for these users’ opinions and insights

You can get paid anywhere from €15 to €40 per hour and even up to €100 for special projects.

Payment is credited through Transferwise or PayPal.

25. American Consumer Opinion

Yet another survey site, American Consumer Opinion (ACOT) pays you for your answers to their survey questions.

You can even get paid up to $100 if you fit a certain demographic and able to participate in special projects.

Research studies on this site may not be constantly available, though. It’s best to check back frequently.

Additional Resources

Other research study listings you can check include 2020|Panel, Recruit and Field, FindFocusGroups.com, and FocusGroupFinder.com, among others.

Research studies come and go. Your best bet is to bookmark the sites that you think you most qualify for and then check back often.

Can I be a Full-Time Online Research Participant?

While paid online studies are highly interesting and offer legitimate side cash, this gig cannot replicate the steady income and benefits you can get with a full-time job.

You’d have to consider that many research studies:

  • have eligibility requirements (which means you’re not guaranteed a slot every time)
  • cannot be joined twice (once you’ve participated in a specific study, you can’t do a repeat)
  • have varying payments (there’s no stability in such income)

I do think it’s a legitimate side gig if you’re in between jobs or have a lot of free time on your hands.

Which research studies above are you likely to join? Tell us in the comments!

10 Ways to Get Paid to Lose Weight in 2020

You may be looking to live a healthier lifestyle or looking to fit into your old clothes; whatever your reason for losing weight, we can all agree that it’s a difficult journey, and sometimes we all need a little extra push to motivate us.

Ever wondered if you can get paid to lose weight?

Money can be a great motivator for doing something very challenging, and app creators have caught on to this, developing apps that pay participants for losing weight.

Enter Social Dieting

Exercise and diet are two weight loss words that don’t inspire a lot of people.

A study even discovered that fewer Americans are trying to lose weight, as the obesity rates increase to 66%.

According to Colorado State University Extension, around 50 million Americans go on a diet every year, but only 5% actually manage to keep the weight off.

Because ‘new normals’ in weight have led to wider acceptance of obesity, efforts in shedding off unhealthy pounds are on the decline.

But what if you could turn weight loss into a game and get a chance to win a pot of gold at the finish line? Would you join to lose the pounds? Well, guess what? There are a number of ways you could earn cash on the side from losing weight; one program even pays over $3,000.

Apps like DietBet and Healthy Wage are becoming increasingly popular, and all employ some concept of social dieting.

What is social dieting?

It’s where dieting is a group-focused rather than solitary activity.

You lose weight with other people, such as your family members, friends, or just random folks online.

Through a combination of community support and some peer pressure, you end up more committed to losing weight within a set period of time.

Oh, and then there’s the money. You bet a certain amount of your own cash, say $100, and if you achieve a defined weight loss goal, you make back your initial investment and then some.

There are usually no stipulations about how you lose weight.

However, most of these weight-loss betting sites do host forums and other member communities where participants support each other in their weight loss goals.

Here’s what Sue had to say about her weight loss bet on Healthy Wage:

I was skeptical at first, but after thoroughly researching it, there just didn’t seem to be a downside. If I stayed on track, I’d win; it was that simple. The 10% weight loss over six months was both achievable and healthy. And who better to bet on than myself – right?

I had no intention of losing my initial $150 bet, so I jumped in with both feet and never looked back. On August first, I had surpassed my goal of 26.9 lbs. and lost 78 lbs. By August third, I had a $300 deposit in my PayPal account.

Since her Healthy Wage challenge, Sue has continued losing weight and, at this point in time, is down at least 124 lbs compared to when she initially started on her weight loss goal.

Erin Wright participated in two Healthy Wage challenges and said the following,

I started the 10% 6 month challenge and the 1 year BMI challenge on the same day. The 10% challenge was a $100 payout and the BMI challenge was a $300 payout. I think I lost 36 lbs the first 6 months and won $200. At the end of the year I had lost 69 lbs., with my BMI below 25, and won $1,000, for a net win of $800.

Diet Bet is another get paid to lose weight site where participants form betting pools.

The amount of money that can be made depends on the number of people in the pool; the bigger the pool, the bigger the pot of money that can be won.

However, if the challenge is an easy one and there are several winners in the pool, there’s less money to be won.

Amy Oztan of Amy Ever After tried DietBet for several weight-loss bets. Here’s what she had to say about the program:

For the second and third DietBet I (and about 20 participants) put up $50. If I remember correctly, most of us on the second bet met our goals, so we each got our money back plus about twelve dollars and change. I did not win the third DietBet – I think I had to lose about 7.5 pounds, and I actually lost about five. The $50 was not enough of a risk to really matter on its own.

A better motivator was saving face with my friends. I knew everyone doing those DietBets, and I wanted to be accountable to them. However, I don’t think that *just* the friend angle would have done it either. It was both the money and saving face. Putting your money where your mouth is, I guess.

How do you find a legitimate way to get paid to lose weight?

Given the testimonials I collected, it seemed to me that these weight-loss betting sites seem legitimate. To better understand how to know if a weight-loss betting site is legitimate, I talked with Anna T. of Real Ways to Earn Money Online.

She had this to say:

To determine whether or not a site is legit, you should carefully research its reputation. Most of the time when people have been ripped off, they are going to make some noise about it online. It’s a good idea to type in the company name followed by the word “scam” on Google or another search engine to see what results populate.

If you discover that the site has an overall positive online presence and that it’s been discussed favorably on reputable online magazine sites, blogs, or forums, that’s a good indicator that it’s not a scam.

I would also suggest doing a Whois search on the domain to try and find out who’s behind the site and when it was created. If you can find out who is behind the site, you can research that person through Google in the same manner that you researched the site itself.

What about staying honest?

It would be easy for anyone to say that he or she weighs 300 lbs. now and then “lose” a quick 150 lbs. in the space of 6 months (it just melted right off!).

To maintain honesty, the aforementioned weight-loss betting programs do require that you are officially weighed when you start and end your program.

Official weights can be recorded in a doctor’s clinic, a gym, or your own home. DietBet, for example, has members take before and after photos of themselves standing on a scale in front of a full-length mirror.

8 Sites That Pay You to Lose Weight

I’ve rounded up 8 different sites that all offer you the chance to get paid to lose weight.

Join one or join them all. Either way, put forth the effort to live a more healthy lifestyle and you can be rewarded while doing so!

1. Healthy Wage

Launched in 2009, HealthyWage began in hosting weight loss challenges in the corporate world and government. Soon after, the program became available to everyone online.

HealthyWage follows a cool concept – you put in at least $20 per month and bet against yourself to lose weight.

Healthy Wage Bet

Once the challenge ends and you lost your goal weight, you earn over 200% of your invested bets. You can even play around with HealthyWage’s calculator to check how much you could win for 10 to 200 pounds of weight loss within a span of 6 to 18 months.

Aside from individual bets, you can also participate in up to ten different challenges. You can form a team of five and compete with other teams to win higher prizes, or you can participate in individual or team step challenges, where you need to hit a certain number of steps per day to win prizes.

What’s awesome about HealthyWage?

There are a lot of success stories. It’s been featured in many shows, including Good Morning America, The Washington Post, Woman’s Day, Today Show, and more.

2. DietBet

DietBet members also rely on financial incentives for motivation.

Consider it a massive community of “biggest loser” contestants competing online. The coolest thing about DietBet is that members can create their own games and keep it private among family and friends, who can join in on the fun. DietBet will just do the tracking and data stuff for you.

On DietBet, members get to choose which game you wish to join (depending on the pot, length of challenge, number of participants, and more).

Dietbet Featured Games

Every participant then wages a bet, begin the competition, weigh in regularly, and complete the game.

At the end of the game, DietBet keeps 10% to 25% of the pot raised, then whoever lost 4% of their body weight from initial weigh in to final weigh in gets to split the pot.

Note that if a pot reaches $25,000 and about 200 of all 250 participants lose 4% by the end of the game, everyone who wins only get to take home $90 to $110 each (depending on how much cut DietBet gets out of the pot).

Not much of a gym person? DietBet also has its own “step challenge” to encourage walking, so if you’re interested, head over to its sister site StepBet.

3. FatBet

FatBet isn’t the most visually-appealing websites around, but it serves its purpose well.

Anyone can start a FatBet, set weight loss goals, set wager, fill in dates, and ask people he/she knows to join the challenge. From there, everyone who participates can track their personal progress. Once the FatBet ends, participants who reach their goals win and those who don’t pay the wager.

The platform of FatBet is very unassuming.

Every FatBet only shows progress charts of participants, details of the FatBet wager, and their very own community board – where bragging and smack talk among family and friends often occurs.

4. Stickk.com

Stickk isn’t just about losing weight – it encourages a healthy lifestyle to quit smoking, exercise regularly, maintain weight, race, or other custom commitments.

Anyone can create their goals, set the stakes, assign a referee, and sign the contract.

If you don’t meet the goal within the time period you set, the money you placed could go to a recipient of your choice. Some people even assign an enemy as their recipient as extra motivation to beat the challenge.

If you meet your goal, there are no other prizes, except for the fact that you won and you’ll keep your money. The smallest wager, or what Stickk calls “the price of failure,” you could set is at $5.

5. Achievement

Achievement is an app-based program that lets you connect over 40 fitness trackers and apps, such as Fitbit, Samsung Health, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, and more.

You don’t exactly get paid to lose weight on this platform, but you do get paid for doing physical activities, such as walking, exercising, or working out at a gym. Health-related activities, such as dieting and sleeping for a certain number of hours are also paid.

Members are able to earn points from completing healthy activities you’re already doing.

You can also participate in studies and surveys, which gets you extra points as well. It may not be a lot, but you can exchange 10,000 points for $10.

6. FitCoin

FitCoin is unique in that instead of having you bet a certain amount to win prizes or a jackpot, FitCoin pays you in Bitcoin, according to how hard you work and how much you commit to a specific physical activity.

You’ll need to download the FitCoin app, sync it to your fitness trackers or devices with a heart rate functionality.

The FitCoin app then records how long you did the activity and how fast your heart rate went up to.

Then, it will credit your Bitcoin wallet with an amount proportional to the amount of energy you spent doing that physical activity.

So of all the apps here, here’s how you actually get paid to lose weight.

7. SwagBucks

If you’re not yet on SwagBucks, you’re missing out on every reward you could’ve earned from searching the web, playing games online, watching videos, taking surveys, signing up to programs, shopping from big retailers like Walmart or Amazon, and more.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you should check out SwagBucks fitness videos collection and earn rewards from following one of the workout videos available there.

8. Walgreens Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices

If you shop at Walgreens, you’d love to know that the company offers points whenever you complete a healthy goal.

Earn points when you weigh in, connect a gadget or app, monitor blood pressure, quit smoking, and more. Then, you can redeem points for rewards.

As you can see, the focus is on encouraging not just losing weight but also making healthy lifestyle choices.

2 Other Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight

The above apps aren’t your only options to make money from losing weight.

Here are a couple more ways to get paid to lose weight

9. Start a Group Challenge with your family and friends

The simplest way to earn while losing weight is to start a group challenge with your family, friends, colleagues, or social media friends.

This is pretty straightforward: form a group of at least 5 members, throw in at least $20 each, and whoever loses the most weight within a certain number of days will win the entire pot.

It’s diet betting without the app.

Of course, proof of weight, ground rules, timeline, and payment methods and terms will have to be determined by the group in consensus.

Doing this with people whom you know and trust should make it easier for you to be committed to achieving your goals, as well as motivating each other.

Also, if everyone you know is leading a healthy lifestyle, it becomes easier for all of you to lead a healthy lifestyle, even after the wagers have ended.

10. Get Paid To Walk

If dieting and exercise are big struggles for you and you’d like to start small, try going for short walks instead just to jumpstart your energy.

Then, read our list of taking a walk and choose one or a few so that even when you’re inexperienced and only just starting, you can start making money.

So, can you really get paid to lose weight?

