It’s refreshing to see an ebook that delivers on its promise to give you lots of resources for finding work-at-home jobs. After all the crap out there that Steve and I have spent time and energy trying to expose, we’re happy to say of someone else’s book, “This is well worth your time and money.”

The Little White Ebook of Homeshoring Jobs: Your Complete Guide to Virtual Call Center Employment in North America, “the ebook” from here on, delivers an exhaustively researched list of virtual call center opportunities. It’s based on a simple premise, as stated on the presell page:

Homeshoring is the latest trend to sweep the corporate world – in fact, hundreds of employers have brought their call centers home to the U.S., literally. Rather than outsourcing to India, many call centers have found that it’s more economical and customer-friendly to outsource right here at home.
If you’re interested in working at home full or part-time with a viable career – look no further. We’ve done the research, complete with Better Business Bureau Reports, average wages, typical schedules, job application information – everything you could possibly need to know to apply and get a job from one of hundreds of virtual employers.

214 Pages?! What’s in them?
Remember our review, augmented by information from the Masked Guru, of the Ultimate Wealth Package “ebook?” It was 24 pages, filled mostly with fluff. The Little White Ebook, by contrast, is 214 pages of solid information. Here’s how it’s broken down:

  • Pages 1-8: Frontmatter (title page, table of contents, how to use the book)
  • Pages 9-23: Introduction to Homeshoring, including these headings: Who hires virtual call center agents (and why?), The sung and unsung benefits of working from home, The pitfalls of working for virtual call centers, Preparing for the virtual application process, Writing your virtual resume, Things to keep in mind when applying for virtual call center jobs, The virtual call center checklist, Acing the virtual job interview, Acing the voice audition
  • Pages 24-204: Employer pages (see details below)
  • Pages 205-214: Resources section, listing all the research sources used to compile the book and employer list.

The Heart of the Book: Employer Pages
This book confronts the hardest issue faced by anyone who wants to work at home: Where do you find the jobs? Unlike some other companies (ahem,, however, this ebook includes links to employers’ employment pages, the main page, the BBB report if applicable, and more information when available. Here’s a snapshot of one employer page so you can see how clean the presentation is and how thorough the information:


There are almost 200 such pages, enough companies to keep you in work for as long as you want. The Little White Ebook simply has no equal when it comes to telling you exactly where to find jobs.

One caution: remember, as it’s clearly stated in the subtitle of the ebook, these jobs are for virtual call centers. Many of the job descriptions we looked at require experience in customer service, and many also require specialized equipment, such as a telephone headset and in one case, a corded telephone. If you’re looking for that kind of job, these will not be obstacles to you. But if you want to work at home in some other industry besides phone-based customer service, the Little White Ebook is not for you.

Aside from lists of potential employers, the ebook does offer a few pointers on how to break into the work at home world. These pointers range from the necessary equipment required to how to approach these companies in a professional manner. Truly useful information that you can’t really find anywhere else (although, we do offer such information in our ebook and I’m really not trying to plug it so much, but they’re very similar in this regard. I suggest buying both.)

All in all, the Little White Ebook of Homeshoring Jobs: Your Complete Guide to Virtual Call Center Employment in North America is a great resource and we highly recommend it to anyone looking to enter the work at home world. Forget about making $20 a month by having others spend money, you can learn how to get paid, in regular intervals, for work you complete and it’s all done from the comfort of your own home.

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  • Concerned

    Looks like a great website, but…

    I am concerned that when I clicked on the link at the top that says “Click here for our FREE 12-page .pdf report. The Top Virtual Job Picks for 2008” it went to a sign up page on their website and McAfee told me that it blocked a trojan! Then I went to their FAQ page and I had another trojan blocked!

    Has this happened to anyone else? I am disappointed because it seems like a really legitimate website.

  • Fany AKA Da Fanster
    Fany AKA Da Fanster

    Hey Joe,

    I am still hunting my work at home job. I’ve sent three applications to three company’s for customer service jobs taking inbound calls. I thought maybe you’d want to include them here. I’ve passed all the assessments for all three companies and am just waiting on my final interviews. : teletech@home no fees(I did research on this company and they are HUGE) : charges a $50 background check fee when job is offered-not all their programs require this background fee though no fees

    Here are other companies that I found that I have not applied to, but I will keep you guys posted on my progress. – $35 background check fee only when job is offered – no fees – no fees (currently not hiring, but you can enter your e-mail so they can contact you when they start hiring again)

  • bob

    Woweeee! Another review of a good product… Alas, the opportunity is only for the US and Canada :(

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