On Monday I posted a call for stories from readers about what brought you to search for ways to make money online. I wanted to share one of the responses with you because I think it articulates nicely what motivates many readers:

I was self-employed for eight years, and did very well. Last fall, my only client canceled my contract. Unfortunately, this was right after I had moved into my newly-purchased house. I went searching online for opportunities, because I didn’t want to leave any stone unturned, and I was having difficulty getting bricks-and-mortar work. The results have been mediocre, although I have signed up with a company that hires call-center consultants. I would like actual real-world advice for getting online work. I don’t want to get rich; I just want to be able to pay my mortgage, ski a bit, and travel. I don’t want to buy someone’s “how to get rich with adwords” book, because everyone seems to have one out right now, nor do I want to hear about someone’s close friend, who made 50K last month in passive income – if it were that easy, we’d all be doing it.

A brand new house and suddenly out of work. Ouch. I’m sure there are hundreds of other stories like it, many probably more painful. This person is going to be fine, though. It might get tight, but she’ll pull through, and won’t lose money to scams in the process. I believe that because of the smarts and attitude she reveals in her note.

“I don’t want to get rich,” she said (and then used a semicolon correctly! Be still my heart!) “I just want to be able to pay my mortgage, ski a bit, and travel.” By aiming at a realistic income, she inoculates herself against the Angela Penbrooks of the world who are ready to emote all over her with promises of freedom from suffering and the fulfillment of all her dreams.

She also said, “I would like actual real-world advice for getting online work.” You can’t ask for something more solid than that. No gimmicks, no programs, no e-books. Just real-world advice. So here is my best attempt to provide it in 100 words or less.

Find Jobs at Craigslist

I have found real jobs that pay well at craigslist.org. For example, here are a couple I would apply for today if I had time and needed the money:

Our ebook teaches you how to search Craigslist efficiently and weed out the scams.

The Downside
You have to have specific, advanced skills to find telecommuting work through Craigslist, and the competition is stiff. But, like I said, I have found several jobs this way.

Create Your Own Work

This idea appeals to the independent and entrepreneurial part of me. In Your PJs, an ebook we promote in this post, teaches you how to create an income by starting a business that meets an existing need.

The book and its online resources are idea generators, not magic pills. They’ll help you think of ways to get out there and make your own income happen by doing what businesses in your area are willing to pay someone to do.

The Downside
In Your PJs costs about $30 today (the price fluctuates). Worth every penny, in my opinion.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

One of the online businesspeeps I most trust is Yaro Starak, founder of Blog Mastermind. I recommend his post about doing a little mental surgery as you work toward your goal of online income. And follow the link at the bottom of the post to subscribe to his blog. You’ll get a free report out of the deal, “How To Start An Internet Business & Make Your First $1,000 Online.”

Keep those stories coming. They’re inspiring to read.

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  • Bill Slateritz
    Bill Slateritz


    Thanks for the quick response. it’s rare as you might know. I guess you’re right in that if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.
    Could be that if can gain something from you’re ebook, maybe I’ll make make enough money to buy the BLOG MASTERMIND. You seem to be pretty sold on it

    I emailed Steve last week, but since he’s in Taiwan, I’ll ask

    What I said to Steve was, as a senior citizen who is still working
    I am looking for something whereby when I do hang it up, 2,3, or
    whatever years, I can make a seamless transition. My background
    is sales & marketing. Like many others, there is no pension and
    no investments, maybe lucky there given the current state of affairs.

    I will buy your ebook for that price, I can’t go wrong. However if you have a thought, it would be appreciated. I have been knocking around the many websites for a while now and somehow your’s seems to be


    Bill Slateritz

  • Bill Slateritz
    Bill Slateritz

    I’m disappointed in your recommending Blog Mastermind for newbies
    looking for a way to make money online. While your review says
    it’s an easy to understand way to get something going on the net,
    I went to the bottom to find out the cost, $4 friggin 97.00 for the first course and $997.00 for the package!!! Yikes.

    The website has all the things on it you say to stay away from,
    the bank statement, the car, the house, etc. all the scams I’ve
    come across has the same thing.

    It seems to me you’ve created a creditability gap.

    While this is not a “job” the cost is way over the head for the
    average joe, excuse the pun, when all over your site says don’t
    pay for a job.

    It is kind of contradictory, isn’t it.

    Comment please.

    Bill Slateritz

    • Joe

      Another good point, Bill. When we first joined Blog Mastermind, Yaro was selling it as a monthly subscription you could cancel at any time. We haven’t explored the second part of his offering, so don’t know what you get for that additional $500. When he changed his business model to a one-time purchase, I’m sure it alienated a lot of potential buyers. However, we still believe his information is first rate and well worth the price. Those that can’t afford it shouldn’t buy it. It’s that simple.

      To your other point about that site containing all the things we say to stay away from. That’s a good observation, too. Scammers and legitimate businesspeople alike use the same tactics because they work. We use them ourselves in the sales page about our ebook. We don’t do it very well, though. Yaro also addressed criticism about the long sales page in this post on his blog.

      When we first started this blog, we were looking mainly at sites claiming to offer jobs. So those stern warnings about sales tactics hold true in that context: If you run across those tactics you’re being sold something, not applying for a job. That’s absolutely true.

      What we have not done well is soften our criticism of those tactics and show when and how they are put to legitimate use. The Blog Mastermind sales page is a good example of legitimate use, in my view.

      Your thoughts?

  • Adam Jackson
    Adam Jackson

    A great place to find freelance work that can be done remotely is http://www.RentaCoder.com – not just for programmers anymore.

    I am a frequent buyer of work there and always have a good experience.

  • make money online
    make money online

    Whatever you do stick with it for few months . No get rich quick scheme.

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