Getting paid to lose weight may sound too good to be true, but hopefully, I’ve convinced you otherwise with this list.

I know losing weight can be a difficult process. These financial incentives can increase your motivation to stick to your goals for a certain amount of time.

But eventually, the motivation from the financial incentive will wear off. If you truly want to keep the weight off, you’ll have to constantly work at it and develop healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

Which app/s are you likely to use to lose weight? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and let us know how your weight loss journey is going!

5 Ways to Get Paid to Go to School in 2020

Getting a college education in the US is getting more and more expensive with each passing year. Fortunately, there are now options for students who hope to study tuition-free, get paid to go to school, or at the very least graduate without the burden of crushing student loan debt.

The more college-educated citizens there are in a country, the more highly skilled workers, managers, and executives there will be to raise the country’s economic value.

Also, giving middle-class and poor students the chance to go to college without going too far in debt can give them a chance to get out of their class and aspire to a higher income for themselves.

If you want to pursue higher education but feel constrained by your financial situation, take a look at the options available to students to get paid to go to school.

5 Ways to Get Paid to Go to School

It’s unlikely you’ll find someone to just straight-up pay you cash to attend your classes.

But here are the options; go through them and find out which one fits your situation best:

1. Tuition Reimbursement from Your Employer

Those of you who decided to work after graduating from high school could still change paths, especially if you discover that your employer has a tuition reimbursement program.

Not sure if they do?

Check your benefits package. This is often included in the document you signed when you joined the company.

Corporate tuition reimbursement policies can vary significantly between companies.

Some employers allow you to take any course you want, while others would only shoulder a degree that could improve your skill, which will eventually help you do your job within the company more effectively.

The amount a company pays for will also differ. Rules, such as the GPA you need to maintain or if you need to stay at your company for a number of years after receiving the reimbursement, will also be different between companies.

The good thing about tuition reimbursement is that you can ask around if they offer this perk before joining a particular company.

But a disadvantage is that you’ll have to pay for your college courses upfront first and you’ll get reimbursed later, meaning you’ll have to have some cash in your pocket first before they pay you back.

2. Join the U.S. Military

The U.S. Military isn’t for everyone, but if serving your country or joining volunteer services is something that appeals to you, you have a couple of options, including:

  • GI Bill – Depending on when you served, service members and veterans can take advantage of either the Montgomery GI Bill for active duty military members (MGIB-AD), Montgomery GI Bill for reservists (MGIB-SR), or the Post-9/11 GI Bill. They all provide up to 36 months of educational assistance, but the amount varies depending on Congress approval. Check out the US Department of Veterans Affairs has a Comparison Chart and Payment Rates on its website.
  • Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program – Veteran family members can get tuition reimbursement through this program.
  • The Peace Corps – Aside from the training you receive from a 27-month assignment, those who volunteer to join the Peace Corps also get a stipend and $10k payment upon completion. The local counterpart (AmeriCorps) also pays a living expense stipend and potentially help you pay for college if you spend up to 12 months volunteering.

Also, the military has tuition assistance of up to $4,500 per year, if you’re qualified.

Be sure to check your eligibility and other benefit details for the particular branch of the military you’re in.

There are obvious associated risks if you go this route, but if you’re planning on joining the military anyway, getting a free education out of it is a very good perk.

3. Look Into Tuition-Free Schools

Get paid to go to school with a scholarship

Yes, surprisingly, these exist.

There are tuition-free colleges and universities that give you a chance to earn a degree without paying if you meet certain criteria.

You might have to be from a specific state, be from a family that earns below a certain threshold, or work for a certain amount of hours on campus.

Check out these lists of tuition-free colleges and universities all over the country:


4. Find Scholarships

Scholarships are called “gift aid” because unlike student loans, you don’t need to pay it back and it’s one of the few ways you can actually get paid to go to school.

They are very similar to grants, but scholarships are given to students based on merit.

There are plenty of scholarships available and the qualifications will vary based on your record of achievement.

For example, those who excel in sports, such as basketball or football, are actually discovered by different colleges and offered scholarships so they could play for the colleges’ sports teams.

Aside from athletes, those who have a special gift in mathematics, technology, or other subjects can be awarded scholarships relevant to their fields.

State scholarships are also available to those who excel in high school, but these are often called “state grants” as well. Check with your state agency to see what scholarships are available.

5. Win a Grant

Grants are need-based financial assistance, which is essentially free government money.

Like scholarships, those awarded with grants do not need to repay them.

It is offered as either full or partial tuition coverage and given by the government, private companies, associations, non-profit organizations, and so on.

  • Federal grants – Handled by the US Department of Education, the government awards about $150 billion to more than 12 million students. You have to fill up the federal financial aid form—the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)—to be considered. This isn’t just a single grant though, you’ll find hundreds of public grants, such as Pell Grants (pays an average $2,500) and a lot more that’s usually named after a politician.
  • Private grants – Companies like Pepsi give grants to the children of their employees, or even the spouses and employees. These grants are usually under the company’s foundation and are publicly available on their websites. Coca-Cola’s Scholars Program, for instance, has a budget of over $3 million annually for the scholarships of 1,400 college students.
  • Professional associations –  If you’re studying to become a nurse, or a computer programmer, you can find industry-related associations that may be willing to support your studies through grants. You do have to research a lot more to find these associations, but they exist.
  • Institutional grants – These types of grants are given by private universities. You can find information about these grants on the enrollment pages of these colleges. Or better yet, ask someone from the school in person when you get a chance to visit.

You can find grants that would fit your skillset on websites like CollegeGrant.net or Scholarships.com.

These grants can even go beyond “skill” and may be offered based on a student’s gender, ethnicity, physical condition, and so on.

There are grants for students who are hoping to become a teacher, grants for students who are interested in in-demand science and math subjects, grants exclusive to a specific university department, and more.

How Much Can I Get Paid to Go to School?

The amount you can get paid to go to school varies depending on the aid you’ve chosen to apply for.

Scholarships and grants can give you as low as $1,000 to over $35,000 each year with an average of $5,000.

The amount of cash that students receive varies on a case-to-case basis.

But it’s good to know that there is ALWAYS money available for students in need of assistance.

Students assume that getting grant money is impossible that not enough people try their luck. In fact, in 2014, almost $3 billion in federal grant money wasn’t rewarded to anyone because of the lack of applications.

Do You Have a Chance to Get Paid to Go to School?

Honestly, if you don’t apply, then there’s zero chance that you’ll be accepted.

Anyway, there’s nothing to lose.

This is your future, your dreams we’re talking about, so apply to every applicable scholarship, grant, and financial aid you can find.

To sum it up, apply early and apply yearly.

Most of these funding sources have been doing this for decades, so expect them to have calendars already put in place.

Scholarship applications have fees and deadlines that you need to meet. In most cases, grants should have been already awarded to students at least 3 months before the start of the school year or before the start of the semester.

And after you’ve submitted your application, you can always look for online jobs for college students or choose from 100 different side hustles to keep yourself busy while waiting for a response.

Which one of these options seems like a good fit for your situation? When do you plan to enroll? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Get Paid to Text: 9 Legit Ways to Earn Side Cash Texting

Get paid to text

We’re already on our phones constantly, texting with other people not only through SMS but through different messaging apps. Can you imagine how much you would have made if you had gotten paid to text?

Digital communication is what makes the world go round faster than ever before.

In fact, texting can probably be considered a new pastime with the staggering amount of texts being sent each minute of the day. (Hint: According to Domo’s Data Never Sleeps report, 12,986,111 text messages were sent per internet minute in 2018).

Every Minute


One can imagine that even more texts were sent in 2019.

So wouldn’t it be even better if you could put all that time spent texting towards making some extra cash on the side?

Can You Really Earn Money by Texting?

Being fun to be around in real life can earn you some solid opportunities.

But if you can hold your own in a great text conversation, then you can grab some neat perks.

There are quite a few ways to make money by sending texts and each comes with their own set of pros and cons.

Most of the time this involves mobile phones, though sometimes websites or apps will provide their own clients through which you need to send the texts.

If texting isn’t really your thing, though, then I have suggestions for other easy ways to make money with your phone.

But if you want to make money with your smartphone through texting, then make sure to see what opportunities are available and which of them are legitimate. It’s important to know that there are many scammers out there and something that sounds too good to be true usually is.

Below, I’ve listed the three main ways to get paid to text and specific examples that are reliable and used by many people across the globe.

Join These to Start Making Money Today

Before digging into the list below, I suggest you sign up for the 3 best market research companies.

You’ll be notified when new chances are available to earn cash. All you need to do is respond, text in your answers, and get paid.

These companies pay in cash and offer cash signup bonuses to get you started.

On to the list!

Get Paid to Text through Ads

No one likes seeing ads everywhere and so far texting has been relatively ad-free.

But some companies are paying people to see and send ads via text.

If you don’t mind seeing the occasional advertisement, then you can earn some easy money from doing what you’re already doing – texting.



In order to use IMGR (not to be confused with Imgur), you’ll have to download their get paid to text app and send texts via that platform.

The main downside here is that the people you text ads to need to have the app too for you to get paid for texting.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and gives you a point for each text you send. Each point equals roughly $0.01, so you’ll have to send quite a lot of texts to earn any sort of decent income.

IMGR is available to anyone over the age of 13.

How’s the pay?

The service resets the points you’ve earned every month, so you’ll need to cash out before that happens.

The minimum payout is 300 points, which is equivalent to $3 and around 150 texts. This means you’ll need to send at least 150 texts on this app every month to earn.

2. 1Q

1Q Website

1Q pays people to answer simple marketing and research questions via text.

They’ll text you a question, you respond as fast as you can, and they’ll deposit money directly into your PayPal account.

That’s right! Payments are instant. You don’t have to reach a minimum balance or wait to cash out.

How’s the pay?

For the work you’re doing, it’s pretty decent.

You get paid either $0.25 or $0.50 for every question answered.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it literally takes just a few seconds to reply and then you get access to the cash immediately.

You’re basically getting paid to check your notifications. It’s as easy as it gets.

3. McMoney

McMoney is a newer app in this space and is paying users to receive text messages.

You can get paid to text by installing the app, receiving text messages, and simply deleting them after you receive them.


Their goal is to help improve mobile operators assess and improve their services by sending out network tests to a list of people who signed up to receive notifications.

You can make a few extra bucks each month just by being on their list.

Get Paid to Answer Questions via Text

One of the first apps to do this was ChaCha, which is now no longer running.

Then other companies have jumped to fill this space, the biggest player was KGB (not that KGB, though).


This company allowed you to answer questions people ask through their text messaging services.

However, they too have moved away from the question and answer space.

Today, new apps have opened up to fill the void.

The ones you need to check out are…

4. Fibler

With over 100,000 installs in the Google Play and App Store, there’s no doubt that Fibler is a widely used expert platform.

You can register with Fibler, advertise your knowledge, and get paid to text with people who have questions related to your field of expertise.

Get paid to text with Fibler


You set your rate and are paid each time someone connects with you to ask a question.

You also have the option to allow voice and video calls as well.

5. JustAnswer

From lawyers and doctors to electricians and plumbers, JustAnswer has plenty of experts ready to answer your questions who are just a text message away.

Aside from text messaging, experts can also be contacted through phone chats or video chats, if they opt to.

Apply to be a JustAnswer expert and submit proof of your expertise, which will be verified first before you’re allowed to answer questions on the site.

You will get a percentage of the amount that customers pay per question, which means you can get anywhere from $5 to $30 per question.

JustAnswer pays experts monthly through their PayPal account.

6. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a third-party service provider that allows businesses to outsource their customer service, sales, and marketing needs to contractors.

To apply, you’ll need to have excellent communication skills as well as some experience in online chatting.

Your main responsibility is to answer questions that these businesses’ customers have, which can come in through SMS and possibly through voice calls, social media, or email.

How’s the pay?

