Okay, I think I very well may have uncovered the greatest scam of all. This website is heavily promoting an eBook that supposedly teaches it’s readers how to find real work at home jobs. Given the nature of these claims, I’d like to send one of our readers in to take a look and report their findings. I suspect many of you who are reading this have already fell victim to their claims and purchased the book without our thorough review. For this reason, we won’t be spending money to send any new secret agents in, but rather, if you’ve already signed up and have a story to tell, we want to hear it.

The eBook that we’re placing under fire is The Complete I’ve Tried That Guide to Telecommuting. They are making outlandish claims that anyone can find real work at home jobs online and easily make an extra $200/month at least doing freelance work. We thought that we’ve seen everything folks, but this book just takes the cake.

Take for example this excerpt from their presale page:

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. We’re not promising you thousands of dollars for no work because we know that offers that make those kinds of promises are usually dishonest. Instead, we just promise to teach you how to find genuine jobs online.

We teach you about the entire process of finding a telecommuting job, including resumes, where/how to find real jobs, and how to communicate with potential employers. No gimmicks. We’ll simply show you how to use various online resources to find legitimate jobs.

You need to break the notion that you will become richer than your wildest dreams by doing data entry online. It’s simply unrealistic. But adding an extra $200 or so to your budget every month is not only realistic, it’s relatively easy if you have some marketable computer skills.

I’ve been in this business for a few years now and these claims are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. We’re desperately seeking honest reviews from any of our readers to expose the madness behind this eBook. So please, if you have any information regarding The Complete I’ve Tried That Guide to Telecommuting that we can use, post it in the comments section below, or send us an email. Until then, I’ll sit here and anxiously await our first reader response.

Good luck and God speed.

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  • Harold

    Thanks, Laura — I just may do that! Certainly will for future email “inquiries”.

  • Laura S
    Laura S


    Since this was sent to you via email and you have the company’s name, you might do a search at Snopes.com to see what they say. Anything questionable that comes to me through my Inbox is always checked at Snopes.com.

    Good luck & be careful!

    Laura S

  • Harold

    Thanks for checking this one out for me, guys. It didn’t look right to me, but I wanted to know what you thought.

  • Joe

    I see a couple of red flags. First, even though Tim Connolly is a common name, coupled with CEO and sports nutrition, it should return some results. I found something at Reuters that looks like it’s about the guy.

    Second, the link you sent us is long on hype and short on substance. It’s an affiliate gig, not a stock sale, right? So why would they need to advise anyone of a pre-launch? It still will only matter if your Web site has enough traffic and a respectable conversion rate. I predict at some point they’ll ask you for money, which is not how affiliate sales works. Try it out, though. Just be wary about the “opt-in fee” or whatever they call it.

  • Harold

    One more thing: I took out the name of the Company listed at the end of the email. You probably won’t find the company by simply searching for the name of the CEO listed, “Tim Connolly”; I already searched and didn’t find anything. (It’s a fairly common name.)

  • Harold

    Looks like the tags I placed in my previous comment were stripped. Anyway, for anyone reading the comment and scratching their heads in wonder, there were URLs posted in the email, and they had the (apparent) sender’s name in the URLs (sometimes before the first dot, othertimes after the last slash). So does anyone think this is legit?

  • Harold

    Guys, I just received the following email, and I’d like you to tell me if it looks suspicious to you. I won’t mention who it’s from, and I’ve placed a tag where the links were:

    Hi Harold,

    I just wanted to forward this email to you as it
    best explains this brand new opportunity and
    site I found.

    Apparently Joel Therien, President of
    and was hired to take one of the largest
    nutritional manufacturers global.

    Here is what the CEO of the nutritional plant had to say.

    If you do not have time to read all the email please
    join this PRE LAUNCH at:


    Hi Harold

    Welcome to the PRE LAUNCH of ,
    a unique Internet based opportunity to get in
    on the ground floor of the multi billion dollar
    health nutrition market.

    I do mean GROUND FLOOR Harold!

    We are a twelve year old, multi million dollar
    manufacturer in the fast growing sports nutrition
    and dietary supplement industry —-

    Located in Ottawa, Canada, we created
    some of the best known branded products in
    sports nutrition. Until now, our products have
    only been sold through wholesalers throughout
    Canada and 16 other foreign countries, NOT
    including the USA.

    We have now made the decision to enter the
    US market and to eliminate the customary
    middleman markup by selling our products through
    affiliates on the Internet.

    Not only does this allow us to pass through to
    you great commissions of what that would
    ordinarily go to middle men to you, it allows us
    to pass through even greater savings to the
    consumer too!

    Since we already make over **600** products and
    have our own..

    >> in house research, designers,
    >> manufacturing experts
    >> marketing experts
    >> 30 plus staff
    >> 40 000 sq foot manufacturing facility
    >> etc

    we can get the very latest state of the art nutritional
    products to your customers!

    As a GROUND FLOOR affiliate, you will even have
    the opportunity to design new products YOURSELF!

    that we will bring to market—it is the ultimate sales
    opportunity in health and nutrition. Join us in this
    incredibly unique opportunity as it spreads across
    the Internet like WILDFIRE!

    Thus, bringing you the income opportunity you have been
    dreaming of, while providing your customers with
    products you can be proud of that enhance their health
    and well being.

    So lets get started!


    –Tim Connolly
    CEO Inc

  • bob


    I hate to disappoint you guys but I think they are employing only those in my area. But here is their website/blog. Keep watching it, who knows if they open up a position soon. I checked the employment website (which I suspect belongs to them too) I got them from and it seems the ads were taken off. It seems to be a home-based company with an international outreach specializing on Call Center, SEO and the sort: http://www.futuregen.sg

    I rejected their offer, though, because I could not commit on the days required :(. No fees needed, just a short offline transcription test which you then return to them via email. Best of luck guys! -bob

  • Fany AKA Da Fanster
    Fany AKA Da Fanster

    I just applied for a transcription job… however.. I was annoyed that they wanted to charge me $499.99 for software…. whyyyy… they promised tuition free training and my own personal trainer… so why charge me $499.99 for software and on top of that if I my trainer feels that I need further training I can buy manuals for $60… Bob.. can you please tell us if you did the same thing or how did you get your job, cause Im interested but Im not interested in paying money…


  • Joe

    That’s awesome, Bob. Do tell more about your transcription job. Is it something more of our readers could get in on?

  • bob


    This is a very creative way to get testimonial, feedback and more awareness for the eBook on ivetriedthat.com’s part :-) … Work at home is a little hard to come by here. I got one, though, but not through the eBook’s guidance – a transcription job. What the eBook did for me was, it gave GREAT pointers on improving my resume and cover letter coz it seems to grab MORE attention for my non-work-at-home applications than before! Kudos and thanks for the eBook!

  • Steve

    You’re a quick one Fany. I thought I might have been able to sneak one past you, but I should have never underestimated you.

    If you liked the first version of the book, you’re going to love what we have in store for round two!

  • Fany AKA Da Fanster
    Fany AKA Da Fanster

    Wait a minute!!!!!!… This is your e-book right??????????? Oh God.. NO.. NO.. not againnnnnnnn….. I love this book, what are you talking about… Not only do you provide paying options, but the book is realistic.. Its not a get rich scam.. By the way.. I gots me a JOB, YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now a Bilingual Customer Service Rep from home,, thanks to your book.. I learned how to look for jobs, how to distinguish the good leads from the bad leads, and I even sprussed up my resume (it was already a good resume, but I used some of the tips in the book and make it GREAT!!!!).. I love your e-book.. does it have re-sell rights???? Just Kidding!!!

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