I’ve been hard at work these past couple of weeks to bring you guys a new report regarding work at home jobs. I’ve compiled a collection of 121 different companies all looking to hire work at home employees in an 125-page report affectionately titled 121 Jobs You Can From Home In Your Underwear (But We Really Suggest Putting On Some Pants First) or 121 Jobs for short.

This report will help you launch your work at home job search into overdrive as you’ll be given over 100 different legitimate work at home opportunities. You’ll be getting an extensive list of companies looking to hire employees to fill part-time, full-time, and freelance positions from home. This isn’t a collection of make money online scams like pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing opportunities, or envelope stuffing scams. Nothing in this report will cost you money to join.

In the report, you’ll find 121 different opportunities to work at home. You’ll get a list of companies, a description of the job they are offering, salary and schedule information, requirements needed to fill the position and a link to the jobs application. I’ve personally screened every single job offer in this report and can vouch for their legitimacy.

Who is the 121 Jobs Report for?

121 Jobs You Can Do From Home is for people looking to find a legitimate work at home job. Specifically…

  • those who want to work as an employee for a company
  • those who want to telecommute out of their home office
  • anyone looking for a list of legitimate companies looking to hire full or part time home based employees

Every company in this guide is looking for US based employees. I have to send out a quick apology to my international fans, but this report is not for you.

What kind of jobs are in the report?

The companies I have profiled are looking for employees to fill postions like these:

  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Proofreaders
  • Audio-to-text transcriptionists
  • Data entry workers
  • Virtual assistants
  • Sales and marketing representatives
  • Customer service agents
  • Usability testers
  • and many, many more!

The full guide has 121 total profiles!

You also get lifetime updates to the guide. I’ll be continually screening the report and adding and removing jobs. You will have instant access to all changes made in the guide.

Free Bonus Material

I’ve bundled the 121 Jobs Report with my Complete Guide to Telecommuting. It’s an awesome 45-page guide that will teach you the ins and outs of working at home. It covers everything from updating your resume, to writing cover letters, to following through and landing a real work at home job. You’ll get a link to download this guide within the 121 Jobs Report.

Secure your copy today for only $7!

I’ve priced the report at a mere $7. Yes, that’s correct. It’s only seven dollars. That’s about a nickel per job profile and the total cost is less than the cost of spending one day out at lunch. Make lunch at home one extra day this week to recoup the cost of this report and you’ll have enough work at home job leads to last you for quite some time.

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  • Lorelie

    Your book is awesome. Thank you for sharing the list.

  • Patty Baucher
    Patty Baucher

    Hi, Steve, I’ve been looking at a few of the jobs that were listed. There are so many to choose from. I am very impressed with what you have done. I am also impressed on how the jobs are listed along with qualifications. You did an amazing job and its comforting to know that I did not have to spend a fortune to find legitimate work.

  • Bill Lewis
    Bill Lewis

    Hi Steve, I’m only 1/3 of the way through the ‘121 Jobs’ guide, but already I’ve lined up several interesting possibilities. I’m sure the rest of the information will be just as beneficial, and it’s obvious you’ve put a lot of time and effort into this venture. Other than the postage for processing my divorce papers, this is probably the best $7 investment I’ve ever made. Thanks!

  • David Sament
    David Sament

    All I have to say is Wow! I was expecting this ebook to be about 75% fluff and about 25% solid information, because that is the case with just about all ebooks on working from home. But I couldn’t find a single page of fluff in this. Every single page has useful and valuable information, and most of all, job leads! Thank you so much. I have worked from home in the past and i’m trying to do it again and your ebook will help me more than anything else.

  • Keith Williamson
    Keith Williamson

    I just wanted to thank you so much for this booklet. I am a busy undergraduate medical student who do to my time constrant does not have time to hold down a regular 9-5 goto work job. This book is a blessing. I have alreeady applied and recieved responses from 2 of the business in the book.

    This book was definetly well though out. It was professional, and user friendly in all sence of the word. I would definetly reccommend anyone who want to work at home for, either supplemental or fulltime income, to pick up this guide.

    Thanks again and good luck to everyone!