The average agent pay is around $15 per hour, but you can make as little as $7 or as much as $30 per hour, depending on the program you’re working under and on any financial incentives that you may be eligible for.

Get Paid to Use Adult Texting Apps

(The links and website screenshots end here!)

If you’re not one to shy away from online adult content and have no issue with flirting through text, then this one’s for you. Be sure to check out our full guide on how to get paid to go on dates as well.

The adult industry is huge and people want more personal connections.

Texting is one part of that world that can help anyone easily earn extra money.

If they don’t have any moral objections to flirting with strangers, that is.

There’s a big market for this, which means there are also many different ways to get the, er, job done, as they say.

One of the things that you should look out for is whether the app will require that you send photos or videos in addition to texting.

Read the terms and conditions before you sign up for these services, and make sure that you’re comfortable with the service you end up picking.

It should be noted that most of these sites are mainly looking for female chat operators but that the demand for male operators is increasing.

Here are some of the more well-known adult texting apps that guarantee payment.

7. Dream Lover

This is an online chat service owned by Naughty America but doesn’t involve any pornographic actions or requests.

It’s simply a chat service that focuses on providing a platform for their users (“members”) to chat with beautiful women and men (“models”) they find attractive.

Models aren’t obliged to do anything but chat. So while it is encouraged to share photos through the text service, it’s not a requirement.

You can simply create an account and wait for one of the members to drop some tokens and start chatting with you.

People from all over the world can apply as models, as long as they’re over 18, and can fit the Dream Lover chats around their schedule. Everything’s also anonymous because the service uses proxy numbers for all parties involved.

How’s the pay?

You set your own rates for the different services available on Dream Lover. So it’s important to make sure that you’re not aiming too high or too low.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information available on what is regarded as a good price.

The site itself also doesn’t do much advertising to gain new clientele, which means its mainly up to the models themselves. You’ll have to share your availability via social media to get a steady stream of new clients, which could make this a no-go for anyone who doesn’t want their family and friends to know about it.

Dream Lover pays their models either via check or direct deposit, though the last one is only available to US residents.

8. Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is a chatting service based in the UK but is open to people worldwide. Besides webcam and phone chats, the service also allows people who sign up to earn money by chatting via text.

What’s great about this is that they let you choose which of these services you want to offer, so you can simply stick to texting if you want. Of course, you can expand your services to webcamming to earn more.

How’s the pay?

It’s pretty easy to get paid via Chat Recruit because they pay directly into your bank account, whether you live in the UK or any other country.

The payment works in a series of levels that you can move up on depending on how many hours per week you put in.

So the more hours you put in, the more you get paid.

The company pays per text and per minute of phone call (if you go for that option too). As far as I can tell, the payment is around 20 pence (about $0.25) per text you send.

9. MyGirlFund

This site mainly focuses on getting attractive women to chat with users but strictly prohibits anyone from revealing any of their personal information, making it a safe option.

What makes MyGirlFund different from the others, is that the site focuses on the idea of a ‘virtual girlfriend’.

Meaning the men who chat with these ladies want a bit more than the occasional flirty text.

This is a good option if you’re looking for a bigger income and also have more time to invest.

How’s the pay?

The pricing on MyGirlFund is also up to you.

The ‘Models” as they’re called get paid $1 for every message they respond to.

But the price of any additional content they share, like photos, videos, etc., can be negotiated with the client. The site does take around 45% of those earnings, however, which is a little steep.

Luckily, that percentage decreases by 2.5% with every $5000 a model earns.

Though you might take a very long time to reach that number depending on your situation.

MyGirlFund has two cash out methods: paper checks (where the minimum is $500), and letting their members receive payment through their Skrill accounts (which they can then keep in their Skrill Wallet or withdraw to their bank accounts).

The Bottom Line

Getting paid to text is unlikely to be the dream job you are envisioning, but there are still some programs out there that will help you make some extra cash in your spare time.

Here are other ways to earn through doing the most mundane stuff: watching TV, listening to music, eating, taking a walk, or simply hanging out.

Or check out these 100 easy ways to make extra money and find the right job for you.

You’d be surprised at what some people will pay you to do.

Do you think you can handle adult texting? Or are you more willing to answer questions? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

12 Best Weekend Jobs for Extra Cash

Those with time to spare and boundless motivation may choose to supplement their income with weekend jobs. Maybe you have debts to pay or you’re saving up for a big-ticket purchase, whatever your motivation may be, if you want to explore weekend job opportunities, you’ve come to the right place.

Finding a weekend job that pays well is easier than ever, and we’ll help you get started. We rounded up 12 weekend gigs that fit a variety of skillsets. As a bonus, many of these have the potential to turn into full-time jobs should choose to pursue it.

Let’s get started.

12 Weekend Jobs to Consider

People are willing to pay for convenience. That is a universal truth you can always count on. And if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, you can make it work to your advantage.

1. Driving People

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft are an obvious choice for anyone with a decent car and extra time on their hands. If you have a good driving record and a good sense of direction, signing up with one of these companies can be a fantastic way to make a living. In fact, many people become ridesharing drivers full-time.

You can choose which days and how many hours you want to work. It’s precisely the flexibility of this job that makes it so perfect as a part-time job that you can do on weekends.

If you’re an extrovert who doesn’t mind small talk, you might even genuinely enjoy this job.

2. Delivering Food

If you have a reliable car but you’re not much of a conversationalist, that’s fine. You can sign up as a food delivery driver instead. Food doesn’t talk back!

Sign up with companies like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and the like. They allow their delivery drivers to choose their own hours and schedule. With Uber Eats, you can even cash out your earnings as often as five times a day. This is a great option if you need cash fast.

You don’t even actually need a car for this. If you have a motorcycle, a bike, or a scooter, or if you like walking, you can still sign up.

3. Preparing Tax Returns and Bookkeeping

Most people don’t look forward to doing their taxes. If they can pay someone to do it for them, they gladly would. You don’t need an accounting degree or any certification to help people prepare their tax returns. As long as you know what you’re doing and you have a head for numbers, you’re good to go. Starting a part-time weekend job as a tax preparer requires only a few simple steps.

Work doesn’t necessarily need to stop once tax season is over. You can also get into bookkeeping. It’s one of the most popular jobs to outsource to part-timers.

4. Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, or House Sitting

Pet owners could always use some help with their pets, whether it’s taking their dogs to the park or having someone stay in to look after their precious furbabies while they’re away on vacation.

If not their pets, then their homes. House sitting is a pretty great gig. You won’t have to do much except probably some minimal housekeeping. It’s almost like going on a staycation, and getting paid for it!

The best way to find a pet sitting or house sitting job is through referrals. People will be entrusting their homes and their pets to you, they’ll feel better if someone they know can vouch for you. Aside from referrals, you should also check online job boards and social media groups.

5. Babysitting

Parents of young kids hardly have any free time, which is why reliable child care is in such high demand. Babysitting is not just for teenagers anymore. Some parents may even feel better about leaving their kids with someone more mature when they go on a date night or when they need to work on a weekend.

If you’re responsible and you’re good with kids, this could turn into a fairly regular gig. Just make sure you let your clients know that you’re not on-call and that you’re only available on weekends.

6. Tutoring

There’s an endless list of possible tutoring gigs out there, depending on your skills or talents.

You don’t need a teaching license for this. You just need a skill that people will pay for you to teach.

You can simply help kids with their homework, teach them how to swim, paint, play an instrument, or speak a foreign language. It’s not limited to kids either. Many adults are looking to learn new skills, too. The possibilities are endless.

7. Renting Your Stuff Out

There are many reasons why people would want to rent furniture or gadgets instead of buying. They could be tourists who prefer to travel light or someone looking to save on something they know they will only need for a short time.

In both cases, it makes more sense to rent. Some popular items to rent out are furniture, car seats, strollers, and various electronic equipment.

If you have anything in your home that is gathering dust and you think it could be useful to some people, list it on reputable renting platforms like Fat Llama.

8. Mobile Bartending

If you have some experience as a mixologist or a bartender, mobile bartending is a pretty good gig. Mobile bars are for parties and private events in locations that don’t have a full-service bar. This can include garden weddings, office parties, and the like.

9. Photographer

Photography is a full-time career for many people and an enjoyable hobby for others. Either way, it requires a considerable investment of both time and money.

If you’re a hobbyist photographer and you’re confident of your skills, you might as well make some money out of it.

You can start a weekend-only photography business. Start by offering photography services to family and friends and tell them to spread the word.

You can do family portraits, glamour and fashion photoshoots, maternity shoots, baby milestone photography, and event coverage for parties.

It all depends on which niche you want to get into. The amount of work you take on is also entirely up to you. This will help hone your skills and build your portfolio.

You won’t be able to command premium rates in the beginning and you might even have to take on pro-bono assignments, but in time, this can turn into a really lucrative venture. Many professional photographers had similar beginnings.

Here’s a giant list of 18 different ways you can make money with photography.

Remote Weekend Jobs

If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home for your weekend job, the internet is chock-full of remote money-making opportunities. These jobs below are only a few examples.

10. Social Media Management

Many small-to-medium businesses outsource digital marketing, content creation, and social media management. Small operations typically don’t have the in-house manpower for it and other related tasks like graphic design and SEO.

If you’re a digital marketing professional or if you have a track record of successfully managing social media accounts and running campaigns, this is the perfect weekend job for you. Because of publishing tools like Hootsuite, this can be a weekend job. All the posts for the rest of the week can easily be scheduled and automated.

You’ll find a lot of part-time social media marketing jobs on online job boards. Depending on the clients you land, you can earn decent money in social media marketing.

11. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly working to improve their accuracy. Search engine evaluators play an important role in this process and this job is usually outsourced to remote workers. To qualify, you’ll have to register on the relevant company’s website and go through an evaluation.

Once accepted, you’re going to start receiving assignments. Your work schedule and your workload are within your control. This is something you can do part-time and only on weekends.

A word of warning here though, be wary for scams and shady “job opportunities”. You should never have to pay to qualify for a job as an evaluator.

12. Answering Online Surveys

Filling out surveys is not exactly exciting work but it can be a reliable source of extra income and something you can easily do on weekends. You will probably not earn a living wage just by answering surveys but if you have time to kill, wouldn’t you want to earn from it?

Anybody can start filling in surveys as it doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge, and brands are continuously looking for opinions and feedback.

It’s really easy to get started, too. Just sign up on apps or websites like Survey Junkie, Toluna, or Swagbucks and start searching for open surveys. Some surveys are open for everyone while others have demographic requirements.

Aside from surveys, you could also look into signing up for research studies. These will typically require more time and commitment, but it also pays more.

The Bottom Line

If your weekends are sacred to you and you’d rather not work, that is perfectly valid. Rest is just as essential to a person’s well-being as work. On the other hand, if you could use the extra money, a weekend job is a godsend.

If you’re just starting out, be patient. Setting up a source of supplementary income or building your client list takes time and effort. If you keep at it, your time and effort will pay off eventually.

Get Paid to Test Products: 37 Ways to Become a Product Tester

If you’re a fan of review blogs, you’re probably amazed and a bit jealous of the sheer number of products these bloggers get to use, review, and even keep. While companies automatically send out new products to big-shot bloggers, here’s good news for non-bloggers out there: this isn’t the only way to get paid to test products.

Unboxing videos on YouTube, for example, are a hit because people are smart buyers now and want to check out if the item they want to buy is worth the money or not.

Unbox Therapy

This is a legitimate gig called product testing, which earns the tester either cash, gift certificates, or the actual products to test.

Companies do this as part of their market research, often before launching a product completely into the market.

With paid product testing, companies receive much-needed feedback.

Depending on whether the feedback is mostly good or bad, this helps them make a decision: to go ahead and do a full launch of the product, scale back production, or improve the product first before launch.

I’ve broken down this list of product testing opportunities into two categories:

  • 23 Market Research Firms: These are research companies that will pay you to work with a number of different brands to try new things
  • 12 Companies Offering Free Products: These are big-name companies that give you their products in exchange for answering questions

If you want to maximize your earnings, sign up for as many of these companies as you can.

