20 Companies Offering Closed Captioning Jobs from Home

Ever sat down on the couch (or lay down in bed, who are we kidding?) for a Netflix binge and wondered how those captions got there?

Nope, not magic. It’s someone’s job.

Traditional TV might be on the decline, but as streaming services and digital video content grow, closed captioning jobs will continue to be in demand in the foreseeable future.

Today, you’ll learn what closed captioning is, its requirements, and where to look for closed captioning jobs you can do from home.

What is closed captioning?

In the broadcasting industry, closed captioning is the practice of placing text on television programs that are occurring either offline or in real-time.

With offline captioning, pre-recorded programs, like movies and series, have their dialog broken up by frames and fitted into so-called time codes. These time codes enable the captions to sync with the frame dialog.

With real-time captioning, captions must be typed quickly and appear within two seconds of the words being spoken.

As such, captioners must be more adept at listening to dialog and typing exactly what they hear.

Such work, because it is more challenging, is also paid a higher rate.

Subtitles vs. Closed captions

Closed captioning jobs are usually categorized under or lumped with transcription jobs.

In fact, closed captioning and subtitling are often used interchangeably.

Before I reveal closed captioning jobs from a number of legit companies, let me first clarify the distinction between closed captions and subtitles.

Subtitles are the exact words from the video’s dialogue in written form. They’re the written text of what characters, narrators, and other people participating in a particular video clip are saying. With subtitles, the transcriber assumes that a person reading the subtitle can hear the audio, but need help in following fast dialogue or understanding a foreign-language movie.

Closed Captions (CCs) also include all the dialogue word by word, just like subtitles. However, in closed captions, other supplemental parts are either described or written in text form.

With closed captions, the transcriber assumes the person reading the CCs cannot hear any part of the audio, which is why additional descriptions of the audio are needed.

These include background noise, coughing, a ringing phone, and other sounds heard on the audio. Even a character’s change in emotion or heavy breathing is detailed in closed captions, and sometimes even the background music.

Closed captions are typically used to accommodate an audience with hearing impairments, or if only a text format can describe the picture as a whole.

Real-time closed captioning is where you transcribe live videos or audio as it happens, more specifically around 2 to 3 seconds after the live version.

A good example of real-time closed captioning is how court cases and trials are officially documented.

Offline captioning is more relaxed because you don’t have to get it right seconds after you’ve heard the audio.

Requirements for Applying to Closed Captioning Jobs

If you’re trying to land a CART provider position, you’d have to be an experienced court reporter with extensive knowledge of CART (Communication Access Real-Time Translation) technology.

In the past, this position was exclusively office-based, but the internet has paved the way for doing this job remotely.

Generally, as a closed captioner, you must have:

  • Typing and stenographic skills – You do need to type fast and be accustomed to the stenographic shorthand (since it is used for live captioning equipment).
  • Listening skills – This is a must-have, particularly for live captioning since you only have a couple of seconds after the original audio was said to transcribe a text version.
  • Flexibility – Conversations are never 100% grammatically correct, so you have to be open-minded enough to leave the text as is and NOT correct grammar as you type.

Equipment Requirements

In most cases, the company you work for will be providing software for closed captioning.

However, you do need to provide your own computer and reliable internet connection.

You may need an extra monitor (or TV), if your job requires you to watch live programs, read lips, or get another “look” while captioning.

It may help you to invest in a decent noise-canceling headset so you hear words more clearly and aren’t bothering your roommates or spouse with program noise.

A separate monitor helps too, enabling you to watch the action on-screen (and maybe even read lips, as needed).

It is rare to have work-from-home live captioning positions, but if you find one, you might need to buy your own steno equipment and other computer add-ons like voice silencer.

How Much do Captioners Make?

Glassdoor reports that the average base pay of a captioner is $14 per hour.

It’s important you know this as a beginner, so your expectations aren’t too high.

This rate gets better as your deliverable improves and you work more quickly.

20 Companies Hiring Closed Captioning Jobs

1. FlexJobs

If there’s one job board that you should trust, it’s FlexJobs.

All the job postings here have been vetted by a human to make sure that the company or employer who submitted the posting is legitimate.

This means you can browse remote and flexible job opportunities scam-free!

Start your job search for captioning jobs here.

2. Aberdeen Broadcast Services

Aberdeen logo

Aberdeen Broadcast Services provides closed captioning, transcoding and broadcast distribution, as well as translation, dubbing, and subtitling services.

Salary details are vague, but the starting salary used to range between $12 to $15 per hour for closed captioners.

3. Ai-Media

This company is a reputable captioning provider with services in transcription, audio description, and more. AI Media has its own online captioning tool, so you just need to log in and begin work.

If you’re lucky to get a slot, you can earn $27 to $42 per video hour as a closed captioner for AI Media.

4. Captionmax

This company hires offline and real-time closed captioners as independent contractors.

At least one year of prior closed captioning experience is required.

If you wish to perform real-time closed captioning, you’ll also be required to possess an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Court and Conference Reporting. NCRA certification as a Certified Broadcast Captioner (or equivalent) may also be needed to perform real-time captioning.

The pay rate with Captionmax is fairly good, at least according to data published by Glassdoor; caption editors earn $13.39/hour and proofers make $15-$18/hour.

Note that closed captioning jobs offered here are office-based, so apply only if you’re in the Minneapolis, MN area.

5. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription website

Daily Transcription hires English transcriptionists, subtitlers/captioners, and bilingual Spanish transcriptionists.

They’re strict with its “Experienced Captioners Only” rule, so don’t try to submit an application if you’re a beginner.

Also, they only hire candidates from the US and Canada; they only consider candidates outside these countries for bilingual translations and transcriptions.

You must also be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement before testing for the position.

If you get hired, you have total control of your work schedule.

Daily Transcription pays $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute to start, and its top captioners earn anywhere from $250 to $950 per week.

6. Rev


This freelance closed captioning business pays its remote workers by the video minute, with pay ranging from $0.50 to $0.75.

According to the Rev website, their captioner freelancers earn an average of $240/month, and some top earners make more than $1,500/month.

The rates per video minute seem low, but experienced closed captioners can definitely take advantage and take on more work, since Rev puts no limit on the projects you can accept.

7. RNK Productions

This company provides offline captioning of movies, videos, and other pre-recorded programming.

New hires are brought on as independent contractors, with their pay ranging from $14-$30/hour (according to Glassdoor).

RNK Productions closes its job hunt every now and then, but they always resume hiring contractors so better bookmark and check back again.

8. Talking Type Captions

This company offers closed/real-time captioning, scripting, and foreign subtitles for movies and other programming, including the programming provided through big-name channels such as A&E, Big Fish Entertainment, PBS, and The History Channel.

Depending on the work involved, the pay rate goes as high as $140/hour (according to jobs listed on the company website).

Basic and starting captioners make $8/hour (according to Glassdoor).

To apply, fill out the contact form and express your interest in a job as a captioner.

9. Vanan Captioning

Vanan Captioning

You’ll need to fill out a form when sending your application, then wait for someone to contact you.

There’s no information about rates, but you’re guaranteed a legitimate position since Vanan Captioning has been offering voiceover, translation, transcription, subtitling, and closed captioning services since 2011.


This company offers captioning services for well-known clients such as Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Lifetime, and BBC America.

Because of its clientele, Vitac requires its offline captioners to have a bachelor’s degree and real-time captioners to possess a typing speed of 225 WPM.

The company offers a one-week paid training program that must be completed on-site at its Pennsylvania location.

In 2017, VITAC acquired Caption Colorado (a well-known closed captioning service provider), which used to pay freelancers around $11.25 to $30.00 per hour “based on speed and accuracy,” plus 401(k) plans, medical/dental/vision/life/disability insurance and health savings accounts for office-based, full-time employees.

11. Caption Media Group

Caption Media Group provides offline closed captions for TV shows, movies, videos, and other pre-programmed recordings.

They occasionally have openings for US-based closed captioners who have a minimum of 2 years of experience.

The openings are not always listed on their website, but you can check on Indeed.com for closed captioning jobs.

12. SDI Media

SDI Media is the world’s leading localization provider of dubbing and subtitling services through the largest network of self-owned and operated studios in the industry.

If you’re bilingual, they offer plenty of freelance translation opportunities.

Otherwise, you can contact them through the Contact Us page to inquire about subtitling and captioning job opportunities.

13. CaptioningStar

Aside from closed captioning, they also offer embedded captioning, live captioning, broadcast captioning, and many more.

This company is currently hiring freelance captioners who have at least one year of experience.

14. Dotsub

Dotsub is a tech company focused on developing a web-based platform to provide captions and subtitles to engage global audiences.

They’re currently hiring freelance subtitle translators and captioners. Fill out this form and you’ll be contacted by Dotsub’s recruitment team depending on the demand for upcoming projects.

15. Impact Media

Impact Media provides closed captioning services for TV shows, broadcasts, and web videos, as well as subtitling for movies and videos on Blu-ray and DVDs.

They’re not currently hiring new captioners, but it’s certainly worth bookmarking their page and checking back for new job openings.

16. National Capitol Contracting

National Capitol Contracting (NCC) specializes in high-quality, specialized communications and information products and services to companies in the public and private sector and has been providing real-time remote captioning for almost two decades.

The position is not on their Careers page; however, you can still apply and indicate your interest in the Remote Broadcast Live Captioner position.

17. Classroom Captioning

Classroom Captioning helps deaf and hard-of-hearing students understand lectures from their high school, community college, or university by providing accurate captions of their classroom sessions.

They are currently looking for remote captioners who are trained in CART/Typewell to supply speech-to-text captions to students, with a starting pay of $25 to $35 per hour.

To apply as a captioner, send an email with a cover letter and résumé to info[at]classroomcaptioning[dot]com.

18. CrowdSurf

CrowdSurf is consistently hiring new transcribers and closed captioners to turn audio into text and make online media more accessible for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. You get paid per task, and so the more you work, the more you earn.

To get started, you’d need to register with Work Market to take an assessment. When you’ve passed the assessment, you’ll be registered on the CrowdSurfWork platform, where you’ll post your work.

19. CaptionCall

CaptionCall phones are optimized for individuals with hearing loss who need to read text to follow a conversation. The unit displays the text being spoken through voice-to-text technology, assisted by captioning agents.

They are currently looking to hire English-speaking and Spanish-speaking captioning agents to transcribe telephone conversations such that a person who is Deaf or hard of hearing can read what their caller is saying.

You can work in one of their 11 call centers or remotely.

20. Capital Captions

Capital Captions is a UK-based subtitling company offering their services for broadcast, web, social media, and video on demand (VoD).

They are currently recruiting professional, experienced individuals to work as freelance transcriptionists, subtitlers, and closed captioners.

To be qualified for closed captioning jobs, you need to have at least two years of subtitling experience, a typing speed of at least 65 wpm, and access to subtitle creation software.

Closed Captioning Job Outlook

The National Court Reporters Association estimates that there will be 5,000 new captioning jobs in the next 5 years.

And since there has been a shortage of experienced closed captioners both online and offline since 2018, you can take advantage of this shortfall and master captioning skills.

It may not start as a high-paying work-from-home job, but the potential for higher income and better career options continues to be optimistic.

However, if you don’t have that much experience, try looking for legitimate home-based data entry jobs or transcription jobs.

These jobs should give you some experience and familiarity with the technology and systems used for captioning.

Are you interested in closed captioning jobs? Which company/companies are you interested in applying to? Share your plans in the comments!

38 Online Transcription Jobs You Can Do from Home in 2021

More and more companies are hiring for online transcription jobs in 2021.

Can you listen to audio attentively? Are you a whiz with spelling and grammar? Can you accurately type 60 words per minute (WPM)?

If the answer’s yes, then there are several transcription companies that could use your services.

Today, you’ll learn about what transcription is, what it requires, and which companies you can apply to.

What Does A Transcription Job Involve?

At its core, transcription involves typing out speech or audio files into a written document.

Institutions and organizations that outsource their transcription needs include universities, media companies, hospitals, and even law enforcement.

Individuals, such as vloggers and podcasters, may also hire transcriptionists to help caption their work and make them accessible to deaf or hard of hearing people.

If you’re only starting out, being a general transcriptionist is a good way to go. You don’t have to have specialized training or knowledge, and you’ll be able to work with a wide variety of audio files, such as college lectures, business meetings, speeches, personal conversations, dictations, notes, and many more.

Other transcriptionists who have knowledge of a specific field of study or industry go into specialized transcription jobs, such as medical transcription, legal transcription, or financial transcription. These require more specialized training, especially for jargon and industry-specific shortcuts and phrases, but they pay more per hour than general transcription jobs.

Also, those who are insanely quick and accurate typists may go into closed-captioning where a live show or speech is transcribed in real-time.

Online Transcription Job Requirements

Online transcription does come with some prerequisites. The following are considered must-haves for anyone wanting to be an online transcriptionist:

Active listening: You can’t anticipate the quality of audio files that you’re going to be asked to transcribe. There are files with challenges such as crosstalk, background noise, accents, and muffled or soft voices.

You’ll sometimes have to make an educated guess on what a person has said based on the context of the rest of the audio file.

Typing skills: Not only must you be a fast typist, but you also have to be highly accurate.

If you’re not sure how fast you can type, you can go to a website like TypingTest.com to test yourself to know how quick you really are.

Test your abilities at a site like TypingTest.com. Transcription companies usually require a minimum speed of 60 WPM, but you can train yourself to type even faster.

As I’ve mentioned, your typing accuracy needs to be well above average. Your output files need to be high-quality and almost 100% error-free. Also, having to correct your work all the time slows you down.

Language skills: Although some transcription jobs require a verbatim transcript, many clients still prefer “clean,” easy-to-read transcripts. Thus, your output file should always have impeccable spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation.

Research skills: You won’t be an expert on every topic assigned to you when you’re a general transcriptionist.

Being great at researching allows you to look up words, terminologies, names, acronyms, companies, or brands you’re unfamiliar with.

High-speed internet: You’ll need a fast Internet connection in order to download and listen to recorded files.

High-quality headset: Invest in a higher-than-normal quality headset with a noise-canceling feature, especially if you’re working in a place where there is background noise. You want to be able to hear the audio as clearly as possible.

Transcription software: A good transcription program can play a variety of audio and video file formats, insert automated or custom timestamps, and provide a built-in text editor so you don’t need to switch between programs too much.

A helpful feature is speech-to-text recognition, which generates a raw transcript out of the audio file. In the best-case scenario, half your work is done and most of your time is spent perfecting the transcript instead of typing.

Some companies have their preferred transcription software, while others allow you to work with whatever transcription software you’re comfortable with.

Transcription and dictation foot pedal: Some online transcriptionists make use of a foot pedal to control the playback for the audio file (i.e., play, rewind, forward, slow down, or speed up, etc.). That frees up their hands and lets them focus on typing.

Using keyboard shortcuts may not seem like a terribly time-consuming task to do, but when you consider the fact that 1 audio hour can take up to 6 hours to transcribe, you want to save every second you can.

How much do online transcribers make?

The average salary for online transcription jobs comes in at around $15 per hour. Entry-level jobs start around $10 to $12 per hour and specialized transcription jobs, mostly those in the medical field, can fetch as much as $30 per hour.

Like every other job, seniority, experience, and length of time with one company will all factor into how much you can make.

How to earn more money with an online transcription job

Janet Shaughnessy of Transcribe Anywhere has put together an incredible 7-Day Transcription mini-course that will help you get paid what you’re actually worth.

The course is perfect for those who are both just starting their journey to become a transcriptionist and those looking for ways to improve their existing earnings.

Plus, it’s free. Win-win-win!

So, which companies are looking for transcribers?

38 Transcription Jobs You Can Do From Home

1. FlexJobs

I highly recommend you start your search at FlexJobs.

The staff at FlexJobs will go through and find the most accurate, up-to-date job postings. On the date this article was published, FlexJobs currently had 122 open transcription jobs (plus thousands of other legitimate work from home jobs too) with some paying up to $55 per hour.

Start your search here!

2. 3PlayMedia

This Boston-based company got its start in 2007 and regularly hires both in-house and remote transcript editors. According to Glassdoor, transcript editors earn an average of $18 to $19 per hour.

As a member of 3Play, you’ll be able to set your own working schedule; also, communication between the leaders and their employees is reported to be very good.

Otherwise, you’ll be left alone and expected to turn in your work on time (i.e., there is little to no micromanagement).

Overall, there are few complaints about this company and its management, and contractor feedback is generally positive.

3. Net Transcripts

This company provides transcription and translation services primarily to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, so you will need to pass a full criminal background check before getting started.

Common complaints on Indeed include lower than average pay (i.e., about $15 per hour); however, there is plenty of work available and they pay on time.

4. Quicktate

Quicktate site

This company is good for transcriptionists who don’t yet have a lot of experience in the field or can’t do hours of audio transcription.

With Quicktate, you’ll be transcribing shorter files (less than 5 minutes).

The pay for this work is a quarter penny per transcribed word.

Once you become comfortable with this format, you could be promoted to Quicktate’s sibling site, iDictate, which deals with audio files longer than 5 minutes, pays half a penny per transcribed word, and offers longer assignments.

5. Rev

This company offers a number of client services, including captioning, subtitles, translation, and transcription.

Once you pass the qualifier exam, you are free to take as few or as many transcription assignments as you’d like.

Payment ranges from $24 to $39 per audio hour, and they estimate that the average transcriptionist earns $245 a month, depending on how many assignments one accepts.

6. SpeakWrite

This Austin, Texas company provides legal, law enforcement, protective services, and general transcription services.

As an SW transcriptionist, you should expect to earn $11 to $13 per hour, although your rate will increase as you become more proficient at transcribing.

The average monthly earnings of a transcriptionist are around $450 but this has been known to go up to $3,400 depending on the number and quality of audio files transcribed.

They’re hiring transcriptionists with at least 1 year of transcription and word processing experience for general transcription, and those with 1 year of experience or more in a law firm for legal transcription. However, they’re not currently hiring California residents.

7. Tigerfish


This company has been around since 1989 and accepts a variety of projects, including video productions, legal proceedings, medical dictations and notes, and corporate and academic lectures.

The company doesn’t advertise its pay rate; however, Glassdoor reports that transcriptionists earn half a penny per word.

Tigerfish periodically hires for entry-level as well as for more complex online transcription jobs, but they’re currently not hiring transcribers. It’s worth checking back on this page.

8. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is a fairly well-known transcription company, which means you’ll probably be placed on its waiting list once you pass its short transcription test.

After getting hired, your projects will consist of transcribing short audio files that range from 10 seconds to 1 minute.

That translates to earning $20 per hour if you complete a sufficient number of files with high quality.

The good news about TranscribeMe is that you’ll need no special software to complete your work, and weekly payments will be deposited into your PayPal account.

9. Ubiqus

This company hires for many types of online transcription jobs, including corporate, medical, and legal audio files.

They also do a lot of foreign language translation and interpretation work.

According to salary disclosures on Glassdoor, work-at-home transcriptionists earn up to $20 per hour with Ubiqus.

However, to achieve this level of pay, you will need a typing speed of at least 70 WPM.

A transcription qualification test must be taken and passed before getting hired.

10. Way With Words

This company hires transcriptionists from all around the world, and it states on its own website that it pays at a rate of $27 to $103.80 per audio hour.

This means that your actual hourly rate will vary depending on how fast you type.

