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  • Brandi

    This article is realllly helpful, and I’m sure a lot of people who are looking for online work will appreciate it! I know personally, I’ve searched every corner of the internet looking for some legit online work, to find out that almost everything besides taking surveys for literal pennies is a scam. It’s tough, but there are some real opportunities out there. Just have to learn how to spot the scams!

  • Cindy

    Hi, Steve. At first, I had read your title wrong. LOL. I thought you meant 3 work at home websites that ARE worth your time and wondered why WA wasn’t listed. My bad. Thank you for reviewing these other 3 sites. Hopefully, no one falls for any of it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Katie

    I do enjoy reading your insights into home opportunities as you say often the are a disappointment , I have come across sites that say there are jobs available online however as you say often it is a listing site, some even ask for a membership fee, I have done mystery shopping work however this came through the local job centre and was quite enjoyable. I did wonder about the GIN as I came across that a few weeks ago and I was quite taken back at how expensive it was, it can be hard finding a real honest opportunity online and I hear of so many poor people who have been conned out of their hard earned money

  • Veronica

    When the master speaks, we listen….

    Your reviews are always just clear and concise, Steve. I never heard of Shadow Shopper, but the idea of getting paid to shop sounds like a whole lot of fun to me! But there really are so many scams, just finding something legitimate can be a full-time job.

    Did I read that right about Global Information Network – $500 to join and $150 monthly membership!!!

    Thank goodnees I’ve managed to avoid most of that mess and found my way to Wealthy Affiliate….thanks to you, Steve!

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