Join these 23 Product Testing Websites

Only a few companies advertise product testing opportunities. Instead, companies prefer to let market research firms handle the entire process (from finding testers to recording results) for them.

These 23 tried-and-tested product testing websites are the online counterpart to market research firms:

1. Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box is a relatively new site making big splashes in the scene.

They will send you giant boxes of free stuff and all you have to do is let them know what you think!

You will be working with big companies directly to help them improve their product offerings.

Just fill out their application here, answer a few questions, and start getting tons of free stuff in the mail.

2. Toluna Influencers

This Paris-based company helps brands that require buzz for their products reach influencers across the world to test products.

Become a Toluna influencer

Anyone can register a free Toluna account, but you have to apply to test products before you can actually participate.

If you are chosen to test the product, you’ll receive the item/s and complete the job by answering the survey included in the assignment.

Toluna regularly has cosmetics and bathroom products to test. What’s great is that every test assignment includes about 200 to 500 products, which means you have a good chance of participating with these gigs even if testers are chosen randomly.

3. Product Testing USA

Product Testing USA

Product Testing USA works a little differently than other testing sites.

They offer big-name and expensive products from different categories for free, but you enter your name into the pool to see if you will be randomly selected as a product tester.

Previous testers have been given Dyson Vacuums, Xbox Ones, and even iPad Pros.

You only need to enter your name and email address for a chance to be selected. Follow their Facebook page to see previous and upcoming product testing opportunities.

4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

At Survey Junkie, you work with brands directly as an influencer to help them shape their products.

You can also get paid to give feedback on services.

Members earn points for every activity completed. They can then redeem these points for gift cards or straight cash via PayPal.

Survey Junkie is free to join and the points never expire, so it’s worth spending free time here.

5. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research

This market research firm is well-trusted and is one of the oldest ones on this list.

Pinecone Research is known for having the best rates for product testing.

You can get paid to test products such as food, drinks, and beauty products, among others.

Pinecone pays in points, which you can redeem for cash via PayPal or cheque.

6. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost logo

Opinion Outpost is another highly reputable market research group and they are looking for people to take short surveys on upcoming products.

Payments are made via PayPal (cash), Amazon gift cards, or iTunes gift cards.

Their goal is to keep their surveys as short as possible, maximizing the amount of money you can earn per hour.

7. Vindale Research

Vindale will send you products AND pay you up to $50 per review.

Vindale Research

Plus, with Vindale you have the option to KEEP what gets sent to you. Some companies require you to test the product and send it back, but Vindale gives you the option to keep.

You get paid and get free stuff? That’s a win-win. Create your free account now.

8. PINCHme

All you need to do is answer a series of questions about your household and shopping habits, PINCHme will offer samples that fit your lifestyle, and let you pick and choose the ones you want.

PINCHme will then send out a box of these free samples from tons of big-name companies and they will ship it directly to your door.

Review these products and get new offers the following month.

You don’t actually get paid for the surveys but then you get to keep the products.

9. UserTesting

This website doesn’t have traditional product testing.

Instead, UserTesting is focused on digital businesses, and its members get paid to test websites or apps for money.

There’s no specialization needed to become a tester here. However, you should be good at noticing small details that affect your visit on a particular website. For example, you should be able to take note if the search bar is hard to find, or the app crashes every time you save data.

Every test takes only 20 minutes with 99% accepted by UserTesting.

Tests pay $10 via PayPal, and payment comes in 7 days after you complete a website or app test.

Unfortunately, you can’t participate in all of them since your demo background should line up with specific test requirements.

10. BetaTesting.com

Similar to UserTesting, BetaTesting is focused on testing apps, websites, and hardware.

It’s been around since 2012 and has over 130k users to date.

While this product testing opportunity may seem hard to regular folks, since some require checking for bugs on sites, these tests do not call for too many requirements.

BetaTesting, however, rewards comprehensive assessment with more work, so those who submit higher quality feedback receive more opportunities.

FYI, you can receive 0 to 5 product tests per month.

Payment for each assessment ranges from $10 to $20 and sent via PayPal seven days after project completion.

11. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a younger company, but it’s one of the few that focuses exclusively on product testing. Most of the tasks here include surveys, focus groups, and so on.

Anyone from the USA, Canada, or the UK can join BzzAgent by simply completing a profile and answering a questionnaire with a few surveys to determine your demo, interests, and areas of expertise.

If you are sent a paid product trial gig via e-mail, you are given 8 weeks to test the product, share your results on social media, and submit feedback to BzzAgent.

BzzAgent sends out a wide range of products, including gadgets, toiletries, cosmetics, home equipment, and more.

The company used to pay cash, but now just gives the products that members test out. Those who promote the products on Instagram, Facebook, or other online platforms tend to receive more testing invitations in the future.

12. Influenster

Simply download the Influenster app and complete your profile.

Occasionally, you’ll receive Snaps as notifications on your phone. These are very short questions that you can quickly answer to help Influenster know you better and increase your chances of getting sent monthly VoxBoxes.

Like many of the newer websites, you won’t get paid to test products with cash, but you get to keep all the products that Influenster sends you. And these aren’t your ordinary products, either; the products come from some of the biggest brands in the beauty and food industries.

13. Crowdville

This UK-based company focuses exclusively on apps instead of products.

So anyone who loves checking out new apps should join, review them, and actually get paid to test digital products.

Unlike other product-testing sites that match your demo with the brand’s requirements, Crowdville members have to apply for a “mission” (or the test) to participate.

14-23. Other similar sites worth noting include:

  1. PrizeRebel (surveys for new products or products you already have; pays through PayPal, Amazon gift card, iTunes gift card)
  2. CrowdTap (tasks include surveys, online discussions, polls, sample product testing; 1,000 points = $5 gift card)
  3. The Pink Panel (women aged 18-99+; beauty products and tools, plus gift certificates from $25-$100 at the end of the testing)
  4. Vogue Insiders (from Vogue magazine, receive full-sized beauty products. No need to review after)
  5. InStyle Trendsetters (similar to Glamour Glam Spotters and Vogue Insiders, but you earn an entry to a quarterly sweepstakes with a chance to win $25k worth of prizes)
  6. SheSpeaks (for women only; products range from kitchen items to skincare products and cosmetics)
  7. HomeSchool (apply to join the testing program and receive school supplies if accepted)
  8. Smiley360 (get full-sized toiletries and beauty products)
  9. Sephora (no need to buy anything, but choose 3 beauty products per department)
  10. Survey Club (available for US, Canada, UK, and Australia; pays cash or Amazon gift cards)

14 Specific Companies that Offer Free Product Testing

Compared to the websites above that make testers review different brands, the following companies have their our product-testing programs:

24. Brooks Running

Brooks wear tester

“Wear testers” are given a chance to test running gear, including running shoes and apparel, from Brooks. These “runner insights” are combined with Brooks’ biomechanics studies or “science insights” to create incredible running gear.

Testers must be 18+ years old and live in the US.

25. Nike

Nike product testers

Nike regularly mails out new products, like shoes and apparel, to their product testers.

All you need to do is apply to become a tester, and when you’re selected, you’ll start receiving free stuff in the mail. You’ll be tasked to answer a few questions regarding the products you receive after a few days of testing.

Nike requires you to return the products after you’ve finished testing so that Nike engineers can study these products for wear and tear.

Keep in mind that Nike has a strict confidentiality policy. They can remove you as a product tester if they catch you wearing the products in public events or posting photos of products online without their permission.

26. Reebok

If you’re 18 and from the US, physically active, and is more than OK with the sport/activity you volunteer in, then you can apply to try on new Reebok gear.

When you get accepted to the testing program, Reebok will send you test products along with instructions. Test the products for a certain time, submit your feedback via an online questionnaire, and then mail back the products.

27. adidas

adidas product testing

Continuing with our athletic gear theme, up next we have adidas.

Similar to Nike and Reebok, you’ll be testing products over the course of a few weeks and then submit your answers to a survey.

After testing has ended, you’ll be required to send the products back to adidas.

28. Johnson & Johnson

Friends & Neighbors is Johnson & Johnson’s consumer perception program that gathers opinions and ideas from real people to create new products and improve existing products.

Just to show you how big J&J is, here’s a list of brands under Johnsons & Johnsons: Neutrogena, Aveeno, BeBe, Clean & Clear, and a whole lot more.

Imagine how many J&J products you can get if you become a part of its JJ Friends & Neighbors program.

Register on their website and wait for emailed invitations to participate in one of their studies. These studies can be product testing, surveys, discussion groups, and focus groups.

You may even get to test J&J products before launch. Plus, you are paid with Prepaid Visa Gift Cards after finishing the review.

29. McCormick & Company, Inc.

Apply to become a McCormick panelist and get a chance to receive emails about various product testing opportunities.

Get paid to test food products such as seasonings, spices, and other McCormick products.

Most of the home-based testing can take you around an hour to complete and pay $10 to $15 worth of Amazon gift cards. In some studies, you may even get paid up to $30 per hour.

30. Marie Claire

Love cosmetics? Join the Marie Claire Velvet Rope Club and be first to try free makeup like mascara and lipstick, as well as other products like handbags.

Velvet Rope Club members are also given exclusive access to special offers, insider events, sweepstakes, and more.

31. L’Oreal

Here’s another chance to receive and test cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and hair color products.

Get paid to test L’Oreal products as well as products from their other brands like Maybelline, Lancôme, IT Cosmetics, Kiehl’s, Cerave, Urban Decay, Garnier, Essie, Biolage, Kerastase, and many more.

32. Summer Infant

Summer Infant produces a wide range of products for moms-to-be and families with children aged 0-3.

You can sign up to become a product tester, participate in focus groups, take surveys, or baby photoshoots. You get to pick and choose what you want to do.

33. Philips

Philips product testers

Philips makes products for every room in your house. You no doubt have a few Philips products at home already.

Sign up to be notified of new tests. If selected, you’ll test out new and upcoming products.

When the test is done, you get to keep whatever Philips sent.

34. Red Robin

Red Robin panel

Red Robin has a specific panel for taste testers and focus groups. You’ll get to try new menu items before they hit the stores.

You are basically getting paid to eat burgers. Tests run for approximately one hour.

35. Snuggle

Snuggles features their Bear Den Community which grants you full access to their upcoming line of products.

Sign up to receive free Snuggle products like fabric softener and air fresheners.

36. Nintendo

If you’re in the Redmond Washington area, Nintendo regularly invites people to come on campus to try out new games and systems.

37. Allure

Cosmetic giant Allure is welcoming all beauty enthusiasts to join their testing program.

Their only requirements are that you’re based in the US. If you meet that, you can get new products and samples sent right to you.

How to Become a Paid Product Tester

In the real world, you’d have to be connected to a marketing firm, so you’d be notified when paid product testing gigs become available.

Online, it’s a totally different ballgame.

Join Product Testing Sites

The first thing you have to do is register with product testing websites.

If you join two or more, it’s better to create a new e-mail address for this purpose since updates and gig emails will quickly fill up your personal e-mail inbox.

Like everything in the make-money-online world, there are scam and legitimate product testing sites in the world. (Read on for the ones I recommend.)

Note that joining these sites does not automatically mean you’ll receive products for every testing posted. Imagine being one tester among thousands of users and only a dozen dermarolling kits available to test.

Since you provide basic demographic information when signing up, these market research firms group you based on all these personal data.

They Choose You. You Choose the Project.

You’ll receive an e-mail notifying you about any product testing opportunity that fits your demographic (age, gender, product preferences, and so on).

In most cases, you’ll need to answer a qualifying survey when accepting the gig.

If you qualify, you’ll get paid to test products that are sent to your home with instructions.

Use it. Review It.

When you receive the product, make sure you use it within the time period given. You usually have a couple of days to several weeks for testing products.

Check your e-mail for another survey or questionnaire, which you should fill out before the testing period ends.