Payment is sent monthly via PayPal. While the company doesn’t require that you purchase specialized software or a foot pedal, it does suggest getting headphones.

11. AccuTran Global

Accutran Global

AccuTran is another company that continually has open online transcription jobs.

They pride themselves on fast turnaround times for their customers. For you, this means you must be able to provide fast, accurate transcriptions.

Pay does compensate for some of the requirements they ask of you.

12. Daily Transcription

One of the higher-paying online transcription jobs you can find as a beginner, paying more than many other transcription companies.

Daily Transcription offers round-the-clock services and earnings fall between $240 and $950 per week.

Training is provided and payments are made weekly by check.

13. GoTranscript


GoTranscript is one of the few companies that will hire anyone in the world. It doesn’t matter where you live as long as you are capable of transcribing 10 minutes of audio within 6 hours.

Transcribers earn an average of $150 per month.

This is quite possibly the best company to get your foot in the door as a transcriber.

14. Focus Forward Transcription

Focus Forward

FFTranscription offers a wide variety of online transcription jobs in industries such as marketing and sales, medical, legal, business, academia, and many more.

They hire worldwide, but you do need an active PayPal account in order to get paid.

Pay starts at $0.40 per audio minute but you’ll gain opportunities for higher pay with experience.

15. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription

GMR prides itself on taking a chance on entry-level transcribers. If this is your first time looking for an online transcription job, apply here.

Earnings come in anywhere between $1,000-$3,000 per month. Obviously, the more experience you have, the better chance you have at picking up higher-paying jobs.

There is the chance to get quick-turnaround jobs as well, and with that comes more pay.

16. Transcription Express

Transcription Express is periodically looking to fill online transcription jobs.

Contractors are able to set their own hours, as long as they’re committed to working at least five hours a day from Monday to Friday.

The average pay is around $1,500 per month, which isn’t bad for part-time work.

You will need to complete a typing test of 60 wpm, a homonym test, a spelling test, and go through a compatibility test to make sure you’re able to comfortably work from home.

They’re not currently hiring transcribers, but you can bookmark their page and check back when openings are available.

17. AlphaSights

AlphaSights regularly has job postings available for freelance remote transcribers.

Look under the “New Service Innovation” heading to find the most recent posts for online transcription jobs.

They are looking for experienced transcribers and you will be working as an independent contractor, meaning no benefits.

18. CastingWords

CastingWords is a transcription service that accepts audio files from a wide variety of sources.

To get hired, you need to join their workshop and provide basic information so they can direct you to their transcription test, in which you’re asked to transcribe a short audio file.

If your test is accepted, you can start familiarizing yourself with their style guide and take on jobs posted in their workshop.

The pay varies greatly because it’s highly dependent on the quality scores your transcript is given by their quality control agents.

19. Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

Transcription Outsourcing handles general transcription, as well as more specialized transcription jobs, namely, medical, legal, and business transcription.

To apply, fill out their online application form with all of the required information and then wait for them to contact you back to take grammar and transcription exams. They only hire US-based transcribers, and only qualified candidates are contacted back.

Legal, academic, and business transcriptions can pay as much as $48 to $66 per audio hour, and general transcriptions are paid lower.

20. Speechpad

SpeechPad is a provider of transcription services for various purposes and industries, including captioning video files.

The pay ranges from $0.25 to $2.50 per audio minute.

They aren’t currently hiring, but bookmarking this page and checking back often for openings is worth doing.

21. Babbletype

Babbletype specializes in audio-to-text transcription exclusively for market research. Recordings in other languages can be delivered as English language transcripts for a higher fee.

To get an online transcription job with Babbletype, watch the embedded video on their Apply For Work page on their website and find out whether you’re a good fit for the company, as they have very strict standards.

22. Scribie

Beginner-friendly Scribie is constantly hiring freelance transcriptionists to work on short files (10 minutes or less), with 2 hours turnaround time.

It pays around $5 to $25 per audio hour, depending on the quality of the file and how difficult it is to transcribe.

23. Athreon

Athreon provides speech to text transcription services mainly to doctors, but they also serve law enforcement, academics, and other professionals.

To qualify for transcription jobs from home, you’ll need to have finished a certified training program or have at least two years of transcription experience.

You’ll be considered an independent contractor and will be paid weekly via PayPal.

24. VoxTab

Voxtab offers a variety of services, including transcription, captioning, subtitling, and translation services.

Apply for an online transcription job by filling out an application form with your personal details and professional experience.

25. A and P Transcription Services

Their website looks a bit old-school, but A and P Transcription Services is a legit company continuously looking for qualified transcriptions to join their team.

Aside from knowledge of English grammar and syntax, you’ll need to have one year of transcription experience, typing speed of 65 wpm and above, and a foot pedal and headphones.

To start your application, click on Employment Opportunities, fill out the form, attach your résumé, submit, and wait for feedback.

26. Dictate Express

Dictate Express offers professional legal, medical, business, and media transcription services and hires US-based individual contractors as transcribers.

They require you to take a set of 4 tests to assess your spelling, grammar, syntax, and transcription skills even before they accept your application.

27. Cambridge Transcriptions

This company has been around for two decades, and they’re always on the lookout for experienced legal transcriptionists, as well as general transcriptionists.

28. eScribers

eScribers is one of the fastest-growing legal transcription companies in the country, and they’re continually looking for independent contractors to transcribe as well as proofread transcripts.

They accept applicants from all 50 states except for California and Massachusetts.

To start your application, simply input your email address.

29. Hollywood Transcriptions

This Hollywood-based company provides transcription, translation, and captioning services to their clients. They only hire US-based transcribers who can type more than 65 wpm, own a foot pedal, and have their own computer.

Fill out the form and upload your résumé to start the application process.

30. Pioneer Transcription Services

Don’t be fooled by the website; this company has been around since 1990 and has worked with countless companies and individuals for their digital transcription needs.

They’re constantly looking for general transcriptionists to join their team. Simply fill out their application form and you’ll be contacted back with instructions on taking a short transcription test.

31. CrowdSurf

CrowdSurf provides transcription and captioning services and make online media accessible to deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

This company is perfect for beginners, as they don’t require extra equipment; just you, headphones, and your computer are enough to get you started.

Payment ranges from $0.17 to $0.20 per audio/video minute.

32. Transcript Divas

This New York-based company prides itself on human-created transcripts and their “200% guarantee” on accuracy and deadlines.

Apply for an online transcription job by filling out their application form and waiting for them to contact you back. They will ignore any phone call, email, or instant chat following up on an application.

Payment varies depending on the assignment, but based on January 2021’s payments, the hourly rate ranges from $0.84 to $2.06 per audio minute, with an average of $1.15 per minute.

33. Averbach Transcription

Averbach Transcription is on the lookout for skilled transcribers to join them.

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much information on the website about what assignments they accept.

Payment is at $1.00 per audio minute for usual files and $1.50 for rush files (same-day to overnight turnaround times)

34. Audio Transcription Center

Audio Transcription Center has been offering transcription services to top academic institutions, government agencies, and financial organizations since 1966.

They do require a typing speed of 78 wpm with 98% accuracy and the ability to deliver files within 24 hours or less for an hour-long file.

Payment is at $60 per audio hour for English and $150 per audio hour for foreign language transcripts.

35. Allegis Transcription

Allegis Transcription has been offering reliable transcription services since 1996. They’re offering online transcription jobs to work as independent contractors who already have a foot pedal and headset.

They don’t publish their rates on their website, but other sites estimate that the average transcriptionist on Allegis makes $14 to $19 per hour.

36. eTranscription Solutions

eTranscription Solutions is an international web-based transcription service operating since 1999. They’re continuously hiring remote transcriptionists with verifiable experience and a high level of accuracy.

If you are interested to apply, fill out their contact form on this page.

37. Production Transcripts

Production Transcripts offer high-quality transcriptions for a variety of media types, such as interviews, speeches, conference calls, seminars, panel discussions, podcasts, and many more.

Fill out the application form in the above link to apply for an online transcription job.

38. Transcription for Everyone

Transcription for Everyone accepts many types of audio files and takes pride in matching these audio files to the right transcriptionist for the job in terms of their subject expertise, speed and accuracy, and audio quality.

To apply, contact them through this page with your résumé and cover letter.

How to Snag That Online Transcription Job

You might meet all the job requirements for an online transcriptionist, but that doesn’t mean you’re sure to get hired.

To get noticed among thousands of other applicants, you have to nail your résumé.

Include your typing speed (with proof if you have it), highlight your accuracy with actual percentages, and if you’re multilingual, emphasize your familiarity with dialects, accents, and regional slang.

Another aspect you’ll have to nail is your transcription exam.

If you don’t already know how to, train yourself to touch type to increase your typing speed. Brush up on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Most importantly, practice transcribing audio files with different talking speeds, tone of voice, accents, and ambient noises.

Pull up some videos on YouTube or podcasts with more than one speaker and practice how to differentiate one speaker from another.

Above all, double- and triple-check your résumé and transcription examination before you submit them. A single spelling or grammar mistake can turn off the recruitment agent processing your application, especially if you’ve put “attention to detail” and “proficient in grammar” in your résumé under “Skills.”

The Bottom Line: Is This Career For You?

Online transcription jobs are some of the few legitimate work-at-home jobs that are almost always in demand.

Most companies will allow you to work at your own pace and pick up jobs as you need.

You will need to hone your typing and listening skills to qualify, but the right combination of time and effort could land you a job that pays up to $50,000 entirely from home.

If typing isn’t your strong suit, you can probably find a better-suited job for you over in my list of work from home jobs here.

Ready to jump right in and build your online transcription career? Are you interested in taking Janet Shaughnessy’s mini-course, or are you going to do it on your own? Share your plans with us in the comments!

22 Online Typing Jobs You Can Do From Home

When I first started looking for money-making opportunities, online typing jobs were all the rage.

Unfortunately, a lot of scams popped up to take advantage of those trying to find at-home typist jobs.

Headlines like these were all over the place:

typing jobs scam

This set people up with false expectations of what type of earnings were actually realistic.

It’s actually the reason why I founded this website in the first place. I wanted to make sure people were finding real, legit opportunities and not falling for these scams.

If you’re looking for an entry-level, home-based typing job, this comprehensive guide will tackle everything you need to know about this old school work-from-home job.

4 Main Types of Online Typing Jobs

Web-based typing jobs include all jobs that require you to quickly and accurately input letters, numbers, or symbols into a computer keyboard or mobile phone.

In some cases, the job may involve speech recognition software or other tools of the trade.

1. Data Entry

Even the most modern companies require data entry operators to key in data, fill up spreadsheets, re-type scanned documents, and do other similar tasks.

There are no special qualifications needed for data entry, except for total concentration, accuracy, and speed.

Data Entry Clerk Hourly Pay - PayScale

Check out my updated list of data entry jobs you can do from home.

2. Transcription

Transcription jobs are similar to data entry jobs, except typists convert audio or video into a text-based document.

There are specializations, such as medical transcription or legal transcription, which provide better rates but require higher qualifications.

Accuracy is a priority in this field and the ability to speak more than one language will substantially increase the amount of money you can make.

Here is my full list of online transcription jobs.

3. Closed Captioning

This type of transcription job involves typing the audio of a recorded video and adding the text as captions during post-production.

Some companies hire closed captioners to work on live feeds. You can be hired for captioning news, press briefings, and developing stories in real-time.

Check out this list of closed captioning jobs to find the right one for you.

4. CAPTCHA, Forum Posting, Surveys, and other small-time gigs

While many of these online typing jobs are legit (companies do pay), the problem with entering a CAPTCHA, posting on forums, answering surveys, and performing other small-time gigs is that the pay is so little. I’m talking cents.

As such, it requires a lot of work before you can reach the minimum payout.

All types of online typing jobs require accuracy and a fast turnaround, which is why a typing test is the most important (and often only) requirement applicants need to pass.

22 Legit Online Typing Jobs

Online typing jobs are super easy to do, which should be an advantage for anyone looking for home-based jobs.

However, this is the same reason why the competition is high. To get ahead of the pack, make sure to bookmark these tried and tested websites with typing jobs:

1. FlexJobs

I strongly suggest starting your search on FlexJobs.

All the companies and employers who post job openings on this job board are checked and vetted by individuals to make sure that they are legitimate.

Thus, you can rest assured that when you apply for a job through FlexJobs, you’re not going to be the victim of a scam.

Also, signing up to be a member gets you more help with your job searches, such as career advising and résumé review.

Browse all the job openings that come up when you use the search term “typing.”

2. Capital Typing

Capital Typing, as its name suggests, began as a data entry and transcription service provider but now offers a wide range of services from bookkeeping to BPO, office admin, market research, translation, and a whole lot more.

Bookmark their Jobs page and check back often to know what positions they’re currently offering.

3. Tigerfish

This transcription company has been in business since 1989 and accepts applicants from the US.

The job involves transcribing audio files. You’d need to pass a test and use their software once accepted for this online typing job.

There are currently no job openings available, but keep their Applicants page in your bookmarks and look at it once in a while.

4. Kendall Creek Communications

This Montana-based company provides quick, accurate transcripts to Court Reporting Agencies and government agencies, as well as private companies such as financial institutions and legal firms.

Pay rates vary with the type of work, client, turnaround time, and the quality of the output, but the average pay for general legal transcription jobs ranges from $1.25 per page to $2 per double-spaced page.

This page details the application process as well as what to expect.

5. Scribie

Scribie accepts transcriptionists from around the world and pays $5 to $25 per audio hour.

You have total control over which projects to work on and when to pick assignments. Every 6-minute (or less) audio file has a 2-hour turnaround time.

If you complete 3 hours within a given month, you earn an additional $5.

When you get to complete a certain number of assignments, you’ll have opportunities for advancement as a transcription Reviewer up to a Proofreader, which allows you to earn more.

6. AccuTran Global

This Canada-based data entry company hires people from the UK, US, and Canada.

They pay a starting rate of $0.004/word for entry-level transcriptionists and up to $0.0055/word and a bit higher for legal or foreign-language audio (at $0.0066/word).

7. e-Typist.com

Known for providing legal virtual assistants and legal transcriptionists, e-typist occasionally hires “virtual paralegals.”

You’ll need to have your own computer with Windows operating system, as well as your own foot pedal.

They’re currently looking for legal transcriptionists and court transcriptionists to type up recordings and format them into legal documents, memos, letters, notes, and any other document required.

8. Quicktate and iDictate

Quicktate transcribes voicemail messages, recordings of conference calls, and other audio files, while iDictate transcribes all kinds of files.

Both companies look for data entry operators and transcriptionists and pay on a per-word basis. Expect to get 1 cent per 4 words (Quicktate) or 1 cent per 2 words (iDictate).

The downside to sending your application here is that you’ll need to pay for your own background check (that’s $20), but if you become a worker from either Quicktate or iDictate, you can check out tasks for both providers.

9. DataPlus

DataPlus+ provides BPO and data entry services to their clients, and they currently have openings for data entry clerks, mail and document handling clerks, and administrative personnel.

The Georgia-based company hires independent contractors who can perform accurate, work-from-home typing jobs.

They don’t have a page for applications, but you can inquire about their job openings by sending an email to info [at] dataplus-svc [dot] com.

10. Axion Data Entry Services

This company is one of the more popular data service providers around.

While slots for contractors rarely open up, those with 2 to 3 years of data entry experience and type 50 words per minute with high accuracy have a good chance to get hired.

Depending on the project, Axion pays its workers either on a per-project or per-page basis.

Unfortunately, Axion does require a fee to get included in their newsletter for future openings, but the actual jobs are real and definitely pay.

Find out more on their Employment page.

11. Speechpad

Speechpad offers several types of work-from-home typing jobs, including data entry, transcription, captioning, translation, and reviewing (quality assurance).

Transcribing short audio files is paid $.40-$.50 for each audio minute completed.

Speechpad accepts people new to home-based work and pays its workers every two weeks via PayPal.

Right now, Speechpad isn’t accepting workers, but check back on their application page from time to time to be the first to find out for any new openings.

12. SpeakWrite

If you are from either Canada or the United States (except California), have experience in legal or general transcription, and are willing to undergo federal, state, and local background checks, then SpeakWrite may just be the company for you.

They have thousands of clients in a wide range of industries from government and law enforcement to IT and other fields.

Most workers earn an average of $450+, but the top earners take home up to $3,400 or more.

Read more about their requirements and fill out the application form here.

13. Cyber Dictate

Continental US-based experienced transcribers looking for work-from-home typing jobs should check out Cyber Dictate.

Qualifications are higher than those of other companies. You’d need to have 3 years of legal experience within the past 5 to 7 years and type at a minimum of 85 words per minute.

Transcribers also need to have an existing headset, foot pedal, and transcription software.

14. Aberdeen Broadcasting Services

Aberdeen Broadcast Services provides closed captioning, transcoding, and broadcast distribution, as well as translation, dubbing, and subtitling services.

The company hires different work-from-home employees for a wide range of jobs, including real-time captioners, caption editors, and so on.

Pay depends on the position. For instance, transcribers earn $1/audio minute, real-time captioners earn up to $75/hour, and caption editors earn from $14 to $18 an hour.

15. SigTrack

SigTrack offers something unique – US-based workers (except for residents of California or Massachusetts) process petitions of voters, which means the job will only be available during petition season.

Pay is around 3.7 cents per piece entered, but the company requires that you maintain 98% accuracy and review other people’s work.

Payment is sent weekly via PayPal.

16. Xerox

Yup, the Xerox we all know is one of the best companies if you’re looking for flexible work.

The company opens virtual positions, including data entry specialists, regularly.

Competition is fierce, so this would be more ideal for people with experience.

17. Transcribe Me

This company accepts workers from around the world.

Even beginners are accepted, but you must pass the training course before you are given paid work.

Pay, which is sent via PayPal, is around $20 per audio hour transcribed.

18. Rev

As a captioner for Rev.com, you add texts as captions for TV shows, movies, and other video content.

The company accepts anyone, no matter the age or country of origin, as long as work is accurately captioned.

Rates depend on experience and output, but Rev captioners make an average of $240/month.

19. Casting Words

This company accepts beginner contractors, who are willing to transcribe files with varying qualities of audio.

The pay reflects the audio quality too! Accurately transcribing a file with poor audio could earn you $1.20/audio minute, while a file with perfect audio has lower rates ($.60 per audio minute).

20. SDI Media

SDI Media is the world’s longest-standing, largest, and leading provider of dubbing and subtitling services through its global network of resources in over 24 countries.

If you know more than 2 languages, they provide plenty of freelance translation opportunities you can do from home.

21. Scribe America

If you have a medical background or studying to go into the medical field, this opportunity might be of great interest to you.

Medical scribes are professionals who work with physicians to transcribe information during clinical visits into electronic health records (EHRs).

Scribe America is currently hiring medical scribes who work remotely, called telescribes. You’d need to have a typing speed of at least 50 wpm, your own computer, reliable wi-fi, and the ability to take at least 2 shifts a week, with shifts ranging from 8 hours to 12 hours long.

22. ExamWorks

This is another opportunity for those with a medical background.

ExamWorks provides independent medical examinations, peer reviews, and bill reviews. They also provide document management and medical record retrieval.

They are currently hiring data entry associates tasked to enter data from source documents into the proper system database. They are also in charge of verifying that the data matches that of the source document and securing the information by backing up the database periodically, all while adhering to HIPAA.

