The new year is coming, which means that your holiday bills are about to come due. How can you start making a dent now in your January credit card statements? How about trying out some of these work-at-home jobs?

10 Work at Home Jobs for 2016

Here are 10 different work-at-home jobs that you can try out in 2016.

1. Virtual call center agent

The trend of outsourcing customer service to countries like China is starting to reverse, and many companies nowadays prefer to hire from within the USA and Canada. Companies like NexRep, LiveOps, Sykes Home Jobs (Alpine Access) and Arise are always looking for work-from-home customer service representatives to help service their roster of clients. As part of the qualification process, you’ll be given a phone assessment to match you with the best client account. In many cases, this account may be that of a client you’ve personally dealt with and whose business you know well.

You can earn up to $25 per hour as a seasoned virtual call center rep.

2. Medical transcriptionist

It used to be that medical transcriptionists (MTs) worked in hospitals or clinics; however, with the only needed pieces of technology being a computer, transcriber, foot pedal control, and maybe an earpiece, the majority of the work can now be done from home.

Some companies prefer to hire medical transcriptionists that have completed an MT certification course. The good news is that, once you do complete such a course, you can work for many years as an MT. Also, the starting pay for an MT isn’t bad at almost $17 per hour.

3. Online tutor

Sites like and Smarthinking operate platforms where you can tutor grade school to high school or even college students. Based on your prior experience and education, you are tested as a subject matter expert in fields such as biology, math, Calculus, etc. Once you pass, you are designated a tutor and allowed to work flexible hours (min. 5+ hours/week) tutoring students.

The tutoring is completely virtual and involves online tools such as a virtual whiteboard and online chat. You are periodically evaluated on your performance and use of time.

Most starting tutors earn $10 per hour, but the pay scale increases after the probationary period ends. Many tutors make $14-$16 per hour.

4. Freelance writer

Freelance writing is probably one of the most popular work-at-home professions out there, and many people who work from home are freelance writers of at least some capacity.

Many upon many sites are looking for freelance content; examples include Problogger, Constant Content and Textbroker. There are many job boards advertising writing gigs, including those listed here.

Freelance writing pays anywhere from a few bucks per article on a content mill site to $5,000+ for a feature article in a state/national magazine.

5. Search engine evaluator

Search engine evaluators perform searches for specific products and report how easy or challenging the searches were to complete. They are also observed in terms of where they click and/or how long they hover over a particular search result or link.

Through third party agencies like Leapforce, companies contract with search engine evaluators to learn how well search functionality works on their website and where users may get stuck.

This field pays $10-$14 per hour. It’s not as well advertised as freelance writing or tutoring because the companies typically have their evaluators sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so they can’t talk about their work or whom they perform evaluations for.

6. Technical support specialist

Providing technical support from home is now a common occurrence thanks to virtual private networks (VPNs) that enable agents to access client servers and computers and fix their problems from a remote location. Companies to look up if you wish to work as a technical support specialist are AppleCare, ComputerAssistant, GeeksOnTime, and PlumChoice.

Pay rates vary widely, with AppleCare Advisors making $11-$20 per hour, GeeksOnSite agents getting $25 per hour, and PlumChoice remote agents making $14-$15 per hour.

7. Online survey taker

Online survey sites can generate a steady stream of monthly cash if you sign up for enough of them and are studious about completing your demographic information. Once you do, you’ll be sent periodic notices about possible study groups you can join and/or surveys you can complete. You’ll then need to go to the respective website and start filling out a pre-qualifying survey, after which you’ll be notified if you qualify for the advertised study/survey.

Some good survey sites are 20/20 Research, Opinion Outpost, Pinecone Research, Swagbucks, and Toluna. Surveys pay anywhere from a few bucks for 10 minutes of your time to $60 (or higher) for a webcam-enabled interview. Payouts are made by gift debit card, Paypal or check.

8. Internet researcher

If you’re good at sifting through online and offline information and coming up with quick answers to challenging questions, then you should try Internet research as a work-at-home job. Companies such as Experts123, Web Answers, Yahoo! Answers, IMShopping, WeRLive, JustAnswer, and Smallbiz Advice are always looking for Internet researchers of all calibers, and you can work as little or as much as you want.

If you have a relevant educational background and/or professional experience, you could make quite a bit of money on individual research projects that pay out as much as $10,000. Otherwise, basic question research will pay you $10-$20 per job.

9. Microjobs agent

If you have a flexible schedule, you can earn money by completing tasks for others. Microtask sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk, Fiverr, Fourerr, TaskRabbit and AgentAnything enable you to complete tasks like running errands, looking up references, testing a website, helping with a move, or creating a company logo.

The tasks pay anywhere from $4 to several hundred dollars, and many of them can be completed from home or while you yourself are out running errands. In some cases, you can place bids on tasks and/or negotiate a higher rate of pay.

10. Website developer

Companies often outsource website development and design to independent contractors who, thanks to VPNs, can work from home. If you have website development skills, you can search through sites like RatRaceRebellion, UpWork and for short and long-term website development jobs.

The pay for website work is quite good and can eventually even replace your current job. Many website developers earn a minimum rate of $50 per hour, and highly experienced developers earn $75 per hour or more.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking at your holiday bills and wondering how you’ll ever manage to pay them, fret not. There are many work-from-home jobs that can make you some extra cash fast. However, if you still need a few more ideas, check out this other list of 10 work-at-home jobs.

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  • Halina Zakowicz
    Halina ZakowiczAuthor

    Hi Jerry, and thank you for your comment. It’s great to get the perspective of an MT who’s been in the field for 26+ years.
    I first wrote about medical transcription back in 2014 ( and noted that the field pays less for those who work-at-home than those who are employed in a hospital or clinical setting. However, for those MTs who get certified and have several years of experience, there is the possibility of earning $17/hr given the current U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report.
    That’s not to say the field isn’t rife with low-paying clients and/or agencies, much as is the case with many work-at-home professions, including freelance writing (which I’ve been doing for 9 years now). In short, MT work may be OK for some freelancers who must find work at home due to family obligations, disability, etc. However, being an MT may not be lucrative or even worthwhile enough for many individuals who must work from home.
    Again, thank you for your in-depth review of the MT profession.

  • Jerry

    The information on “medical transcriptionist” is very misleading and obviously written by someone who is, at the very least, grossly misinformed. Currently, by my estimation there are many thousands of medical transcriptionists across the United States who struggle just to make minimum wage. A starting wage of $17 an hour is extremely rare and can typically only be realized by someone who gets hired by a hospital or other healthcare facility as an employee. Otherwise, unless you start your own transcription service, you will have to go to work for a Medical Transcription Service Owner who will pay you only a few cents per line to do the work from your home. Because the quality of dictation in today’s environment is so poor and because more and more of it is done by doctors and others who speak English as a second language, your ability to be productive enough to exceed minimum wage will require years of on-the-job experience in learning how to accurately interpret the mumbling gibberish most doctors, nurses, PAs, and residents call dictation. And the doctors and others born and raised in the United States speaking English are often times even worse. They are in a hurry, many of them resent having to do dictation in the first place, and most of them, foreign or domestic, don’t seem to care about whether or not what they say is understandable. This selfish and irresponsible approach to dictation both jeopardizes patient safety and makes it virtually impossible for most in the medical transcription field to make a fair wage. In most cases, you would be better off seeking employment in a fast-food establishment where you will at least be paid on a level commensurate with the skills required to do the job. I have been doing medical transcription for over 26 years, and if I weren’t semiretired at this point I would not be able to stick with it because the pay is so pathetic. And now you know the true story given to you by someone who is in the business and actually knows what they’re talking about.

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