This is the feedback companies pay you for, so make it count.

You’ll be paid with either cash or rewards, but expect to be able to keep the products you’ve tested (well, at least around 90% of the time).

Get Paid to Test Products: Cash vs. Product-Only

Companies do pay people cash for their opinions about old or new products. I bet you’re interested how much, though.

The thing is, as you read above, companies pay differently.

Some in cash, others only with the products you’re going to test, and some pay in both cash and kind.

Once the product is sent and tested, it’s yours to give away or sell online.

If it’s something you like, then lucky you! You get to keep the product and use it to your heart’s content.

The products you get to test depend largely on which site you joined, but it can be anything under the sun, including:

  • Clothes and shoes
  • Food and drinks
  • Makeup and other skin, hair and beauty items
  • Toiletries
  • Gadgets and other tech products (powerbanks, phones, and so on)
  • Books

Comparing the pros and cons between hard cash and products isn’t really practical since what’s beneficial to you might not be something another tester would want.

And if the product is more expensive than cash rewards, wouldn’t you want the product instead?

In some cases, companies exchange your opinion for vouchers to online stores like Amazon.

Can You Work as a Product Tester Full-Time?

It’s cool that you get paid to test products as a side gig, or whenever you find something you’d like to dip your fingers into.

Even receiving not-yet-launched products can be exciting.

However, joining product testing panels does not guarantee that you’ll be chosen every time.

You also don’t know when new opportunities will come.

As such, make sure you don’t turn this into a full-time job because you’d surely be disappointed, not to mention broke.

The best thing to do about product-testing income is to consider it as extra cash for gifts during Christmas, birthday and other holidays (those Amazon gift cards can add up if you do this on the side for several months).

Other Testing Jobs

We’ve written other articles featuring testing gigs that you might also be interested in. Check them out below:

Have you gotten paid to test products? Have you applied to any of the market research firms and companies above? Share your experiences and tips with us!

How to Get Paid to Answer Questions Online

Do you have a knack for solving problems? Do you enjoy interacting with and helping people online? Does making money to do both sound good to you? If so, then getting paid to answer questions online could be a fulfilling way for you to make some side cash.

Today, you’ll learn what you need to start making money from answering questions online, as well as websites and companies that are currently hiring.

How to Get Paid to Answer Questions

5 Things You Need to Get Paid to Answer Questions

If you’re looking for ways to make money online, answering questions can be a fun, fulfilling experience that you can either do part-time or full-time.

You don’t need any formal training or a specific educational background to do this, but if you do have expert knowledge in a highly specialized subject that plenty of people are asking about, you might be eligible for a higher pay rate.

In addition, most websites require that you’re at least 18 years old to participate.

Other important things you need include:

  • The right location – Some companies have restrictions on location, so double-check before signing up.
  • The right tools – You’ll need a working computer and smartphone, with a high-speed internet connection.
  • The right knowledge – You can’t just answer questions without some knowledge of the topic. In fact, some websites may even require experts to verify their credentials, pass a test, or prove their expertise.
  • The right mindset – This is not technically a customer service job, but this is a gig where you’ll have to constantly interact with people. Answer their questions with the main purpose of helping them, not showing off your knowledge and skills.
  • Excellent writing skills – Because your job relies on how well you answer questions, you should be able to explain the answers clearly in perfect English (or whichever language the website uses) and proper spelling, grammar, and structure.

If you think you’re a good fit for this job, read on and find out the many places you can get started earning money from answering questions.

12 Places That Pay You to Answer Questions

The following companies regularly hire people to answer questions and get paid.

Find one that best suits your specialty and you can make some extra cash in your spare time.

1. Just Answer

Just Answer

Founded in 2003, JustAnswer is an online question and answer website that connects real-life experts (e.g., doctors, vets, lawyers, mechanics, electricians, etc.) with people who need expert answers immediately.

APPLICATION PROCESS: To become a Just Answer expert, you’ll need to send an application, along with any diplomas or certifications that prove your expertise in your chosen category.

Once accepted, you get to answer questions within the assigned category and paid only if the question-sender accepts your answer.

PAYMENT: Payment starts at 20% of the “fee” (anywhere from $5 to $90), which can go up to 50% as your rating increases.

Payments are sent via PayPal. You can also earn $50 per referral.

2. Wonder

Wonder is a resource site for researchers in need of instant feedback for their studies.

Customers ask a series of questions, which the Wonder team will answer.

Each job takes around 3 hours to complete, but the company offers its clients a 24-hour turnaround time so you’d have to finish the job before the deadline.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Researchers have to pass a short quiz and trial research assignments.

Once accepted, you must work on one job at a time and accept jobs at least once a week.

PAYMENT: Researchers earn from $15 to $25 per hour.

Payments are sent via PayPal every two weeks.

3. Maven


Maven is a platform for microconsultants (you) who are knowledgeable in certain topics and are willing to share what they know in exchange for cash.

What’s great about Maven is that it has an impressive roster of clients, from Intel to Boeing, Nestlé, and more.

APPLICATION PROCESS: You need to sign up, select your industry, indicate current rate (there’s a pricing calculator here), and you’re good to go.

Maven will contact you once a client is interested in your expertise.

PAYMENT: Rates vary depending on your chosen industry and the amount of time you’re willing to commit.

4. Studypool

Studypool is a student resource, which tackles over 30 different subjects from accounting to biology, history, law, marketing, film, and a whole lot more.

You’d have to bid to be awarded the job and paid only when the student’s questions are answered to their standards.

Studypool is technically a tutoring site since you’re helping students with their homework or projects, but instead of teaching the student via chat, e-mail, phone call, or other means of communication, you’re going to work on the questions and submit the answer within a document.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Studypool requires its “tutors” to have a degree in higher education, or at least be a current college student.

Complete the straightforward registration process, then browse student questions on the site.

PAYMENT: Fees depend on the questions you choose to answer (students set their price and deadlines when posting their questions).

Payment is sent via PayPal.

5. PrestoExperts

This company also serves as a platform for those in need of answers to questions in the field of medicine, business, technology, social media, law, and so on.

When invited to join, freelance experts are given a profile where their education, work experience, specialization and rates are displayed. Clients could then contact you directly (via phone, email or online chat) for a job.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Fill out this application form and wait for a PrestoExperts representative to contact you.

PAYMENT: You are in control of your fees, so you may set it by the hour, per project, or so on.

Payment goes through PrestoExperts, which gets a cut, before sending your payment via PayPal.

6. Weegy

Weegy is a community of live experts who answer stimulating questions (such as math problems, historical trivia, and so on).

APPLICATION PROCESS: Anyone can join Weegy, which means you can participate as much or as little as you like.

PAYMENT: Weegy experts receive 5 cents for every conversation they participate in. Your earnings have to reach $10 before it automatically gets transferred to your PayPal account.

7. Answeree

Answeree is fairly new, but anyone can join and answer as many questions as they can.

According to the site, even those who ask questions could earn through Answeree, but no earning details about asking questions is stated. There are only a few rules (no ads, no hate posts, no affiliate links, no copy-paste answers, and so on).

APPLICATION PROCESS: Anyone can register and join Answeree.

PAYMENT: Answeree pays 10 points (equivalent to 1 cent) for every answer and 5 points per comment.

Payments can be sent via PayPal (minimum $2 for new users and $5 afterward) or Skrill (minimum $10) when you request for it.

8. Keen

Keen is a bit different from the others on this list. They hire psychic advisors to answer questions about life, love, and relationships, as well as give psychic, tarot and spiritual readings.

They’ve been around for 20 years, and many of the psychic advisors here already have years of experience. But if you’re a psychic looking for someplace to start, Keen is one of the good ones.

APPLICATION PROCESS: You have to register and create an account.

You can then fill out your profile along with your rates, and wait for clients to contact you through phone (you get your own hotline number), email, or chat.

PAYMENT: Payment is calculated by subtracting the platform fee from the rate you’re charging. Of what’s left, you get 52% and Keen gets 48%. Advisors are sent automatic payments via Express Pay, check, or direct deposit.

9. HelpOwl.com

HelpOwl.com is a pretty straightforward platform where users can ask and answer questions.

What’s unique here is that every time you contribute content, whether it’s asking or answering questions, you earn points. You can then redeem these points for Amazon.com or Walmart.com gift cards.

So technically you aren’t getting paid to answer questions, if you want to be strict about it.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Simply register and create an account to start asking and answering questions.

PAYMENT: Earn 50 points for asking an original question, and earn 100 points for answering a question. You get extra 1000 points if your answer is the first accepted answer to a particular question. You also get bonus points when your answer is marked helpful, and deductions when it’s unhelpful.

Redeem a gift card from Amazon.com, Walmart.com, or iCard. Minimum points to be able to redeem is $50,000.

10. Experts123

The main way to earn here is to write content on their site about trending, popular topics. But Experts123 also has a question-and-answer platform where you can answer questions posed by other members.

APPLICATION PROCESS: You simply sign up on their homepage to start.

PAYMENT: Payment is on a revenue share basis; that is, you earn more when your articles and answers get revenues from ads displayed on that page.

11. 1Q

1Q is a platform connecting companies doing market research to website members who receive questions via their smartphones.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Sign up on their website and register your mobile phone number to receive questions via SMS. You can download the app and receive questions that way too.

PAYMENT: Payment varies per company and goes straight into your PayPal account.

12. Clarity.fm

If you’re a successful entrepreneur and you have some spare time, why not get paid to answer questions from fellow entrepreneurs?

Clarity connects aspiring entrepreneurs to experts who can give them advice on how to grow their business through scheduled phone calls (not with your personal number; they will generate a number for the client to call).

Topics range from business strategy to digital marketing, strategic planning, public speaking, and more.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Sign up on their website and find the application process under your profile settings. Make sure your profile is complete and accurate before you submit. Clarity will review your application based on your background, the demand for your expertise, and whether you were truthful.

PAYMENT: You get to set your rate, so factor in Clarity’s service fee which is 15% of the published rate. Once a call is completed, you can see your earnings and you can immediately request for it to be transferred to your PayPal (credited after two weeks).

How much money can you make answering questions online?

If you can really get paid to answer questions, can you turn this into a full-time career?

Unfortunately, some JustAnswer.com experts are making over $4,000 a month not because they’re aggressively answering questions left and right.

Instead, these experts are doctors, lawyers, and other professionals with exceptional backgrounds.

Answering questions online pays, but not that much. If you’re lucky to land a full-time position with an hourly rate, this opportunity could serve as a good alternative for office-based job.

If you really want to try your luck answering questions for money, I recommend creating profile accounts for Maven and PrestoExperts (because you are in control of your consultation fees).

While waiting for clients across these two sites, you get active with JustAnswer.com.

Get Paid to Answer Questions in Other Fields

I wanted to give you a few more options here by rounding up some ideas that you can get paid to answer questions as a part of a more comprehensive money-making strategy.

For starters, you can always become a paid secret shopper. The questions you will be answering will mostly be evaluating how a store and its employees conduct their business.

The questions don’t really change over different evaluations, but it’s still a nice way to bring in some extra cash.

You can also get paid to test different products.

Companies will mail products directly to your door or invite you to watch videos or join focus groups and ask you questions about what you see and experience.

This is a rather cool option because you will get to see products before they ever hit the shelves and your feedback can directly influence and shape the future.

Share Your Experiences

Have you ever answered questions online for money? Do you have any experience with any of the above companies? Please let me know in the comments below!

13 Places to Find Errand Runner Jobs to Make Money

Running errands is a necessary but time-consuming and stress-inducing aspect of life. It sucks even more if you don’t have the time to do them or if you physically can’t do them. This is why there are errand runner jobs nowadays.

There are people willing to pay errand runners to make their lives easier by freeing up their time so they can spend it on things they want to do or by alleviating their physical burden.

Read on to know how to get paid to run errands plus where to find errand runner jobs.

How to Get Paid to Run Errands

What exactly do errand runners do, then?