Other Places to Find Online Typing Jobs

Aside from these legit sources of work-from-home typing jobs, you can also check out numerous opportunities on sites like Fiverr, Clickworker, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, Upwork, and other micro-job and freelancing boards.

The usual typing jobs you’ll encounter include typing text from images, PDF files, or hard copy documents into a Word or text document.

Making a Living with Online Typing Jobs

If you’re just starting out as a home-based worker, the first thing you should do is to compute your monthly expenses and decide on a livable wage you must reach.

Understanding this will help you plan your online career, or even help you decide if this path is truly ideal for you.

Like traditional jobs, these online typing jobs can make or break your finances.

If you land a full-time job with competitive rates (that equal or is more than your personal, livable wage), then you’re lucky. For most people who work from home, working on multiple data entry or transcription companies could do the trick.

But if typing jobs don’t work out, feel free to explore my massive list of 100 legitimate work at home jobs to find the right one for you.

Which typing job are you most interested in? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

25 Companies With Openings For Online Translation Jobs

You probably never thought that speaking two languages or more can earn you money, but thanks to the virtual economy, online translation jobs are now in demand.

With the trend towards making information accessible to everyone, whatever language they speak, numerous companies are offering translations of various content forms.

Read on to the list of 25 companies hiring freelancers and employees to do online translation jobs.

25 Companies Offering Online Translation Jobs

It’s amazing how simple it is to get started working as a freelance translator. I was surprised at just how easy it is for anyone to sign up and instantly get their career off the ground through these websites.

I went through a long list of online translator websites (you would be amazed at just how many there are) and narrowed the list down to these 17 websites below.

They all have great reputations and good reviews from translators who have worked with them.

1. FlexJobs

Starting your search at FlexJobs pretty much guarantees scam-free job browsing.

Every single one of the companies and potential employers has been screened and vetted to make sure they only post legitimate job opportunities.

Signing up as a member has other benefits, such as career coaching, résumé reviews, and even mock interviews to help you land your dream job.

Check out all the online translation jobs available today.

2. Gengo

Gengo website

Gengo offers freelance translators the opportunity to translate texts between 15 different languages.

Upon signing up, a potential translator needs to take a test that will place them in either the “Standard,” “Pro,” or “Proofread” categories. These categories are based on skill and the payout is also different for each.

Translators are paid in USD per word/character in the source language via PayPal. Usually, the type of text Gengo offers up for translation is short form stuff like emails and social media posts.

Income varies depending on customer demand and job availability, but the potential earnings of a Gengo translator can be up to $417 monthly.

3. Unbabel

This site offers translation subscription services across 30 languages for their clients worldwide. What makes the subscription model great is that you will often receive work from the same clients, making it easier to understand their needs.

Unbabel is open to both new translators and veterans and will have you go through about two dozen short translating tasks to assess your skill level. Once that’s done, they will assign you an hourly rate and work based on your skill level.

The great thing about this system is that the more you improve your translation skills, the more you can earn. They pay via PayPal and Payoneer.

They’re not currently hiring new translators, but you can fill out a form to get on their waitlist.

4. Translate.com

Translate.com Website

Translate.com is a popular go-to site for translators. There’s a lot of work, but they work on a first-come, first-serve basis so you have to be quick if you want to get a steady income from them.

You get paid by the word (around $0.005 to $0.01) and will be working with text documents like emails and blog posts. They also pay via PayPal and you can cash out after you get paid at least $25.

5. Universal Translation Services

Unlike most of the other places on this list, Universal Translation Services are looking for translators with a bit more experience under their belt. I’ve added them here because you can always come back to them after you’ve gained some experience.

UTS is a great option because they are a solid brick-and-mortar company that focuses on offering quality work to attract freelancers to fill their online translations jobs.

They also have a free training program which will help you expand your skills even more.

6. lingy

lingy prides itself on providing professional translation services in 60 languages handled by 1,000 translators.

Aside from translation services, they also provide proofreading to make sure the translations are error-free. This is especially crucial in marketing materials as well as legal documents.

As a lingy translator, you’d get to work on a flexible schedule, have translation team leaders for support, and work with the latest tools and technologies to ensure you do your work easily and quickly.

To join, simply fill out a form, wait for them to contact you so you can take language assessment tests, and start doing your translation jobs.

7. Stepes

Stepes supports on-demand translation jobs for over 100 languages, though you won’t find the same amount of work for all of them.

As a Stepes translator or interpreter, you can work either on your computer or through the Stepes app on your smartphone.

This looks like a good option if you’re in the market for an opportunity to make some extra cash on the side.

8. ProZ

It’s free to register as a translator on ProZ, but there is a paid subscription option that allows you to get access to even more job opportunities.

You can browse the many jobs available on ProZ and bid on any you’re interested in. Note that not all of these are online translation jobs.

ProZ pays via PayPal.

9. Lingosaur

Lingosaur website

What makes Lingosaur great is that you can sign up and have tasks sent to you.

You aren’t obliged to accept any of them so you can still take on assignments that you like or that will fit around your schedule.

You will have to pass a test to be accepted as a freelance online translator on their site, but there’s no sign-up fee.

The site sometimes asks their translators to rate and review other translators’ work. This is entirely optional but you might receive less work if you refuse often.

10. PeoplePerHour

Peopleperhour isn’t a translation-specific job site but is a popular choice that has been operating since 2007; from what I saw they offer a long list of online translation jobs. So they might be a great option for someone just starting out in translation.

There are both paid by the hour and fixed-price jobs available on the site and sign-up is free.

The company is based in Europe and payments are set in pounds, but anyone regardless of their location can sign up.

11. Lengoo

It takes a bit more effort to get started on Lengoo than some of the other websites on this list, but it’s well worth it to give them a try.

You’ll have to fill in a detailed application with some supporting documents, like examples of past work, which will then be reviewed by their team. After that, they will assign you a test as well.

Lengoo might be a better option for someone who has some experience with other online translation jobs and is now looking for a more solid opportunity.

After setting up your profile on the site, you will be sent job requests which you can accept or decline at your own pace.

12. Day Translations, Inc.

Day Translations Inc Jobs

Day Translations, Inc. is continually looking for remote translators to fill crucial roles in translation projects.

You can be assigned to jobs like book translation, corporate documents, signage, medical reports, employee manuals, websites, emails, and more.

They also offer positions for phone interpretation, subtitle positions, and a few other work-at-home jobs outside the scope of translation.

Their Glassdoor profile reads exceptionally well with little to no complaints against them.

13. Tomedes


Tomedes is constantly in need of translators that speak two or more languages and with at least three years of translation experience

They do require professional experience in the legal, technical, IT, medical, financial, or marketing fields.

Payments are made via PayPal. There is no indication of salary and translators are considered freelance positions.

14. TransPerfect

A top language service provider, TransPerfect offers various online translation jobs for independent contractors.

Currently, they have openings for bilingual over-the-phone interpreters (OPIs), customer service representatives, and quality monitors for those fluent in English and such languages as Navajo, Korean, Portuguese, Mandarin, and many other languages.

The good thing about TransPerfect is that many of the positions, while remote, are regular positions; that is, you’ll be an employee of TransPerfect and thus eligible for such benefits as medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401k, paid time off, and other competitive benefits.

15. LanguageLine Solutions

Global business process outsourcing (BPO) company Teleperformance acquired Language Line Solutions and is now a part of their Specialized Services. Currently, they are among the biggest language service providers in the US and in the UK.

They have openings for remote phone and video interpreters for Asian languages such as Sylheti, Khmer, Rohingya, Laotian, and many others.

16. RWS

RWS offers professional translation services supported by more than 17,000 native-speaking translators.

RWS is currently looking for freelance translators specializing in such industries as life sciences, financial services, legal, travel, marketing, and automotive fields.

Start your application by choosing among the opportunities on the page: freelance translator for RWS Life Sciences, RWS Moravia (IT, consumer electronics, retail, media, entertainment industries), SDL Limited, or be an intellectual property and patent translator.

17. Aberdeen Broadcast Services

This company started out providing captioning services to clients from the broadcast industry but has since branched out to language services, custom video transcoding, and digital file distribution.

The main languages they offer include English, French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish, though they’ve completed projects in over 70 different languages.

They are continually opening positions for remote translators who have a bachelor’s degree and more than 5 years of translation experience. Check their Careers page so you can apply once a position is open.

18. Acclaro

Working in over 100 languages, Acclaro is a global translation agency providing a broad range of professional localization and translation services.

To view openings for online translators, look under Linguist Opportunities or email your CV to hr[at]acclaro[dot]com.

19. American High-Tech Transcription & Reporting

This is a smaller company than the others on this list, but they have extensive experience in translating in 16 languages and have worked with various government agencies and companies.

They’re constantly looking for online translators who will work as independent contractors. To apply, cut and paste your résumé into an email and send it to frontoffice[at]htsteno[dot]com.

20. GlobaLink Translations

GlobaLink primarily works with pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, health care organizations, and private researchers to translate documents where accuracy and quality are of the utmost importance.

To apply as a translator, email them at translators[at]GlobaLinkTranslations[dot]com expressing your interest, and they’ll send you information on their requirements, application process, and a Translator Information form.

21. Linguistic Systems

This company provides translation services in as many as 120 languages to various industries, including business, legal, life sciences, medical, and many others.

They pride themselves on only hiring the best translators, so they’re looking for translators who have extensive experience in at least one industry, familiarity with not only the secondary language you want to work in but the culture, dialect, and business expressions, and at least two years of translation or interpretation experience.

If that sounds like you, send an email with your résumé at vendor[at]linguist[dot]com.

22. GMR Transcription

Despite the name, GMR Transcription also offers professional translation services for audio, video, and text files, supporting over 1000 languages and dialects.

They’re constantly looking for certified or trained translators to work with them. Qualified and hired translators can set their own rates and pick and choose which assignments to take.

23. Speechpad

Speechpad maintains a network of crowd-sourced workforce to provide transcription, translation, and captioning services to their international customer base.

They’re continually offering online translation jobs to independent contractors.

Speechpad translators typically earn between $2 to $5 per audio minute.

24. Mars Translation

Mars Translation offers professional translation services for various industries, including legal, retail, manufacturing, financial, and marketing documents. They also translate websites, specially e-commerce and e-learning websites.

To apply for an online translation job, you’ll need to register first at their website, take an evaluation test, and once you pass it, you can immediately start working.

25. Voxtab

Voxtab is a top provider of transcription, captioning, translation, and subtitling services for international clients.

To apply, fill out the form on the page and under “Position Applying For,” choose “Direct Translator” from the dropdown menu.

Different Types of Translator Jobs

Picking the niche industry you want to translate for can be as important as deciding you want to start looking for freelance translation jobs in the first place.

There are many types of industries that make use of translators, but the main niches you could consider specializing in, include:

  • Medical translation
  • Financial translation
  • Tourism translation
  • Legal translation
  • Marketing content

How much do online translators make?

Translators, on average, make around $47,023 per year, or around $17.78 per hour according to Indeed.

The complexity of the work, the languages being translated, and the turnaround speed will determine how much you make.

One unfortunate drawback is that a lot of companies are hiring contractors or freelancers. This means most jobs won’t come with the typical benefits you could expect from a full-time job.

This does give you more freedom to set your own schedules and work remotely though.

The Bottom Line

If you’re fluent in more than one language, then you can try these online translator jobs and make a successful career out of working from home.

Other Work From Home Jobs To Consider

If an online translation job doesn’t feel like a good fit for you, here are other work from home jobs you can try:

Or if you’re really at a loss, here are 95 work from home jobs to choose from.

Have you applied to or worked with any of the companies mentioned? How was your experience? Tell us more in the comments!

30 Companies with Work from Home Tech Support Jobs

If you’re tech-savvy, enjoy troubleshooting,  and have always wanted to try a new line of work that offers more flexibility, work from home tech support jobs can be the perfect solution.

They’re also some of the easier online jobs to find, mainly because companies have been offering customer support jobs for years now.

Today, we find out what technical support (tech support) jobs are, what skills this position requires, and companies that are hiring for work-from-home technical jobs.

What is Technical Support?

Before we take a look at the many types of tech support jobs from home you can explore, what exactly does a tech support job involve?

Tech Support

Tech support, short for technical support, is a service wherein specialists help customers of a software of hardware company use the company’s products and services to maximize customer satisfaction and get their value for money.

For example, Apple’s tech support agents help owners of an iPhone, Mac, iPad, or other Apple products in installing applications, connecting to the internet, and troubleshooting issues with their gadgets.

Can You Be a Tech Support Specialist?

The good news is that even those without a college degree can fill a tech support position. However, you do need to complete training that focuses on the product or service you’re going to provide technical support for.

For instance, if you’re hired as a Microsoft tech support specialist, you’ll need to be familiar with all Microsoft software products and be able to assist customers on issues from installation to troubleshooting.

Aside from product-specific training, tech support specialists must also have strong communication and people skills, as well as advanced knowledge of the latest news and trends in IT.

You’ll be communicating with people who range from mildly annoyed to downright abusive, so you must be an active listener, extremely patient, and emotionally as well as mentally tough to handle different kinds of people day in, day out.

If you plan to work from home, employers prefer that you work in a location where there’s no foot traffic and background noise to minimize distractions.

More importantly, you’ll need to have your own computer that’s capable of running plenty of applications in the background while taking in VoIP calls, a high-quality headset, and a high-speed, reliable internet connection.

How Much Do Work from Home Tech Support Jobs Pay?

In traditional setups, the average annual salary of technical support specialists is around $50,000. However, their work-from-home counterparts rarely fall on the same pay scale.

Pay and benefits vary widely depending on the company, as well as your education, experience, and certification.

If you’ve been working for a company as a tech support specialist for a while, you may request to work from home and follow a more flexible schedule. In these cases, your salary would usually continue with the same benefits.

But if you’re beginning a remote tech support role with a new company, expect to be paid somewhere between $12 and $25 an hour.

30 Companies with Home-based Tech Support Jobs

Here are 30 different companies that regularly offer work from home tech support jobs.

If a job isn’t currently listed on their job board, be sure to bookmark the page as they update fairly regularly.

1. FlexJobs

Starting your job search at FlexJobs is a surefire way to find high-quality jobs.

FlexJobs is a job board that makes it simple and safe for you to find legitimate job opportunities. Every company and employer who posts openings on FlexJobs has been thoroughly vetted and verified, so you can rest assured you won’t be scammed here.

Signing up for a membership gets you perks like career coaching and résumé reviews so you can get the job you want.

Go through the work from home tech support job openings available today!

2. 2U

2U is a tech company that offers learning management platforms with clients such as UC Berkeley, Syracuse University, Tufts University, and many other top-tier universities and educational institutions.

They currently hire remote technical support specialists from Maryland, Denver, and New York, though positions may open up in other cities from time to time.  Your main responsibility would be to troubleshoot tech-related issues reported by students or faculty via phone, chat, or email.

2U requires a bachelor’s degree and 1 to 3 years of experience in technical support or any other customer-service related field.

3. ABC Financial

This company is involved in software management of fitness gyms and health clubs. ABC Financial hires remote technical support representatives regularly.

4. AdviseTech

This Pasadena, California-based IT solutions provider periodically hires telecommuting tech support jobs.

5. Alorica at Home

Alorica is a global customer service provider. Alorica-At-Home is a specific department for their employees who are working from home. A few US states have openings for remote technical agents to provide technical support Alorica’s clients.

6. Amazon

The biggest marketplace in the world needs no introduction.

They’re currently offering technical support associate jobs to assist customers with their Amazon devices, such as Kindle, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Prime Video, Prime Music, Echo, Alexa, and all other devices.

The pay is at $15 per hour.

7. Apple

As an AHA (at-home advisor) for Apple, you’ll be answering/solving issues of Apple customers via chat, phone, or email. Bilingual AHAs are paid higher. All tech support specialists must be experts in iPads, iPhones, Macs, or other Apple products. (Interested in other work-from-home jobs offered by Apple? Check here.)

8. Conduent

This business process services company is currently looking for technical operators who know how to navigate smartphones and use desktop computers.

The Technical Operator position is listed under the Customer Support and Administration category.

9. Dell

Even this computer hardware giant offers work from home tech support jobs.

When searching the career database, make sure to tick “True” under the “Remote Jobs” filter to view technical support positions that can be done from home.

10. Frontline Group

Frontline Group is a call center consulting and tech support outsourcing company. They are constantly looking for tech support people to help with software, hardware, ISP, and telecom-related concerns.

Currently, they’re only hiring residents from the following states: AR, FL, GA, ID, LA, MI, NC, SC, NE, OH, TX, UT, and VA.

11. Geeks Online

Formerly called “Geeks On Time,” this company provides both onsite computer repair and remote 24/7 telephone-based tech support nationwide. They open up slots for remote support every now and then.

12. GeekSquad

Geek Squad is Best Buy’s tech support arm that was originally known for computer tech concerns but has now expanded to help out with appliance installation and repair as well as smart home installation.

Most of the Geek Squad can be found in Best Buy retail locations, but they also have work from home tech support job positions that you can apply for.

13. KellyConnect

Launched by Kelly Services Staffing Agency, “KellyConnect” is the company’s work from home program. Tech support specialists are regularly needed with pay ranging from $12 to $15 an hour.

No degree is needed, but you have to be tech-savvy and have strong knowledge of tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other modern gadgets.

14. Red Hat

Red Hat is a well-known provider of enterprise open source software solutions. Technical Support Engineers work remotely to troubleshoot issues, address problems, and provide solutions.

Linux experience is required, while knowledge of hybrid cloud, containers, and Kubernetes technologies is considered an advantage.

When searching for jobs on their page, make sure to type “remote” on the keywords so work from home opportunities are displayed.

15. Support.com

This company hires call center agents, tech support representatives, and chat agents. No degree required, but at least a one-year work experience in a customer service or technical support environment is a must, as well as at least a basic understanding of wired and wireless home networks.

Salary as a Remote Customer Service Technician, Remote Client Services Technician, Premium Services Technician, and Personal Technology Expert ranges from $11 to $15 an hour.

The perks of working for Support.com include medical insurance with vision and dental, paid time off and holidays, disability insurance, tuition reimbursement, and a referral bonus program that lets you earn when you refer others to apply on their site.

16. Sutherland

This BPO company operates in 16 countries, so it’s no surprise that they offer work from home tech support positions.

Sutherland Remote Engagement is their work-from-home department that matches professionals with remote job opportunities that are the right fit for their skills and interests.

They are currently hiring Technical Support Engineers and Technical Support Consultants.

17. OneSupport

Having been around since 1993, the company has a continuous need for Technical Support Representatives to work from home and support customers of wireless and internet providers.

Work-from-home positions are available with a base salary of $12 per hour and about 25 hours a week shifts. There is paid training, vision and dental benefits, vacation pay, and healthcare insurance. However, this is only available in select states, so check that you’re residing and eligible to work in one of the states listed.

18. TTEC@Home

TeleTech is a BPO company continually hiring technical support representatives, which features $10 to $16 an hour salary, a 401(k), and benefits.

They only offer this position to 46 out of 50 states, so again, check if your state is among them before applying.

19. Transcom

Similar to TeleTech, Transcom is a global BPO company that provides customer care, sales, credit management, and tech support to clients.

They’re currently hiring work-from-home technical support agents from 26 out of 50 states.

20. Teleperformance

Teleperformance is yet another global BPO company consistently hiring tech support representatives.

If you have at least 6 months of past customer service or tech support experience, you can apply to become one of Teleperformance’s independent tech support representatives and work completely from home.

