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Fingerlakes: A No Gimmicks Work at Home Job


Today’s guest post is by Jami, a busy Mom who’s had some success with working at home and with blogging. Make sure to check out her blog, linked at the bottom of her post.

After having some problems finding a reliable babysitter for my son, I decided to try to work at home last March. I’ve worked as an independent contractor for a few different companies since then, some good and some not so good. I recently applied with Fingerlakes Web Answering and was hired. To apply for this job you have fill out an application and a confidentiality agreement. The documents can be found on their website under the employment section. You also must send them your resume. You can do this by email or by fax. I heard from them just a few days after I faxed in my application and had my interview a few days after that. The interview was basically just confirming my previous employment and giving me more information about the position. I was hired by the end of the interview. I have previous work at home call center experience so I think this was what helped me get hired with this company.

I was hired to be an inbound operator for Fingerlakes and I take sales calls for a product called a grant guide. All I do is read a script and enter payment information for each call. It is really quite simple and easy work. They are really flexible with scheduling and I was given the exact hours that I wanted. Pay for this job is between $6 and $12.50 per hour depending upon how many orders that you place. There is also a chance for bonuses although I believe it would be very hard to receive those. It seems like I am probably going to be averaging $7 or $8 per hour, for the time being anyway.

I definitely think this job is great as far as work at home jobs go. It’s really simple and they are very flexible with scheduling. The pay isn’t necessarily the best but I love that I have set hours each week and don’t have the stress that outbound calling can sometimes bring. I definitely recommend applying for this company. There is a folder for Fingerlakes over at the message boards at Work Place Like Home. It’s a community for people who work at home and an invaluable resource in finding legit work at home opportunities.

I also have my own blog, “Work at Home Moms,” where you can find a ton of info for work at home moms. This is definitely not the normal 9 to 5 but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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  2. It says MILF “dating” not “porn”.

    I wonder why these virtual call center jobs don’t pay anything. Maybe because of the convenience of working at home and that there is no cost for commute?

  3. I like how when you click on the link to her blog, you get an ad for MILF porn. Seems kinda shady to me….

  4. Fany AKA Da Fanster says:

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    Hope this helps.. The Fanster…

  6. Guys,

    Is there a way you can tell me how to build my own website? I also got a blog I got for free and I wonder can I build a website without spending a dime?

    Please help me!!!


  7. Jami, how long did it take for Fingerlakes to reply to you? I sent them my application and resume on Tuesday 3/18/08 and I haven’t heard from them yet.


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