An errand runner, quite simply, get paid to run errands for customers who hire them, either because they’re too busy to do them, they can’t physically do these errands themselves, or they’re willing to pay someone to do errands they don’t particularly enjoy doing.

Here are some of the things you need to put together so you can start getting paid to run errands.

1. Dependable transportation

There are errands you can do while on foot, but that’s rare and mostly only in larger cities. Most other errands require you to drive your own vehicle.

Without your own transportation, you’ll lose out on clients and profits from errand runner jobs that require you to drive, whether because of the distance or because of the urgency.

Your clients would usually request you to do errands that require a small to midsized vehicle. You’d also want to update your insurance and you’d want to be able to pass a DMV check.

2. Reliable smartphone

Most of these errand runner jobs are offered through apps and websites, and you’d need to have a smartphone to be able to access these apps and websites even when you’re out of the house.

A powerbank is also a sound investment so you never run out of power when you’re out.

3. Knowledge of your target market

To be able to do your job well and ensure client satisfaction, it pays to know who your potential clients are; that is, who are willing to pay someone else to run their errands.

Seniors. Because of their age or because of physical or mental illness, some seniors may not be able to get out of the house and run their own errands.

These clients usually need someone to deliver their groceries, pick up and drop off their prescriptions, pay their bills, go to the bank, sort, read, and write their mail, and sometimes just be a walking or eating companion.

Disabled individuals. Some disabled individuals are still able to function and run their own errands, while others are unable to.

Similar to seniors, disabled individuals need their groceries and meals delivered, prescriptions filled, and mail taken care of, aside from other personal errands.

New/stay-at-home parents. Being a parent taking care of young children, especially newborns, is exhausting, both physically and mentally. Plus, for both new parents and stay-at-home parents, going out with small kids to run errands can feel like a production.

These clients normally need errand runners to get them food, groceries, and their mail, go to the bank and pay bills or deposit checks, and pick up and drop off their laundry and dry-cleaning. New parents are likely to need these services more frequently than other stay-at-home parents.

Busy professionals. As anyone would probably tell you, time is money. A professional who earns $200 hourly (for example) wouldn’t spend an hour at the dry cleaner’s. It’s smarter for them to work during that hour and pay an errand runner a fraction of that to get them what they need.

Such professionals usually need errand runners to take care of their personal errands, such as grocery and retail shopping, laundry and dry-cleaning pick up and drop off, and various other personal errands.

Small businesses. Start-ups operate on a small budget for employees, so when they need small tasks done, it’s more practical for them to hire errand runners on an as-needed basis rather than hire a part-time or full-time assistant to do these tasks.

How Much do Errand Runners Make?

Errand runners make anywhere from $15 and $50 an hour, depending largely on the type of errands you complete. The average hourly rate of errand runner jobs is $25/hour. Errand runners based in major cities charge higher than those in small towns.

Graveyard errands (those completed at nighttime) are often tagged with higher rates than errands performed at daytime.

Errand runners can get tasks assigned on a regular basis and pre-schedule the errands days ahead. Emergency errands will cost more than errands that have been scheduled and blocked off.

If driving is required, you can tack on an additional charge per hour for mileage fees.

In addition, some errand runner apps charge by task completion and not by the hour.

13 Places to Find Errand Runner Jobs

Ready to start earning quick cash for helping people out? Check out these apps and sites today!

Food Delivery Apps

1. Uber Eats

Uber eats

Unlike others on this list, the only errand Uber Eats does is deliver food from restaurants, coffee shops, and other food places that normally don’t offer delivery.

As an Uber Eats driver, you install the app and then pick up and deliver orders in your area.

You can start work anytime and while using a bike, scooter, car, or any other vehicle. If you do this regularly, you have the chance to earn around $15 hourly.

2. Postmates

Postmates is an app that provides a special kind of delivery service.

Customers can request any food or item bought from any restaurant or store within their city and have them delivered straight to their homes.

Postmates drivers reportedly earn somewhere between $12 and $20 an hour, plus tips.

You can apply to become a Postmates driver if you live in one of these cities. If your city isn’t listed, check back after some time, as they add cities from time to time.

3. DoorDash

DoorDash works similarly to Postmates, wherein drivers buy and deliver anything to customers’ homes.

It’s available in these cities, so if you’re in or near these areas, you can apply to become a DoorDash driver and earn up to $20 an hour.

Grocery Delivery Apps

4. Shipt


Shipt is regularly filling errand runner jobs for around $22/hr.

Your errands will be mostly grocery shopping.

You’ll be responsible for picking out produce, getting items off the shelves, keeping them cool, and delivering them on time.

Shipt is one of the more higher-paying jobs on this list with availability in most major cities.

5. Instacart

As its name suggests, Instacart is exclusive to grocery delivery.

As an Instacart shopper, you can buy and deliver groceries to other people for around $25/hour. You have to be living in or around the 15 major cities Instacart is available to apply.

Further reading: We’ve previously written about how to earn money as a personal grocery shopper, including a list of personal grocery apps that you can check out.

Caregiver apps

6. Care

As a caregiver for Care.com, you’ll take care of other people’s pets, children, elderly, or other loved ones.

Clients choose from a library of caregivers and if you’re lucky to be chosen after an interview, there’s a chance to land a regular gig.

7. Rover

As far as enjoyable errand runner jobs go, this is probably the best one.

Rover connects dog owners with dog walkers and dog sitters. You can earn up to $20 for a half-hour walk, and even more for drop-ins to clients’ houses and pet boarding.

Further reading: Here’s a guide on how to be a professional dog walker, including other apps where you can sign up to be a dog walker.

Apps for Miscellaneous Errands

8. Gigwalk

This app allows its “gigwalkers” to choose local assignments, which lasts somewhere between 5 minutes and 3 hours.

Examples of gigs include verifying if products at a specific store are fully stocked, taking photos of store displays, and other market research tasks.

As a gigwalker, you can do this as a side gig or a full-time job. Payments start at $3 and are processed via PayPal.

9. Same Ole Line Dudes

Same Ole Line Dudes (SOLD) is a New York-based professional line sitting service, which charges $45 for a minimum of two hours of waiting in line and an additional $10 for every 30 minutes added to the wait.

SOLD guys will line up for your favorite food, the next Air Jordans, in-demand tickets, and other stuff.

While the company is currently operational only in NYC, Same Ole Line Dudes has plans of expanding to other major cities, so if you want to become a professional runner, e-mail your resume to jobs[at]sameolelinedudes[dot]com and indicate the city you live in as the subject.

10. WeGoLook

As a “looker” for WeGoLook, your job is to inspect, assess, and document property, vehicles, equipment, damages, risk, loss, and so on.

Other tasks include notarizing/signing documents and courier delivery services.

Payments are from $15 to $25 hourly, depending on the tasks assigned. You can receive payments via direct deposit to your bank account, checks, or PayPal every Friday.

11. TaskRabbit

As a TaskRabbit “tasker,” you are paid for doing various tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning the house, delivering food, etc. for people around your area for anywhere between $20 to $150 an hour.

If you’re in one of these locations, you can apply as a Tasker.

12. SoManyErrands

Similar to TaskRabbit, SoManyErrands lists various errands that errand runners can apply for. Payment comes directly from the Errand Employer; that is, whoever posted the errand.

13. Magic

Magic is a personal assistant app targeting small businesses and busy professionals that prides itself on being a service that can get you what you need, when you need it. All you need to do is text them and they’ll take care of the rest.

They are seeking people in the San Francisco area to be a “Magician” and to fill errand runner jobs.

Final Thoughts

Doing errand runner jobs is a great way to help people in need and make a difference in their life while earning some money.

This is also one of those jobs where you’re in charge of your schedule and how much income you earn.

Also, it has good potential to become a business so you can reach more people and earn even more.

Does running errands for side cash interest you? Have you tried to sign up for any of these errand runner jobs? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!

14 Apps that Pay You Cash Fast

Looking for ways to earn some apps that pay you side cash, but don’t have time to start a business or even a part-time side hustle?

Don’t fret! You can make some side money through your smartphone.

There are a number of apps you can download that allow you to perform simple tasks for cash.

In today’s blog post, we run down some of the best tasking apps that pay you actual money, through PayPal, Venmo, direct funds transfer to your bank account, digital or physical gift cards to your favorite stores.

Tasking Apps That Pay You Real Money

Tasking apps are those that pay you to do simple tasks.

Some of these tasks can be done on your phone, while others require you to do some minor errands.

They generally don’t ask you to buy something to participate, but in case you are, they compensate you immediately for your purchase aside from paying you.

The amount you can expect to be paid varies depending on the app, how much time you’re willing to dedicate to doing these tasks, and how difficult an individual task is.

Here are our recommended tasking apps that pay you.

1. Field Agent

Field Agent acts as a platform for crowdsourced customer insights.

One of their unique tasks is having workers do a Digital Demo, which involves them buying the product in-store or online, trying out the product at home, answering questions, and rating the products from 1 to 10.

If the products are rated 7 or higher, the answers to the questions are styled into an article by Field Agent’s in-house creative team and are shared on websites that feature curated products.

Website: Field Agent
Examples of tasks you can do: Answer surveys, act as mystery shopper, take photos of products in stores, create Digital Demos
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ecuador

2. Shopkick

Shopkick allows you to earn reward points called kicks that you can then redeem for free gift cards.

Some tasks simply require you to walk into select retail stores, no purchase necessary. Others require you to make purchases, which pay more.

Website: Shopkick
Examples of tasks you can do: Walk into stores, scan barcodes of select products, make in-store or online purchases, watch in-app videos
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States

3. Streetbees

Streetbees pays their so-called “bees” for sharing insights about products and services they use every day.

They then pass this information on to the businesses that they work with so they can learn about current trends and use that to improve their products and services, make better decisions, and predict future trends.

Website: Streetbees
Examples of tasks you can do: Participate in polls, answer surveys, recruit other ambassadors
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: 87 countries, including United States and United Kingdom

4. Mobeye

Mobeye makes it easy: open the app, find an available task around you, do the task, and get paid.

Tasks are added weekly, but only a limited number of users can participate at a time, so it pays to regularly check back.

Website: Mobeye
Examples of tasks you can do: Answer surveys, take photos, collect information
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, Japan

5. CheckPoints

CheckPoints is a fairly straightforward app, offering various tasks you can do through the app in exchange for rewards points.

You can then exchange these rewards points for gift cards, as well as non-monetary goods such as airline miles, gadgets, and more.

Website: CheckPoints
Examples of tasks you can do: Watch videos, take quizzes, shop online, scan keywords, answer surveys, search for keywords
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States

6. InboxDollars

The InboxDollars app partners with companies that want crowdsourced insights and pay users of the app for opening and skimming emails, answering surveys, and more.

InboxDollars pays you $5 just for signing up. It’s also one of the rare apps that pay you in real dollars, not in points.

Website: InboxDollars
Examples of tasks you can do: Read emails, answer surveys, watch videos, redeem free food and grocery coupons, play games, get cashback for online purchases
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States

7. Surveys On The Go®

Surveys On The Go® is a market research tool that asks users to answer surveys and pays them for their opinions.

They typically send out two new surveys every week, and you’ll have options to receive the payment through PayPal, Virtual Visa, Amazon Gift Card, or Starbucks Gift Card.

Website: Surveys On The Go®
Examples of tasks you can do: Answer surveys on products, services, entertainments, sports, technology, and many others
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom

8. Gigwalk

Gigwalk lets you pick Gigs from their app that takes anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours, with varying payouts as well.

The Gigs are designed to provide their partner businesses as much information as possible on their products, which they use to make marketing and promotion decisions.

Website: Gigwalk
Examples of tasks you can do: Audit retail stores, act as mystery shopper, test digital apps, spot check customer workflows, answer surveys, collect data
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States and Canada

9. AppTrailers

AppTrailers lets you do probably the simplest task you can do among the tasks I’ve mentioned: watch video trailers of apps from your phone.