Type in “tech support” when you’re searching for specific job positions.

21. VenU

This company is a popular Learning Management System provider. They’re currently hiring remote technical support specialists to help resolve customer support issues, perform quality assurance testing, and fulfill basic project management functions.

22. Vivint Smart Home

This smart home security services company hires customer solutions technical support to help their customers with issues on automation, internet, cloud storage, and other Vivint home security products.

On their Careers page, select the Customer Service category and look for the “Customer Solutions Tech Support” positions on the page.

23. Working Solutions

This Dallas, Texas-based company is one of the earliest companies that gave opportunities for virtual workers.

Today, they boast a 100,000+ strong global workforce who fill positions as call center agents, data entry associates, and tech support specialists.

24. Asurion

Asurion is a technology solutions company with clients all over the world.

Currently, they have openings for technical support and sales representatives to assist their customers with product and technical inquiries.

During training, coaching sessions, and uptraining, the pay is $16.50 per hour. However, team members are paid for every interaction with a customer instead of a per-hour salary model.

They’re only accepting applicants from 20 out of 50 states, so make sure you’re in one of these states before you put in your application.

25. VIPdesk Connect

VIPdesk Connect is a business process outsourcing company working with big brands to provide the best customer service solutions.

They currently have an opening for a Tier 1 work from home technical support representative focusing on problem solving and complaint resolution.

They’re currently only considering residents of the following states: AZ, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, MD, NC, NJ, NM, NV, OH, TN, TX, UT, VA, or WI.

26. Slingshot

Slingshot is an up-and-coming startup offering sales and customer support solutions for home services businesses, such as pest control, lawn care, cleaning services, snow removal, and many more.

Work-from-home tech support specialists are needed to handle queries about their software solutions, resolve helpdesk tickets, and troubleshoot software issues.

Pay starts at $15 per hour, plus benefits such as PTO, healthcare, and a matching 401(k).

Unfortunately, even if this is a home-based position, they’ll only consider residents of Idaho, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, or Florida.

27. UKG

Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) is a multinational cloud computing and technology company founded in 2020.

They’re currently looking for remote technical support specialists to assist users of their HR and payroll software product with any technical questions and concerns.

28. CaptivateIQ

CaptivateIQ creates sales commission tracking software that easily computes sales commissions, works with project management software, and allows collaboration with the payroll department for approvals and disputes.

They’re hiring technical support analysts to assist software users with real-time technical support and help develop their knowledge base to address customers’ concerns before they call in.

29. eVisit

eVisit created the eVisit Enterprise Virtual Care Platform for telemedicine, helping healthcare become available to everyone who needs it.

They are currently looking for remote technical support advisors to assist healthcare organizations with their telemedicine platform, including analyzing video connectivity, monitoring and preventing network problems, and troubleshooting real-time to resolve technical issues.

30. LiveControl

As live video content becomes more popular nowadays, there is a need for real-time, remote video production.

LiveControl essentially provides a video production studio in the cloud while you broadcast your live video, whether it’s a dance performance, podcast/talk show, or even a funeral.

Simply schedule your event, install their multi-camera setup and equipment where you do your filming, log on to their network, and they’ll do the rest.

They’re looking for remote technical support specialists who have at least two years of experience in video production to troubleshoot real-time customer issues during live broadcasts.

Click “Careers” on their homepage to get more details.

Other Jobs to Consider

If you’re comfortable with talking to strangers and naturally great at problem-solving, but only have basic computer skills, you can still join the work-from-home world with customer support jobs, such as truck dispatching, airline support, travel or tour guide, and more.

If you don’t know where to start, here are 8 tech sub-sectors with increasing work from home opportunities.

Don’t worry, many work-from-home opportunities do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, marital status, physical or mental ability, age, height, or weight. You can find work-from-home jobs made specifically for retirees, disabled persons, or even teens.

Have you tried applying for a work from home tech support job? If not, which company are you interested in? Share your plans with us in the comments below!

25 Places to Find Customer Service Jobs From Home

More and more companies are hiring for customer service jobs from home than ever before.

Huge businesses have traditionally outsourced their customer service needs to call centers in foreign cities that have skilled yet inexpensive labor.

However, the explosion of internet speed at home and communication apps has made hiring freelancers who work from home much more feasible.

If you want to work from home and you think a customer service job fits your experience and skills, there’s no better time to start looking for one.

In this article, we’ll guide you through all you need to know to get a customer service job from home: what you’ll need to have, what positions you can usually apply for, how much they typically pay, and a list of companies that currently have customer service job openings available.

Requirements for Remote Customer Service Jobs

While each company has its own specific job requirements, there are some things you’ll need to do customer service jobs from home.

  • Quiet workspace/office
  • High-quality laptop
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Noise-reducing VoIP headset with microphone
  • Up-to-date operating system on your computer
  • Ability to download and use specified software

Aside from equipment, you’ll need to have the soft skills to be successful in your customer service job.

  • Clear verbal and written communication skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Patience and self-restraint
  • Positive attitude
  • Composure
  • Assertiveness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Emotional stability
  • Taking responsibility

Educational requirements may vary as well, depending on the position and the specific company you apply for. At the very least, companies will look for a high school diploma or GED.

Types of Customer Service Jobs You Can Do From Home

Work-at-home customer service jobs can be full-time or part-time, and many companies offer flexible scheduling, including days, nights, and weekends.

Taking in calls from customer service hotlines and answering their queries is usually what comes to mind when one says “customer service job.”

But this is not the only position available out there. Here are some more positions that you can think about applying for.

1. Call center agent

Physical call centers are still very much around, but it’s becoming more commonplace to have agents at home handling phone calls in the comfort of their own homes.

You can either receive inbound calls to handle customer service or sales queries, or make outbound calls to ask survey questions, or collect debts for a credit card or loan company.

How much can you earn? $10 to $17 per hour; $13 most common

2. Online live chat agent

Live chat agents mostly do the same tasks as call center agents but deal with customers and clients over chat apps instead of over the phone.

This type of customer service job is perfect for those who want to work from home but don’t want to or can’t deal with customers over the phone.

How much can you earn? $8 to $15 per hour; $11 most common

3. Email agent

Another position you can apply for is an email agent. The work is again similar to those of call center and live-chat agents in that they provide assistance to customers but via a different channel; in this case, email.

The difference between an email agent and call center or live chat agents is that email interactions aren’t usually real-time (unless of course, a particular customer happens to be online at the same time you are).

This gives you enough time to compose your replies and give a more detailed, in-depth answer to an inquiry. The flip side is that if you do make a mistake, the documentation is easier to obtain and lasts forever.

How much can you earn? $10 to $16 per hour; $13 most common

4. Travel agent

You might think travel agents are extinct.

They still exist, but mostly to cater to corporate clients, VIPs, or large groups.

Travel agents require some experience as well as additional certification in certain software, as travel agents use proprietary software to arrange these trips.

How much can you earn? $13 to $40 per hour; $28 most common

5. Technical support agent

Tech support agents combine their customer service skills with specialized technical and computer skills.

Most companies will train their employees to provide support for their specific products, but they will expect you to already have advanced computer skills.

You would also need to have excellent communication skills for this job because this usually involves providing instructions to customers who are less computer-savvy than you are.

How much can you earn? $13 to $30 per hour; $23 most common

25 Companies Hiring for Customer Service Jobs from Home

So, what companies can you sign up with to learn more about and become a work-at-home customer service rep? Read on.

1. FlexJobs

I highly recommend starting your job search at FlexJobs.

Potential employers that list jobs here are checked to make sure they’re all legitimate companies offering actual jobs.

This means that any opportunity you find in FlexJobs is definitely not a scam.

Click here to go over the customer service job openings available today!

2. ACD Direct

ACD Direct

ACD Direct focuses on providing call center support for non-profit pledge drives and fundraisers.

You are paid as an independent contractor at the starting rate of 25 cents per talk minute and can go as high as 35 cents per talk minute via bonus pay and raises.

However, the minutes are only earned while you are on the phone.

On the positive side of things, you will be taking calls for charities and other do-good organizations; since most of your calls will be from folks wanting to give money rather than complain, the stress level of this type of work is low.

3. Amazon

Amazon Jobs Search

Retail giant Amazon hires people directly and offers remote job opportunities (both full-time and part-time). What’s great about Amazon is that work-at-home employees also receive a 401(k) plan, health insurance, paid time off, and other benefits.

Amazon’s work-from-home jobs aren’t just geared at customer service.

There’s also HR, engineering, game development, retail, and finance positions, among others. The catch, though, is that most entry-level positions are paid only $10 per hour.

4. Apple

Apple work from home

Yes, you too can work for Apple- and all from the comfort of your own home.

At Applecare, you can become an At Home Advisor (i.e., Customer Service and Support) and help customers with their iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and other iThings.

The company hires its at-home workers as employees and requires 20-hour workweeks via 6-hour shifts. Occasional weekend time may be required.

The pay at Apple seems better than at most other at-home companies; pay scales range from $11-$16/hour.

You also get some great employee benefits including health insurance, 401(k), plus an iMac (for business use only).

Apple’s at-home jobs are listed as city and state-specific and not all cities and states are represented.

However, from what I’ve heard, if you at least live in the same state as the job is offered, even if you live in a different city, you should apply anyway.

5. Alorica


Alorica offers work-at-home customer service jobs and pays $10-$12/hour.

A good amount of the work involves making collections calls, which is great if you don’t mind making people sweat- though it’s not a job I would personally favor.

Other jobs include technical support and sales calls.

What is really nice about Alorica is that it hires workers as full-time employees and offers benefits such as health, disability, and life insurance as well as 401(k) retirement plans.

Employees also have access to the company’s employee assistance program or EAP.

6. Pleio GoodStart

Pleio GoodStart hires customer service agents called GoodStart Mentors that help people with their medication routines.

In other words, as a Pleio Goodstart agent, you will be calling people and reminding them to take their medication and/or providing information about their prescriptions.

This company pays from $8-$16/hour depending on how many individuals you call and how many calls you actually complete.

GoodStart sign-ups also earn you extra money. You are hired as an independent contractor and the work is temporary (about 12 weeks) with some chance of obtaining a permanent position.

7. OneSupport

If you’re handy with computers and other IT items and/or have IT support experience, this company may be for you.

OneSupport offers full-time work-at-home IT technical support jobs that pay $10 per hour base pay; there are opportunities to earn $1 raises as you gain seniority.

The company offers plenty of benefits to its employees including health, dental and vision insurance, vacation time, and holiday pay.

You may also earn commissions based on product upselling.

The main disadvantage with OneSupport is that they only offer work from home positions to residents of 19 states; check first if you live in one of these states before you apply.


Anyone 17 years old and up with a high school diploma or GED can apply as a call center agent with TeleTech.

Managerial positions would require a degree and experience in the industry.

You’ll need to supply your own hardware, such as a PC, VOIP headset, and internet connection.

Pay ranges from $10 to $15 per hour, depending on the position.

If you’re a second language-speaking agent, expect a higher rate. Because TTEC@Home’s call center agents are employees (not independent contractors), they also receive a 401(k), health and dental plans, paid holidays, and other benefits.

9. Liveops

Arizona-based cloud call center company Liveops was founded in 2002.

Today, it offers 10 types of independent-contractor agent positions to any United States resident over the age of 18, including work-from-home Customer Service Agents.

A PC, dedicated landline phone, headset, high-speed internet, and a one-time background and credit check via a third party are needed before contract signing.

LiveOps agents earn around $15 per hour.

Some receive commissions for sales on top of basic pay, while others only earn through commissions.

Agents are responsible for creating their work schedules in blocks of 30 minutes, so the earning potential as a LiveOps agent depends largely on how much work you put in.

10. Concentrix

Concentrix regularly hires work-from-home customer service representatives from the UK, US, and Canada.

Applicants are required to have their own computer, internet connection, approved headset, and flash drive.

Calls go through the agent’s computer, so you’re not required to have a landline. The downside though is that agents must be available 7 days a week.

As a Concentrix work-from-home agent, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $14 per hour (tech support agents are paid higher).

Agents become Concentrix employees, so they also receive life insurance, tuition reimbursement, 401(k), paid time off, and medical, dental, and vision benefits.

Sales reps may also be given commissions and other incentives.

11. NexRep

Similar to LiveOps, NexRep is a middleman that connects big companies with work-from-home virtual receptionists, tech support, virtual sales consultants, beauty consultants, and general customer service representatives.

As such, positions available at any given time depend largely on the needs of NexRep’s clients.

Agents can earn somewhere from $15 to $25 hourly, depending on the company they work for and the position they perform.

Inbound call agents earn 100% from commissions without caps.

Outbound call agents earn $5 per hour plus commissions.

NexRep prefers people with at least two years of call center experience, or a college degree, but also accepts applicants with basic computer skills and those who pass the job interview.

The best thing about NexRep is the company gives agents the freedom to set their own schedules.

12. Vivint Smart Home

Vivint owns and operates a line of home security appliances.

They are regularly looking for reps around the country to receiving inbound calls and help their customers troubleshoot their home security systems over the phone.

Their base rate is listed at $13 per hour plus performance bonuses.

Due to the nature of the work, Vivint requires that you are able to pass a background check. Perks include health insurance, 401(k)s and paid time off.

13. The Hartford

The Hartford is looking for customer support agents to help handle inbound calls ranging from questions about policies to assisting customers in auto accidents.

No experience required.

Click on the “Find Jobs” button and search for “Customer Service Relationship Specialist” to see all the open positions.

These are 100% customer service jobs from home and you will be working remotely.

While the salary isn’t listed, the following benefits are:

  • Medical, Dental, Life and Disability Insurance – EFFECTIVE ON DAY ONE!
  • 19 days paid time off in your first full year
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Paid volunteer opportunities
  • Employee recognition
  • Wellness program

These benefits make this company one of the most enticing ones to work for on this list.

You are also given the chance to further your career through The Hardford’s career leadership development program.

14. Accolade Support

Accolade Support provides its clients with a variety of services aiming to help them achieve their business and marketing objectives. Services include marketing consulting, product management consulting, as well as inbound and outbound call center agents.

The current positions open are outbound sales call center agents (pays $100 per sale) and inbound customer service call center agents.

15. Aspire Lifestyles

Aspire Lifestyles offers the most comprehensive suite of technology-based, custom concierge, personal assistance services, and loyalty solutions in the industry.

They periodically offer remote travel agent jobs and remote help desk support jobs. There are currently none of these positions open, but check back on their Careers page to see if any positions are open.

16. Transcom

Aside from operating numerous call centers globally, Transcom also offers customer care, sales, technical support, and credit management jobs to remote workers in the US and Canada.

They offer health insurance, 401(k) investment opportunities, as well as advancement opportunities, which may not be available in other companies.

17. Humana

Humana is a health insurance company providing various healthcare solutions and innovations.

Aside from customer service jobs, Humana also offers work-from-home clinical, technical support, cyber security, information management, data analysis, sales, marketing, financial, legal, and even corporate strategy positions.

The exact salary varies depending on your experience and the particular job position. You’ll also get a number of benefits such as healthcare, overtime, paid time off, and opportunities for growth, including cross-training for other skills.

18. Sutherland

Sutherland is a global business process outsourcing company that provides customer service, back-office, and technology-enhanced solutions to companies all over the world.

They frequently have openings for work-from-home customer service jobs, which provide benefits such as paid training, health insurance, paid time off, and flexible schedules.

19. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a business process outsourcing company providing customer service, sales, and business support through their network of independent contractors.

As an independent contractor, you’re not eligible for the usual employee benefits, such as paid time off or health insurance. However, the perks are that you can schedule your own hours and work whenever is convenient for you.

The average agent pay is $15 but can go up or down depending on the program and your experience.

20. Pink Callers

Small field business owners may not have the capability to implement an efficient customer service and appointment scheduling system, and this is where Pink Callers comes in.

This company connects small business owners with virtual Customer Service Rockstars that receive business calls, organize and schedule appointments and work orders, maintain a business’s customer database, and many more.

Pay starts at $11 per hour and can move up to $13 to $15 per hour.

21. VIPdesk

VIPdesk delivers back-office, customer service, and custom solutions to various brands and companies in different industries.

They pride themselves on offering competitive pay, flexible work schedules, and benefits such as paid time off, holiday pay, and health and life insurance.

22. Aston Carter

Aston Carter is a recruiting and staffing agency covering four continents providing financial, clerical, healthcare, and customer service careers to various clients.

Salary per hour varies depending on the position and your experience.

Check out their job search page for remote positions, and if nothing appeals to you, you can sign up to get job alerts from them so you know about new positions that might appeal to you.

23. Asurion

Asurion is a technology solutions company aiming to improve their customers’ lives by helping them connect and protect their technology.

Aside from remote customer service jobs, Asurion has openings for work-from-home technical support and supply chain jobs.

Benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) plans, paid time off, and programs for physical and emotional wellbeing for all their employees.

24. Allstate

Allstate offers several different types of insurance products for individuals.

They continually offer remote customer resolution associate jobs to handle customer questions and problems immediately, investigate complaints, and escalate more complex issues.

25. Remote.co

Remote.co helps businesses who work with virtual teams to connect with remote employees. There are plenty of remote customer service jobs listed on their job board. Salary varies depending on the company.

Apply For One of These Customer Service Jobs from Home Today!

Gone are the days that home workers are left to filter only a few legit positions from thousands of scam jobs from shady companies.

These 20 companies are just a handful of legit companies that offer work-from-home customer service jobs.

The number of available telecommute, remote, or home-based positions is increasing each year; we publish an annual list of dozens of different work from home jobs you can do.

So if you’re interested in extra cash or a full-time job without leaving the comforts of your home, one of these jobs may be the right fit for you!

Which of these companies are you most interested in applying to? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

33 Websites With Openings for Virtual Assistant Jobs in 2021

Virtual assistant jobs are some of the first jobs that popped up when the online economy was just beginning to gain traction.

Even now, individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and multinational companies are hiring virtual assistants to help them with various day-to-day aspects of their businesses.

In fact, with the trend toward businesses minimizing overhead and workers searching for more work-life balance, the demand for virtual assistants is steadily increasing.

So if you’re looking to start working from home, or have been working at home but want to change careers, being a virtual assistant may be for you.

In today’s post, learn what a virtual assistant does, where to look for virtual assistant jobs, and what the future of a virtual assistant can look like.

What Do Virtual Assistant Jobs Involve?

So what is a virtual assistant, and what do they do?

The answer depends on who you ask.

In general, VAs, as virtual assistants are often called, are like modern secretaries. Their jobs often include general administrative duties such as answering calls and e-mails, scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, transcribing documents, accounting duties, writing newsletters, handling business inquiries, and a whole lot more.

However, virtual assistants can also be assigned other job titles (often describing the focus of their work). For example, an SEO virtual assistant does everything a general VA does but adds SEO tasks to the table. A marketing VA may take up social media tasks along with market research, analytics, Google AdSense, and so on.

You may also encounter other types of virtual assistant jobs like graphic design VA, article writer VA, WordPress VA, web developer VA and ecommerce VA, among others.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

There is no formal education required to become a virtual assistant, but you’ll need:

  • Basic computer knowledge with fast typing skills (40 wpm or faster)
  • Social media skills (get acquainted with Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms)
  • Excellent research skills (clients often ask you to find information online)
  • Perfect written and verbal English communication skills
  • Quick thinking and decision-making skills
  • The ability to follow directions, learn quickly, and take constructive criticism

As for your tools of the trade, you’ll need a reliable computer with high-speed internet and a working headset. If your job requires taking calls, you might need a landline phone to perform your work. Understanding basic programs like Microsoft Office and Google Suite is important as well.