    Keith M. Williamson

  • Patsy

    I bought and downloaded the ebook “121 Jobs” report. And I applied for the job of B2B Outbound customer service rep. They sent me an e-mail to do the script over the phone. And they are hiring, they are in need of CSR. I have been out of work, since September of last year. Because I am disabled and applying for disability benefits is long and drawn out. And we have been struggling financially. If I get hired it would be a blessing. I love, love ,love the book. It is so professionally written, and I have applied for several positions that I am interested in. Thank you for publishing a great book at a great price

  • LaChalle P
    LaChalle P

    Hey Steve, thanks for putting this amazing guide out there for people like me. I like that you made it so easy to understand and list all the needed contact information to apply to each job. I have applied at a few and was able to get on with one of them already. I was able to see which ones would be a perfect fit for me now and in the future. Keep up the good work with the blog to help us stay away from the scams. The information has been priceless.

  • Marcia Gilbert
    Marcia Gilbert

    Thank you for all of the hard work that it took to compile this amazing information. I am looking to put three peple to work including myself. We all need someing other than the traditional 9 to 5 job and I am confident that we find what we are looking for here.

    Thanks Again




    Your new guide, 121 Jobs You Can Do From Home…, is exactly what I’ve been looking for in my search for supplemental income while in grad school. The guide is professional, comprehensive, thorough, and proffers practical suggestions for the newbie Internet job searcher. I especially appreciate your information at the front on how to use the guide itself. I have been reading your newsletters for the better part of a year now, and they’ve always provided salient information.

    Thank you!!


  • Frost

    This is a really well thought out, well researched collection of work-from-home jobs. If you can’t find something that you qualify for, or would enjoy doing from all of this research, then you aren’t looking close enough. The hard part is deciding what to choose to do. Then again, working from home gives you plenty of time to do more than one thing.

    Thanks, Steve, for making life easier for all of us for maybe the price of 1 and 1/2 cups of coffee at Starbucks….which actually has another name, but I wouldn’t post it here. Just think phonetically…..Anyway, great job, and thanks again.

  • Stacy

    I don’t know much, and I don’t know Steve personally, but I think I can say without fear of contradiction that he never sleeps. The occasional power nap, maybe. Sleep…..nah.

    I can also say without fear of contradiction that, no matter who you are,
    “121 Jobs You Can Do From Home in Your Underwear…,”represents a virtual two or more month’s worth of continuous online job hunting for less money that it takes to mail a one pound package to your next-door neighbor. Whether you are, like me, the “I want to be invisible, and work on a project – leave me alone” type, or the “I’m an aggressive, people lover who likes to talk and say ‘Come on in,” type, and every variation of persona in between, there is an online job waiting for you in this comprehensive, easily navigable bundle of research.

    I cannot imagine the time and effort it took to produce “121 Jobs……,” a virtually flawless guide for anyone who prefers to work in their jammies, save on gas and clothes, eschew a vending machine for home-brewed coffee, and spend quality time with their families rather than take an hour-long drive to a cubicle. While my professional niche is fairly limited, I was nonetheless able to locate over 15 jobs in my area of expertise, and that’s not a paltry number considering the time I’ve wasted looking for meaningful work on my own.

    I do suggest that, before tackling any of the jobs listed in this fab report, you download the “The Complete Guide to Telecommuting.” In what is a typical effort in the “I’ve Tried That” spirit of generosity, this is a free download, and a must have if you choose to dip your naked toes into the sometimes challenging waters of working in your undies. Those jobs you find in “121 Jobs…” may suit your pair of boxers, but if you are an inexperienced work-from-homer, you will need all the preparatory advice this illuminating manuscript offers. One false move, and like a suit-and-tie applicant, you will be toast faster than you can say “Whole wheat, please.” Get it. You won’t regret it.

    So. The votes are in, and even the German judge gave “121 Jobs…” a 10. Can’t do much better than that, and you will not be disappointed as you wend your way through the work-from-home world.

    Many thanks, Steve. And all you work-from-home wannabes – enjoy the ride through Homeland Work Adventures.

  • Steve


    Excellent! So happy to hear the report as helped!


    Unfortunately, most of the companies in the report are looking for US based workers. Sorry!

  • iacopo

    Very interesting, is also worldwide ?
    I live in Italy
    thanks for this opportunity Steve

  • Joe

    Steve, Your book has really expanded horizons on our family’s job search. Been looking in earnest for my wife and daughter to bring in some part-time income and this book fits the bill.

    I really appreciate that you get right to business, no fluff, no filler no 5 page table of contents or foreword. You get right to the list, contact info. what to expect..that’s the type of info product I like.

    While we’ve had your book just a couple of days, my daughter had a couple of responses to explore doing some writing and data entry.

    Really appreciate your exhaustive research and your straightforward style. I am now officially a fan. Thanks a lot. Joe

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