You’ll earn points from each trailer, which you can exchange for PayPal cash or gift cards from brands like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and more.

Examples of tasks you can do: Watch app trailers
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States

10. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a receipt scanning app that lets you earn points for items you were buying anyway.

When you buy your groceries at any grocery store, save the receipt and scan it in the Fetch Rewards app, which automatically determines which products you can earn points for and credits you.

You can exchange the points for gift cards to plenty of retail stores, restaurants, as well as through MasterCard or Visa gift cards.

Website: Fetch Rewards
Examples of tasks you can do: Scan receipts
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States

11. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is perhaps the most well-known app in this list and is mainly famous for its surveys.

Other tasks you can do include voting in their daily poll, watching videos in their in-house app, and playing games through their app.

This is also one of the few apps that pay you for simply using them for searching on the internet.

Earning points for doing these tasks and you can exchange these points for cash or gift cards.

Website: Swagbucks
Examples of tasks you can do: Answer surveys, set Swagbucks as default search engine, print and redeem coupons, vote in the daily poll, watch videos through the Swagbucks TV app, play games
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States, most countries in Europe and Asia

12. Mobee

Mobee offers missions, which are mystery shopping assignments, to its users. They can then accept one of these missions and get reward points.

The amount of your purchase is reimbursed plus some extra, and you can then exchange these points for cash or gift cards.

The app keeps track of whether you’re in the right store through your phone’s GPS, but they sometimes also ask for photos of the store or your timestamped receipts.

Metropolitan areas have more retail stores, and thus have a higher number of missions you can choose from and a lot more earning opportunities.

Website: Mobee
Examples of tasks you can do: Act as a mystery shopper
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States

13. Postmates

If you have a bike or a car, and you live in a busy area, you might want to sign up for the Postmates fleet.

Download the Postmates Fleet app, sign up with your email address, name, selfie, proof of identity, and your planned delivery method.

Once your identity is verified, you’ll get a free delivery bag and a Postmates prepaid card.

Simply go online when you have some free time, get alerted about what delivery tasks are near you, do the delivery and get paid instantly.

You can earn bonuses and incentives for delivering within a specified timeframe, completing a certain number of deliveries within a set time period, or inviting others to be part of the Postmates fleet.

They don’t ask for fees from you, so you get to take home 100% of your earnings and your tips.

Website: Postmates
Examples of tasks you can do: Deliver food, drinks, retail, groceries
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United States

14. Roamler

Roamler assigns tasks that are geared toward businesses that need help with their market research and promotions.

However, depending on your location, you might need to be sent an invite code to start using the app and doing tasks.

Website: Roamler
Examples of tasks you can do: Answer short questionnaires, take pictures of products in stores, act as a mystery shopper, refill shelves with products, boosting promotional displays
Available on: iOS, Android
Countries available: United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, and Chile

Final Thoughts

Installing a few apps on your smartphone can turn it into a real moneymaker.

Hopefully, you find one or a few apps that are a good fit for you so you can maximize your income.

Other Apps That Pay You Real Cash

There are plenty of other apps that help you earn some side cash while using your phone.

Here are some of these apps.

Have you tried any of these apps? How was the experience? Can you recommend other apps that pay you? Share your experience with us in the comments.

How To Become A Local Tour Guide And Make Bank

Do you know your city inside and out, its hidden gems, and its deepest, darkest secrets? Do you love meeting new people, showing them around your city, and having them see it through your eyes? If so, then becoming a local tour guide may be a great way for you to turn your passion into profit!

Local tour guides show guests around and have them experience the local places, spots, shops, food, and adventures just like someone who has lived there all their lives would experience them.

Today, we look at what a local tour guide does, what it takes to be one, steps to offer your services as a local tour guide, and companies to join as a local tour agent.

What Does A Local Tour Guide Do?

Simply put, a local tour guide is someone who is intimately familiar with a particular city or region and is able to show visitors around.

While there are no specific educational requirements to do this job, there are plenty of good training materials out there.

The main requirement is that your heart is in the right place, and you’re 100% in love with traveling and spreading the love of travel.

A local tour guide may or may not also be a licensed tour guide. You normally need to be one if you’re planning to guide tourists in a museum or if you’re employed by the government, non-profit environmental organizations, and private companies with any nature-based industry.

These are the qualities you need to have to become a local tour guide:

  • Knowledgeable about your city – Even if it is your hometown, remember that your customers are paying you for more in-depth knowledge and they expect you to know everything about each and every destination on your tour.
  • Extraordinary storyteller – That said, you’ll need to present your knowledge in a memorable way. Catch the attention of your group while discussing a destination’s history, facts, myths, and so on.
  • Enthusiastic – The information you share might be interesting, but if your delivery is flat, your customers will sense it and they wouldn’t care about what you’re saying. Make them feel how much you love your city.
  • Responsible – You are leading tourists who are unfamiliar with your city; you need to be mindful of their safety and comfort.
  • Well-informed about different cultures – It doesn’t matter if you’re only touring locally. People from different cultures and backgrounds may be part of your tour, so it’s ideal to know the basics, or at least enough that you don’t inadvertently offend them.
  • Superb communicator – Ultimately, leading local tours means you’re going to be talking to people every day. Not only that, but you’ll also need to listen to them to know what they want and need. You should be able to do both.
  • Adaptable – You should be able to adapt to any situation quickly, especially emergency situations. This also means you should be able to get along with your tour group, as they have different personalities and different things they want to get out of your tour.
  • Physically fit – Long walks, running, and standing for hours are par for the course for local tour guides, so you need to make sure that you’re up to these physical demands.

Join a tour company or be your own boss?

If you’re hoping to become a local tour guide, you can either do it as a part of a tour company or as your own boss.

You can land a local tour guide position, tour manager, itinerary maker, tour guide supervisor, and so on with traditional travel agencies. These jobs are also available at theme parks, museums, cultural centers, and other tourist destinations.

Do note that except for managerial positions, most tour guides are usually only hired during certain seasons.

The main benefit of being employed in a company is that you won’t have to worry about organizing your schedules, finding clients, and marketing your services. This leaves you free to be the best local tour guide you can be.

On the other hand, if you start your own company, you will be in total control of everything, from the packages and itineraries, themes and gimmicks, etc. As such, all of the income will be yours as well.

However, you’re going to be wearing more hats as an owner and local tour guide, since you’d have to continuously network and market your business to fill in your calendar. It can be quite exhausting, to say the least.

I recommend you begin as a contractor or employee for another company to dip your toes into the industry, then launch your own service when you’re experienced enough to tackle all facets.

How To Become a Local Tour Guide On Your Own

With the advent of the internet and social media, it’s never been easier to offer your services as a local tour guide and start your own business. Here are the important steps to take if you want to become a tour guide.

1. Education and qualifications.

As mentioned, this job doesn’t have specific educational requirements, but if you can do some training or research more on the most interesting places and facts about your city, that will certainly help you become a better tour guide.

If you’re a history, geology, anthropology, archaeology, or something similar, you may want to apply to be a licensed tour guide, especially if your area has plenty of museums and other historic tourist destinations.

2. Decide what kind of local tour you’re going to offer.

If you live in a city with plenty of sights to see and adventures to undertake, it may be overwhelming when creating an itinerary that covers as many significant places as possible.  Here are some ideas of different types of itineraries you can plan as a local tour guide:

Tours centered around teaching a new skill. Consider activities or experiences that visitors new to your town or city would be happy to learn that they don’t get to do every day.

Think samba dancing in Rio, or cheesesteak-making in Philly.

For example, if you live by a body of water, you could create a tour that teaches visitors how, where, and what to fish. If you live by a state park or preserve, you might offer tours that teach people how to spot and pick edible wild mushrooms.

Tours centered around historical events, people, or places. Old cities and towns are perfect for this kind of tour, as chances are that the history of that place is interesting.

Washington, DC is a good example of a historic place.

Tours centered around activities. If you live in a scenic place, try to create a walking or hiking tour that provides plenty of sights. Maybe even have an overnight camping tour.

If the thrills in your area are more of the urban type, maybe a tour of your local amusement park and shopping centers is more appropriate. Or maybe a ghost tour or abandoned buildings tour at night can thrill your audience.

Customized tours. You might also provide different itinerary options, with portions that swap out for others in case the client wishes to create his own customized experience.

3. Promote your services.

Use social media or go as far as creating your own website to advertise your tours. Harnessing both is better, of course.

It may also be a good idea to team up with some local businesses, where you might grab a discount or incentive in exchange for bringing in tourists. These businesses can also advertise your tours to their own clients, thus expanding your reach.

4. Set your price.

To be able to set your price, consider your time and effort in creating the tours, your add-ons such as meals, drinks, souvenirs, etc., and the local competition. Check online prices of similar tours to have an idea of how much to charge.

How Much Can Local Tour Guides Make?

If you offer a tour that is a good value for the tourist and take them places where traditional tours don’t go, you can easily charge $200 for 2 hours. Add in a few incentives like a guide book or complimentary appetizers and drinks, and you can charge even more.

When it comes to tours, you’re better off creating a quality tour that costs more money than a “value-priced” one that just about anyone can complete on his own.

You can easily earn more money if you are fluent in languages other than English (Spanish, Japanese, French, Mandarin, Korean and Italian are the top in-demand languages).

Tourists have disposable income and are looking more for an incredible experience that they can brag about back home than for a way to save money. So don’t be afraid to create some amazing experiences and charge premium prices for them.

If you already have a touring business setup and you’re looking to make more money from it, Matthew Newton’s Sell More Tours is a must-read.

8 Companies Hiring Local Tour Guides

As I’ve mentioned, starting with tour companies and studying how they operate can help you get the knowledge you need to go on your own.

The following companies can help you kickstart your local tour guide gig, whether you plan to do this on the side or set-up a full-scale tour guide business.

1. Rent a Local Friend

Rent A Local Friend

This website describes itself as “a community of people who love to travel and be in touch with different cultures.” You’ll need to send an application to join, but once you’re in, you’re automatically known as a “local friend.” Fill in your profile completely.

For $100/year membership fee, this company provides you with a personal web page and marketing help in exchange for signing up.

As a local friend, you can accept or reject a request from a client. If you do accept the gig, the clients pay Rent a Local Friend 30% of your fee, then receive the rest after successfully completing the scheduled tour.

2. ToursByLocals

Tours by Locals

To join ToursByLocals, you’ll need to pass two phone interviews, pass a background check and provide local legal requirements.

Once you’ve been accepted, you can create your services page and begin marketing your business.

This company doesn’t require upfront fees to join, even if they provide free training, marketing, payment processing, and a $3 million in liability insurance.

However, you will need to share 20% of your fee with them every time you complete a successful gig.

3. Context

Context Tours

Context provides private tours or small group tours with a maximum of 6 people in every major city across the globe.

Extensive knowledge of your city, local hot spots, and the biggest attractions are a must.

Most tours fetch between $100-$200 per hour, and that’s not including any tips you may receive from your group for doing an exemplary job.

Context’s dedication to sustainable tourism and making a minimal impact on local culture make them one of the most premier touring companies out there.

4. Withlocals


Withlocals works with individual freelancers who want to show their city and share their passions.

This Netherlands-based company follows the same process as ToursByLocals – you post an “experience” or customized tour, wait for clients, do the job, and then wait for your income.

Withlocals deduct their 10 to 20% fee from you every time you complete a job.

5. Shiroube


Shiroube (pronounced shi-ru-bé) is an international company boasting 5,000+ tour guides in over 3,000 cities.

This is a bit different than other companies.

Shiroube does not charge upfront fees, nor does it collect commissions for every job. Shiroube also doesn’t charge travelers any fees.

So how does Shiroube earn money? Apparently, the company worked out sponsorship plans with corporations to avoid charging people fees.

Everyone gets a free account by default. With this free account, you can create 3 ads to promote your local tour guide services.