Specialization in a certain area would give you an edge over your competition. For example, an SEO virtual assistant with proven experience in Google Analytics and AdSense will find his/her skills more marketable.

33 Companies Hiring For Virtual Assistant Jobs

1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of the best job seeker websites out there that makes it safe to find legitimate virtual assistant jobs. Every company and employer that posts openings on FlexJobs have been thoroughly vetted and verified, so you can rest assured that you get high-quality jobs without getting scammed.

Start your search for virtual assistant jobs here.

Working as a freelancer can free you up to work for multiple clients at a time, but working for a virtual assistant company as a regular employee has its advantages.

For one, you won’t have to advertise your services as a VA; the virtual assistant company will do that for you.

The best thing about being employed by virtual assistant companies is stability. Your pay rate may be lower than that of freelancers, but you’re almost guaranteed to have constant work and clients. If you wish to go this route and focus on the job, here are 33 companies to check out:

2. Boldly

Boldly prides itself on providing premium virtual assistants.

Their general VAs, called executive assistants, earn $22 to $24 an hour. This company is legit and has been operating since 2012.

Boldly also provides its VAs with benefits such as paid time off, holidays, and parental leave.

3. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

Ideal for virtual assistants with experience or in-demand special skills, this company hires US-based VAs for $10 to $12 an hour.

4. Fancy Hands

Ideal for beginners who want to dip their fingers into the VA industry.

Fancy Hands pays freelancers per task. Each task completed earns VAs $3 to $7 per task, which means your take-home pay increases when you perform more tasks.

5. REI Assistant

US-based virtual assistants with excellent communication skills can earn $10 an hour and up to find real estate leads.

Payment is sent weekly.

6. Belay Solutions

Belay Solutions is proud of its award-winning company culture and flexible workplace strategies.

Aside from general VAs, Belay Solutions also hires webmasters and bookkeeping VAs. It’s possible to earn from $18/hour upwards if you pass the application process.

7. AssistPro

AssistPro is currently hiring virtual assistants to perform general administrative tasks.

They have a proprietary matching algorithm to make sure their clients get matched with the best virtual assistant that fits their business needs as well as personalities.

8. Assistant Match

Assistant Match analyzes the needs of businesses who get their services, screens potential virtual assistants that match the requirements, and introduces them.

They currently need part-time VAs and pays out $12 to $15 an hour depending on specialization.

Graphic design virtual assistants here make $20 to $25 an hour.

9. Uassist.ME

If you’re from El Salvador, you’re in luck.

Uassist.ME provides bilingual English/Spanish virtual assistants to help with personal tasks, secretarial and administrative duties, and other tasks that help individuals and businesses manage their time more effectively.

Their jobs page lists the current positions available.

10. Virtual Gal Friday

They are currently hiring virtual medical receptionists, virtual paralegals, virtual executive assistants, and virtual assistants for life coaches.

They accept workers from anywhere in the world, as long as the VA has solid work experience. Pay ranges from $5 to $20 per hour.

11. Zirtual

Zirtual prides itself on only accepting college-educated virtual assistants who are based in the US.

As a remote virtual assistant for Zirtual, you are employed as an independent contractor. You get 47% of your assigned client’s monthly plan, which ranges from $3000 to $3500 per month.

12. Equivity

Equivity only hires US-based virtual assistants who have bachelor’s degrees and can work between 9AM to 6PM PST, Monday to Friday.

They’re currently looking for virtual paralegals, virtual executive assistants, and virtual marketing assistants. Pay ranges from $17 to $20 per hour depending on specialization.

13. Office 88

Graphic designers, web designers, proofreaders, writers, translators, and general office assistants can find work-from-home positions with Hong Kong-based Office 88.

Salaries vary depending on the position you apply to.

14. 99 Dollar Social

This company hires social media VAs who can handle at least 10 accounts at a time and can commit to at least 4 hours daily.

Payment isn’t on an hourly basis, but a flat rate per account. The 99 Dollar Social website claims most of their VAs earn around $12 an hour.

15. My BTLR

My BTLR has clients from a wide variety of industries with a wide variety of needs, from small business owners to financial advisors and even professional athletes.

They pride themselves on providing background-checked, USA-based premium assistants. Pay ranges from $12 to $20 per hour, depending on experience and special tasks given.

16. Perssist

This company provides non-dedicated personal virtual assistants to assist with a particular request, such as making phone calls, scheduling, compiling a list of service providers for a particular task, planning trips, and other personal errands.

Perssist hires for virtual assistant jobs worldwide, as long as they’re reliable and their communication skills are above par.

17. Team Delegate

Team Delegate doesn’t only provide executive virtual assistants, they also work with their clients to find out which tasks they can delegate to other workers.

They hire US-based assistants with at least three years of experience as a virtual assistant or an executive assistant.

18. VaVa Virtual Assistants

They provide various services geared toward SMEs who have an online base. Examples of services include executive assistance, web design, social media management, graphic design, etc.

Pay starts at $15 per hour for virtual executive assistants and may go up depending on experience and more specialized roles, such as digital marketer and graphic design manager or website developers, who may get up to $25 per hour.

19. Virtual Assist USA

Having been in the business since 2008, Virtual Assist USA prides themselves on their experience, expertise, and the quality of the virtual assistants they provide their client.

They only hire US citizens with at least 10 years of administrative experience. Pay starts at $15 per hour and increases after 6 months of employment.

20. Priority VA

Priority VA provides highly-skilled, experienced executive virtual assistants to C-level executives. They’re continuously hiring US-based Priority EAs, but only from select states, so check first if they’re hiring in your state.

21. Beacon Hill Staffing Group

Beacon Hill is a staffing solutions company with clients in various industries, including financial, human resources, legal, life sciences, sales and marketing, technical support, and customer service.

They offer plenty of virtual assistant positions with different specialties in the industries they serve.

22. Paragon Planners

Paragon Planners is another staffing solutions company, but they specialize in the financial wholesaling and financial advisor industries.

Currently, the only openings are for remote schedulers, marketing assistants, and financial advisor assistants, but they periodically hire event planners and other virtual assistant jobs.

23. Cardinal Financial

Cardinal Financial offers various mortgage products to fit their customers’ needs.

Their virtual assistant positions range from social media specialists to loan and transaction assistants, which require at least one year of related experience.

24. Profit Factory

Profit Factory helps entrepreneurs delegate their mundane tasks to free up their time and focus on growing their business instead of just managing the day-to-day.

They outsource virtual assistants and build teams to implement their trademark Engine Room business management system.

You need to be a resident of the US or Canada to be eligible to apply as a virtual assistant, administrative assistant, or executive assistant.

25. Byron

Byron provides an on-demand platform and virtual assistants for small teams and individuals to outsource their more tedious tasks.

You can work on projects that you want to do and you don’t have to commit to a certain number of hours a month.

26. Time etc

Time etc regularly hires general virtual assistants, executive assistants, social media assistants, writing assistants, and other related positions to support US- and UK-based individuals and small businesses.

This company is best for those looking for flexible, part-time work. The starting rate is $13 per hour, which can be negotiated later.

27. Vasumo

Vasumo provides virtual assistants that are trained in various skill sets needed to power a modern online-based business.

To be eligible for virtual assistant jobs, you need to be based in the US or Canada, have at least 3 years of experience as a virtual assistant, and be willing to undergo 3 months of paid training.

28. Wishup

Wishup prides itself on vetting their virtual assistants carefully and only accepting the top 2 to 3% of their applicants and training them for one month on more than 50 business and executive tasks.

They’re on the lookout for smart, friendly, tech-savvy virtual assistants that have bachelor’s degrees and a certain level of experience.

29. Smith.ai

If you have experience in answering texts and calls, or in scheduling appointments, a Virtual Receptionist position at Smith.ai may be the right fit for you.

They offer part-time and full-time positions, and you can earn a minimum of $15 an hour for US-based agents and $11 an hour for agents based outside the US. Pay goes up depending on your performance.

30. Delegated

Formerly Red Butler, Delegated employs US-based, college-educated virtual assistants to assist individuals and businesses with various tasks.

To apply, submit your information on the page above and you’ll be contacted by someone from Delegated for an interview.

31. Prialto

Prialto offers a variety of virtual assistant services for individuals, teams and organizations, and for bigger companies.

Once hired, you get paid training, paid holiday and vacation time, and medical insurance.

32. Vicky Virtual Receptionists

As you can probably guess by their name, Vicky Virtual Receptionists provide virtual receptionists to assist small businesses who may not have the budget to hire an in-house receptionist.

The salary isn’t too high ($10 an hour) but the duties are basic. If you’re just beginning with your virtual assistant career, this can be a good starting point.

33. NS Virtual Services

This Canada-based company offers virtual assistant services ranging from administration to social media and web development. The hourly rate can range from $20 to $25.

To apply, fill out the form on the page with your information to be considered. If you’re shortlisted, you’ll be contacted for a video interview. If you don’t qualify for the shortlist, you’ll be kept in the database for future openings.

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make?

Virtual assistant salaries vary widely, but most virtual assistants earn anywhere from $15 to $50 an hour, with an average of $19 an hour. Those with advanced skills (mobile app developers, graphic designers, video creators, web developers, etc.) take home higher salaries.

Source: Indeed.com

Many virtual assistant jobs also include benefits, paid time off, annual bonuses, and so on.

If the virtual assistant decides to join a VA company, his/her earnings are usually lower than those who prefer to do it on their own. However, freelancer VAs do have to find their own clients and market their virtual assistance service everywhere.

In the past, virtual bosses were able to hire full-time home-based assistants at only $250/month.

Many home-based workers were happy with this salary simply because there are no other jobs that require only several computer skills and offer a stable income.

Also around this time, many entrepreneurs capitalized on the demand for virtual assistants and launched VA companies, which then took a percentage of the monthly earnings of VAs in exchange for finding clients. Eventually, the starting salary of virtual assistants increased.

More Resources for Future Virtual Assistants

If you’re interested in this career and want to learn more, you can start with our quick guide to becoming a Jack-of-all-trades virtual assistant. If you have some cash to spare to learn new skills, you can check courses on Udemy and Skillshare.

One of the best job boards to find a VA position comes from Hubstaff Talent, mainly because the company doesn’t charge freelancers a lot of fees and both clients and freelancers use the platform to complete projects.

WeAreVirtualAssistants is the sister site of Worldwide101 and a useful resource site if you’re serious about a career as a VA. Other virtual assistant job boards you can visit are Remotive, Working Nomads, Virtual Office Temps, and VA Networking, among others.

Virtual Assistant Jobs Outlook

The virtual assistance industry continues to be a lucrative (and still developing) industry. The job outlook of a virtual assistant remains positive. If you’re interested in entering this field, you have three options:

1) As a freelancer – You will be selling your own VA services to clients. Obviously, the main advantage of this route is that you get to keep 100% of your earnings. You have to be highly organized if you’re planning to juggle two or more clients at a time.

2) As an employee – You will be applying as a virtual assistant for a company offering VA services. Your income will be much less, but you don’t need marketing experience or a continuous need to pitch yourself to clients. If you’re lucky, the company you work for could also offer benefits (medical and dental benefits, as well as paid leave).

3) As a business owner – You will be launching your own virtual assistance company from scratch. You’d have to have some capital, business knowledge, a huge network of contacts, and marketing skills. Revenues won’t get back so quickly, but if you do it right, becoming the boss of a VA company has the potential of a smart business plan.

Whichever route you hope to explore in this industry, know that virtual assistant jobs are here to stay.

Does applying for virtual assistant jobs interest you? Which of these companies do you intend to explore? Tell us in the comments below!

15 Medical Transcription Jobs from Home to Apply for Today

Are you known for being a fast and accurate typist? Do you have some medical knowledge? Does working from home sound appealing to you? If you answered yes to all of these, then medical transcription jobs from home could be the perfect fit for you.

Luckily for you, medical transcriptionist jobs give you the perfect balance of a job from home and a stable career.

Add to this the flexibility being a medical transcriptionist provides, and you’ve got yourself the perfect job.

Becoming a medical transcriptionist doesn’t, however, happen overnight.

The job needs previous experience, or for you to complete a certain certification program.

Don’t worry, though:

It’s definitely not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, it’s quite simple.

Here’s your guide on how to land a medical transcription job from home!

How to Find Medical Transcription Jobs

Before you learn how to become a medical transcriptionist from home, you need to know exactly what the job entails.

To make it simple for you:

Medical transcription is the process of creating reports and written documents from medical professionals’ audio files and recordings.

What do medical transcriptionists do?

  • Create several reports that go into the patient’s medical records.
  • Use dictated recordings to transcribe them.
  • Edit these reports for grammatical errors.
  • Ensure the usage of the right medical terminology, procedures, and treatments.

Now that you know what you’ll do as a medical transcriptionist, you need to be aware of the steps it takes to become a medical transcriptionist from home.

Steps to Finding a Medical Transcription Job

There are a few steps you need to take in order to land a medical transcription job.

These include:

1. Enhance Your Medical Background

Medical Transcription Requirements

Since medical transcription jobs from home focus specifically on the medical field and the dictation of medical professionals, this means that you need a strong medical background.

To be successful, you will need the following:

  • A good grasp of medical terminology
  • General knowledge of medical legalities
  • A good understanding of anatomy

In this case, you will need to ensure getting certified before applying for jobs.

If you’ve worked in a medical facility before or have prior medical experience, then you won’t need to worry about this.

Medical transcription training gives you a solid foundation of the vocabulary that will be used, a general understanding of the human body, and many subjects that you will find yourself encountering during transcribing.

2. Meet the Requirements

Once you’ve put together the medical requirements (see below), you will need to ensure that you have the right general skills to be a transcriptionist, such as typing speed, accuracy, active listening, and the right equipment, including hardware and software.

3. Apply, Apply, Apply.

Start applying for medical transcription jobs from home!

It’s that easy.

Do you have to have a degree to be a medical transcriptionist?

A lot of you are probably wondering what the requirements are to work as a medical transcriptionist.

You will most definitely need a certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree. When it comes to degree-level certificates, all you need is either a high-school diploma or a GED. A university degree is not mandatory.

Certified Medical Transcription Training Program

This is mandatory for anyone who’s trying to become a medical transcriptionist. These programs usually take anywhere from 6 to 24 months. This is to ensure that you’re familiar with:

  1. Medical terminology
  2. Medical reporting
  3. Medical transcription skills
  4. English composition
  5. Medicolegal issues
  6. Syntax (i.e., spelling, grammar, and punctuation)

Not only is this mandatory, but it will also be very hard for you to find a medical transcription job, even an entry-level one, that doesn’t require a medical background.

Career Step’s Medical Transcription Editor training program takes around 4 months of full-time study and provides you with all of the information you could possibly need.

There are two types of certifications available:

  • RMT = Registered medical transcriptionist
  • CMT = Certified medical transcriptionist (You will have to retest for this every 3 years)

Years ago, you would have needed a special machine to play the cassettes and be able to transcribe.

Luckily, everything can be done digitally now.

You will only need:

  • A word processing software (Microsoft Word works great)
  • Transcription software (different companies may require different software but Express Scribe is one of the most popular)
  • Audio playback software (in case of transcription software glitches)
  • Quality headset
  • A foot pedal that enables you to control playback with your feet
  • A medical dictionary for any medical terms you don’t understand

How much money can you make as a medical transcriptionist?

Medical Transcription Salary

The starting salary for remote medical transcriptionists is around $17.94 per hour on average.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average medical transcriptionist earns an annual salary of $35k with the top earners making over $55k per year.

Note that medical transcription jobs from home differ widely and that you’re more likely to get paid based on production. This means that the more you work, the more chances you have of making more money.

The pay structure may also vary depending on where you’re based. Some states pay more than others, and this is also true for workers from different countries.

How you’re paid can also affect your pay; getting paid per audio hour means working faster and taking on more jobs per day can help increase your earnings.

However, the more common way to get paid in medical transcription is per line. The faster you work, and the more work you accept per day, the more you’re paid.

Is there still a demand for medical transcriptionists?

It is no secret that technology has taken over most industries and is slowly transforming the world of transcription as well.

The number of speech-to-text software has increased in the past few years but that doesn’t mean that medical transcription jobs aren’t in demand anymore.

Despite the fact that the software turns the recorded dictation into text, just like you would do, a human element is still very much needed.

Speech-to-text software is still not perfect, especially for different accents and difficult words. Even if the company uses speech-to-text software to automate transcripts, you will still be needed to edit the resulting transcript, as there will likely be misspellings, wrong words, and wrong grammar.

10 Medical Transcription Jobs from Home

1. FlexJobs

Before digging into the rest of the items on this list, I highly recommend starting with FlexJobs.

They constantly scour the Internet for the most up-to-date job postings and find the latest companies currently hiring.

As of this writing, they had 93 results with the search term “medical transcription.”

With all the opportunities listed, your job search may not even go further.

Go ahead and browse all the listings for medical transcription jobs available here.

2. AQuity Solutions

AQuity Solutions provides various clinical documentation services, including medical transcription, coding, virtual scribing, and medico-legal documentation.

Currently, there aren’t any openings for medical transcriptionists, but it’s worth bookmarking the page and checking back for opportunities.

3. Ascend Healthcare Systems

Ascend Jobs

Ascend offers outsourced clinical documentation and medical transcription services to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare networks.

They require a minimum of three years of experience to be eligible to apply for the medical transcription jobs they’re offering on their website.

You must be located within the US, eligible to work in the US, and able to pass a background check.

Applications can only be submitted through email.

If you are mass-applying for jobs, consider Ascend. Otherwise, there are other, better options in this list.

4. Eight Crossings

Eight Crossings Jobs

Eight Crossings has been providing remote transcriptions to doctors, lawyers, hospitals, and authors since 2001, so forgive their website for looking outdated, as they’re probably spending more on their technology to keep up with the changing times and advances in digital transcription.

They offer flexible schedules, consistent work, state-of-the-art software, and a network of transcriptionists with whom you can share and swap best practices as well as offer and receive support.

If you’re going to apply for a medical transcription job with them, bear in mind that you need to have two years of medical transcription experience or have graduated from an accredited transcription program if you have no experience.

Aside from that, you’ll need to be able to commit to submitting 1,000 lines per day.

5. Fast Chart

Fast Chart Jobs

Fast Chart is a medical transcription company that delivers outsourced clinical documentation and editing services to hospitals, clinics, and physicians.

To apply as a medical transcriber, you’ll need to demonstrate a high level of medical knowledge by getting high marks on their medical language and terminology examination.

Fast Chart allows you to set your own schedule and work when you can. Not only that, they offer competitive rates and pay a premium for holiday and weekend work.

Bear in mind, though, that if you end up working with them, you’ll be considered an independent contractor, and so this job does not include any benefits.

6. SoftScript

SoftScript Jobs


SoftScript provides medical transcription services, speech recognition, and provider documentation to hospitals,

They also hire remote scribe assistants to help in charting and billing so physicians can fit more appointments and patients in their workday.

If you want to apply on their careers page, you’ll need to have at least three years of experience and have undergone training from an accredited institution.

