And how did she score that domain name??

Work from Home! says the text at Build a rock solid income around your schedule.

The page is simple and looks good. It features a three-minute intro video and a lead-capture form where you can put in your information. It promotes a simple business you can do from home. All you have to do is follow the steps. Step by step by step, like the video narrator did, leads you to the lifestyle you want.

They’re looking for people who will listen, people who will learn, and people who will work.

I can tell without doing any further research that it’s some kind of MLM (multi-level marketing) business. How do I know? The big benefits sign lists all the catch phrases that MLM pitches always use:

  • Build a profitable business from home
  • Live your dream life
  • Be your own boss
  • Step by step instruction by a successful coach
  • Growing industry

They all say at least those things. It must be required, or something. The association of MLM pitch writers must have gotten together and market-tested some key phrases and come up with these.

It’s an Herbalife Introduction

Herbalife might be a great company and maybe there are successful people doing it. My complaint is that MLM companies don’t tell you up front what you’re about to listen to. I know because I was in the granddaddy of them all, Amway. We were trained NOT to tell people what we were talking about until the very end. We were taught to evade the question. We were taught to lie because if we answered “yes” to the question, “Is it Amway?” we would be letting the prospect believe something that wasn’t true.

Amazing twists of logic, eh?

So I’m not going to spend the 30 minutes or more it would require to wade through all the material after submitting my name and contact info, only to find out it’s Herbalife, an MLM I already know I have no interest in.

Flame away.

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  • James Anderson
    James Anderson

    WOW! Thanks for the info. Lots of crooks out there making a buck!

  • stacy

    Does anyone know anything about Empower Network? Is it true that you have to spend a couple of thousand dollars to make real money?

  • shali

    I started at this web site and finished the first page, but decided not to finish it after numerous ads for junk on the following pages.
    these CROOKS sold my telephone information to PaymentOne.lnc who charged me a monthly web hosting fee of $19.95. After I called them to have the charge removed. I called my state Attorney General’s office. With enough noise we can shut these CROOKS down.

  • Nikki


    Go to your bank and file a dispute. They should be able to help you.

    Thanks for this info. I knew something was a little sneaky about all this!

  • Sue

    They charged for something I did not authorize and the phone
    number on my bill has been disconnected. What do I do?

  • Matt

    Wow…so why in the world is an otherwise respectable guy like Mike Gallagher promoting this crap? Do they have his kid stashed away in the closet of their online office or something?

  • CBJ

    Thanks for the info that is Herbalife. I knew it had to be devious cause of the I-am-not-telling.

  • Ann Ymous
    Ann Ymous

    Fileld in form with bogus info, sat thru intro video with hard-faced lady, 2nd info with goofy “Trey” who mentioned a “training and education membership” and most of 3rd video with honcho “John Peterson” wearing his big gold ring, and still did not hear company’s name or details of their “wellness” products. MM SCAM ALERT.

  • Jack

    Don’t you find it a bit ironic, that the AdSense ads Feedburner puts at the end of your post in RSS are for “work at home mom”, MLM, “get paid to read emails” and similar scams? ;)

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