6. Traveling Spoon

If your city or town is known for its cuisine and you’re an expert in the kitchen (whether you’re a professional cook or a next-level home cook), being a host for Traveling Spoon may be a great side gig for you.

You can go through the whole application process, even the interviews, online.

Once you’re approved, you can start hosting tourists. You get paid at least 8 hours before your guests arrive.


FREETOUR allows you to create your own tour and share it with the world through their platform.

As the name suggests, the tours here are mostly free, with your guests paying you in tips. You still have the option of setting your tour as a paid one, with guests paying 20% upon booking and the rest when the tour is over. However, you’ll get way fewer bookings this way.

Think of free tours as a promotional offer for you to advertise your services as a tour guide so you’ll have existing contacts when you do start your own venture.

8. Showaround

This website connects tourists with locals who know their city better than anyone else.

When you sign up as a local to Showaround, you get to determine your hourly rate, your tour itinerary, and who you want to show around your hometown.

The more tours you go on, the more reviews you’ll collect, and the more you establish your reputation on the site and the higher you get ranked on their search algorithm.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a local tour guide is simple as long as you have the heart and right skills to do the job. However, like many freelancing gigs, the challenging part is marketing your service to your target audience.

With these 8 companies hiring local tour guides, you’ll receive free training on how to network, market, and expand your business.

And when you’re ready to scale up, I’d recommend you build your own website, so you’ll have your own, safe online space if any of these companies decide to close shop in the future.

You can also consider planning travel itineraries for other people or landing a work at home travel agent job.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a local tour guide? Does this seem like a business you can do? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

These Are the Best 20 Crafts to Make and Sell in 2020

Are you a DIY enthusiast who loves creating? Looking for ideas for crafts to make and sell online to make some cash?

You’re in the right place.

If you’ve ever knitted a scarf, created an eccentric photo frame, built a bench, or sewn a nifty jumper, you may have thought about selling your creations.

And what better way to start making money than by doing something you’re passionate about? If you actually enjoy creating stuff from scratch (or even scrap), then you have a huge untapped opportunity to make money.

However, deciding what exactly to start making to sell can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a true DIY enthusiast and love dabbling in creating all kinds of things.

In this article, we’ll cover the best selling crafts that you can easily make at home so you can start making money from your hobby!

20 Easy Crafts to Make and Sell

You’re going to want to make sure what you create is actually in demand and is something people actually want to buy.

I’ve rounded up the best selling products on Etsy and the top sellers at Amazon to find the best crafts for you to pursue.

Look through Amazon Handmade’s Featured Artists section as well to see what is selling (and selling well) to help you get started.

1. Jewelry

Jewelry Crafts

No list of easy crafts to make and sell would be complete without jewelry.

The industry is constantly growing, people are still buying all types of jewelry, and there always seems to be constant demand.

The e-commerce jewelry market is estimated to be worth $2.7 billion in the U.S alone.

However, jewelry takes a little bit more time to make compared to any other thing on this list, but it’s definitely worth learning.

Here are some of the most sought-out jewelry items:

  • Locket necklaces
  • Letter pendants
  • Promise rings
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Beaded bracelets
  • Pearl earrings and necklaces

2. Planners and Planner Accessories

Planners are one of the easiest crafts to make and sell and are currently some of the best selling crafts on platforms like Etsy.

It’s 2019 and planners are still big, especially with the rise of more people wanting to organize their life or take it to the next level and become a professional organizer.

You can create all types of planners – daily, weekly, monthly, to-do lists, wellness planners, fitness planners, and much more.

You can also sell parts of a planner that your buyer can assemble so that they get the exact planner they want that fits their lifestyle and their aesthetic.

For instance, you can sell planner covers in different colors, designs, and bindings (e.g., mushroom-type, 6-hole, 20-hole, etc.). Then, sell different types of refills that go with those bindings, such as blank, lined, dotted, or grid paper.

Or you can offer a 400-page blank daily planner, 53-page weekly planner, and a 12-page monthly planner so your buyers can pick and choose which inserts they want in their planner.

Aside from the paper and the binding, other accessories for planning you can make include stickers, colored markers, fancy tapes, acrylic stamps, sticky notes, paper clips, and many more.

All you need to know is:

  • How to bundle a few sheets together.
  • How to create a template (the more creative and aesthetically appealing, the better).

Pro tip: You can make even more money by creating downloadable planner templates. Save yourself the cost of printing, binding, and shipping.

3. Crochet and Knitted Products

Crochet DIY crafts

If you’re the kind of crafty person who loves needle arts, then crochet and knitted products have great potential to earn you money.

You can pretty much create everything – from beanies to scarves to mug warmers to face masks.

Pro tip: Make sure your product is unique (price, design, marketing) since the crochet industry is highly competitive. Don’t price your product too high unless you are offering something no one else is.

4. Candles

The candle business is one of the most lucrative in the world. Despite all and any technological advances in lighting, there’s just something about lighting a candle that’s incomparable to any other light source.

There are plenty of niches to explore in the candle-making industry as well: religion, birthdays, rituals, natural, scented candles, and many more.

Also, because it’s highly popular, you’ll never have to deal with a shortage of candle-making tutorials and materials, and thus, handmade candles are some of the easiest crafts to make and sell online.

5. Holiday-Themed Decor and Gifting Items

This might seem like quite the surprise, but holiday-related decorations are one of the best-selling categories on Etsy.

And for good reason!

Considering the many national and religious holidays and observances in the US—Easter Sunday, Passover, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, High Holy Days, to name just a few—you’ll never run out of holidays as themes.

From personalized gift tags and stickers, cards, candles, napkin holders, tablecloths, runners, curtains, pillowcases, tree or table ornaments; your options are endless.

Plus, any stock you don’t sell in a given year can still be sold when the holiday comes around again.

6. Bath bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are all the rage right now (#selfcare).

The materials are cheap, they’re simple to make, and they have a good profit margin.

Making those delightful chunks of colors, scent, and happiness takes very little learning time, and they sell very well.

Best of all, your creativity is the limit; try out different color combinations, scents, packaging, and even the names for your bath bombs.

Pro tip: Keep your raw materials fresh, always use natural, food-grade ingredients, and make sure they’re safe for the skin.

7. Pet Toys

Pet toys aren’t normally at the top of mind when you brainstorm for crafts to make and sell.

But it is estimated that US pet owners will be spending a total of $99 billion this year.

Needless to say, this is one market you want to tap into.

Start creating unique, handmade, and maybe even eco-friendly toys.

The best thing about pet toys?

They are very easy to make and there are plenty of YouTube video tutorials that teach you how to make them.

8. Home & Living

Some of the best-selling crafts online are related to things for your home.

Here are some ideas for crafts for the house that are simple to create.

  • Fabric pots
  • Rope bowls
  • Lace bowls
  • Pallet coasters
  • Wooden trivets
  • Glass pebble ref magnets
  • Personalized wine glasses
  • Etched wooden cutting boards and cheeseboards
  • Flower vases
  • Decoupaged chairs and other wooden furniture
  • Refurbished wall or corner shelves

9. Party Invitations

DIY Invitations

Everyone wants a unique invite right now and some people might go as far as learning calligraphy to pimp up their invites.

And this is where you come in. Why learn calligraphy when they can simply pay someone else to do it for them?

There’s a lot of untapped potential in the world of invites and you’ve got endless options: birthday parties, weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, corporate invites, and many other events.

10. Gift Boxes

Have you got a few talents up your sleeve and don’t know how to utilize your knowledge without wasting time and effort?

Or are you less crafty but have an eye for creative execution?

Instead of cluttering your virtual shopfront with hundreds of products, compile products that belong together in a gift box and sell them in a set.

11. Pillow Covers

Pillow covers might sound a little bit complicated at first, but you can easily make pillow covers from old t-shirts without having to sew!

Bonus points for producing a different pillow cover every single time unless of course, all your old shirts are black.

12. Handmade Kids Clothing

Usually, kids’ clothing is one of those niches that you can get as creative as you want in.

Do you want to create an oversized unicorn onesie?

Go for it.

Batman pajamas?


An irresistibly cute mini-robe?

Yes, please!

The kids’ clothing category includes a lot of crafts you can make and sell – from little scarves, onesies, ear warmers, booties, and gloves.

Your best advantage, though?

Low costs thanks to how tiny the clothes are and high turnover thanks to how quickly they’re outgrown!

13. Wedding Products

This is a category that Etsy dominates in, and it’s a good category to start selling your crafts under.

For instance, if you’re already creating bath bombs, market and package them as bridesmaids favors, and you’re well on your way to more profits.

Here are just some of the crafts you can sell as wedding products:

  • Bridesmaids favors: monogrammed hairbrushes, keychains, letter pendants
  • Groomsmen favors: monogrammed dop kits, money clips, cufflinks
  • Printed robes: “Bride,” “Bridesmaid,” “Mother of the Bride”
  • Wedding souvenirs: candy jars, handmade soaps, bath bombs, candles
  • Paper products: placeholders, invitations, banners
  • Accessories: monogrammed custom garter, ring pillow, ring box

14. Prism Light Candles

Got a mason jar? Got some glass pebbles? Got some fairy lights or LED candles?

If you answered yes to all three, then congrats, you’re practically only one more step away from creating a quick-selling product!

Prism light candles are very aesthetically appealing, insanely easy to do, and are very easy to market!

15. String Art

A lot of people just have a knack for hammering nails and twisting strings.

If you’re one of these people, then you’re lucky because you’ve just found yourself an easy craft to sell.

This craft requires little artistic talent from you; you can simply print a pattern from the internet and use that to make the string art.

It’s more important to be good with your hands.

16. Bird Feeders

DIY Bird Feeder

There are tons of cute bird feeder ideas on YouTube and Pinterest that you can make from materials you probably already have in your house.

They are very easy to make, and you can always choose your own style of painting and design!

17. Wooden storage

If you’re handy with wood crafts and carvings, you can create wooden storage in many different sizes for many different things to put inside.

From a tiny jewelry box to a larger book storage box, there are plenty of possibilities.

18. Your Art

If you’re better with a pencil or a paintbrush than you are with a table saw or a glue gun, your art is also something you can sell.

Whatever medium you work with—watercolor, acrylic, or oil—your paintings can find new homes when you sell them online.

You can also digitize your paintings and sell them as desktop wallpapers.

If you’re more into drawings or illustrations, you can also sell those, but they fetch a lower price than paintings.

You can sell them as postcards, framed wall décor, or you can draw on a notebook with a blank cover so that it now has a pretty cover, and then sell those.

19. Clocks

This is probably another surprise item here, but you might be surprised at just how many different styles of clocks you can create.

And this is a good thing because the more varied your clocks are, the more likely that they’ll be a good fit in someone’s home and be bought.

20. Cellphone cases

This is one product that is constantly on this kind of list.

Cellphone cases requires inexpensive materials to create and aren’t difficult to make them.

As long as people buy smartphones, cellphone cases will constantly be in demand.

Tips To Maximize Your Profits From Making And Selling Your Crafts

Making your crafts is one thing, but selling them is another. Here are some pointers to increase your earnings.

Learn how to take high-quality photos of your crafts.

No, you don’t need to splurge for a DSLR camera.

Close-ups, angles, and lighting: learn how to work all of these to get gorgeous photos of your creations, even when you’re using a smartphone.

Learn SEO.

You want your products to be found by the right people, so learn how to be as detailed as you can in your product descriptions while using keywords that your target buyer will likely use to search on search engines.

Provide the best customer service.

There are plenty of DIYers just like you who are making and selling crafts online.

Sometimes, the difference lies in who treats customers better.

Be responsive to questions, address complaints and issues quickly, and be respectful, no matter what.

The Bottom Line

Don’t think that these are the only options you have for easy crafts to sell and make.

As I said before – the world is your oyster.

You can choose all sorts of crafts to learn, add your twist to it and sell, sell, sell! Once you’re ready to start moving product, be sure to check out our guide on how to sell on Etsy.

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Are you inspired to make and sell your crafts now? Share your stories with us in the comments!