7. ubiqus

Ubiqus is constantly on the lookout for medical transcriptionists, as well as writers, translators, interpreters, and account managers for the medical field, as well as other sectors such as finance, legal, media, luxury, and lifestyle.

The positions are remote, and you’ll have the flexibility to set your own work schedule.

8. Pacific Transcription

Pacific Transcription

Pacific Transcription is another company that is constantly hiring typing contractors, including medical transcriptionists.

You would need to have at least three years of experience in medical transcription.

9. Absolute Transcription

This Oklahoma-based medical transcription company prides itself on providing superior medical transcription services to many different branches of medicine.

They vet their transcriptionists carefully, requiring 3 years of clinical experience and in-depth knowledge and understanding of medical terminology.

10. Acusis

Acusis provides clinical documentation solutions to hospitals, large clinics, and physician practices.

They’re currently offering remote medical coding as well as medical transcription jobs.

You’d need at least three years of experience in medical transcription and the ability to transcribe from low-quality audio as well as from speakers for whom English is a second language.

11. Cornerstone Medical Transcription

Cornerstone Medical Transcription provides professional medical transcription services, as well as medicolegal, law enforcement, and general transcription.

To apply for a medical transcription job, fill out the online form on their Careers page and attach your updated résumé.

12. Med-Scribe Transcription Solutions

Founded in 1992, Med-Scribe aims to produce high-quality medical transcriptions with a quick turnaround time.

They are offering medical transcription jobs for part-time employment. That means if you pass their application process, they’ll pay for your social security, Medicare, unemployment, and worker’s comp.

Shift schedules are assigned, so your work hours and workdays are set.

This one isn’t for beginners; they only consider US-based applicants who have experience in either ChartNet or M*Modal Fluency transcription platforms.

13. TASK Transcription Services

TASK Transcription & Voice Solutions provides high-quality transcription services to professionals in the medical, legal, government, financial, and many other industries.

They’re looking for legal and medical transcriptionists to work at least 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. To apply, fill out the form and attach your résumé.

14. EHR Medical Transcription Services

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable, trusted medical transcription service, EHR is proud to provide that service. With their triple-proofing system, transcripts come back with high accuracy.

They’re looking for medical transcriptionists to join their team with at least experience in general transcription. Fill out the form on their Career Opportunities page to submit your application.

15. Perfect Transcription

Perfect Transcription is a physician-owned, physician-managed medical transcription service providing accurate transcripts that can be customized with the clients’ specific requirements.

They require three years prior experience in medical transcription. To apply, either fill out their contact form or email your résumé in MS Word format to recruiting[at]perfecttranscription[dot]com.

The Future of Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical transcription jobs from home are on the rise, and they provide a stable yet flexible career option.

If you have a strong medical background and want to work from home but working as a medical transcriptionist doesn’t sound too appealing to you, check out our list of medical billing jobs and remote jobs for doctors.

You can also check our lists of work-at-home nursing jobs or other general work from home jobs.

Which one of these medical transcription companies are you interested in applying? Tell us in the comments below!

24 Legit Data Entry Jobs You Can Do from Home in 2021

So, you want to find a real data entry job from home and you’re wondering if any actually exist?

Great question. The short answer is yes.

But the long answer is a little more complicated.

I did manage to find 24 companies that are currently looking for remote workers to do data entry jobs.

These companies do not charge a fee to apply for these jobs. Pay is either per output or per hour.

The Downsides to Data Entry

The appeal of data entry jobs is understandable.

It doesn’t require extensive training, doesn’t require a college degree or professional experience, and doesn’t require more than you and your computer.

But no two words make me cringe more than the words “data entry.”

When I hear the words “data entry,” I instantly think “scam.”

This is because there are a lot of data entry jobs that are mislabeled to get money out of you. It’s nothing new. In fact, we blog about it on a weekly basis.


Amidst the muck and grime lay a few legitimate companies offering online data entry jobs.

Now, before you think you’ve struck gold with this post, realize you haven’t. These jobs are highly competitive.

More often than not, you’ll be put on a waiting list for 6 to 12 months just to be told you don’t meet the job requirements.

Even if you do get hired, you’ll be working for minimum wage, if not less. Listen to me, data entry jobs ARE NOT going to make you rich.

This may sound harsh, but it is the truth.

Data entry jobs just aren’t skilled positions and the competition for them is fierce.

Why would a company hire a US-based worker for $10 to $12 per hour when they could outsource it for under $2? For every American, they can hire 5 equally skilled workers overseas.

Typically, you’ll find data entry work as one of the responsibilities of a larger position, most notably, a virtual assistant job.

My advice, seek out better-paying work from home jobs or something like a work from home chat job. There will be fewer headaches and less hassle.

Maybe consider transcription jobs instead, which are more specialized and require a bit more skill and a strong grasp of the English language.

Therefore, they pay better, and companies are constantly on the lookout for new employees.

If you’re still interested in doing data entry work, the following list would be a good place to start.

Here Are 24 Data Entry Jobs From Home

I’ve scoured the Internet and found 24 opportunities for you to land a data entry job from home.

This industry has been notoriously plagued with scams. A GREAT-paying job will net you around $10 to $15 per hour.

Remember: anyone promising you higher than $15 per hour is likely trying to rip you off.

If you receive such a job offer, please leave a comment below this post with the job posting and company and I will happily look into it for you to make sure you’re applying for a real job.

1. FlexJobs

As always, I recommend you start your search at FlexJobs.

As of July 2021, there are currently more than 400 different data entry jobs posted.

FlexJobs is a paid service; however, you are paying for them to scour the Internet to find real, active work-from-home job postings. When you go through FlexJobs, you can rest assured that these job opportunities are real and legitimate. Each and every one of the companies that submit jobs for posting has gone through FlexJobs’ stringent checks to verify if they are legitimate companies.

A membership will cost you either $15 for a month, but you can get that down to $4 per month if you pay for a year upfront. It’s a small price to pay for the hours and headaches you will save.

Click here to go over the remote data entry job openings available now.

2. AccuTran Global

Accutran Global

This Canadian company offers work-at-home jobs in transcription and stenography across the USA, UK, and Canada.

It will also offer work in different departments to those contractors who have a good track record with the company and who have additional competencies, such as knowledge of legal or medical terminology.

A typing speed of 70 wpm is required.

The basic transcription pay rate is $0.004-$0.0055/word, or $0.40 per audio minute.

3. Axion Data Services

This Pennsylvania-based company offers data entry work, including Internet research, address correction and verification, and document scanning.

Axion applicants must have a working computer with high-speed Internet access; they must also pass a criminal background check.

Applicants must also have 2 to 3 years of data entry experience and a typing speed of 50 wpm.

Work hours will span 20 to 25 hours per week and payment is per completed piece.

Depending on your speed and expertise level, you could earn $5 to $19 per hour for your work.

Axion hires regularly; however, you must submit your name into their database to be eligible to work for them.

With that comes a charge ranging from $5 to $10, depending on how long you want your name to stay in their database.

4. Capital Typing

This company offers various services to businesses, including business process outsourcing, language and transcription work, and online customer support.

The only two openings right now on their site are for transcriptionist and content writer jobs.

Applicants for the transcriptionist job opening are required to take a transcription test and send the results along with their CV, salary requirements, and Skype details through email.

5. Clickworker


This site hires workers for both data transcription and data entry jobs from home.

Hired freelancers typically earn $9 to $10 per hour.

To start looking through the site’s posted jobs, you will need to fill out an online application, after which your email will be verified.

Clickworker will then send you periodic notices of job opportunities via email. You can also search its online job board.

6. RapidWorkers

RapidWorkers is a micro job site that offers basic jobs, such as promoting a website, following, liking, and commenting on social media, answering short surveys, posting reviews, and other minor tasks.

They have a strict accuracy requirement of at least 60%; if your score goes down, you might get your account suspended.

Also, take note that the tasks they offer are country-based. Check each of your jobs if they are available for your country or not.

7. OneSpace

OneSpace is a cloud-based platform to connect freelancers with large companies and is a good repository of data entry jobs from home.

The site crowdsources freelancers to perform microtasks that are part of a larger task.

Some common microtasks include writing short product descriptions, answering surveys, transcribing, doing keyword research, etc. Salary varies per task, depending on how difficult and how soon the task is needed.

If there aren’t any openings that seem interesting to you, you can still submit your application and you’ll be contacted if any data entry jobs come up.

They pay via PayPal, so make sure you have a verified PayPal account when you apply.

8. Remotasks

Another microtask job site, Remotasks offers various data entry-related tasks, such as image annotation, content transcription from images of physical menus and documents, data collection from various websites, categorization of different websites, and other simple tasks.

Remotasks requires you to pass exams and tutorials to do certain tasks, so if you want to maximize your earnings, take as many exams as you can so you can take on plenty of tasks.

They pay weekly every Friday through PayPal, so make sure you have a verified PayPal account. There isn’t a minimum amount for payout, so whatever you earn throughout the week will be credited to your PayPal on that Friday.

9. DataPlus

DataPlus+ has openings for data entry clerks, mail and document handling clerks, and administrative personnel.

They require a criminal background check and a typing speed exam, as they likely pay per word.

DataPlus+ doesn’t have a public page with job listings and applications. You can inquire about their job openings by e-mailing info[at]dataplus-svc[dot]com.

10. GoTranscript

GoTranscript offers data entry jobs from home in transcription and video captioning across the world.

If your online application is accepted, you’ll undergo training and certification before being allowed to accept client work.

Payment is 60 cents per audio/video minute, which will earn you an average of $150 per month.

They hire regularly and allow you to choose which projects you would like to work on and complete.

11. QuickTate/iDictate


This company hires independent contractors to perform both general and specialty (e.g., legal, medical, law enforcement) transcription work.

Transcription services are offered in several languages (e.g., English, French, Spanish), so knowledge of extra languages is a plus.

Part of the application will include a background check ($20 fee paid by contractor) as well as signing a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.

12. Scribie


This company hires independent contractors for data entry and transcription work.

Typical tasks include transcribing files such as interviews, lectures, conference calls, YouTube videos, documentaries, podcasts, dictations, and many more.

Once a job is selected, it must be completed within two hours. Scribie jobs are evaluated for completeness and assigned a 1 (Poor) through 5 (Excellent) point score.

The pay ranges from $5 to $25 per audio hour, and the files are short ones, lasting 10 minutes or less. A monthly bonus of $5 is also given to transcribers who complete at least 3 hours in a month.

They accept transcribers from all around the world except those based in California, USA.

13. Sigtrack


Sigtrack collects US-based data entry freelancers and combines them into a pool of workers to help distribute data entry work evenly.

They conduct Skype interviews after you apply and you must prove your residency.

The work focuses on matching the signatures of registered voters into voter databases, thus the reason behind only accepting US-based applicants (except those based in California or Massachusetts).

Pay depends on the amount of work you complete and is then paid out via PayPal.

They aren’t currently hiring at this moment, but the site periodically opens to applicants.

14. Xerox from Home

Xerox from Home

Xerox has an entire work-at-home jobs division.

They regularly hire for tons of positions including: Customer Care, Tech Support, Data Entry/Verification, Image Tagging, Quality Control, Systems Development, Software Programming, & Administrative/Business Support.

Check the available positions often because data entry jobs from home can pop up at any time.

15. TDEC


TDEC has been around for more than 60 years, helping companies and nonprofit organizations by providing solutions for labor-intensive functions, such as document management, call center assistance, and other essential services.

They are in constant need of data entry operators.

The jobs aren’t advertised on their side, but you can email in your application with your resume.

They will get back to you with job positions as they open up.

16. Kendall Creek Communications

Kendall Creek Communications specializes in legal transcription. You’ll be asked to transcribe depositions, trials, hearings, and other audio files from lawyers, court reporting agencies, and other legal clients.

Rates vary depending on the particular task, turnaround time, and the quality of your work. For general legal documents, the pay ranges from $1.25 to $2 per double-spaced page.

17. Amazon mturk

Amazon Jobs Search

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program is not without its flaws.

You have to keep an eye out for work constantly, and you will likely make $2 to $3 per hour if you are lucky. The work is extremely mindless and pay is equal to the amount of effort you have to give.

I really only included mturk on this list because it is one of the few legitimate ways of finding a data entry job from home and like most others, it doesn’t pay all that well.


VITAC falls into the “well, it’s technically a data entry job from home” category but you will have to have some extraordinary skills to land this position.

The training is on-site in Canonsburg, PA, but the position is fully remote and can be done from anywhere. VITAC provides live captions for on-air programs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is always work available and schedules may come in at odd hours.

Click on ‘View All Open Positions’ and look for ‘Realtime Captioner’ to land this unique job.

There are also other, less demanding positions that pop up from time to time. Keep an eye out for Voice Captioner jobs as well. It’s less demanding than real-time captioning and more like a traditional transcription job.

19. BetweenJobs.io

This company currently has openings for customer service and data entry jobs from home. They require a laptop with a webcam, smartphone, and a minimum of 25 wpm typing speed.

You can earn from $14 to $25 per hour, part-time or full-time.

20. Vaco

Vaco is a premier talent and solutions firm, connecting businesses to quality talent.

They have remote data entry clerk job openings currently available on their jobs site. Salary varies depending on the company you work for.

21. Mommy Jobs Online

Mommy Jobs Online is a paid service that aims to connect jobseekers to legitimate, vetted work from home jobs. For a one-time, lifetime fee of $85, you can access their internal job boards with training, and for $210, you can access all their job boards.

If you don’t mind the fees, you can apply to various work-from-home positions such as data entry specialists and transcription jobs, as well as medical coding and customer service jobs.

22. Medix

Medix offers recruitment and workforce solutions to various industries, such as healthcare, tech, life sciences, and engineering and construction.

They’re currently looking for data entry clerks to enter data into their database systems and ensure the accuracy and integrity of that data.

You’ll become eligible for benefits after you’ve been employed for 30 days and you’ve worked an average of 30 hours per week on your first four weeks.

23. SitusAMC

If you have a background in real estate, particularly real estate financial documents, this may be an interesting job opportunity for you.

SitusAMC provides solutions for the residential and commercial real estate finance industry.

They are currently looking for a real estate data entry and analysis specialist to extract data from real estate documentation after training to develop an understanding of real estate financial calculations, market research reports, document checklists, and data organization.

24. Aston Carter

Aston Carter provides professional staff to fill job openings in departments such as accounting, finance, customer service, administration, office, and clerical to various companies and industries across four continents.

They are currently looking for remote data entry specialists with Salesforce experience to enter sensitive employee, payroll, and tax information.

The Bottom Line: Is A Data Entry Job For You?

I hope this list provided you with some valuable insight into real data entry jobs from home and where to find them.

Unfortunately, it’s fairly basic work that doesn’t pay that well, and the competition for jobs is fierce.

I would highly suggest looking at our complete work at home jobs list as there is likely something in there that will be a better fit and offer you more money for the same amount of work.

If I had to guess, I would wager this blog post will be irrelevant in the next few years as data entry jobs will be completely replaced by AI.

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Have you applied for a data entry job from home with any one of the above-mentioned companies? Leave a comment about your experiences.

46 Legit Online Proofreading Jobs You Can Apply For Today

Ever wondered if you can get paid to point out people’s spelling and grammar mistakes and correct them? An online proofreading job may just be the right fit for you.

I’ve compiled a list of companies that are currently hiring this year.

Keep reading because you could land a position that pays $65/hour.

Jump straight to the list or keep reading to learn how to maximize your earnings.

Proofreading used to be the responsibility of the writer who created the content.

However, once the internet became a never-ending resource of information that requires non-stop content creation, the demand for proofreading jobs as a standalone profession began.

Today, you won’t be able to navigate the freelance world without finding online proofreading jobs from home.

So, if you’re new to freelancing and wondering if this job is something you can get into, look no further.

I’ll outline everything you’ll need to know so you can decide for yourself if an online proofreading job is a good fit for you.

What skills do you need to be a proofreader?

Contrary to popular belief, proofreading isn’t the same as copy editing and it’s quite different from freelance writing.

Both editing and proofreading involve reviewing written material for errors. However, editing focuses on things such as factual information, consistency, continuity, and thus editors make major revisions on an article. Of course, they need to correct spelling and grammar errors, too, when they encounter them.

By contrast, proofreading mostly focuses on minor errors in format, syntax, punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Proofreaders rarely concern themselves with the overall consistency and accuracy of the statements in the article. As far as the proofreader is concerned, when they’re done correcting errors, the document is good to be published.

Simply put, proofreading a document, article, or book is the final step of any publication process.

You don’t need an English degree to bag online proofreading jobs, but there are non-negotiable requirements that you should have, including:

  • Strong command of the English language – You need to master proper grammar, spelling, and syntax and be up-to-date with modern slang.
  • Love of reading – Because the majority of a proofreader’s work involves reading chunks of text, it’s important that you read fast and efficiently.
  • Ability to work with a variety of documents – You need to be able to tackle academic papers, transcripts, résumés, contracts, press releases, white papers, e-books, blog posts, marketing materials, and other content.
  • Detail-oriented – Your job as a proofreader is to meticulously find and correct errors that regular people wouldn’t notice.
  • Knowledge of proofreading marks – Proofreading/proofreader marks are standardized notations or symbols used for correcting documents.

As with every other job, practice makes perfect.

Other companies may include other requirements, but these 5 must-have skills and characteristics of a proofreader are mostly enough to get you a long way into your proofreading career.

How much do proofreaders make?

Entry-level proofreaders can earn around $10 per hour, with an expected turnover of 500 to 1000 proofed words. As you prove the quality of work you produce, you’ll be able to ask for higher fees ranging in the $20–28 per hour range.

Work-from-home proofreaders are mostly paid on a per-project basis, which you can reject, accept or negotiate before starting work.

And since you’re a freelancer, you get to decide your own wage or choose projects that you want to work on.

As such, it’s hard to determine the standard proofreading income of freelancers (in comparison: real-world proofreaders earn an average of $50,000/year).

How to Make More Money as a Proofreader

Caitlin Pyle of Proofread Anywhere has put together a workshop to show you how to turn your ability to find typos into a full-time job you can do from anywhere in the world.

If you’re just getting started or are a seasoned proofreader trying to maximize your income, I highly recommend checking out Caitlin’s workshop to make the most of your proofreading career.

46 Companies with Online Proofreading Jobs

Now that we’ve gotten the most important considerations out of the way, here’s a verified list of companies hiring proofreaders for anyone trying to find out how to find proofreading jobs online:

1. FlexJobs

If you’re serious about looking for the best company that offers online proofreading jobs, you should start your job search in FlexJobs.

The staff at FlexJobs scours the Internet for you to find the most accurate, up-to-date job postings. As of this writing, FlexJobs currently has more than 300 open online proofreading jobs (plus thousands of other legitimate work from home jobs too), with some paying up to $55 per hour.

Start your search here.

2. Babbletype

This website has openings for transcribers, translators, writers, and proofreaders in English and other languages.

Proofreaders earn $0.13 to $0.18 per audio minute transcribed.

New work is posted at a given time each day, and once you accept a job, it will be due 22 hours later.

Online proofreading jobs from Babbletype are only available for native English speakers based in countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

To apply for an online proofreader job with Babbletype, watch the embedded video on their Apply For Work page on their website and find out whether you’re a good fit for the company, as they have very strict standards. Follow the instructions on the video.

3. Purecontent

Purecontent provides copy and digital content about various industries, such as travel and vacations, ecommerce, sports betting, health and beauty, and financial services. They accept writers and editors to create and tweak this online content.

To apply, click “Apply as an Editor” on the page above and register your email. Payments are made monthly via PayPal.

4. Kibin

This website provides editing and proofreading services to students in need of a second pair of eyes for their school essays, papers, thesis, personal statements, and admission essays.

Proofreaders and editors are available 24/7, which means work is available for freelancers on-demand.

There aren’t currently any openings for proofreaders, but bookmark their Careers Page and check back often.

5. Scribe Media

Scribe Media jobs


Scribe Media helps aspiring writers who want to self-publish their books but have no idea how to do it. They take care of everything, from evaluating the manuscript, copy editing, proofreading, designing the book cover, finalizing the layout, creating the ebook and physical book, copyrighting, distribution, and marketing consultation.

It’s a team effort for Scribe Writing authors, proofreaders, and editors, so if you’re accepted to join the team, you will be in constant contact with authors throughout the editing process.

Scribe offers both full-time (with benefits) and freelance positions, check back here often because Scribe pays up to $3,000 per project or $50 to $65 an hour.

6. ProofreadingServices.com

ProofreadingServices.com offers editing, proofreading, and translation services, supporting more than 10,000 clients in over a hundred countries.

They also offer specialized services for jobhunters, business owners, students, professors, and authors.

Online proofreading jobs are available for everyone who passes the 20-minute screening test.

Proofreading Services Application

Once you pass, you can choose your own work hours and earn from $19 to $46 per hour depending on the turnaround time; the sooner the deadline, the higher the pay.

The hours are flexible, so you can work when you want, right in your own home.

7. ProofreadNOW

ProofreadNOW does proofreading and copyediting for various documents in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

They open employment occasionally, so bookmark this site or subscribe to their employment emails so you can be emailed when there’s an open position.

They prefer those with over 5 years of proofreading experience. Also, keep in mind that every proofreader employed here works closely alongside another proofreader since all projects undergo a two-part editing process.

8. Jobs For Editors

Jobs For Editors provides writing and proofreading services to individuals and businesses who need high-quality content for their websites, training materials, and many more.

They’re constantly looking for freelance editors who have experience in copyediting, proofreading, and even translating. Simply upload your CV to their site to be considered.

9. Cactus Communications

If you have a background in medicine, computer science, physical sciences, or engineering, you can find specialized editing and proofreading jobs at Cactus Communications.

If you’re qualified, don’t miss your chance to earn up to $4,000 extra income since you can set your own work schedule and accept projects only when you’re available.

10. Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media publishes Kirkus Reviews, a magazine that gives industry professionals a sneak peek into the most notable books weeks before they’re published.

When these books are released, they send their independent book reviews to readers via newsletters and publish them on Kirkus.com, giving their unbiased opinions and recommendations.

They offer book editing and proofreading, so they might occasionally hire online editors and proofreaders on a per-project basis.

Since Kirkus Media is heavily involved in book publishing, those with extensive knowledge of the Chicago Manual of Style would have an advantage over other applicants.

Check back on their careers page so you can apply for an online proofreading position when they open.

11. Scribendi

Unlike other online proofreading jobs, this company makes an effort to pair you with projects that you’re passionate about.

Requirements are a bit higher (you’ll need a degree and at least 3 years of writing or editing experience).

Scribendi is known for offering incentives and free training to its roster of proofreaders. Payment is sent via PayPal.

12. Managed Editing (formerly Word Firm Inc.)

Managed Editing provides editing and proofreading services

Online proofreaders are hired as independent contractors and paid hourly.

Experience in proofreading is required, and experience proofreading technical content with topics such as medicine, science, law, engineering, or computers gives you an advantage over other applicants.

13. EditFast

Proofreaders with experience editing novels, medical documents, patents, legal papers, and other technical topics are in demand on EditFast, but the company has a variety of niches.

Proofreaders earn 60% of the total project price and receive their salary via PayPal.

14. Wordy

This is an online proofreading and copy-editing service provider, founded in 2009 by a trio of proofreaders who believe in human, real-time revisions.

Editor and proofreader registrations open up in waves, plus they’re currently updating their entire platform. Bookmark the page and check back.

Be prepared, since registration and the online test take over an hour to finish. Once you get in, projects are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis.

15. Gramlee

Gramlee provides copy editing, grammar check, and proofreading services, and they’re unique in that clients submit the projects onto the Gramlee dashboard directly and proofreaders can work on them.

Gramlee is constantly looking for proofreaders who can edit documents quickly since Gramlee has a 24-hour guarantee for documents with 3,000 words or less.

You would also need to be at least familiar with APA-style guidelines.

16. IXL Learning

This platform is known mostly by students looking for assistance in writing an essay or academic paper, or to find an online tutor.

IXL Learning occasionally hires writers, editors, and proofreaders to work on their educational materials. Familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style is a must.

Experience in proofreading educational or academic subjects is an advantage.

IXL Learning Application

17. Polished Paper

Polished Paper offers world-class editing and proofreading services to a variety of clients. They accept documents such as essays, dissertations, business documents, journal articles, blog posts, and even novels and screenplays.

As they have plenty of academic clients, you’ll have to have knowledge of various academic styles, from APA to Chicago.

They have a number of stable projects, so you can expect online proofreader jobs here if you’re qualified.

You need to create an account, upload your résumé, and pass a 35-question test before you can work on uploaded papers.

Pay rates will depend on turnaround time and number of words per project.

18. Scribbr

Scribbr helps students improve their academic papers, such as their essays, theses, and dissertations by providing editing and proofreading services, APA and MLA citation generators, plagiarism checking software, and a knowledge base so students can learn research and writing skills and tips.

They regularly offer freelance online editor and proofreading jobs that are open to anyone around the world who speaks and writes English fluently.

Scribbr proofreaders should be intimately familiar with academic research and writing styles, as well as citations and plagiarism guidelines.

The company pays a fixed rate based on the deadline, word count, and other services requested by the clients. On average, Scribbr editors edit 1,700 words an hour and earn €20-€25 per hour.

19. Editor World

This Virginia-based editing company offers professional editing and proofreading services for a variety of clients, such as business, academic, personal, ESL, and fiction articles and documents.

Editor World requires at least a bachelor’s degree and experience in editing and proofreading.

If you pass the editing test, you are then included in the Editor Panel. Clients will then be able to access your profile and choose you to work on their projects.

20. ProofreadingPal

ProofreadingPal offers business, résumé, and academic proofreading services.

They accept online proofreaders with over 5 years of experience and a graduate degree.

Every project requires two proofreaders, so there’s a ton of work to go around.

According to the site, their long-time proofreaders earn somewhere between $500 and $3000 a month.

21. WordsRU

WordsRU provides proofreading and editing services to businesses, academics, and writers.

Aside from having 2+ years of professional editing, proofreading, or copyediting experience, you must also have a Master’s degree or equivalent.

To start the application process, send your CV or résumé and cover letter to jobs[at]wordsru[dot]com.

The hiring process is competitive, but proofreading manuscripts, web content, academic papers, and business documents at WordsRU let you earn a stable (and above-average) income.

22. English Trackers

English Trackers has been working for many years with some of the top scholars around the world, helping them submit their theses, dissertations, research papers, and books by providing a professional editing and proofreading service that gets the English language in these documents up to publishing standards.

Similar to other academic editing companies in this list, they use a 2-person editing team to edit academic documents.

They require proofreaders to be native English speakers with 2+ years of editing experience and a PhD holder.

Their hiring process comes in waves. The application for online proofreading jobs is currently closed, but make sure to bookmark this and submit your application once slots open up.

If you do get hired, bear in mind that you’ll be working on most documents written by non-native English speakers.

23. Wordvice.com

Wordvice works with academics, researchers, students, and business professionals to improve their writing through their editing and proofreading services.

They have freelance proofreading job openings all the time and projects are available 24/7.

You’ll need to be enrolled or have completed a graduate degree program and a minimum of 2 years of professional editing experience.

When you submit your application, include your expected pay rate.

24. Book Editing Associates

Book Editing Associates is a highly recommended book editing company, working with self-publishers to review, copyedit, and proofread their manuscripts that are needed to get it up to publishing standards.

While this is only open to US-based freelancers, this site is good for those with over 5 years of experience and is willing to commit to a one-year contract with the company.

25. American Journal Experts

AJE’s team of experts provides various manuscript preparation services, such as English language editing and academic translation.

You have to be currently taking or have gotten a Masters, PhD, or MD degree from a top US-based research institution to be considered for a proofreader position.

Pay for content 3,000 words and below is at $30, while 3,000–6,000 words go for about $40.

26. Enago

Enago provides English editing and proofreading services for students, academics, and researchers who want to get their papers published in high-impact international journals.

They require editors and proofreaders who are highly proficient and competent in English, as well as experienced and patient enough to work on articles written by non-native English speakers.

Enago also requires at least five years of academic or scientific proofreading experience and extensive knowledge of various subjects.

27. Reedsy

Reedsy works with self-publishing authors to streamline the process of making a book come to life, from the author’s imagination to the ebook on Amazon, or the physical book on the shelf.

Proofreaders with a portfolio of experience should be able to join Reedsy’s publishing marketplace, where they are free to bid on projects posted by self-published authors.

According to the data Reedsy makes public, the average freelancer can make just over $1,000 for a 60,000-word copy edit/proofread.

28. Sibia Proofreading

Sibia Proofreading focuses on academic, scientific, and medical journals and reports. They also accept ESL, book, and business editing.

There aren’t currently online proofreading jobs available on their site, but this is another company to add to your bookmark folder.

29. Edit 911

Edit 911 prides itself on being a premium editing service for books, dissertations, and other documents.

Their requirements include a PhD in English or any other writing-intensive course, a body of published works, experience as a teacher or book editor, and knowledge of various citation styles.

The qualifications are high with Edit 911, but so is the pay, which is reported to be higher than average. If you meet the requirements, this one can’t be passed over.

30. Edit 24/7

Edit 24/7 offers speedy editing and proofreading services to students, academics, professionals, and writers.

They pride themselves on offering the fastest turnaround time on proofreading services possible, so you will need to be available for jobs as they pop up.

To apply, you’ll need to send a writing sample and your résumé to their email address editros[at]edit247[dot]com.

31. Dotdash

Dotdash manages multiple websites and regularly hires editors to fact-check and proofread their articles.

Check the Editorial/Content and the Contract/Freelance tabs on their Careers page to see their openings for online proofreading jobs.

32. Edanz

Edanz Group has been providing expert editing and proofreading services to authors of research papers so that these research papers could be accepted by international journals.

They are constantly looking for talented English language editors to join their team. You’ll need to have experience in academic editing, pass an editing test, and complete a training program.

33. Cambridge Proofreading & Editing Services

Cambridge Proofreading & Editing Services employs experienced US and UK editors, both on-site and remote.

A bachelor’s degree is needed to apply for an online proofreading job, as well as a commitment to editing a minimum of 10,000 words a week. The average pay is around $20 to $25 per hour.

34. EditorLive

EditorLive offers opportunities to graduate students, professionals, writers, and other aspiring editors and proofreaders who want to be independent contractors with the freedom and flexibility to work whenever and wherever they want.

They’re looking for proofreaders and editors that have experience in writing or editing academic papers. A college degree is preferred but not required. You’ll also need to score 95% on their editing assessment.

Editors typically earn $750 to $1800 every two weeks.

35. EditMyEnglish

This Seattle-based company offers editing and proofreading services to clients worldwide.

Compensation is based on the number of pages edited, and it’s 60% of the customer payment. The rate varies depending on the number of pages and the turnaround time.

They only hire US citizens with a degree from a US university, but their editors can reside anywhere in the world.

36. ServiceScape

ServiceScape works like a marketplace for freelancers, particularly writers, editors, graphic designers, and translators. You’ll get a 50% commission for all completed work, and you’ll need to declare your tax status.

To apply as an editor, simply fill out their online application form.

37. FirstEditing

FirstEditing offers a wide variety of services and caters to a wide variety of clients, from writers of fiction to non-fiction to academic documents.

They require editors and proofreaders with professional editing experience who have English as their primary language for education, know how to use the Track Changes feature on Microsoft Word, and have at least 25 hours a week to edit.

38. Net Transcripts

Net Transcripts is a web-based transcription company specializing in law enforcement and criminal justice transcription.

They periodically have job positions open for transcript proofreaders. Because of the type of material you handle, you need to be ready to undergo a criminal background check.

39. Writing Jobz

Don’t let the quirky name fool you; they offer legit online proofreading jobs.

Writing Jobz works with authors, students, freelance writers, and more to produce high-quality written content.

Register on their website to be considered for proofreading job opportunities.

40. Artisan

Artisan Talent is a creative staffing agency aiming to connect jobseekers to businesses looking to fill creative, digital, or marketing positions.

Online proofreading jobs open up in waves, so make sure to bookmark this page to see if there are any openings.

41. Publications Professionals

Pubs Pros is an editorial services firm helping authors and publishers throughout the publishing process by offering services such as editing, proofreading, indexing, typesetting, and writing.

They currently don’t have open positions, but they hire remote proofreaders occasionally. You can also contact them through info[at]pubspros[dot]com to inquire about proofreading jobs.

42. Bridger Jones

Bridger Jones offers academic English editing and proofreading for documents such as theses, dissertations, research papers, journals, manuscripts, and other scholarly documents.

The ideal candidate for an online proofreading job with them would have editing or proofreading experience, excellent knowledge of tracking changes through Microsoft Word and Google Docs, and time management skills.

Send your information, CV, and letter of motivation to their email address jobs[at]bridger-jones[dot]com.

43. Bullseye Communications

If you have more than 5 years of experience in the financial services industry plus experience as a proofreader, you may just be the proofreader they’re looking for.

To start your application process, submit your inquiry on their Contact page.

44. Editana

Editana offers business, personal, academic, and manuscript editing and proofreading services. They pride themselves on hiring only the best and being available 24/7.

Fill out the form on their Careers page and attach a cover letter and your CV to start the application process.

45. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is a content creation platform providing individuals and businesses access to the best writers, editors, and designers.

To be included in their talent pool, fill out the form with your desired position, your information, portfolio, résumé, and other information and submit.

46. LifeTips

LifeTips has 120,000+ tips, 50+ books, and 300+ weekly podcasts. They now offer tip writing services to hundreds of tip websites to drive traffic and engage readers.

They’re currently hiring in-house editors to edit content produced by freelance writers, work with clients, and develop content strategies.

Fill out the application form and attach your résumé to start the application process.

Job Boards That List Online Proofreading Jobs

If these companies don’t do it for you, or if you want to work more than one proofreading job at a time, you can also look for proofreading job openings in the following job boards:

Share Your Proofreading Experience!

To succeed as a freelance proofreader, you’d have to find a job that provides you with a stable income. You may have to join two or more proofreading companies listed above.

The good news is that once you’ve had a year of experience, landing proofreading jobs online would be a piece of cake: you won’t run out of places to go for work.

Have you worked as an online proofreader before? Do you have any experience with one of the companies listed above? Please let us know in the comments below!

23 Places to Find Virtual Bookkeeper Jobs to Do From Home

Do you genuinely love numbers arranged in spreadsheets with evenly spaced cells? Do you like solving intricate puzzles? If so, you might be a good candidate for virtual bookkeeper jobs.

Virtual bookkeeping is one of those jobs that require little more than you, your computer, and a natural aptitude for making sense of numbers.

As the entrepreneurship mindset becomes more widespread and more businesses are founded, the demand for bookkeepers can only increase.

Also, thanks to existing technologies, web-based tools, cloud services, and the internet, modern businesses are opening up more telecommuting or work-from-home positions, including those for bookkeepers.

Today, you’ll learn about what a virtual bookkeeper does, where to find jobs, and what can come next for a virtual bookkeeper.

What does a virtual bookkeeper job entail?

In the traditional economy, a bookkeeper is someone with advanced computing skills and knowledge of preparing financial statements who is in charge of a business’s daily financial health.

For instance, they’re usually responsible for processing bills and employees’ salaries, as well as collecting payments on invoices. They may also be responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining annual budgets
  • Updating chart of accounts
  • Analyzing financial statements
  • Collecting receivables on time
  • Recording cash receipts
  • Issuing customer invoices
  • Monitoring debt level or financial standing
  • Maintaining petty cash fund
  • Conducting monthly or annual account reconciliation
  • Processing payroll
  • Maintaining annual budget
  • Complying with local, state and federal government laws about financial reporting or taxes
  • Performing various admin support tasks

Many people confuse bookkeepers with accountants. However, they are not the same.

Accountants mainly figure out taxes owed and prepare tax returns. They also consult with individuals and businesses to organize their financial records, make sure that everything is compliant with state and federal laws, and suggest ways to save money and maximize tax breaks.

Unlike a certified public accountant (CPA) who holds a finance-related 4-year degree, a master’s degree, and a license to practice, bookkeepers don’t have strict educational and certification requirements.

In fact, bookkeepers perform various accounting tasks without any problems, but they often have to submit sensitive documents to licensed accountants for approval.

This type of delegation is how huge accounting firms are able to cater to multiple clients at any given time.

Virtual bookkeepers have the same responsibilities as traditional bookkeepers, except they do their work remotely.

How much do virtual bookkeeper jobs pay?

As of 2020, the median salary of a bookkeeper is $42,410 annually or $20.39 per hour, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the actual range falling between $18 to $50 per hour.

A virtual bookkeeper can work as an independent contractor for an online bookkeeping firm hired by businesses who need bookkeepers, an employee for a company needing a virtual bookkeeper, or as an independent contractor with their own clients.

As such, the salary of virtual bookkeepers depends largely on the type of employment obtained, the number of clients handled, level of educational attainment, any training and certifications gained, work experience, and specialty.

Freelance bookkeepers who have multiple clients usually charge by the hour, and they can possibly make around $50 an hour.

Bookkeepers employed with a company earn somewhere between $35,000 and $55,000.

Of course, like most online jobs, virtual bookkeepers can work on the side and earn much more.

Do note that some bookkeeping firms would require you to sign a non-compete contract, which means you can’t put up the same business or offer your services as a freelancer to other companies or individuals as long as you’re employed with that firm.

23 Places to Find Virtual Bookkeeping Jobs

If you’re interested in a new field and would love to try your luck with bookkeeping, do note that aside from basic accounting and finance-related knowledge, you have to be able to work your way through programs like QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, and Kashoo.

When it comes to bookkeeping, practice makes perfect, so before you change your career, obtain proper education, train wherever you can, and master the science of bookkeeping through practice.

Here are some websites that are hiring for virtual bookkeeping jobs:

1. FlexJobs

Home to many freelancers, FlexJobs has an entire category dedicated to home-based bookkeeping jobs.

It’s a place for seasoned virtual bookkeepers who can take on the challenge of juggling multiple clients since the FlexJobs job board lists hand-screened job leads from numerous companies.

If you’re serious about bookkeeping as a freelancer, you’d find the $15/month membership fee worth spending.

If you’re on the fence, don’t worry, since FlexJobs offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the leads you see.

Check out the latest job openings on FlexJobs here.

2. AccountingDepartment.com

Launched in 2007 as ‘Balance Your Books,’ the site has remote positions available for bookkeepers.

The tasks required from bookkeepers range from payroll processing to preparing general ledgers.

AccountingDepartment.com hires only applicants residing in the US.

Virtual bookkeepers here are full-time, W-2 employees who earn by the hour, get paid holidays, generous vacation packages, 401 (k) plans, and group medical, dental, life, vision, accident insurance.

3. Belay Solutions

Launched in 2010, this virtual assistance company offers virtual bookkeeper jobs as part of their talent pool.

Belay is always on the lookout for US residents in 45 out of 50 states with at least 5 years of accounting or bookkeeping experience and advanced skills in QuickBooks.

Of course, since this is an at-home bookkeeping position, you’re expected to have a home office set up, computer with webcam, fast internet, and the latest version of QuickBooks.

You’ll also have to consent to a background and reference check during application.

As a Belay bookkeeper, you’ll be reconciling bank statements and credit/debit cards, processing payroll, preparing 1099 forms, maintaining a chart of accounts, managing cash flow, and producing weekly, monthly, and annual balance sheets, income statements, and other financial documents.

4. Bookminders

This Pennsylvania-based company has been providing bookkeeping services around Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Baltimore for the last 25 years.

It is home to many part-time and full-time licensed accountants, bookkeepers, and other finance professionals.

Note that even if you want a part-time virtual bookkeeping job, you’d need to live within 45 miles of a Bookminders office, as you’d need to come in the office for training sessions, meetings, and other important events.

Their requirements are less strict than others. Candidates must have at least 2 years of bookkeeping experience. Of course, those with accounting, finance, or business-related bachelor’s degrees always have an edge.

If hired, bookkeepers can enjoy a flexible schedule, a ton of training/career development programs, and incentive-based income with the potential of an increase based on performance.

5. Click Accounts

Click Accounts is a BPO (Business Process Outsourcer) company aimed at providing accounting and bookkeeping services.

They help other businesses by processing bill payments, calculating accounts receivables, and reconciling bank accounts.

Not much is posted about the virtual bookkeeper job, but the company is accepting resumes all year round to their email address.

6. Intuit

Intuit offers part-time virtual bookkeeper jobs through QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping.

A QuickBooks Live bookkeeper assists customers through video conferencing, messaging, and client management portal. These tools are provided by Intuit.

Examples of tasks you’ll be asked to do include setting up their books and chart of accounts, reconciliation of bank accounts, running balance sheets, closing their books at year-end, and other general QuickBooks tasks.

To be qualified to apply, you need to have at least one of the following: an active CPA credential, an active Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB) credential, a bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Finance, or 3+ years of experience managing the books for a small business.

You would also need to have an active QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor certification by the time you start employment.

You must be willing to pick up a shift between 5AM to 5PM PST, Monday to Friday, and work 20+ hours a week.

7. Two Roads

Two Roads is regularly seeking workers to fill virtual bookkeeper jobs.

You will work fully remote and will be expected to be available to be contacted Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 5PM EST.

They are seeking self-starters who do not need to be micromanaged. This is one of the more flexible jobs posted on this list where your passion as a virtual bookkeeper can really shine.

8. Fusion CPA

Fusion CPA is an Atlanta-based company that is constantly looking for people to fill various finance- and tax-related positions.

Virtual bookkeeper jobs that are currently available to apply for include Outsourced Controller and Quickbooks Online Pro-Adviser Bookkeeper.


FINSYNC is an all-in-one payments platform combining software and services that helps businesses get their finances in order, centralize control of cash flow, and get in touch with the right financial professional at the right time.

FINSYNC currently has openings for virtual bookkeeper jobs for independent contractors to help businesses with such tasks as historical cleanup, invoicing, bill payments, maintaining a chart of accounts, and other simple bookkeeping jobs.

They need someone with more than 2 years of accounting or bookkeeping experience and proficiency in accounting software, such as FINSYNC’s solutions, QuickBooks, Xero, etc.

10. Supporting Strategies

Supporting Strategies has been providing outsourced back-office support services, including bookkeeping, to various businesses worldwide.

They’re currently offering virtual remote part-time bookkeeper positions to independent contractors who have at least 5 years of bookkeeping or accounting experience

You can earn between $29 to $31 per hour, depending on your education, certifications, licenses, and experience.

11. Robert Half

This specialized staffing firm got its start in 1948 and has now grown to offer its services to businesses worldwide.

They’re currently looking for remote bookkeepers for a few different companies, with pay ranging from $18 to $24 per hour.

12. 1-800Accountant

1-800Accountant is a full-service virtual accounting firm that helps businesses with their tax, bookkeeping, and accounting needs.

They’re currently looking for remote bookkeepers to help clients maintain accurate ledgers, prepare quarterly and yearly closing reports, reconcile bank and credit card accounts, and other bookkeeping tasks to maintain a business’s financial health.

You’d need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in bookkeeping, knowledge of accounting software such as QuickBooks, Gusto, Xero, and others.

A minimum of 30 hours a week is required, with more hours during tax season.

13. Empowered Profit

This company organizes businesses’ finances so business owners can feel empowered instead of worried about how much or how little they’re making.

Empowered Profit is continually hiring virtual bookkeepers to be online financial managers who perform basic bookkeeping tasks as well as maintain a good relationship and client satisfaction through excellent customer service.

Applicants must have above-average knowledge of QuickBooks Online as well as 2+ years of bookkeeping experience, with bonus points for payroll experience.

14. Integra Global Solutions

Integra Global Solutions prides itself on providing world-class technology and software solutions to help its clients focus on what they do best.

They currently offer full-time positions for bookkeepers who can work from home who have graduated from college, have at least one year of experience in bookkeeping, and excellent with QuickBooks or other accounting software.

15. Ledger Gurus

Ledger Gurus is an accounting firm specializing in eCommerce businesses, especially those selling through Amazon and Shopify.

There aren’t openings currently, but they open job positions for remote eCommerce Accounting Specialists from time to time, so it’s worth bookmarking this page and checking back.

16. Creative Financial Staffing

Creative Financial Staffing (CFS) helps big and small companies find professionals in accounting, finance, and IT to work with.

There are plenty of remote bookkeeper positions currently listed on their site, which you can glance over on their job search page.

17. Accountingfly

Accountingfly is a job search hub, similar to FlexJobs or Indeed, but specializing in remote and cloud accounting jobs. It connects freelance accountants as well as those looking for more steady employment with employers that they’ve vetted.

18. Accountingprose

Accountingprose is a small business bookkeeping and payroll service provider mostly to companies in the health and wellness, professional services, and technology industries.

They are always on the lookout for virtual bookkeepers who have more than 3 years of experience, can work with as many as 15 to 25 clients a month, and a working knowledge of accounting software, preferably Xero.

The job title is Full-Cycle Superhero Accountant, but the duties are more of a bookkeepers’ in that you’ll be in charge of a small business’s daily, weekly, and monthly financials and reconciling accounts in Xero.

19. inDinero

inDinero provides virtual bookkeepers and accountants to small businesses to help them save money and streamline their business processes.

They periodically have openings for virtual bookkeepers, so check back on their Careers page from time to time.

20. Backyard Bookkeeper

Backyard Bookkeeper offers bookkeeping and payroll services to various businesses. They take pride in their bookkeepers’ financial knowledge and skills.

They are periodically looking for virtual bookkeepers but are only considering Utah residents.

21. Beech Valley Solutions

Beech Valley prides itself on providing only the top accountants, financial experts, and IT risk professionals to all kinds of businesses.

They’re constantly looking for bookkeepers with at least 5 years of hands-on experience and proficiency in Quickbooks and Xero.

22. iHireAccounting

iHireAccounting is a job board focused on the accounting sector, offering both entry-level and senior-level positions to accountants, bookkeepers, payroll specialists, tax specialists, and other financial jobs.

Search for keywords like “virtual bookkeeper” or “remote bookkeeper” to get a list of bookkeeping jobs you can do from anywhere.

23. FlexProfessionals

FlexProfessiomnals is a woman-owned business that matches businesses with professionals that are looking for meaningful part-time or flexible work. This is a great option if you can’t work full-time for whatever reason.

Pros and Cons of Home-Based Bookkeeper Jobs


One of the best things about being a bookkeeper is that you don’t need to have a CPA to be one.

There have been office assistants who have earned their way into a full-blown bookkeeping career because they’ve developed real-world accounting skills.


Unfortunately, you can’t become a virtual bookkeeper on a whim.

This is the type of online job that requires a very specific set of skills, which includes advanced knowledge of the finance world and business transactions, computer skills, excellent communication, and the ability to connect with clients.


Unlike an office-based bookkeeping job, a virtual bookkeeper job gives you the freedom to work whenever and wherever you prefer.

You’ll be in control of the clients you manage and work-related logistics such as your work hours and schedule.


Of course, having this much flexibility means that you’re going to work harder than traditional bookkeepers, especially if you decide to go the freelance route and seek clients on your own.

It’s not going to be easy to land an account if you’re new to this field, but once you’re in, you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.


The best things about virtual bookkeeping jobs are the income potential and positive job outlook.

Even if you work freelance, business owners will value the work you do because handling finances and accounting are highly sensitive and they would pay premium rates for your skills and loyalty.

Bookkeepers are always in demand (even after tax season), so you won’t have to worry about downtimes.

How to Start Your Own Bookkeeping Company

If you’re not interested in working for a bookkeeping firm, you can always start your own bookkeeping business from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll need a bit of capital here, but about $2,000 is still low when compared to traditional business startup costs.

This amount will mostly cover licenses to online bookkeeping tools like QuickBooks Online and Xero, as well as training (if you’re transitioning from office-based bookkeeping to a remote position).

Note that the $2k capital I stated only includes you as the main bookkeeper who would offer services to clients, so you’re practically investing in your own skills.

However, once you decide to build a bookkeeping firm and hire other accounting professionals, you’d need to allot salary and benefits, licenses to bookkeeping tools, and training packages.

Whether you’re offering bookkeeping services on your own, or managing a team of bookkeepers, the biggest chunk of expense you’d be facing is ongoing training.

Just like any professional service, learning in the finance industry should be continuous to keep up with technology, new laws, and other fluctuating elements that affect your bookkeeping business.

To succeed in this line of work, you’d need to study how to compete in the ever-changing, globalized economy.

This means you would have to maintain deadlines, follow strict guidelines, and deliver work as smoothly as possible.

It’s important that you establish clear terms with your clients, which would help them manage their expectations.

The Bottom Line

As I said earlier, the outlook for virtual bookkeeping jobs continues to be optimistic as the need continues.

Ecommerce sites, modern businesses, and traditional companies that are embracing online technologies benefit financially from hiring bookkeepers remotely.

Whichever route you take in online bookkeeping, you have to agree that it’s a lucrative time for CPAs, any virtual bookkeeper, and other finance professionals.

Home-based jobs like virtual bookkeeping and work from home accounting jobs provide you with more time to balance life with work.

Your client base will also expand quite massively since conducting business online means your bookkeeping service can be sought by any entrepreneur or company no matter which part of the world they come from.

Does a virtual bookkeeper job sound appealing to you? Would you apply to any of the companies I’ve listed above? How about building a remote bookkeeping business? Share your plans below in the comments!

16 Work from Home Chat Jobs You Can Apply for Today

If you’re looking for a remote customer service job that you can do from home but you don’t have the luxury of a noiseless workspace, then work from home chat jobs may just be the perfect fit for you.

Kids, pets, and other sources of background noise may make it completely impossible for you to talk to someone over the phone from your home. In addition, if you have social anxiety, you may find it extremely difficult to speak on the phone with anyone.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t work remotely!

Many companies hire people who can communicate with their clients and customers via email or online chat, enabling you to make money from helping others while not having to speak on the phone.

You can even take your work to coffee shops, restaurants, playgrounds, your local library, or any other place where you can access the internet without having to worry about the background noise.

Today, you’ll learn about work from home chat jobs: what they entail, the requirements, and companies who are currently offering this opportunity.

What Does A Work-From-Home Chat Job Involve?

To put it simply, work-from-home chat agents communicate with a company’s customers through text messaging, instant messaging, or email. They’re normally asked to provide customer service by answering questions, resolving issues, and handling complaints.

What Are The Requirements To Be a Remote Chat Agent?

The minimum technical requirements are a computer that can run the software of choice of the company you plan to work for and a stable internet connection (i.e., DSL, cable, or fiber only; no satellite or wireless internet).

Aside from technical requirements, you also need to have soft skills such as fast typing skills (companies usually require a 30 to 40 wpm minimum) excellent written communication, attentiveness, empathy, independence, and extensive knowledge of the company’s offerings, products, and services.

A high school diploma or GED will normally suffice unless you’re offering support that requires you to have specific knowledge in a field. For instance, if you’re providing chat support for a medical product or drug, you’re often required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field.

16 Companies Offering Work From Home Chat Jobs

Check out the list of companies below that offer online chat jobs. Some of the sites might say they’re currently not hiring. Don’t fret, though; bookmark these pages and check back from time to time and see if jobs have opened up.

1. FlexJobs

In contrast to the other companies on this list, FlexJobs is actually a job board where companies list various jobs.

The great thing about FlexJobs is that the companies that they allow to list here are carefully vetted. No job scammers are allowed here!

That saves you time and energy researching and vetting these companies yourself.

Plus, if you sign up as a member, you’ll have career coaches available to help you review your résumé and host mock interviews to get you on the road to your desired career.

Browse all the work at home chat job openings available now.

2. Apple

Apple Work from Home Chat Jobs

Apple occasionally hires work-at-home chat agents for its customer service and technical support divisions.

These 20 hour/week virtual positions get snapped up fast, so it pays to check the company’s job board often.

If you do land a chat support position with Apple, the company will send you your own computer for free!

Apple chat agents should be familiar with the company’s products and have some prior experience in customer service or live chat support. According to GlassDoor, Apple chat agents earn as much as $20.50/hour.

3. Arise

The Arise Platform connects individual customer service agents and customer service companies to provide customer support for businesses and brands.

As an individual, you’ll need to register as a customer service agent and find opportunities with a virtual call center already working with the Arise Platform.

The usual form of customer service they provide is telephone customer service, but they also provide live chat and email support.

The good thing about registering for the Arise Platform is that it provides an opportunity for you to eventually open your own call center business and handle your own team of work-from-home chat agents if you want to.

4. Best Buy

Best Buy Jobs

Best Buy continually hires remote tech support chat agents who can troubleshoot Apple and Microsoft products, as well as some mobile apps, as part of its Geek Squad workforce.

Geek Squad agents must have at least one year of technical troubleshooting experience and reside in the USA (except for California, Alaska, Washington, and Puerto Rico).

5. Paperless Pipeline

Paperless Pipeline Jobs

Paperless Pipeline is a document scanning and storage app that enables realty and auditing companies to go paperless.

Clients of this software include realtors and auditors who use the app to store various documents (e.g., contracts), thus reducing how much total paperwork they must carry to a real estate closing or an audit.

Paperless Pipeline hires so-called ‘Customer Advocates’ from time to time. These advocates assist clients who are trying to use the app and get stuck or experience technical issues.

Paperless Pipeline pays $20 per hour and its advocates can work full time. Many advocates with this company work outside of the normal workday because realtors and auditors frequently work after work hours.

They currently don’t have openings, but place their page in your bookmarks and check back to see if opportunities are available.

6. Support.com

Support.com Jobs

This company maintains a global network of work-at-home chat and call agents to provide customer and technical support for its clients, which are typically small- to medium-sized businesses.

Thus, you’ll need to have some tech support experience to successfully snag a position with Support.com.

Once hired, you’ll be able to schedule and work shifts that pay $11 per hour. There is also a mandatory training period, complete with a background check.

7. OutPLEX

Talk2Rep Jobs

This company is currently hiring Work at Home Customer Service Representatives.

You must possess a fairly good command of the English language, have a typing speed of 30 to 50 WPM, and have sales experience.

The pay for work at home chat agents ranges from $9-$14/hour; agents also earn commissions.

8. TeleTech

This company hires customer service and technical support representatives to work with various clients.

With TeleTech, you are hired on as an employee, and the company does require that you pass a series of MatchPoint tests before you are hired. You must also pass a drug test.

Work shifts with this company range from 4 to 6 hours; most TeleTech clients require that you work a minimum of 20 hours a week. The pay ranges from $9 to $11 per hour.

9. The Chat Shop

The Chat Shot Jobs

Companies that need chat agents for their own websites work with The Chat Shop to hire such agents.

Available positions vary from sales to customer service to technical support, and all positions come with paid training.

To qualify as a chat agent you’ll need to demonstrate a typing speed of 80 WPM, be meticulous and organized, and be able to work 35 to 40 hours per week.

Chat agents work remotely, and the pay scale starts at $10 per hour.

10. Uber


This company hires so-called “Community Support Representatives” who work remotely to provide email support to Uber drivers and users.

The duties of CSRs include answering inquiries about a service, reporting a problem/complaint, and escalating an issue when deemed necessary.

Uber CSRs are expected to work 40 hours per week, with some of those hours spent on weekends. According to GlassDoor, CSRs earn $13 to $15 per hour.

11. Sedgwick

Sedgwick helps people handle their insurance claims.

They have quite a few work-from-home chat job opportunities available. Enter “work at home” in the search bar of their careers section to find the available positions.

Bilingual speakers are offered higher compensation rates.

12. Sitel

Sitel is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company that currently has multiple work-from-home chat job openings for various clients.

If your application is successful, you’ll be employed full time (up to 40 hours per week) and will be eligible for benefits, such as paid overtime, medical, dental, and vision benefits, and a 401k.

13. Everise

Everise is another global BPO currently hiring sales support agents to answer product and sales inquiries through chat channels.

At least six months of sales experience is required for this position. Bilingual Spanish/English agents are welcome to apply and have a higher pay scale.

14. ERC

ERC is yet another international BPO serving various industries, such as financial institutions, healthcare, media, and many more.

They are looking for both part-time and full-time work-at-home customer service agents to handle chat inquiries. Starting pay is $9.50 to $10.50 per hour.

15. Blackboard

Blackboard is an educational platform enabling learners and educators to interact in a virtual classroom.

They continually hire customer support and technical support live chat agents to assist users who have inquiries and technical issues with software.

16. Omni Interactions

Omni Interactions employs a wide network of gig workers (who they call Gig Brand Ambassadors or GBAs) to provide customer support to their clients via phone, email, live chat, text, and social media.

Currently, they only have openings for phone and email support agents, but add this page to your bookmarks and check back for new openings for chat agents.

How much do work-at-home chat jobs pay?

The majority of remote chat jobs salary falls within the $12 to $17 per hour range. Some pay less, while others pay more. Some companies will pay more and offer benefits, but those are rare and extremely competitive. Some positions are more sales based and will include commissions on top of an hourly rate as well.

Pay is always equivalent to the amount of work and effort needed. Work at home chat jobs are fairly easy and do not require much experience.

You should mainly be using these types of jobs for extra income with part-time work, or as an opportunity to get your foot in the door at a larger company.

The Bottom Line

Chat jobs hold a distinct advantage over more traditional customer support jobs: you get to do all of the work and never have to talk on the phone.

If you’re looking to land a work-from-home chat job, start with one of the above companies.

Being a chat agent is probably the most flexible and has the least barrier to entry of customer service jobs. However, this is also one of the lowest-paying jobs.

Check out other customer service jobs you can do from home to potentially find higher-paying remote jobs.

Be sure to check out our full list of work at home jobs as well, which has 90+ ideas listed with hundreds of companies looking for new employees.

Does being an online chat agent seem appealing to you? Which one of these companies are you going to apply to first? Share it with us in the comments!